Growing my own wings

author: Azzy
beta: EJ/Asylumfarm
warning: Short & Sweet, Platonic Relationships
rating: T
fandom: LoTr
pairring: Elladan/Legolas
Summary: Elladan feels pressured to make a choice.

A/N: For laSamtyr.
Alright so I ended up with a pretty convoluted ending, but I decided that in the spirit of the season it needed a cute ending, even if I think it’s pretty obvious it wasn’t planned like that – and honestly I ran out of time, literally (pretty ironic).
So Samtyr thank you for a non restrictive prompt, and I hope you like it no matter what, and merry christmas.

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A game of madmen

author: Azzy
beta: Lisbet
warning: not at all what I was aiming for, No Smut just power grabbing and fëanorian dynamics, Fingon/Maedhros implied
rating: M
fandom: The Silmarillion
pairring: Amras/Amrod (implied)
Summary: Maedhros wants to give the crown to Fingolfin, but his brothers feel this is a family affair.

A/N: For Memaizaka.
Okay so wrote this for the sultry in september, the OP asked for Amras/Amrod who was devious and not nice people, but very into each other. So yeah that didn’t happen, it just turned out to be a long as ficlet about Beleriand politics and brother dynamics. It was fun to be totally out of my element, not writing Silmarillion, but that I had been asked for no character death or major angst – oh noes! (I know it ends pretty abrupt but I ran out of time, and it would have turned into a long ass fic if I didn’t break it off. I might still write more to it if there is any interest.)

Written for Sultry in September 2016


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author: azzy
beta: Europolarist and Robotkumo
challenge: MEBB ’16
warning: Universe Alteration, Crossover, Synths (Humans), paradise falls (slavers), Ambiguous/Open Ending, Hurt/Comfort
rating: M
fandom: Mass Effect/Fallout 3
pairring: Kaidan/MShep
summary: Kaidan desperately wants a promotion and takes on an assignment with Elder Lyons’ daughter Sarah. Together they are sent out to find one of the infiltrators from the great war, an ancient artifact made of synthetic skin and wires.
AN: Alright so this is maybe the strangest story I ever wrote, and absolutely the story I ever edited the most. Very inspired by Screamers and Blade Runner. I want to thank Europolarist and Robotkumo for the beta work, and an extra thanks to Robotkumo for not letting me freak out and keeping me on track. And of course a big thank you to Ruby who made the awesome friggin art! I am in love with your style!

Link to Ruby’s art
Link to Ruby’s playlist
Link to my own playlist


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Unsane 1/2

author: azzy
beta: asylum farm
challenge: –
warning: fear of madness, NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS, sibling shepards, Imprisonment
rating: M
fandom: Mass Effect
pairring: Kaidan/MShep
summary: Kaidan is happy. John seems to have turned around, mending all his broken relations to not only Kaidan, but to Jane and Captain Hannah too. Everything is as it should be, until Jane pulls Kaidan aside and asks him if he never found John’s transformation from angry to responsible – really weird. [Sequel to Let’s get lost]
AN: This has been hanging out on my computer for the better side of 6 months, and I decided to post it in 2 bits because to my surprise people really wanted a sequel to ‘Let’s get lost’. Thank you all for your kind words, and I hope the story lives up to it. The sequel it self came about because some of the beginning of it, is actually the ending I wanted for the original, but I chose not to – mostly because it opened a Pandora’s box of more stuff, instead of tying anything together as endings are supposed to.
You can find a playlist here @8tracks

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Easy as one, two, three

I wrote this silly little thing, it was supposed to be a drabble, turned out a bit more. It’s basically just Kal’Reegar and John Shepard dancing… yeah, yeah bite me! I actually, and absolutely blame this post by @siriusdraws

Oh well I have my raging Kal’Reegar fangirl under control for a while now.  Also it’s just a little drabble thing, it is NOT betaed, live with it.



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