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Simstorytellers spotlight

Sorry to be posting this 5 minutes past midnight, its technically Monday, and i am not sure i will have time tomorrow… so…  And i realise some coding here went wrong, i tried to fix it, but i can’t seem to get it all… odd!

AN April 11; This is from July 14, 2008. I can’t say i ever understood why i got that spotlight, i was never a popular author there.

Removing SNAPS.

now im posting this because i know some of you had trouble with browser crashes because of snaps. (you know that fucking annoying popup that comes on every fucking picture on lj) I dug a little around, and found this post about how to get rid of it in different browsers. You basically do not want those SNAPS advertisements running in your browser.. If you use Firefox you can just do as he suggests and download that addblock plugin for firefox and type in the code. i did that, and snaps is GONE! *yay* Firefox will try to block for the addblock download, ignore that and tell it to download anyway. ^_^

just in case some of you didn’t know.

Paradise Lost – Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills.

*dead YT link*

I thought i would post this, i told myself that a couple of times, but never got around to it. So this very sad and terrible documentary is actually what created the plot line for Mary in the Mirror. If you ask me, they are all batshit insane in that village, in the documentary i mean! i based Murky Mile from that actually, i just didn’t have them go off into religious rants, but just gave the kids religious names and at some time said ‘they were very religious’ – actually then i didn’t want to offend anyone with the story, and that is why i didn’t make them bible thumpers the lot of them. in my mind they are, i just stayed from writing it.

You can find all of the documentary at this channel http://www.youtube.com/user/mprwac

Tigers waiting to be tamed.

Okay so i FINALLY got my act together and sat down to make the rather extensive playlist. I hoped it might kick my muse, and it did actually poke it, i just need to give it some thought. So i am not really done with the playlist, It’s only halfway done, and some characters are missing and what not, I will look at it tomorrow because i am too tired to think now, and i will of course also add stuff as it comes along. I will link to this post from the links bar or the welcome post so it’s easier to find if anyone should need it.

Now, i chose to link to the videos with the best sound, and preferably the lyrics too, lyrics are like 90% of a song for me, so they would mean a whole lot for the character.

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