The House That Jack built 3/? – Seven for a secret, never to be told.

Authors: goodbye_sun & dolly_riot
ratings: Explicit
warnings: child abuse
WIP: 3/?
AN: Yeah yeah we’re slow… Also Photobucket is down so the images are hosted on my flickr.

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Wednesday’s child.

Authors; Text & idea by Azzy . Images by Goodbye_sun .
Rating; M+ (VERY disturbing issues.)
warnings: kidnapping, child abuse, human trafficing
AN; This is a warped little spinoff from the Nano i tried to write, nothing wrong with the idea though. I don’t have the sims2 game anymore, so i talked GS into doing the snapshots for me, which if you ask me is really the hardest part. =) Thank you sweetness. Also no images are graphic, it should actually be perfectly worksafe. But the text is not!

This is made (in retrospect) for the January 2011 challenge ‘Hiding behind a mask’.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Title: Voelsung
rating: PG
AN: After much thought I realised that the most logical thing to do if I were to tell a story in my native language, Danish. Would be to tell a Danish old saga. I chose the saga known as Voelsungs saga, and if you don’t know what a saga is, its when the lines of real people and fantasy blur, like a legacy with supernatural themes. This story is a part of the Danish viking history, and is regarded as history, even if the gods mingle and such. I will have to translate as I go, cause otherwise it might be a little much, and if you want the rest of the story, which would be like 4 or 5 more chapters, from Sige to Sigurd Fafnirsbane, just let me know. Oh forgot to say that this is supposed to be the early line of kings. (Since my mothers side are from Finland i thought i would throw in a tune to go with the story in Finnish.) – For those who are curious, i can tell you that  Voelsung are said to be the decendent of King Skiold, and many lines kings down the line comes king Hroar (Roar) of Lejre. My son is named that 😉 And i thought i should tell you that he is the king that sends for Beowulf. (Bjoulf).

Made for simhaven’s September challenge.

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White noise.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
author: azzy
warnings: language, disturbing theme
rating: M
characters: Arjuna & Fortune
AN: Made for simhaven. this is a manga style comic story, so read from right to left 🙂 and beware that it is picture heavy.

And there before me was a pale horse, it’s rider was named Death, and Hell followed close behind him.
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Wonderchild 1/4.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Author: azzy
Characters: Lucas, Callum, Dallas, Ethan & Adriel.
Rating: M+
FYI! Contains: unnatural hair color, impossibly blue eyes, tattooed sim, crappy decor, sim with curls, sexual tension, room-mates of different ethnicities, horrible wallpaper, dude looks like a pimp, empty nightclub, questionable intentions, french kissing in the bathroom, nakedness with no bits showing, completely unrealistic plotline, ugly Hawaii shirt, badly photoskinned clothes, male in socks and open shoes/fashion victim, man in glasses, man with a less than masculine hairdo, confused attraction, brothers, freckles, straight sims, bishounen, lame dialogue, gay sims, bare chests/bare feet, horrible grammar, maxis content, non maxis content, no vampires, no lumberjacks, and no smustling, one atrocious tablecloth, Oh yeah and a sim with his ears pierced.. that should be about it.  – No pixels was harmed in the process.
AN: For once I come bringing a silly little love story, written for simhaven’s February challenge. I had to break it over for the sheer amount of images and text, so you will find the link to part 2 in the bottom.

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