I say that we will go on, and in this our doom.

well Summoning is a band, and i happen to love it, well i went on about black metal before, and really this band claims to be black metal, Not that i would actually call it a “classical” black metal band. they do this strange ambient music, great for rolepaying or as background music. i personally used it to board RP to, and write to. Summoning claims to sing in the language of the orcs, not that i can really hear it at all, hey they could sig greek for all i care, and Well this music makes me think of the Fëanorians, not of orcs.

wether you like black metal or not, you really should try this out!

Decription of all their albums

Download – Summoning, Oath bound, Bauligir. wma

Download – Summoning, Oath bound, Beleriand. wma



The promised SODS cd.

This cd i promised gothgerbil & goodbye_sun that i’d upload. And i thought i might as well upload it at my lj too, just in case someone else wanted it.

This album is the second release from the Danish punk band The sods, i think it was released in 80, it was the last album they made as The Sods, after this they took the name Sort Sol (Black sun). The record itself is called Under en sort sol, which means something along with Beneath a black sun, the title is by the way the only Danish language on this album, all the lyrics are in English. In my opinion its the best album they did, only ever remotely close to their 79 release Minutes to go. Under en sort sol is very much inspired by bands such as Bauhaus and Joy Division, so its very different than anything else they made.

I sadly think that Sort Sol is crap today, i guess the bands infrastructure died with Peter-Peter left the band, he was like the only really kick ass guy there. I might add that i think that the Glamourpuss album was decent tho.

Download; Sods – Under en sort sol.

I might add that the track Il Zone has some irregularities, cause my cd apparently has a scratch.

On your intarwebs, kicking your muse.

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Download the score for the first game HERE

Download the score for the second game HERE

I uploaded these for heinerich, but it really ARE awesome soundtracks, and you should give it a go. They are really good to write to =) I also have the soundtrack for Assassins Creed – Brotherhood, but i didn’t upload that. I don’t like it all that much.

*sorry the YT link is gone*

The dead have their paths, only the living get lost.

Because pointed it out, then here is the soundtrack for Assassins creed – brotherhood. Personally i don’t like that soundtrack much, i think it sounds like what it is, a computer game soundtrack. Where as the others sound like real music. But maybe i should not be the judge of that, so here it is. || Download – Assassins Creed – Brotherhood OST by Jesper Kyd ||

And because asked me to, here is album 6 to 20 of The walking dead. Album 1 to 5 is available in my last comic post, just click the comics tag. || Download album 6 – 20 of the Walking dead ||

Almost forgot, i managed to make the Gforce 6800 work in this old computer, so i wonder if it will let me record Killing Floor now, i haven’t tried to be honest, but i recon that it will. =) I am trying to download l4d 2 again, but it will take me 5 hours of lagging on whatever else i am doing on the computer. So that should give me some excuse for writing what happens to Tseng in Angry Angel… Wonder if people will hate me for it xD – i think im damned if i do and damned if i don’t, writing myself into a corner. hahaha Honestly the story will carry much more punch if i let him die, and it would end a lot faster. (also i’d miss Tseng), but if i let him live then.. yeah.. we’d get a threesome. *grins*

I made this prompts table for my account, but i figured i’d post it here too incase it inspires anyone.

001. Scabs. 002. Lady. 003. Chocolate. 004. Wings. 005. Dream.
006. Together. 007. Away. 008. Shadows. 009. Watching. 010. Twist.
011. For the kill. 012. Crooked. 013. Virus. 014. Erase. 015. Bleak.
016. Before. 017. Phoenix. 018. Without. 019. Behind it all. 020. Encore.
021. Distorted. 022. Learning. 023. For you. 024. Leap of faith. 025. Untrue.
026. Polished. 027. Unfelt. 028. Liars. 029. Skin. 030. Sacrifice.
031. Sharpen. 032. High. 033. Sometimes. 034. Vain. 035. Drink me.
036. Eat me. 037. Useless. 038. Signs. 039. Ripe. 040. Masks.
041. Play. 042. Fight. 043. Stumbling. 044. Sober. 045. Kiss & tell.
046. Flight. 047. Stale. 048. Forgotten. 049. Forgiven. 050. Predator.

If you wanna use it, copy and paste the code below to your own journal. The work title of this prompts table was ‘Dirty Angels’

Valravn; Koder på snor.

So i converted the Valravn cd, i still have the FLAC files if anyone prefers those. Just lemme know and i will upload those too.

VALRAVN – KODER PÅ SNOR (codes on a string)

1. Koder på snor.
2. Kelling
3. Sjón
4. Kraka
5. Seersken
6. Fuglar
7. Koppar
8. Lysabild
9. Farin uttan at verða vekk


She actually sings in Danish, but she is from the Faeroe islands and so her accent is pretty heavy.

Ima upload some comics later ^^