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I realise prompt tables was something we did back in the LJ days, but I can’t help but get a little nostalgic finding a prompts table I made for this journal back when I started it, and was WAY more active in fandoms than I am now.. Well maybe someone can use my ‘DIRTY ANGELS’ table that I made. If you use it, please let me know, I’d love to see what you come up with.


001. Scabs. 002. Lady. 003. Chocolate. 004. Wings. 005. Dream.
006. Together. 007. Away. 008. Shadows. 009. Watching. 010. Twist.
011. For the kill. 012. Crooked. 013. Virus. 014. Erase. 015. Bleak.
016. Before. 017. Phoenix. 018. Without. 019. Behind it all. 020. Encore.
021. Distorted. 022. Learning. 023. For you. 024. Leap of faith. 025. Untrue.
026. Polished. 027. Unfelt. 028. Liars. 029. Skin. 030. Sacrifice.
031. Sharpen. 032. High. 033. Sometimes. 034. Vain. 035. Drink me.
036. Eat me. 037. Useless. 038. Signs. 039. Ripe. 040. Masks.
041. Play. 042. Fight. 043. Stumbling. 044. Sober. 045. Kiss & tell.
046. Flight. 047. Stale. 048. Forgotten. 049. Forgiven. 050. Predator.




I’m the antichrist for fucks sake, what did you expect?

This installment has a different setup, it is written by David Lapham, and not Garth Ennis. Lapham usually does superhero stuff, so don’t worry about it if you never heard about him. I have to say he did do a very decent job with Crossed tough. And it is drawn by Javier Barreno, who I don’t know anything about. That duo also made Crossed – Psychopath, which i didn’t include in this comic upload, mostly because i think it’s crap.But Family values is wonderfully fucked up, and keeps the tone very true to the first volume. I will warn you though, it’s VERY graphic, and absolutely adult and not worksafe. – Family Values is about a big family of horse breeders and what happened before and after the strange “infection” of the crossed happened, and how they survive. Nothing big to the story, but they manage to make it really interesting, dirty and great! It is however not as good as the first, but maybe that is because you sorta know what to expect from this series now, and the author felt like he had to up the stakes or whatever. – For those new to this series, I have the first volume uploaded here too, just click the ‘comics’ tag on this post.
Download CROSSED – FAMILY VALUES (Complete).

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Fly-by comic upload.

This is fucking brilliant, a fucked up masterpiece. It’s about this fella who is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. And when his dad dies he confesses to some horrible crimes. I won’t really say more, because it would ruin the whole thing. =) – Lots of oldschool horror, and a nice paranoid ‘who donnit’ vibe. It’s in black and white and has beautiful artwork. – This download is the complete work.

Download ECHOES here.

And then this was for , & most of all – Youll know why when you read it. ^^ – I honestly don’t know if there are more issues in this series yet. I haven’t been able to find any. But i’ll keep my eyes open, and my ear to the ground.

Download NEW DEAD WORLD here.

– This is it for now, sorry. I will return tomorrow with more stuff, because it’s terribly overdo. But it’s late and i am too tired to wait for anything to upload.

Honey, once they figure out how to implant one of these, Everybody’ll have one.

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So YAY comics! This time i should warn I’m a bit heavy on the sensible issues, and ultra violence. But i’ll say something more in the summaries. =) I wanted to say how happy i am that i know 4 people are reading and downloading this, it means a lot to me, seriously it does. I love comics, and am usually really good at finding the good stuff, imho. But i of course have my favourite authors/artists, don’t we all? So something is a little different this time than from the other comic dumps. I am going to upload thumbnails of a random page that does not contain a spoiler, so you can see what it looks like. And also an thumbnail of some more ‘cool’ nature, which will hopefully make you read it haahha! And i wasn’t sure if anyone wanted me to continue to upload Preacher, if you do, would you please let me know? I have the complete series, but i won’t start a long ass upload series if no one is arsed.

Lets start with the two uploads for henerich. Issue #50 – 61 of the Walking dead And the complete series of Solomon Kane ‘All the damned souls at sea’ (which is a newer series than the other)
|| Download ++ Solomon Kane – All the damned souls at sea (complete). ||
|| Download ++ The walking dead #51 – 60. ||

Hmm.. Let me start off with something that actually surprised me the good way, the comic book adaptation of 28 days later. It’s usually the other way around, but lots of computer games and movies have comic book adaptations, they are just less famous, than when it’s the other way around. At first i was a little confused because in the comic the story ends a little  differently for Selena and Jim, and without giving the plot away, i can tell you that Jim is dead by the time the comic starts, and the entire series is about Selena, her past, present and future. And it worked REALLY well, it sucked me in like right away. I uploaded the first 4 issues, and you can see if you want more, i might say it took me quite a while to round up all 20 and the little 1 issue sequel.
|| DOWNLOAD ++ 28 Days later #1 – 4. ||

Which leads me to Black Gas, the image on the top is a sleeve from that comic. I uploaded the first volume out of the 2, which is the complete series. I have volume 2 as well, and can upload it if you’d like. Sod it, i’d probably upload it anyway because i think it’s kick ass. This comic is about Tyler & Soo that borrows Tyler’s parents cabin to have a ‘fun’ weekend, but suddenly the island spews this black cloud, which makes everyone who came in contact with it, these hungry, destructive zombie-like things. And now Tyler & Soo has to find a way off the island. I should mention that it’s pretty graphic, and not kiddie safe to any extend.
|| DOWNLOAD ++ Black Gas Vol I ||

Continuing down the same road, this one i really thought of goodbye_sun, it’s a comic named Crossed, and the cross refers to the weird scar that the infected get, like a huge cross in their face. I don’t actually know if any of you guys know this beforehand, but i uploaded volume 1, which contains of 9 issues, so it’s a rather big zip. There is also two volumes in the complete series, and i do have volume 2 as well, but i will wait with that till next time. Not really much to say here plotwise, it’s about the end of the world, God’s wrath or a virus, we don’t know. But it turns people who comes in contact with the infected individuals will turn within seconds. (much like 28 days later), but they are not infected with rage, but with evil, or malice, like they draw on every bad thing a human could/would ever have done. This is VERY graphic and VERY adult, and i do mean that VERY, very much.. hahahah! The story follows a group of survivors that tries to find a safe place to stay, (that plot just never gets old). All i can say is READ IT!
|| DOWNLOAD ++ Crossed Vol I ||

Have you ever tried reading something, thinking omg i have tried to write this for years, i felt like that with this story. And thing is i think i might put a lid on some issues, even if i write about them. Maybe i shouldn’t? Anyway it’s not about me writing, it’s about this comic called Scars, and i think it’s fucking brilliant, maybe because i can see lots of things i have had in my head when i wrote for instance Angry Angel. Funny that is… So Scars is about this cop John Caine, who works as a homicide detective, he gets a case that brings forward his own inner demons and yeah, never healed wounds. See scars have a dual meaning in this story, so both those on the body and on the soul. It’s not really graphic and in black and white. I uploaded the complete thing. I have to say it’s on my top ten of brilliance!
|| DOWNLOAD ++ Scars. ||

I finally managed to get my grabby little hands on Priest the comic, and let me tell you, it takes some extensive searching on some seriously shady sites to get that damn comic! I seriously don’t know what to say because it’s SO damn long, that i can’t write a decent summary, what i did was to upload the first volume. (yes it’s 180 jpgs in 1 cbr file.) And you can see if you like it. I uploaded this mostly for heinerich, but of course it’s for everyone if you want it! What i CAN say is that it’s a manga style thing, it remind me a little of the bastard child of Angel Sanctuary and Hellsing, without any better way to explain it. Demons, God, mental anguish galore.. damnation & salvation, you name it.. it got it all.. But i would advise you to forget the movie trailer, because otherwise the first like 5 volumes won’t make sense. It’s in black and white, and i already said manga stylish, because it’s not really, there it’s also like a bastard mix of two styles. I think it’s fucking BRILLIANT, but i warn you it’s like ultra violent, and then boring for two volumes with talk of god and whatever.. and then back to the action.. Anyway, give it a go, and i will upload all 21 volumes if you want me to. =)
|| DOWNLOAD ++ Priest Vol 1 ||

BUT you seriously didn’t think it would be a superhero less upload did you?.. yeah well okay so atleast Anti-hero upload. ^^ I love The Punisher, i fucking hated the movies, but i am a big fan of the comics. I am gonna upload this standalone story about The Punisher, called ‘The Punisher kills the Marvel universe’ I love it!  But then again, i have always had a soft spot for both Frank Castle, but also for hero killing loners. hahaha! And if you like me are a perv and maybe a member of marvel_slash@lj, you might have read your share of Frank Castle/Matt Murdock smut, like me =) I love that pairring, what? so sue me! Anyway, this comic plays RIGHT into that fantasy *laughs* But don’t worry you don’t have to read the offscreen smut into it as i do, it’s just a comic, and a really good one at that. The plot, yeah well, Frank Castles children and wife is killed when the Avengers & X-men have a fight in the park where they are having a picnic. When they don’t even seem sorry that they killed his family, he throws a fit and guns down Cyclops, Hawkeye, and Jubilee. Until Wolverine & Colossus brings him down. He then ends up at a facility for casualties of the superheroes, people that were crippled by accident, the guy who runs the place fules Frank’s fury and so he sets out to kill every motherfucking one of them. haahaha Tada! You really should check it out, it’s a very different and cool comic. Oh might i mention that Daredevil plays a very big part in this too *winks*
|| DOWNLOAD ++ The Punisher kills the Marvel universe. ||

And because i know that heinerich will get a kick out of it, i uploaded Thor – The Vikings. It’s awesome! Uhm, plot? A mean Viking (Harald Jackalson.. haha i shit you not) raids a village where a ‘village elder’ places a curse on him to not reach any shore in 1000 years. And so those 1000 years is up, and Harald and his crew (Now immortal undead) boards New York, and starts their terror regime.. Enter stage Thor the God of Thunder.. hahah it’s basically it. it’s a standalone and in some AU, so you can read it even if you don’t have the whole Marvel universe down. (and don’t worry no one has that universe down.)
|| DOWNLOAD ++ Thor – The Vikings. ||

And finally a reupload, because i promised it to heinerich, but maybe someone else missed the Hellblazer comics i once uploaded. Here is my two favourite ones. Okay so because it’s a series and these are connected, but not directly. Then i have to tell you 1 thing. you need to read Good Intentions first. And well the comic itself does tell you what happened just before. But i can tell you too, Constantine knew this fella named Lucky, and he died. How and why is explained in these two series, so i am not gonna tell you. But Good Intentions start when Constantine is released from jail by someone.. either angel or demon, we don’t know, during a huge riot. He saw Lucky as a ghost while he was in solitary confinement, and now Constantine is going to Doglick, as Lucky told him to, to apologize to Lucky’s wife. And the whole of the Good Intentions series is in Doglick. Then there is Ashes and Dust, it happens like 20 issues later, and besides that you are told why all this business with Lucky happened, they are not really connected. In Ashes and Dust a burned corpse is found in an S&M club, and it’s said to be John Constantine, the cops are not that sure. And S.W./Stanley (an old uhm.. enemy-type-thing of Constantine’s) confesses his sins. I might make the reader (who is not used to Hellblazer) Aware that John Constantine is bi-sexual. It’s not often a lead character can get away with that, and not just be a comic relief next to someone cooler, you know what i mean.
|| DOWNLOAD ++ Hellblazer – Good Intentions. ||
|| DOWNLOAD ++ Hellblazer – Ashes & Dust. ||

Thumbail images. These are mine, so it’s an exact copy of the file you’re gonna get. Also they are all safe =)
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Men de åd Galakticus!

So i thought i’d make another comic post, since it seemed like it was ages ago that i did that. Basically it’s the same as the others, (click the ‘comic’ tag) as always i would of course encourage you to go buy these in stores and support the comic industry, but who said you can’t test the goods first? But before i get going on all the downloads stuff, i would like to recommend this site where they have this cool online comic, DEAD EYES OPEN, it’s really cool, if you are arsed with online comics.

And so onwards with the downloads. =) I thought i would repeat myself, that you need the CDisplay to open .cbr/.cbz files, you can download it HERE, and this is my own upload, so i know this version works. If the download link is dead, just holla and i will put it up again. If you wonder what a .cbr file is, it’s sorta like a zip archive, but an archive file of images in a selected sequence, that is why you need a special program to open it, and read it in. The program is very small, and easy once you sit down and look at it. In this post i did a little tutorial on how to use CDisplay. Oh yeah and i zipped this in .rar format, so you hafta have a program that can unpack that.

Today i brought you some awesome stuff! =) Demons, heroes, non-sparkly vampires and LOADS of zombies = YAY!

First off we have POSSESSED, which is a story about a team of demon hunters, i really love the artwork in this one, the story might be a little on the corny side, but demon stories often are, yanno all that heaven and hell crap. Read about it on Wiki if you want, HERE.
Download Possessed – complete. ||

Next up i chose to upload MARVEL ZOMBIES for you, the title sorta gives it away. And just for the record, this is ART man, its just beautiful! So something happens, i think all we’re told is ‘a light in the skies’ and then for some reason all the superheroes turn into zombies. (there might be a real explanation, but i missed it) There are more in the series to make it complete than this, but i thought i’d upload the ‘basic story’ and two oneshots that is pure brilliance. =) I laughed so damn hard reading these, and i can read them over and over i hafta admit that, just the concept alone is funny as fuck… And i have to give you a spoiler, i think it is true beauty that they eat Galacticus & The silver surfer, how awesome is that? This comic is still being made and released btw. You can also read about it on Wiki HERE.
Download; Marvel Zombies #1 || Marvel Zombies #2 || Marvel Zombies #3 ||
Download oneshots in same series; Marvel Zombies – Dead days || Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness ||

And now because i talked with about this, i chose to upload the first 5 issues of THE WALKING DEAD, some might not know that this was a comic before it was a tv series. But it was, and i think the comic is so much better than that lame excuse for a daytime soap only with more undead. The last issue i have is #80, and that is the newest released to my best knowledge. But if you should like this little morsel, i am always happy to upload more, if you don’t want to go look for them yourself. You can read about it on Wiki HERE.
Download: The Walking Dead Issue 1 – 5 ||

Lastly i chose an album of CRIMINAL MACABRE, i love Steve Niles it’s no secret, especially paired up with Ben Templesmith’s art, and this is absolutely NO exception. There are more issues in this series, and as far as i know it’s still being made, and as with the other comics, then if you would like more of it, just holla. You can read about it on Wiki HERE. Basically the plot is the same as Hellblazer, yet it’s not, well the only thing they have in common is a cynical supernatural detective. This bloke is just called Cal McDonald, and has this ghoul that helps him out all the time, and it’s more revolving around vampires, ghouls and shapeshifters, than demons. Still it’s a good read and i would most definitely recommend it! You can read about it on Wiki HERE.
Download; Criminal Macabre – Drawing on your nightmares. ||

I was debating with myself if i should throw some Escape of the living dead up, but honestly then i think that series is crap, so i decided against it. There should be some stuff there to keep you occupied for an afternoon, so no worries. =)

The festering stench of rotting flesh, makes me drool as I consume…

Okay so figured it was time for some comic stuff again. But first of all, for dock_leaf & mine love for Lovecraft, i decided to upload whatever i had floating about on my computer of books, essays, poems and stuff of and about Lovecraft, i made 5 rar files so it wouldn’t take so damn long to download. Plus it would be easier to sort in it and delete shit you don’t want. Also i see some stuff got there twice, so sue me, there was a lot of files to keep track of. It is all in PDF format.

Lovecraft books.rar 1 – An American to mother England – Astrophobos – At the mountains of madness – At the root – Asathoth – Beyond the wall of sleep – Cats and dogs – Celephais – Christmas blessings – Christmastide – Cool air – Dagon – Death – Despair – Dreams in the witch house – Essential guide to Cthulhu – Ex Oblivione – Fact and Fancy – Facts concerning the late Arthur Jermyn and his family.

Lovecraft books.rar 2 – From Beyond – Fungi from Yuggoth – Good saint Nick – Halloween in a suburb – He – Reanimator – History of Necronomicon – Hypnos – Ibid – Imprisoned with the Pharaohs – In the vault – Laeta; A lament – Letter to August Derleth – Lines on General Robert Edward Lee – Little tiger – Medusa’s coil – Memory – Metrical regularity – Nathicana – Necronomicon, books of spells – Nemesis – Notes on writing weird fiction (essay) – Nyarlathotep – Ode for july 4th 1917.

Lovecraft books.rar 3 – Old bugs – On reading Lord Dunsany’s book of wonder – On receiving a picture of swans – Out of the aeons – Pacifist war song – Pickman’s model – Poemata minora Vol II – Polaris – Providence – Revelation – Supernatural horror in literature – Sweet Ermengarde – The Alchemist – The allowable rhyme – The beast in the cave – The book – The bride of the sea – The call of Cthulhu – The case of Charles Dexter Ward – The cats of Ulthar – The cats – The city – The color of outer space – The conscript – The crawling chaos – The decendant.

Lovecraft books.rar 4 – The despised pastoral – The disinterment – The doom that came to Sarnath – The dream quest of unknown Kadath – The Dunwich horror – The evil clergyman – The festival – The garden – The green meadow – The haunter of the dark – The horror at Martin’s beech – The horror at Red Hook – The hound – The house – The last test – The lurking fear – The man of stone – The messenger – The moon~bog – The music of Eric Zahnn – The nameless city – The night ocean – The other Gods – The outsider – The peace advocate – The picture in the house – The poet’s nightmare – The quest of Iranon.

Lovecraft books.rar 5 – The rats in the walls – The rose of England – The shadow out of time – The shadow over Innsmouth – The shunned house – The silver key – The statement of Randolph Carter – The strange high house in the mist – The street – The temple – The terrible old man – The thing in the moonlight – The thing on the doorstep – The tomb – The transition of Juan Romero – The trap – The Tree on the hill – The tree – The unnameable – The very old folk – The whisperer in the darkness – The white ship – The wood – Through the gates of the silver key – Till A’ the seas – To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkelt, 18th baron Dunsany – Tosh Bosh – Two black bottles, a poem of profound insignificance – What the moon brings – Where once Poe walked – Within the walls of Eryx.

And now to the comics part. lol! And to continue in the Lovecraft spirit, i uploaded this comic drawn by Richard Corben, I love Corben.. I honestly can’t remember if i uploaded this before, anyway, if i did, here it is again.
|| DOWNLOAD – THE RATS IN THE WALLS || Art by Richard Corben.

And then i promised heinerich some more The walking dead, and so i uploaded album 21 to 30.

And lastly, i figured i would tempt goodbye_sun more than i should.. And of course all other Zombie lovers too! This is a comic series that is still in progress, but i have album 1 to 5, which i uploaded for you, and if you like it, i will upload albums as i find a scan of them. The series is about some officers that transfers some violent criminals, and suddenly find themselves stuck in Z-day. It’s both really beautifully drawn, and has a super story. (just to clear out misunderstandings, the 5th album is the newest there is.)

And as always, if you like it, and it is available in your end of the world, support the artists by buying their product!


I read through 100 tutorials on rain effects to jumble my way to something that i think looks good. And since people asked how, i thought i would share what i found out in case you can use it. I use Photoshop CE. There is two different ways i discovered of making a decent rain effect, when the sims rain is just not enough yanno? The first is real easy, and anyone can do that, the other demand a little more insight in photoshop. Credit to the sim on the second tutorial goes to sixamsims.

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