Nation Red.

So i downloaded the demo, and tried to play it. I think its super awesome, but i don’t think it’s your game for no other reason than you have to remember hotkeys in your head, and it goes insanely fast. I tried to upload it to youtube but apparently it was too long, so it was rejected, so i uploaded it to 4shared.

Pros: It’s super fun if you like high paced games that doesn’t offer much besides blowing shit up. And you gotta be on your toes all the time. As i said, it totally reminds me of some of those old c64 games, so yeah it’s an archade game, even in mission mode, though in mission mode you get a endboss and a change of scenery once in a while. The free STEAM demo only have 3 missions out of 9, but it’s enough to get a taste of the game. Plus it’s as addictive as tetris, believe me xD

Cons: You walk insanely slow in the guts and corpses on the ground, and it’s hard not to get swarmed, even when you slide/roll away. There is a perk that will let you run equally fast all the time, nomatter what the ground is like, and how heavy a rifle you carry.. If you pick up a minigun for instance, you are REALLY slow! Thing is that it does not effect the zombies that they wade through crap and blood, and i find that slightly unjust odds.

It’s a 8 euro (10 quid) game, and i think it will be worth it all, if you like these type games, as i said earlier, Alien swarm which is free on STEAM is similar to this tho. I like the general feel, graphics and sound of Nation Red, but as i said, don’t be fooled by the lack of backdrop. The controls can be a wee bit hard to remember and they aren’t really super logical, but they aren’t that hard to remember after a few tries.

In case the embedded version doesn’t work, click here for watch and/or download.

Where i saw i also uploaded some Fallout video, i don’t recall what is xD