The Ruiner.

Author: Azzy
Title: The Ruiner.
Fandom: Fallout 3
warnings: language
rating: M
Characters: Billy Creel, Collin Moriaty, Gob, Mr. Burke, Allistair Tenpenny, Maggie, M!The Lone Wanderer (Sparrow), Lucy West, Dogmeat.
AN; Since it’s uncool to put in the warnings, i will mention it here that this story is about Billy Creel and the lone wanderer as a ”couple”, there is no real adult stuff in that regard, because that is just not what the story is really about. Even if it is… oh well, you’ll just have to read it.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, Bethesda studies does.

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Remind me not to visit Pittsburg after nuclear Armageddon!

So i took your advise and got the expansions for fallout3. I did backtrack tho to a savegame i had right before i entered vault 87, and went out to try the expansions 😉

Oh forgot to say that if anyone wants it, my friend Peter made a super cool mod, that will allow you to repair your weapon with scrap metal, so you don’t need to have a gun or armor of the same type to repair your stuff. If you want it, holla and i will upload it for you. It works like a charm i might add!

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