Please don’t turn it into something major.

Author: Azzy
Fandom: Fable – The lost chapters
warning: SMUT, lots of it! blood, insanity and murder, language.
rating M+/N17/Not worksafe – fo’serious.
AN: well as the Hero has no name I will just name him Ambrosious. As my Heroes in this game most often is named Ultima Asswipe, Sir-phail-alot, or Lord Anus, (yup i never got older than stuff like that makes me leer like a idiot.)Then I chose to just come up with a name for the sake of the story. And besides this, then this is just a figment of my imagination as I played the game. Lets call it ‘likely occurrences’ It’s not betaed since I don’t think there is a soul besides me who is arsed to read it. ūüôā Should you choose to read, you never had to play the game, just see this as a original character PWP. Or as close to PWP as i think i will ever get, hey it has porn and no plot what so ever, so i guess it qualifies. While i’m at it, Farhan and Zeus are people that i made up for the sake of the story.
Ambrosious/Farhan Ambrosious/Farhan/Zeus.

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