F.E.A.R – Extraction point.

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The first of the Exp packs. =)

You can find the playlist here.


F.E.A.R – First Encounter Assault Recon.

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I finally finished the recording of this game. It’s old, but it just never gets old, imo one of the best FPS horror games ever made!


Playthrough posts aren’t the same without a banner, and since every other program (paintshop/photoshop) i tried to install refuses to install, or gives me BSOD, then i thought i’d give GIMP a second chance. Maybe it’s just all about getting to know the program? Anywho, I haz banner! ^^

Holy crap Batman!

I am so glad i downloaded a demo version of Bioshock before i went and bought it. Now i know that some on my flist love that game but… HOLY SHIT IT SUCKS!!! Color me surprised, i had expected it to be a cool game, but it was confusing, unlogical and not the slightest bit intuitive, not for me atleast. For instance, why the bloody fuck can you breathe under water? what are you, like 50% fish? And the fighting is downright complicated, to remember to switch between the perks, or whatever they were called, and a weapon took too long, and you don’t have that time when a spleiser or what is worse, is kicking your ass. Maybe this game comes easy to some, but i have to admit that i was slightly put off that it called itself a shooter game, it’s not a fucking shooter game, it’s a pretentious RPG. I will admit that the atmosphere was brilliant, and the game very pretty. It’s just not enough.

So i ended up re-buying an older game i used to have, and sadly lost. First Encounter Assault Recon, F.E.A.R.

On the bright side, i got both the original game, and the two expansions The Perseus Mandate & Extraction point for 8 euro in all. I never played either expansions so that’ll be fun. =)

Maybe they are a little cheap now because we are waiting for F.E.A.R 3 ~ Point man. Personally i look very much forward to this =)

I know that F.E.A.R is an old game, and for both F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R 2 ~ Project origin, the multi player part SUCKS MONKEY ASS, it’s like playing unreal tournament, only lamer. But the first game really does offer a good story, and some decent jumpscares, which there is nothing of in Project Origin.. imho the 2’nd game just suck in general. They should not have made that game at all, it has no real context other than to make a reason to do number 3. (I am hinting at your characters ending in project origin.) If you like scary shoot em up games with some story to discover, i recommend you that you either buy this over STEAM, or go search a 2’nd hand computergame store, and buy the first F.E.A.R.

I planned on downloading a demo of Nation Red next, im gonna let y’all know what i think about it, mostly i think it looks like Comando for commendore 64.

LOL! that made me feel old, i remember when Comando was the coolest shit ever! And i ROCKED that game so hard. xD Maybe i am good at Red Nation too. Oh and if you are on STEAM, you can download Alien swarm for free, which is basically the same sort of game.