The Tartarus effect 1/3 ‘Mutual benefit’

author: azzy
title: The Tartarus effect
warnings: Insanity, suicidal thoughts
fandom: Dead Space
rated: M+/Explicit
wip: 1/3
beta: erestorjunkie
Summary: They need each other at their best if they are to survive, so having each other’s backs were as good as it got. Or was it? Maybe sometimes when you need a friend you’ll find one where you least expected it.
AN: Okay so this is NOT a friendship fic, this is a romance story. I left out all stuff about where is Ellie or all that crap, it would just confuse stuff, also she has no place in this story really. Also I never say when or why they are where they are, it’s on purpose.. who the fuck wanna read a game transcript – not me. I wanna read a sappy lovestory ^^


Chapter 1: Mutual benefit

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Fuck the Marker, and fuck you!

More silly game imagry, just because i think it’s pretty. ^^


Also what is up with that plot bunny i got with a Dead Space – Mass Effect crossover? I think my brain is just trying to hook up ever fit pixel guy in space. LOL! Well stanger things have happened than Sheppard/Isaac. hahaha i might let that bunny become something, i don’t know. I have two other stories i need to look at first, and botht chapters are half done. Hmmmm….

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Go Team Isaac!

Yeah so i couldn’t help myself, but then again, when have i been able to help myself, and not take pictures when i play. I think Sims2 broke me or something. 😉 Anywho here’s some random Dead Space images that no one gives a shit about but me. I thought that goodbye_sun at least could get a little smile on her lips.


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