Date night.

I got this story from icysilverpill, she wrote me a story with Seth & Ferris, and i am just so blown. It’s the cutest ever. THANK YOU sweetness, i love it, and i hope you do a sequel!

Title: Date night
Author: icysilverpill
Beta: goodbye_sun
summary: Date nights was never easy.
Warning: not work safe per se.

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Just you and me.

Title: Just you and me
Author: Milena;
Pairing(s): It’s written for Az… so… her favourite pairing 😉
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Our dear main character has his own point of view how to make sure that he will never have to be jealous again.
Disclaimer: I would *never* claim to own the characters of this story or the song it is based on. *smiles sweetly*
Warning (only if necessary): Character death, pov, and angst
Authors Note (if needed/desired): This story is written for my sweet darkfic fancier (Az, for those of you that did *not* figure who I mean), basing on one of my favourite songs which is sadly German, but I will post you an URL in case you have enough knowledge of my language to understand it. Die Toten Hosen – Alles aus Liebe (about “All out of Love”)
My thanks to: LoM and Meredith and Marie, for interdroucing me to slash and the LoM-message board for interdroucing me to Az. Thanks to “Die Toten Hosen” without their wonderful song I would never have been able to write this. And thanks above all again to Az, for she is the only one to make me write this stuff and sometimes it just feels so good to kill those you love. Im mela lle, girl! 🙂


AN April 11; A present i was given from Milly. Only existed on my harddrive, and now here as well. It was some fun days back then after all, wasn’t it?

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To wish impossible things.

I got inspired both by the rpg and a song by the cure 🙂
So here is my first songfic. Feedback please, but be gentle. The characters belong to Tolkien and the lyrics to the Cure
Ehm… never done this before so I hope this is enough.
Oh, Thanks to Az for her inspiration. Without her Elladan I wouldn’t
have written this song fic.

Elladan loves Elrohir, but his feelings aren’t mutual.

AN April 11: This was given to me by Bersa. And like other stuff here, i think it only exists on my harddrive, so i’m archiving it.

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Because you’re my light.

This story is for my lovely Az-sweet, it’s based on the pairings she wanted and on a plot she chose – well more or less… I still have my own mind as well… *cough* Thank you for allowing me to write this for you, my love, I have actually enjoyed being forced to stay away from my favourite main-pairing.
Hannad, Leilu, for telling me about the mistakes! It’s really great to get help and it’s sweet that you checked it for me. (Thranduil made a mistake and Glorfindel isn’t too happy)


AN April 11; A present i got from a friend i used to have in the LoTr comm.. Holy shit this is old!
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The saddest song.

Pairings: Maglor/Erestor.
Summary: Maglor gets more than what he bargained for. Erestor gets less.
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: would be lovely.
Disclaimer: “The Saddest Song” is the title of a Morphine song, quoted before the text (Sandman was brilliant).
Author’s Notes: Written for the LoM board Secret Santa, for Azzy, who asked for Maglor/Erestor or any Fëanorian/Erestor.

AN April 11; Now i know that it’s tallulahred that wrote this for me, and i’m archiving it, because i love it!

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Seifer/Squall ficlet (present given to me)

I got this fabulous ff8 fic from bohemianscribe as a present.. I think its totally kick ass, she have not written man smut before, and I keep telling her she’s a natural, and i mean it.. please leave her some fb here on the comments, i think she deserves it! (and damn i lack a ff8 icon, and apparently i had to make one.. lol just for the occation)

AN April 13’th 11; I chose to upload this, because this chick deletes her blogs faster than you can keep up, so it would be lost if i didn’t keep it. And even if she’s a speshul snowflake, doesn’t mean that i wasn’t happy for my present, because we DID use to chill online.

Author: bohemianscribe
Warning: R
Pairring: Seifer/Squall
AN: For azzy (because i liketh the mansmut)

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