Mixed Tape: Cold

So erestorjunkie suffered from writers block, and in the light of this we decided to challenge each other with a 5 tunes, she pick 5 for me, and I pick 5 for her. We could write whatever the hell we wanted and however long we wanted. So here’s the first (which i didn’t upload cause it’s original characters that doesn’t make sense to anyone but her I suppose).

Fandom: none
Warnings: none

Tune: Evans Blue- Cold (But I’m Still Here)

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Operation Tan Ra

Made by: Goodbye_sun & Dolly_riot
warnings: none
rating: M
AN: So we decided we’d try and update a little more frequent than once a year, so we figured we’d do what we do best. Short creepy/horror stories.. All there is left is really just to say ‘enjoy, and don’t get lost in the Jungle’. Oh almost forgot, for good measure then Tan Ra ought to mean ‘missing’ according to google. (this story is loosely based on a creepypasta)

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