Mixed tape; Track 5

Author: Azzy
title: With a veiw.
fandom: Mass effect
characters: Kaidan/M!Shepard
warnings: angst, spoilers, cornyness, AU
rating: T
Track : Two Steps From Hell – Undying Faith
AN: Dude it’s been ages since I did one of these, actually so long that I lost the picture of the tape I used. Oh well, who cares? Btw, this contains major spoilers!

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The disenchanted disappear.

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So since i seem to hit a wall nomatter what i write, i decided to do a little project of my own, to make a mixed tape. With that i mean i am writing an undisclosed number of stories (For now i was thinking along 12), in different fandoms, all inspired by a tune. Just to get my mojo working again. ^^ Anyone wanna play along, then it would be awesome. I have half the first story/drabble done (you know my drabbles isn’t under 2 pages) Maybe i will do some original too, i don’t know. Guess i will have to see what strikes my fancy, and what the tune i chose can inspire me to.

Track 1 – Last stand. (l4d2)
Track 2 – Sunshine. (Assassins Creed)
Track 3 – I have kept no hope for myself. (Silmarillion)
Track 4 – With this love. (Forgotten Realms)

!For WordPress archive site thingie; just click the MIXED TAPE category, and you’ll get all the stories.

Mixed tape; Track 1

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Author: Azzy
title: Last stand./ Permaneo Sto.
fandom: l4d2
characters: undisclosed.
warnings: suicide, angst.
rating: M
Track : Dead can dance ~ The writing on my father’s Hand
AN: Yay kicking off my little silly project to get my muse back under submission to my will *grins* And NO Permaneo Sto has nothing to do with the game of the same name, it simply means ‘the last stand’ in latin.

Edit: Betaed by goodbye_sun, so now it’s readable.

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Mixed tape; Track 2

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Author: Azzy
title: Sunshine / الشمس المشرقة
fandom: Assassins Creed
characters: Altaïr, Malik
warnings: light romance.
rating: T
Track: Garmarna – O frodens virga
AN; I realise that Malik still has his ring finger for reasons unknown to me since he is also just as much an assassin, maybe it’s the same unknown that lets him enter and exit the Bureau with only one arm. In this little story, he does however not have a ring finger, because I think it’s stupid that he does. This is post game, teen Altaïr. First time writing in this fandom, which I gotta say I love this silly drabble challenge for, because I don’t have to work on an actual plot xD – This is not really a drabble though, more like a ficlet that I had to end early, I am however planning on a part 2 within this drabble challenge.

Edit: Reupload of the body of the story, betaed by goodbye_sun to rid me of iffy grammar and such, sorry for that! Suppose i got caught up in my first time fandom writing. *blush* anyway, it should be readable now.

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Mixed tape; Track 3

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Author: Azzy
title: I have kept no hope for myself/ ú-chebin estel anim
fandom: The Silmarillion
characters: Maedhros, Fingon
warnings: light romance, angst.
rating: T
Track: ?Unknown artist? – blue forest.
AN; You know how I feel about Elvish, I don’t give a flying F, this should supposedly mean what it says in the title slot, and should presumably be Quenyan, not that I’d know Greek from elvish. Oh I missed these boys =) That tune existed no where, so I uploaded it myself on youtube. I apologize if some countries can’t see it. – unbetaed, typos, spelling errors and iffy grammar, live with it. 😛

EDIT: Reupload! Betaed by goodbye_sun to rid me of stupid erros and iffy grammar. =)

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