Route 666.

title: route 666
Author: azzy
fandom: Hellblazer (Constantine)
warning: butt smex
Pairing: Constantine/oc
rating: R maybe n17
wordcount 1.992
AU: written for monday_smut@lj, on promt D. first time writing in this fandom, i normally just read it *laughs* but well i thought i just as well try and write just ONE ficlet in that fandom. just for the hell of it (bad pun intended) – this is not betaed, and i apologize for the pretty quick ending, but i had to make the deadline.

Get your kicks, on route 666..
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Name’s Constantine, John Constantine! .. Asshole.

It’s no secret that i really dislike the Constantine movie, well i like the movie, but i HATE Keanu as Constantine, if you ask me, they should have cast someone like Collin Farrel, he would have fit those shoes much better.

And so because i feel like it, and i am a big old Hellblazer fangirl, i uploaded some more comics. Same shit as last time, you need the CDisplay for it to work. – Btw said one of the files didn’t work for her, did anyone else have trouble with something, that needs a reupload?

I know some people prefer Constantine when Ennis does him, i prefer him Azzarello style ūüėČ (Both Bisley, Dillon & Corben did some cool artwork versions to Azzarello’s storylines. And i don’t have to mention Frusin who’s the bloody king of that comic!)

1) HELLBLAZER – Good Intentions. (Azzarello & Frusin) This is absolutely one of the more MATURE rated series of Hellblazer, and i fucking LOVE it!!! I actually chose this for , and if you download it you will know why in the very first pages. lol.. the entire series (5 albums) are fucking brilliant btw. // Download – Hellblazer – Good intentions //

2) HELLBLAZER – Hard time. (Azzarello & Corben) This ladies and gents is art! seriously! it’s as close to comic style epic art as you come! This is actually the series (4 albums) that comes right before Good Intentions. This is allso MATURE rated ladies and gents! // Download – Hellblazer – Hard time. //

3) HELLBLAZER – Ashes & Dust. (Azzarello & Frusin) This is later than the two above that is somewhat connected, this i am only uploading because i scanned my own album for you once, but my scanner ain’t the best, and this version is SO much better! This is also MATURE audience people! // Download – Hellblazer – Ashes & Dust //