Somewhere along the lonely road.

Title: Somewhere along the lonely road.
Author: azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: this story is a strange, strange thing. And well I never ventured out in writing in forgotten realms, for various reasons. But for some reason this muse bit me while playing NWN. – So shoot me! And just for good measure I will say, that I am a big fan of Salvatore, but I AM a slash writer, my muse just works that way, and honestly am I the only one who gets enough of Cattie-Brie? The canon Mary-Sue over them all! So here goes nothing. It is not necessary that you read any books in this universe to understand this little ficlet, nor that you played any RP’s. But it would definitely help! – At last I might add that I am taking HUGE liberties with characters, and timelines are one big mess. – And a special thanks to LadyofLegolas, thank you for my books woman, at least we can agree on that one *grins* – Oh more explanation! I forgot to say that Elithrar and his companion are not exactly oc’s, they are the characters I used to play NWN a couple of times. The character of Adan is a figment of my imagination completely, the name it self is taken from Torment – Planescape, but otherwise it has nothing at all to do with that universe, I just happen to like the name, and maybe I used it because I miss an old friend of mine, Heinerich Zimmermann… where are you at man?
WIP: I don’t think so!
Fandom: Forgotten realms.
Betaed by; I’m not even sure anyone wants to beta this crazy shit. so its not! live with it!
Rating: Pg13
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true, all belong to R.A Salvatore & Bioware.
Summary: Elithrar searches for a meaning with his life, he finds a lover only to discover that things are wee bit more complicated than that!
Spoilers: Neverwinter Nights. Shadows of Amn & legacy of the drow
Warnings: slash, smut… man sex.. What more do you want? 😛
Pairings: Elithrar/?

ADD note anno 2008: this is a old fic (2006) that i never posted on LJ, but i actually like it, and since my HP’s server is having trouble, mainly it ate my homepage, then until i get something restore to the server.. i post this story here.. i was flamed to HELL for this, not for any other reason than you do not, and i repeat, DO NOT slash anything Salvatore wrote hahaha angry fans are angry.

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Mixed tape; Track 4

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Author: Azzy
title: With this love/ xuil nindol ssinssrigg
fandom: Forgotten Realms
characters: Zacknafein, Drizzt
warnings: angst.
rating: T
Track: Peter Gabriel & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Taboo.
AN; This is uber short, so i didn’t bother to bug GS to beta. Plus it ain’t going to be uploaded anywhere else.

Track 4 – xuil nindol ssinssrigg.

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