Seifer/Squall ficlet (present given to me)

I got this fabulous ff8 fic from bohemianscribe as a present.. I think its totally kick ass, she have not written man smut before, and I keep telling her she’s a natural, and i mean it.. please leave her some fb here on the comments, i think she deserves it! (and damn i lack a ff8 icon, and apparently i had to make one.. lol just for the occation)

AN April 13’th 11; I chose to upload this, because this chick deletes her blogs faster than you can keep up, so it would be lost if i didn’t keep it. And even if she’s a speshul snowflake, doesn’t mean that i wasn’t happy for my present, because we DID use to chill online.

Author: bohemianscribe
Warning: R
Pairring: Seifer/Squall
AN: For azzy (because i liketh the mansmut)

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Baby, baby Bubblegum.

Author: Azzy
Title: Baby, baby bubblegum.
Rating: M /N17
Warnings: pointless smut.
Fandom: FF8
Pairring: Squall/Irvine.
Beta: goodbye_sun
Summary: Irvine wonders who Squall pines for.
AN: Here you have it, sorry man, this is as close to a pwp as i get i suppose. ^_^ Sorry for the Seiferless story, i will have to make up for that eventually won’t I? And the whole ‘label’ thing, i don’t really know if its a uniquely Danish thing, nor do i care.

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