[No.. Brains come out, mud water doesn’t.]

::Taps microphone::

Me; My name is Rikke, but around the internet i have been known under different aliases, such as Az, Ladyazmodan, Azzy, Azmodan76, Azmodan, JustAz & Dolly_riot. I am 36, so yeah the 76 was not referring to my shoe size, married with 4 kids, and 2 on the side. I live in Copenhagen Denmark, and even if everything i uploaded here so far has been English, it is not my first language. And i am pretty sure that shows now and then, and even more so if you should fall over some of my really old stuff from 2001.

Why archiving? Well on livejournal i have two journals (and some communities) but two STRICTLY sperarated journals, one for my personal stuff & fanfiction, and one for the sims2. And well livejournal had hicups, and i decided that maybe it was time to archive all my stuff somewhere, so this is a mosh up of all fandoms, and all types of stuff, if i saw it worthy of keeping, it’s here.

What was NOT archived is any form and shape of personal diary type posts, it’s only stuff i see as i “made” be it either download posts for comics, stupid lets play videos from some computer game, or a story of any kind. There is also NO legacy posts (sims2) because i just don’t see them as something i put time and effort into.. so yeah, maybe that was the criteria, something i feel i put some time and effort into. And something i think i might have a need for some day. What was not archived either is any ‘recomendation’ posts, or co-written stuff. And that is not really true, i did upload some stories that i wrote with Noldoriniwa, but i think they are lost to the internet, not sure they are on LoM, and her site is long dead. But anything else like 50shouts, crusader_of_k, Ink & the roundrobin, is NOT uploaded here, nor will any future co-written stories be, unless it’s a deal i make with my co-author.

There is also the “resource” tag which is for stuff i think is a recourse, durr! But that is stuff like download links for torrents, tutorials, or something else that i might wanna share.

The ‘doctor is in’ is for any posts about me, or something that does not fit anywhere else.

And the other categories sorta gives themselves, don’t they?

Lastly a word of warning, i uploaded stuff from 2001 till now (2011) so some is REALLY bad!

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