Did you ever read my story ‘Don’t Be Afraid?’

Some years ago I wrote a MEBB story called ‘Don’t be Afraid’ – you can find it here . So I was playing State of Decay when I got the idea for it, and because I just replayed that game, I couldn’t help but to take some screenshots of the scenarios.

For some odd reason I didn’t get screenshots from the military camp where the story begins, because that is also very much in the story and the game. Anyways, I just thought it was sorta funny and wanted to share.


This screenshot is of the house and garden.


Here you have the barn to the left and the house to right.


Here is a view over the fields and the barn where the truck is.


The road from the house and barn, and way in the back there is a water tower, which is (dunno why I didn’t get a screenshot of that) where Shepard has his last stand.


Here is the wall that Shepard jumps down from to save Kaidan, even if it was WAY taller in the story, like double as tall.

In the same scene where Kaidan runs to the house and Shepard jumps from the wall, he runs up a hill – this is that hill.

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