Nous Deux – Chapter 4: Kaidan & bedtime stories.

Title: Nous Deux (two of us)
author: azzy
artist: Maxxie
rating: Explicit!
fandom: mass effect
pairring: Kaidan/Mshep
warnings: violence & smut

Chapter 4: Kaidan & bedtime stories.

Luke looked at John as he shuffled into the kitchen, ”Where the hell have you been boy?” He bellowed.

I got lost in the dark.” John said softly. ”Had to wait for daylight.”

Luke stared at him, not sure if he should believe it or not. John shrugged off the backpack and handed it to Luke who took it and put it down beside him. ”What is that?”

John knew exactly what Luke was talking about, but he was not giving this jacket up without a fight. ”It was a gift.” He said.

Did you steal it off one of the students?” Luke asked stepping closer, ”Looks too nice for anything you can get here.”

John wanted to turn around with Luke as he circled him. ”I swear, it’s a gift.”

Right.” Luke said annoyed, not believing him one bit. ”I know you, you little shit. You steal anything that isn’t bolted to the ground.” He rose a brow, ”Do you think I never notice what the hell you’re up to. You’re not as smart as you think you are. Kid.”

I didn’t steal it.” John yelled out, he knew it was the wrong call when Luke stared at him coldly.

Give it.” Luke growled.

No.” John wrapped his arms around him to hold unto the jacket.

Luke slapped him across the face hard, ”I won’t ask again.”

John’s eyes watered from the sting in his cheek, ”I’m not lying,” He whispered, ”It’s a gift.” But he still reluctantly took off Kaidan’s jacket, and hung it over Luke’s waiting hand. He should have known that the second slap would come, but he had hoped it wouldn’t. He was kinda glad that he had given the jacket to Luke when he felt the familiar burn inside his nose, and saw droplets of blood on the floor. He wiped his bloody nose with the back of his hand and winced.

Who’s is it?”

Mine.” John couldn’t help himself, even if he knew it would only earn him another slap.


Alenko.” John muttered angrily. ”A student.”

Alright, now.” Luke looked up at the clock in the kitchen. ”They’re settling down for early lunch, and I want you to go out there and give this back.”

John looked up at Luke in alarm, ”Please, no.”

Are you seriously talking back to me boy?” Luke said, picking up a spatula, waving it in John’s face. ”If you want to eat, you do as I tell you.”

John sneered, but took the jacket from Luke again, he knew that beatings had limited effect, but the prospect of going hungry was the strongest bargaining chip he had. ”Yes, sir.”

Get going,” Luke pointed at the large doors to the mess hall, ”I’ll keep an eye on you from here.”

John walked through the mess hall, wiping his nose again, snot and blood mingling. He saw Kaidan right away and walked straight over. He could feel the officer’s eyes on him, and Luke’s as well. He cleared his throat and held out the Jacket to Kaidan, ”I’m sorry I took your jacket.” He mumbled, not looking Kaidan in the eye.

I gave it to you.” Kaidan said puzzled and alarmed.

John looked up to his left to see Luke stand next to Patroclus at the door to the kitchen. John gently placed the jacket in Kaidan’s lap, still avoiding his eyes, he whispered, ”Please just take it back.”

Okay.” Kaidan whispered back.

With that John turned on his heels and fled the mess hall.


It took him two days to get rid of Luke’s watchful glare, he wondered if Luke himself had gotten in trouble for all the shit John did. But when he came back to his blanket in the hall again, he smiled, and picked up his blanket, swiftly running down the corridor aiming for the student quarters. He had to dodge some Turians and a single scientist on the way, but all in all it was no problem this late. He ran down the corridor looking for 2035, and when he found it, he swiftly punched in the code on the door. He was slightly surprised that it worked, no alarms went off or nothing. He slipped into the dark, and just stood there for a moment. He startled when the lamp was turned on and Kaidan rubbed his eyes tiredly.

John?” Kaidan asked in a near whisper.

Hey.” John said gingerly walking towards the bed. ”Ehm.. sorry about the jacket.”

Why are you sorry about that? I should have known it would get you in trouble.” Kaidan said sitting up in bed watching John as he sat down on the far end.

(Art by Maxxie)

It was nothing.” John smiled.

It didn’t look like nothing.” Kaidan said, inching closer, studying John, looking for injuries in his face.

Believe me, I’m fine.” John said.

Kaidan poked John’s cheek gently, ”There’s a still a bruise.” He stated, fascinated that John’s blush spread under his fingertips. Amused he leaned in and kissed the fading bruise softly.

John smiled and turned his head, ”I don’t get you, man.”

You don’t have to.” Kaidan shrugged.

What’cha reading?” John nodded towards the data pad on the bed table.

Oh.. It’s an ancient thing.” He smiled.

Read some to me.” John said all excited, ”Please?”

Kaidan looked at John surprised. ”Sure.”

John stood up and undid his boots, and shimmied out of his dirty clothes, slowly lying down in bed next to Kaidan, he just smiled and got comfortable.

Alright,” Kaidan couldn’t help to smile because John was laying there just looking at him, smiling. Kaidan cleared his throat and read, ”American planes, full of holes and wounded men and corpses took off backwards from an airfield in England. Over France, a few German fighter planes flew at them backwards, sucked bullets and shell fragments from some of the planes and crewmen.”

John’s hand explored Kaidan’s stomach as he was reading, grinning with Kaidan hitched and cringed cause it tickled. ”Read on,” He mumbled kissing Kaidan’s shoulder which was right in front of his face.

They did the same for wrecked American bombers on the ground, and those planes flew up backwards to join the formation. ” Kaidan read and then giggled as John circled his bellybutton with a fingertip. ”That tickles.”

John grinned, and flattened his hand on Kaidan’s stomach, and inched closer till he was flush against Kaidan. ”Keep reading, it was just getting good.” John said slyly.

Kaidan swallowed hard, but went back to reading, trying not to think about John’s warm body against his, or the fingertips that lifted the elastic of his underpants. ”The formation flew backwards over a German city that was in flames. The bombers opened their bomb bay doors, exerted a miraculous magnetism which, ” He paused and bit his lip as he felt a rough calloused hand, caress his newly awakened erection. ”- which sh-shrunk the fires, gathered them into cylin.. cylin- cylindrical.” Kaidan let the datapad fall down into the bed, and grabbed John’s shoulder instead, squeezing it.

John was amazed at how fast Kaidan had to give up on reading, deciding that luck favors the bold, he leaned in and kissed Kaidan’s chest. Looking up at Kaidan from the corner of his eye, he noticed that he was biting his hand. Suppose the walls were thin or something. And Lord knew that John wouldn’t want to be caught here, he couldn’t even imagine what the consequences of that would be. For a moment he wondered if he should move down and take Kaidan’s cock in his mouth, like he had seen so many times on videos and images. He looked down at it and his hand coaxing it. It was tempting, he knew that Kaidan would not object, but was he really ready to do that? It seemed like a big deal to John, like taking these make out sessions the step further. And until a week ago he had never even imagined what this would be like, besides his own fantasies. Kaidan let out a little needy huff behind his hand. And John made a decision, he moved further down and kissed a trail all the way down. He could feel Kaidan’s thigh muscles flex, and see the rapid movement of his chest. John’s own cock twitched in anticipation of what he was about to do as he lowered his head and timidly sucked on the head of Kaidan’s cock, never breaking the rhythm of his hand. Kaidan’s hand squeezed hard on his shoulder to the point of pain. John licked his lips wondering if the taste of Kaidan was good or bad, he decided that it wasn’t either so he did it again. Slipping the head in between his lips, his tongue rolling over what felt really oddly shaped inside his mouth. Kaidan spasmed lightly and John pulled back – watching Kaidan climax as he kept jerking him off. And he felt oddly proud that he could do that to someone.

Trying to catch his breath, Kaidan slowly opened his eyes and looked up at John who hovered over him. ”Dirty – tricks.” He chuckled breathlessly.

John just smiled, and flopped down on the mattress next to Kaidan again. Kaidan rolled over on his side so he was face to face with John, returning the favor getting him off with firm strokes. And as John came, he swallowed the noise in a kiss, thinking to himself that this was close to fucking perfect. ”Next time.” Kaidan whispered against John’s lips.

You wanna do it?” John whispered, ”Like for real?”

Yeah.” Kaidan admitted with a weak blush staring right into John’s ridiculously blue eyes.

John licked his lips nervously. ”Why wait till next time?”

Right now?” Kaidan asked surprised, but his heart skipped a beat just at the thought.

We could.” John whispered.

Al-alright.” Kaidan whispered with a nervous laugh. And started to kiss John again, this time it was slow and sloppy. His heart hammered away in his chest, giddy and nervous. He had no clue what the hell he was doing, but neither did John so maybe it was okay. Shifting about, Kaidan maneuvered John in under him. His head reeling with the knowledge that they were really gonna do this, and what would it be like? He had been all in control of the make out sessions, he had made out with others, but never had he gone this far. Funny part was that he really wanted to, he was all sweaty palms and beating heart at the prospect of doing it – with John.

John popped up on his elbows watching Kaidan as he searched around at the side of his bed, producing a bottle. For a moment their eyes locked and John nodded. He watched Kaidan pour it in his hand and gingerly rub it on John’s balls and lower down, slicking him up. Kaidan shifted to get more comfortable and studied John’s asshole like was it a science project, slowly pushing a finger in. John twitched a little, it felt so much larger than it looked, and suddenly he worried if Kaidan’s cock would even fit. ”You okay?” Kaidan asked worried. Realizing he had zoned out for a moment, John nodded, ”Yeah.” – He leaned back as Kaidan added another finger, turning them inside him, it felt weird and maybe a little wrong. But when the fingers were pulled out, he felt an odd loss. ”What’s wrong?” John whispered.

I think I need more,” Kaidan mumbled, pouring more lube on his fingers.

Oh.. okay.” John answered lamely. Lowering himself back on the pillow, not quite sure what else to do.

Kaidan was beginning to think that he was doing something wrong when nothing sorta happened. Maybe nothing was really supposed to happen? He was watching John closely for signs that he should stop or that it was good. He looked mightily focused, but that was about it when suddenly he heard John suck in his breath in a harsh sharp way. ”John?” Kaidan asked, experimentally rubbing his fingers the same spot again.

Oh.” John just mumbled and a lazy smile spread on his face.

Kaidan repeated it noticing as John was squirming not sure where to put his hands. One grabbed the sheet, the other Kaidan’s arm. Kaidan smiled to himself and teased the swollen gland again and again. After a little while John was gripping the sheet, and bruising Kaidan’s arm.

When Kaidan stopped and pulled out his fingers John wasn’t able to do much other than squirm more, he was dying to just grab his own cock and take the tension away. ”Ready?” Kaidan asked down in the other end of the bed.

John opened his eyes and looked at Kaidan, ”Yeah.” He said breathlessly. Kaidan nodded and climbed up to kiss him. While they kissed John felt something which for a moment felt hard as bone, press against his ass. But only for a little while till it gave way and let the intruding flesh inside. It stung but nothing too bad, but it was also not like he had thought it would be, and nothing like the fingers.

Are you okay?” Kaidan asked kissing dirty sloppy kisses down John’s cheek and to his ear.

As an answer John wrapped his legs around Kaidan urging him on. He just wasn’t sure how many times he could say ‘yes I’m good, get on with it’ without sounding like a douchebag. He still let out an undignified yelp as Kaidan pushed on in.

Oh no.” Kaidan stopped dead and looked down at John.

Shut up.” John mumbled back and pulled Kaidan down for a kiss, waiting for the odd throb to end. When he relaxed again Kaidan experimentally pushed in more and then waited a while again before he started to move. At first it was a little weird and the stretch was not really painful but not pleasant. Kaidan’s breath in John’s ear was already heavy and filled with desire.

Kaidan adjusted himself a little pulling John’s ass up a little so it was easier for him to thrust. He could honestly say that he had never felt anything like it, and wished desperately he knew how to make this good for John. He took John’s hand by the wrist and guided it to his cock wedged between them. It took a while but then Kaidan heard John’s breathing change, and he squirmed a little again, but it was not till he made a little keening sound that Kaidan dared to fuck him harder. ”Fuck.” John mumbled, ”Fuck yes.” Kaidan smiled against John’s ear.

Arching his back, pushing back against Kaidan, John just wanted more, like his climax was right there outside his reach, and if only Kaidan would fuck him deeper, it would be his. ”Deeper.” He managed to get out, he could feel Kaidan’s fuck-drunk leer against his skin, and he rose up a little and placed a hand on each side of John’s neck, this gave john more room to jerk himself off as well. And suddenly the promise of his climax came closer. He could hear a high pitched needy moan, realizing it was his own. And just then climax hit him like a truck, he didn’t even notice that Kaidan held a hand over his mouth to silence him. But he felt the shallow irregular thrusts before Kaidan came inside him.

Kaidan rolled off him, laughing and panting. ”God that was intense.”

Fuck yeah.” John just chuckled, enjoying how his body was still humming of his orgasm.

We need to do that again someday.” Kaidan whispered.

Are you crazy?” John turned his head and looked at Kaidan, ”We need to do it like two times a day for the rest of our lives.”


That night John didn’t mind sleeping in the hall, his body still remembering how Kaidan had felt, both on his skin and inside him.



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