Enemy of my enemy 11/12

author: azzy
title: The enemy of my enemy
warnings: hurt no comfort
fandom: Resident evil (gameverse)
rated: M+/Explicit
wip: 11/12
beta: erestorjunkie
Summary: When all is said and done, Jake stays in Edonia to help where he finds he is needed, and had never in a million years expected someone like Chris Redfield to come back there, even if he is under orders from B.S.A.A. And never in a million years had Jake thought he would fall in love, not with him, not with Chris.
AN: Okay so I decided to upload this story, I was in doubt and mainly beacause it freaks me out to write something in a fandom where I am used to lurking. Anyway here it is. I don’t own jack shit of course, this is just a brainchild of my overactive imagination.


Jake waited for the doctor to finish patching him up, listening to the beeps and soft voices of the E.R. Somewhere someone cried. He didn’t really pay attention to what the nurses and doctors were doing, his thoughts were elsewhere.

You should rest for a few days, maybe take off work and stay home.” The doctor said with his back to Jake, writing something in the journal. ”I wouldn’t advise eating anything that is too hard to chew for a weeks’ time, the stitches might open.”

Okay.” Jake said experimentally touching his face, it felt like his nose and jaw was on fire, but it was probably not something a regular painkiller would take care of.

Go see your regular doctor in a weeks’ time to have the stitches taken out.” The E.R. Doctor turned around. ”Alright then.”

Thanks.” Jake mumbled. ”Hey, I came here with another guy, you wouldn’t know where I find out where he is, do you?”

Try the information desk at the entrance, it’s my best guess.” The nurse said with a smile while she pulled the paper sheet off the examination cot.

Great, thanks.” Jake said trying to smile, but the stiches wouldn’t let him. He left the closure feeling lightheaded, trying to make sense of all this. If they had just not gotten drunk, they would have been more aware. And how had they not heard that idiot with the iron pipe? Jesus fucking Christ, he had killed creatures the size of a small truck, and then some fucking bigoted hooligan got the better of them? That just seemed so unreal.

He stopped by the front desk and attempted another smile at the nurse there. ”Hey, I am looking for a patient, he suffered head trauma… Chris Redfield.”

Yeah?” The Nurse said, ”Are you his next of kin?”

No, but we were in an accident together, I just wanted to make sure he is okay.” Jake said feeling his frustration rise.

I’m sorry; I can’t give you this information if you are not related.”

Come on.” Jake leaned in over the desk, ”I just need to know if he’s okay. He’s my best friend ma’am. Wouldn’t you want to know if your best friend was okay if you had been in an accident?”

Suppose so.” The nurse said chewing on her pen for a little while. ”Alright, let me see… Chris… Red – Got him. Oh my, well I can tell you that the police are there, and that his wife is on her way. So he is in good hands.”

The police? His wife? Is he okay?” Jake’s voice trembled a little to his own annoyance.

Can’t say.” The nurse sighed and smiled, ”Look best advice I can give you is that you talk to his wife tomorrow.”

Okay.” Jake said unable to hide his disappointment, straightening up.

I’m sorry.” The nurse said with another motherly smile.

Sure you are.” Jake said a little more snide than he had wanted.

Can I call you a cab or something?” The nurse asked.

Yeah that would be great.” Jake sighed. If only his face didn’t burn and his headache pound like his brain was trying to knock its way out of his skull, he’d go search for Chris himself. But he had to admit that he really just needed to sit down, maybe he could go back to the motel and try again later. With all that attention they gave Chris at the hospital he would be in good hands for now, and –

Jake Muller?”

Jake nodded while pinching the bridge of his nose to ward off his headache. ”Yeah.”

We’d like to have a little chat with you.”

Jake looked up and saw two uniformed officers, ”You have got to be shitting me.” He mumbled. ”What about?” He asked politely.

Could we do this somewhere more private?” The one officer asked.

Jake sighed again, he could have told himself this, if the police was at Chris’ bed, they’d be looking for him too. ”Sure.”

How about the car? And we can take you to where you need to go afterwards?” The other officer said.

Whatever works for you.” Jake said, getting a slight sting of paranoia as they stepped outside, and into the police car, but when weren’t he paranoid?

So,” The first officer said, ”I am Adams, and this is McFrey.” He pointed at the officer in the driver’s seat. ”Would you like to tell us what happened?”

We were walking back to the motel after a night out. Some asshole comes up and hits Chris over the head with a steel pipe or something. There was a fistfight.” He pointed to his face, ”And the group left.”

Okay,” Adams said, ”How many were they?”

Hmm, A girl and two guys I think.” Jake said, ”Why is this relevant? What are the odds that you’d ever find them?” Jake looked back at the hospital, ”I did fuck that one kid up pretty good, you might find him in there.”

Adams nodded, ”Got any idea why they attacked you? Did you know them? Maybe got into an argument at whatever club you were at.”

Jake squared his shoulders, there was no way in hell he’d tell these two fuckwits what had really gone down. ”No we don’t know them, and never had dealings with them before. Maybe they just didn’t like my face?”

Jake.” McFrey butted in, ”Are you sure they didn’t say something?”

Yes.” Jake growled.

Alright now this might be seen as witness coaching, but what if I tell you that we had problems with a group of people attacking young men who left this specific club which is not far from where you were attacked.” Adams said calmly, ”And I would really like to keep this from happening to other couples.”

Jake started to recite the note sheet to Für Elise in his head, an old coping mechanism when he dealt with emotional stress. ”We are not a couple.” Jake said with a bloodless smile, ”He is my friend and my colleague.”

Adams looked down at his data pad and up at Jake, ”If you say so.”

I do.”

No one is judging you.” Adams tried, ”But you are not the first to be attacked on that street, at that hour.”

I have nothing more to say.” Jake said crossing his arms over his chest, ”I’d like to be taken back to the motel by the highway, the fucking Ritz with the validated parking you know.” He sat back in his seat sourly.

Yeah I know the place.” McFrey said and started the car.

They drove in silence to the motel, and as Jake got out of the car Adams leaned out the open window of the passenger site and handed Jake his card. ”If you remember something, call me.” He smiled, ”I’d really like to get those fuckers. So think about it huh?”

Yeah.” Jake said hesitantly taking the card, and then walking back to his hotel room with long strides. The sun had just come up over the horizon, and Jake sat down on the bed. How the hell did this happen? It was not supposed to be like this! They was supposed to have spent a great weekend here, it was supposed to have been fucking fun! He punched the bed in anger.


He only slept for an hour and then woke to his throbbing face. He went for a shower wondering if he should just leave the motel, but on the other hand he didn’t want to leave Chris. And then again Jill was here now, and he should step away, like he always did. But he really should take his stuff to the hospital. He tried to come up with a whole handful of different scenarios, but none of them were good.

He had to make up his mind, to walk away or to fight for it. This would not do, and by now it was just a matter of time before Jill figured it out anyway if she hadn’t already. Jake stared at himself in the mirror, trying to will himself into doing what he knew was right. He had walked away once, and what good had that done him? He loved Chris, he fucking loved him. And you fight for what you love, don’t you? Then why was he terrified by the aspect of Jill’s anger? Maybe because he would be furious if he was her? He didn’t know. But it ended here.

He pushed off the sink and collected their stuff and went to get Chris’ car, driving to the hospital. His phone buzzed, he could see it was Sherry calling and he wasn’t sure he should pick up, it seemed awfully convenient that she called right now. But he pulled in to the side and picked up the third time it started ringing.

Yeah.” Jake sighed whishing desperately he had a beer, he could really, really go for a beer right about now. He couldn’t even tell what Sherry said, she was screaming at him, cursing him out something fierce. And he just tossed the phone on the passenger seat and started driving, letting Sherry finish her rant. He wondered why the hell she’d call and curse him out, did Jill know? Or had she just hinted something which made Sherry add two and two? Or was the rant about something else? He parked the car, and picked up the phone, ”I’ll have to call you back.” He said while Sherry was still talking, and hung up. Nothing was going to distract him.

Walking up to the hospital he kept reciting Mozart in his head, whistling it to himself.


It had cost Jake some serious powers of persuasion to be told which floor and wing where Chris was admitted, he just kept insisting that he had his personal belongings and that he was leaving town and had to give it back. And no he didn’t trust the hospital staff enough to deal with this. He sorta wished that he had gotten some sort of bad ass wallet ID like Sherry had. He just had an ordinary ID which he had not brought here, who the hell brings their work ID for a weekend of hanging out and fucking? No one, that’s who.

As he walked down the hall to Chris’ room he had to force his feet to keep pace or he’d come to a halt. He could see two cops sitting outside on the hall and thought it was a pretty safe bet that it would be Chris’ room.

This’ Chris Redfield’s room?” He asked casually as he stopped in front of the two officers.

Who wanna know.”

Name’s Jake Muller, I am a friend.” He looked at their stone faces, Goddamn that he had not taken his damn ID with him. ”Alright is Jill in there?”

Could be.”

Jesus Christ.” Jake sighed annoyed, ”Cut a guy some slack huh? Look I have his stuff, and I am driving back home today, so I want to give it to him, or his wife.” He held out a sports bag, ”Do you think you could do that? I mean take a look if Jill is in there and make her come out here?”

The door opened and Jill stood there, she looked tired and bothered, ”You.” She said with a flat tone, ”Wesker’s kid. What do you want?”

Jake’s jaw flexed, but he kept his cool, deciding he did not like that woman one bit. ”I got Chris’ stuff. There’s some work papers in there, didn’t want to leave it to anyone else.”

Jill stepped out between the cops and took the offered bag.

How is he?” Jake asked.

As could be expected when someone bashes your skull in.” Jill said eyeing Jake. ”You look pretty banged up too.”

It’s nothing.” Jake said with a shrug.

Jill looked thoughtful, ”I had not expected it to be you.” She said cryptically, making Jake cold all over, suddenly unsure of how much she knew, and how good an idea this had really been.

Riddle me this,” Jill said with a hard expression, ”You two are skilled soldiers, trained to be the best of the best. Well at least Chris is.” She smiled a little slightly apologetic smile, ”How did this happen?”

Jake relaxed a little. ”We had some drinks, and were walking back to the motel, Chris had left the car cause he didn’t want to tempt himself to drink and drive.”

interesting.” Jill said putting the bag down. ”He told me he was going to a conference.”

Eh, maybe he just needed to get out, blow off some steam.” Jake said, pocketing his hands trying to be as casual about this as possible.

Whatever for?” Jill asked innocently.

Jake squinted, knowing she was baiting him, just not sure for what. ”Maybe it all just went a little fast, the whole white picket fence and kids and all.” Jake said in a near whisper.

What did you just say?” Jill asked a little too calm.

I said he might felt it had all gone a little fast with -” Jake repeated.

Jill swirled her hand over her head impatient, ”White picket fence and kids.” She looked him up and down, ”Jesus fucking Christ… it’s you.”

Excuse me?”

It’s you he’s fucking isn’t it? You’re fucking my husband!” Jill said, taking a measured step towards Jake, who had to fight the urge to step back.

Don’t be ridiculous.” Jake said, inwardly hitting himself over the head, he wasn’t here to wimp out, he was here to not hide anymore.

Jill laughed a mirthless laugh. ”I see..” She said more to herself than to Jake. She nodded slowly and said, ”There is no fucking kid.” She sneered, ”That is something I told Chris to make him quit whoever it was he was seeing on the side. Because I knew, I knew he was involved with someone else. Call it women’s intuition.” She tapped her nose and grinned bitterly. ”I knew that he wouldn’t be happy about it, and with me leaving for work I relied on him not telling his sister, but to run straight to his mistress and give her the story about the baby and end it. Cause I thought he’d be an honorable guy like that.”

Guess you were wrong.” Jake just said, not specifying what she was wrong about.

I had expected a lot, but that it had to be you is just the universe having a fucking laugh at my expense.” She said shaking her head. ”From where I am standing, your whole damn bloodline is just tainted with death and destruction.”

Jake wasn’t gonna take this more obvious taunt, and just blinked. ”I love him too.” He just said.

I’m sure you do.” Jill laughed bitterly, ”What is there not to love about Chris?”

Jake took a deep breath and said ”I am not here to confront you, believe it or not, I am just here to drop off his bag.”

Right,” Jill said and just stared at Jake coldly for a moment before she picked up the bag. ”This is not the place.”

Agreed.” Jake said, not sure why he agreed to that, because as far as he was concerned, there ‘was’ no right venue for this. So he supposed that when Chris came around again, they’d have to figure this whole clusterfuck out. One thing was sure, he was tired of coming in second, of the waiting, wanting, being careful all the time. And with a little luck Jill would demand that he chose, that alone would drive Chris back to him.

Jake walked out the hospital to Chris’ car with a smile.


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