Mixed Tape: Cold

So erestorjunkie suffered from writers block, and in the light of this we decided to challenge each other with a 5 tunes, she pick 5 for me, and I pick 5 for her. We could write whatever the hell we wanted and however long we wanted. So here’s the first (which i didn’t upload cause it’s original characters that doesn’t make sense to anyone but her I suppose).

Fandom: none
Warnings: none

Tune: Evans Blue- Cold (But I’m Still Here)

”Again.” Isaac hissed, reminding Rasiq of a angry cat, the way he would drum his foot up and down, but the rest of him was as was it carved in stone.
Rasiq just nodded, and attempted to catch another rat, out of the corner of his eye he could see his tutor standing against the wall. Focusing on the critters Rasiq caught one and triumphantly sunk his fangs down into it. He would never really get used to the taste of the dirty fur, but the blood was as sweet and thick as any. Letting the dead rat fall to the floor, he smiled looking over at Isaac, who almost smiled back.

”Please excuse us.” Isaac said, watching as Rasiq left the room.

Rasiq didn’t quite leave, he stayed close by in the dark corridor listening in to Isaac and his tutor.

”I told you Honored Hunter, there was no need for your worry.” The tutor said softly. ”You do not give the child enough credit.”

”Maybe so.” Isaac said with a sigh, ”He did catch one of those fuckers, didn’t he?” and then he added in an ice cold tone, ”The tenth time he tried.” Rasiq could tell that Isaac got up from his chair and walked back and forth like he would do when he was working himself up in a fit. ”Do you really think that he would survive like that? And if you lie to me, you are fucking dead.”

”No.. no I don’t think he could survive as it is.” The tutor said, ”But nor does he need to.”

”But what if he does?” Isaac argued.

”He is a proud race Honored Hunter, let him return to his people and they will care for him.” The tutor said.



”I said no.” Isaac growled.

”I understand why you worry, Sir. We both know that he will have to stay hidden for all eternity, his unfortunate birthdefects makes it impossible – ”

”I dare you to call my son unfortunate once more.” Isaac rose his voice.

”Wrong wording, my fault.” The tutor said, ”Let’s call it less desirable traits.”

”You are walking on seriously thin ice.” Isaac growled again.

Rasiq had abandoned all caution and leaned in against the wall to hear everything they said.So still he hardly dared to breathe.

”Maybe amongst his own people he could find a mate, someone like him who – ”

”You better chose your next words wisely.” Isaac said calmly, but Rasiq knew that tone, it meant that Isaac was anything but calm.

”Surely you know that survival is not everything, there is more to an existence.” The tutor said softly, ”There is the sense of belonging, and the feeling of love and pride. Amongst other things.”

It took Isaac several moments to answer, ”I suppose.” He said Uncharacteristically timid, a tone that Rasiq could honestly say he had never head before. ”But..” Isaac added, ”He won’t find either of those things amongst his own.” He paused, ”They are more likely to kill him than care for him.”

”But it’s okay to keep him here as a pet?” The tutor asked, he would maybe have said more, but all Rasiq could hear was the tutor’s laboured beath and gurgling noise.

”He is my son, not my fucking pet.” Isaac hissed with so much venom that even Rasiq cringed. ”And you’ll do good at remembering that.”

Rasiq couldn’t hear if the tutor answered, but he heard someone tumble to the floor.

”So.” Isaac said in a sing-song tone, ”you just gotta teach him to be faster.”

Rasiq figured this would be a good time to leave, he was confused as he walked down the dark halls and broken down rooms to his own bedroom. And somewhere inside him he wished that Isaac would notice him with the same passion he had just defended him with. It was like Isaac just expected him to do perfect, anything less was not alright and you had to do it over and over. Never had he thought that it was born out of worry that he wouldn’t be alright on his own.

Still it was sorta ridicolous cause where would he go? It wasn’t like he went out a whole lot, only to get food sometimes, Isaac wouldn’t leave the mansion, and the servant who did the shopping died two years ago, and Isaac that paranoid fucker had not wanted to get a new servant. Rasiq laid down in his bed and closed his eyes, wondering for a moment what it would be to be with his own kind, and came to the conclusion that he would most likely hate it. He belonged here for good or for worse. Sometimes he’d dream of adventure, but most of the time he was content on his own in the dark.

Isaac came down to Rasiq’s room in the middle of the night, surprised to find him sleeping. He left the present on the sidetable, and for a moment just looked at the kid who was too close to be an adult to be called kid. He took a deep breath and pulled the blanket up over the sleeping form. Rasiq woke with a start, and Isaac snatched his hand back. ”Just me.” Isaac said, ”I just came down with a present,” He sat down on the bed and looked at Rasiq in the dark, ”Just look at it in the morning,” He said softly.

Rasiq sat up and reached for the present, surprised to find it was a gun, he turned the cold metal in his hands. ”Thanks.” He mumbled, presents from Isaac was rare so he didn’t want to ruin the moment with asking why.

Isaac ruffled Rasiq’s hair gently, ”Way I see it, then you might be a fucking pathetic excuse for a vampire, but I can make damn sure you’re a crack shot.” He stiffled for a moment when Rasiq wrapped his arms around his chest and hugged him tight, and slowly he lowered his hand to the kid’s back and rubbed a slow circle there. God he wish had it in him to be a different parent, Rasiq was a little twat, but he still wished that he had seen the good side of him, the side that Isaac knew was tucked away in a little box somewhere underneath everything, that tiny part of him who had had family dinners, and had appreciated a quiert evening with a book. That side of him that had been reserved for his brother, his parents and his lover. Why was it so impossible for him to find it now? Rasiq was his son, even if they weren’t bloodrelated. Because he wasn’t the same man anymore, there really only was that special box hidden away inside, and he had no intention of getting it out and feeling all that hurt over again. Isaac opened his mouth to say something, something about how proud he was of him, or how much he meant to him, or maybe even that he loved him. Like his own parents had done to him. But he didn’t, he just squeezed the kid once and let go, getting off the bed. ”You work with what you have, son.” He said softly, knowing that Rasiq most likely had no fucking clue what he was talking about.

But Rasiq nodded slowly.

”Come on, back to sleep.” Isaac whispered, pulling the blanket up over Rasiq’s chest as the kid eased back into bed. Isaac smiled, something he couldn’t remember when he had done last.


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