The enemy of my enemy 7/?

author: azzy
title: The enemy of my enemy
warnings: hurt no comfort
fandom: Resident evil (gameverse)
rated: M+/Explicit
wip: 6/?
beta: erestorjunkie
Summary: When all is said and done, Jake stays in Edonia to help where he finds he is needed, and had never in a million years expected someone like Chris Redfield to come back there, even if he is under orders from B.S.A.A. And never in a million years had Jake thought he would fall in love, not with him, not with Chris.
AN: Okay so I decided to upload this story, I was in doubt and mainly beacause it freaks me out to write something in a fandom where I am used to lurking. Anyway here it is. I don’t own jack shit of course, this is just a brainchild of my overactive imagination.

AN 2: Okay so what I did was to write my intended ending, (Chris moving on) and decided to write past that, so we get the not happy but also not sad ending. I hope it will work, I for one got super inspired once I realised I could do this (which was originally a plot for a different story) so I will have to change the tags, since the story changed slightly.

Chapter 7



Chris was sitting on the balcony looking out over Washington, smiling as Jill came and sat next to him, beers in her hands. ”I don’t even remember when we both had down time.” She said with a blissful sigh as she leaned back in the chair and opened her beer. ”So, what’s the plan?”

”Dunno, I’m kinda out of the loop. Is there anything worth seeing at the movies?” Chris asked taking a sip of his beer.

”Hey is that your phone?” Jill asked hearing an insisting beeping.

”I’m not here.” Chris smiled lazily at Jill.

”It might be important.” Jill said, tempted to ignore the phone as well, but when it started to beep again after a short pause, she got up and went to get it in Chris’ pocket.

Chris looked up when Jill came back out and handed him the phone, ”It’s a collect call from BlueStar correctional facility, I can’t really accept that, maybe you should pick up.”

Chris felt a strange squirming tense feeling in his chest when he took the phone, ”Hello?”

”Chris Redfield?” The operator asked, ”There’s a collect call waiting from -”

”I accept, just put it though.” Chris said, sipping his beer, but feeling less relaxed than before.

”Chris?” Jake asked in the other end.

”Hey Jake,” Chris said with a smile down the phone, ”Finally got a roof over your head huh?”

”Yeah.” Jake sighed, leaning against the snot colored stone wall, he rubbed his neck not sure what to say. ”Still don’t know for how long.”

”Sherry is on your side, she’ll lobby for a good deal, you’ll see.” Chris said.

”I s’pose.” Jake sighed.

”Another beer?” Jill asked softly, ”Yes please.” Chris said with a relieved smile.

”Did I call at a bad time?” Jake asked his voice much softer and sadder than he had wanted it to be.

”Nah.” Chris said, ”I’m just sitting here watching the sunset over the city, having a beer with Jill.”

”Just huh?” Jill teased as she came back and handed Chris the beer. She leaned and spoke loudly for the person in the other end of the line, ”I’ll let you know, he’s high maintenance.” and then laughed.

”Oh.. uh.. Maybe I should let you get back to whatever you’re doing.”  Jake mumbled and fiddled with the phone, twirling the cord so hard around his fingers that his tips went white. ”Anyway,” Jake said with his most indifferent tone, ”Don’t let the lady wait.”

”Yeah, I better not.” Chris said still feeling all weird, like this was the strangest conversation he had ever had with anyone in his life.

Jake took a deep breath, ”Goodbye, Chris,”

”Talk to you later Jake.” Chris said and waited for a second, hesitating like Jake before the connection was cut off.

”Who was that?” Jill asked, ”I didn’t know you had friends in prison.” She laughed softly.

”Well he’s more like a friend of a friend.” Chris said, not sure she’d actually buy the lie, Jill was usually eerily perceptive.  ”Alright, so he is the guy who shot Tyler, and you know that I had met up with him cause Claire’s friend asked me, remember that kid she and Leon saved.. Yeah her.”

”Ah yeah that whole clusterfuck.” Jill sighed, ”Chris.. No talk of work, remember?”

”I remember.” Chris smiled and leaned back in his chair again, shutting off his phone and pocketing it. ”You started.”

”Okay so maybe I did.” Jill shot Chris a sideways glare, ”But it stops now.”

Chris laughed and held out his beer to toast with Jill. Wasn’t this what he always wanted? Him and Jill just doing normal things, drinking beer, enjoying themselves, dating. They never really had time to do this, and now that they had, he had to admit that he loved it. Banishing all nagging doubts about Jake to the back of his mind.


Jake didn’t call Chris again, he just settled into the rather predictable everyday routine in prison. Sherry called him a couple of times, but their conversations had been short and to the point. He was fine with that, at least he would have a clean slate when he got out of here, and most days he could even fool himself into that the whole Belgrade, Chris Redfield thing had been nothing. Just a stupid fling, like any other stupid fling, and as to why he was here then he had needed the money, to have his bike fixed, to rent hotel rooms, maybe get himself a new gun. He most definitely didn’t need them to be able to not worry about money for a while, and just follow his heart for once.

He wasn’t bitter, after all it was all his own fault. But it didn’t take the longing away.

”Hey, Muller, you have a visitor,” A guard yelled, buzzing Jake’s cell up, Jake stepped out a little confused and looked at the armed guard who stood at his side, ”You sure?”

”Positive.” The guard said.

”Who is it?” Jake wondered, ”Who would visit me here?”

”Some guy, think he’s some government fella,”

”Anti-bio terrorism by any chance?” Jake asked, feeling his heart speed up a little, allowing himself to wish it was Chris.

”Yeah that sounds about right.” The guard said with a shrug. And as he opened the door to the private visitation rooms, Jake’s pulse hammered in his ears, it had to be Chris. Who else would meet him here and ask for privacy? He waited as the guard opened the door and Chris’ name was on his lips. But what met him was not the broad frame of Chris, but a lankier blond man. ”Who.. What..” Jake turned around and looked at the guard who just closed the door.

”Jake.” Leon said pocketing his hands in his pockets, ”Sherry must really trust you.”

”I remember you.” Jake said hesitantly and crossed his arms over his chest. ”What do you want?”

”Right to the point. Good.” Leon smiled quickly, ”Alright I come here with an offer, you can come work for D.S.O  and get out of this place, maybe even put those abilities of yours to the test, and use them for something that matters, again.”

”Is this your idea of a pep-talk?” Jake asked with a frown, ”Why the hell would I wanna work for the American government?”

”Technically you’d work for the president, not the government.” Leon said with a tired expression. ”Look Jake, you want me to be honest?”

”Yes, please.” Jake huffed.

”It was decided that you are a liability, but also an asset. But you are much too dangerous to lose track of, apparently your family ties are not as top-secret as we’d like it to be. So you’d most probably never be safe anywhere.” Leon said, ”So this is your option unless you want to stay here forever.”

”Plague or Cholera, huh?” Jake licked his lips, ”So you wanna keep me close just in case? And you do that best with having me on your team?”

”Exactly.” Leon nodded.

”What’s the pay?” Jake asked, surprised when Leon laughed.

”More than you’re used to, but not enough.” Leon chuckled. ”So are you in, or do we have to dance about it some more?”

Jake smiled, he liked the way Leon thought. ”I’m in.”

”Great.” Leon smacked his lips, ”Do you have anything in your cell you need, or can we leave now?”

”Now? They’re letting me out just like that?”  Jake asked surprised.

”Just like that.” Leon said as he walked towards the door at the other side of the room.

”Let’s go.” Jake gestured for Leon to walk out first. He wasn’t sure what to make of this, but he was sure it was his lucky day.



Jake was in Spain when he got a text from Sherry to call her as soon as he had time. He rubbed his eyes and clapped his computer down, he wasn’t bothered with more boring intel as it was. He was super close to being done here, and he was looking forward to his first vacation in forever. He dialed up Sherry who picked up right away. ”Hey.” He yawned, ”What’s the emergency, it’s like one in the morning here.”

”I uhm.. Did you by any chance get an email today?” Sherry asked, ”An invitation.”

”Eh no, unless you count dating site spam and Viagra adds.” Jake laughed, ”No, no I didn’t get any invitation in my email.”

”Maybe they don’t know how to reach you.” Sherry said, and even through the phone her lie was obvious. ”Okay I got this wedding invitation, plus one. I was wondering if you’d be my plus one? You have a tux right?”

Jake snickered, ”I don’t have a tux, but of course I’d be your plus one.”

”Great” Sherry said letting out a breath she had been holding.

”So who’s getting married? Anyone I know?” Jake said tired, idly fiddling with the lid to a bottle of bourbon, thinking he’d have a drink and call it a night.

”Jill and Chris.” Sherry said in a near whisper.

”Oh.” Jake felt his heart fall to his knees. ”Well, you know them better than I do – so you pick up the present.” He said amazed that his voice was even.

”You okay?” Sherry asked softly.

”Sure.” Jake said ignoring the glass, and just drinking from the bottle, wincing at the burn while he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. ”It’s history.”

”I know, but.. I wouldn’t ask you to come if I didn’t know you’d hear about it eventually.” Sherry said, ”Plus I don’t have a boyfriend to bring, and I know they will spend all night asking about you anyway.”

”It’s fine Sherry, I’ll be there. Tux and all.” Jake said leaning back in his chair and resting his feet on his table, nestling the bottle in his lap. ”Just send me the email so I have the date and address, and I’ll call you when I’m back from here.”

”You’re an angel.” Sherry cheered.

”Hardly.” Jake said with a little smile, tossing the phone on the bed as Sherry hung up. Chris was getting married, not that he should be surprised. And he felt a little childish realizing that he was more than a little jealous. Maybe he should do more than bury himself in work to forget all the layers of his own personal Pandora ’s Box that he had dared open, when he met Chris. Maybe he should do something active to find himself another lover, someone who could dull the last reminiscence of Chris in his system.

He didn’t even understand it himself, maybe it was because Chris had been the first and only time he had allowed himself to jump head first into it, and not putting a lid on all the dreams that their affair had spawned. He really should have known better, but by the time he realized he should reel it in, it was already too late. Obviously hopelessly late since he was still pining over the same man a year later.

Maybe he should call Chris and say congratulations, or whatever it was friends did. But Jake had long ago admitted that he could not be Chris’ friend, and it was all Chris had to offer and so nothing more had ever come of it. Which for the most part was good, the less Jake had to deal with the existence of Chris the better. Now that he had some sort of security level with the D.S.O he could access superficial personnel files on both Claire and Chris Redfield in regards to when their paths have crossed the D.S.O. He had to admit Claire looked like everything Sherry insisted that she was.

The most important thing was that Chris was happy wasn’t it? He could do this, he had been through worse. After all, it’s not like he even had a claim to him anymore, so who was he kidding? Maybe he should never have worried about Nivans, he had been a filler just as much as Jake had, until Chris had been able to get what he really wanted.

He’d just have to cross that river when he got there, first off he had to get the fuck out of Spain, and rent a tux.


Sherry looked absolutely beautiful in her baby pink dress, Jake squirmed a little in his tux, he wasn’t exactly used to wearing something like it. ”Stop fidgeting.” Sherry said taking his hand, ”You’ll mess up the tux.” She smiled widely, ”You look absolutely fantastic.”

”Uhm thanks.” Jake said with a frown, ”I feel like a scarecrow.”

”Idiot.” Sherry shook her head, the hotel phone rang announcing that the car was there, Jake held out his arm for Sherry, she took it giggling.

Once at the church Jake tried to slink back into the shadows and just observe, he didn’t want to be recognized and started to believe that it had been a horrible idea to come after all. Luckily everyone was too preoccupied on quick greeting and getting a seat to notice him. Sherry hugged a woman that Jake recognized from the files as Claire. Sherry looked over her shoulder and for a moment when she couldn’t find Jake slightly panicked, and then she saw him sitting on a bench at the far end, sitting with his eyes closed enjoying the sun and dragged Claire to him. ”Hey Jake, I want you to meet Claire.”

”Claire,” Jake said with a smile and got up before he gave her his hand to greet. ”It’s good to finally meet you.”

”You too Jake,” Claire said shaking Jake’s hand.

”You’re right.” Claire smiled amused at Sherry, ”He is both polite and not half bad looking. Think I’m gonna steal him at the reception.” She winked at Sherry who laughed amused. Leaving Jake slightly mortified, slowly walking behind both women into church. When they both turned right to walk up and sit on the front rows, Jake took a left and tucked himself in on the far back seats. He could see Chris standing there waiting, talking to someone he didn’t know, someone who was obviously his best man.

Jake smiled to himself, Chris looked like a million, and he deserved it didn’t he? Love and happiness and all that. Seemed only fair that someone got it. And what good would it do him to sit here and feel sorry for himself? This would never have been his anyway, and would he even have wanted it? That was doubtful.

And when Jill came in, Jake could sorta understand why Chris had fallen in love, she looked like his perfect match, and that was good. It made Jake feel better, actually to the point where he genuinely smiled when they finally kissed.

The bride and groom left the church and the rest scrambled to their cars to get to the reception. Jake stood by the church wall watching Sherry as she mingled with perfect grace, whereas he just nodded and smiled at people who passed him by.

He silently followed Sherry to their cab, dreaming about a drink. ”Are you okay?” She asked once they were alone in the cab, ”You are awfully silent.”

”I just don’t have anything to say.” Jake said with a warm smile, ”That’s all.”

”I love weddings,” Sherry said with a happy sigh, ”More so when everyone isn’t asking me when it’s my turn.”

”Before you know it.” Jake grinned, ”Husband and two snotty kids, you’ll see.”

”Nu uh.” Sherry argued crossing her arms childishly.


Jake had managed to get a drink, and get back to the outskirts of the party without Chris seeing him, but when he sat here on a bench in the courtyard of the reception he could stare all he wanted to and no one thought him weird. It was not until he saw Sherry talk to Chris that he knew he couldn’t get away with it anymore. Sherry pointed directly at him, and Chris turned around, hesitated for a moment and then walked over to where Jake sat.

”Hey Chris,” Jake said with a smile, ”Congratulations.”

”Thanks.” Chris said and sat down on the bench next to Jake. ”I didn’t know you were here.”

”Sherry needed a date.” Jake said, trying to keep the bitterness of not being invited out of his voice.

”I’m surprised you agreed.” Chris said softly, ”Glad, but surprised.”

”What are friends for?” Jake huffed, unable to keep the bitter edge off this time. ”Anyway,” He sighed, ”You look like a million, and so does your wife, and it’s a beautiful wedding.”

”How are you?” Chris asked, ”I mean, shit, you know what I mean.”

”Busy, got a new job and all.” Jake said with a vague nod, ”That’s enough for me.”

Chris nodded, ”That’s good.”

Jake leaned back and sucked up the sun, ”I like your sister, she seems nice.”

”She is.” Chris said turning his head looking at Jake.

”There you are.” Jill said, stopping in front of Chris and Jake, ”I was beginning to think you slipped out to have a stiff drink or something.”

Chris smiled at Jill, ”I just saw Jake sitting here -”

Jill looked at Jake, and then she nodded, ”Ah yes, Wesker’s son. I see the resemblance.”

”The one and only.” Jake said, smiling at Jill, ”Charmed.”

”I meant nothing by it, for all I hear you are a decent man.” Jill added quickly, ”I just meant that you look like him.”

”We should get back to our guests,” Chris said, standing quickly, wrapping an arm around Jill’s waist. ”See you later Jake.”

”Sure. And again, congratulations to the both of you.” Jake smiled, amazed that he pulled it off. This had been the worst idea ever, he had thought he could do this, but this sinking feeling wouldn’t really leave him. Like he had to put all his silly dreams that they’d work it out against all odds, to death. It felt horribly final to see Chris walk off with his bride.

Jake made it through dinner and speeches, not really enjoying the food, more busy with being a gentleman and just getting it over with so he could leave. As the dinner ended and the booze came out and the music was turned up, Jake got up and thought he would be able to get away when slim arms grabbed his arm. ”Just where are you going?” Sherry asked.

”Back to the hotel and sleep.” Jake said looking down at Sherry, ”Look I promised you I’d come, and I came.”

”You can’t leave without having a drink with and a dance with me.” Sherry insisted. ”And I do believe that Claire was fishing for a dance as well. Also some of the bridesmaids were eyeing you.” She laughed. ”Come on Jake, would you let loose a little and smile?”

He really wanted to tell her that he thought he’d be okay with this, but he wasn’t. But when she smiled like that at him he just couldn’t tell her no and so he nodded, ”Alright, one drink then.”

”Excellent.” Sherry cheered, steering him back into the party.

Claire was fetching herself a drink at the bar, moving over to make space for Sherry and Jake, ”There you are,” She said.

Jake ordered a double drink and loosened his bowtie and downed the drink, ordered one more and downed that as well. He rolled his shoulders, he could do this.  ”Hey come on!” Sherry said, ”I know that song!” She grabbed Jake’s hand and pulled him stumbling to the dance floor. It took Jake a moment to get into the rhythm, ”Sherry,” He laughed, ”I am too sober for this.”

Sherry leaned in and wrapped her arms around Jake’s neck to speak loud enough, close enough to his ear so he’d hear her over the music. ”Go get a drink, and Claire.”

”What? I can’t just do that.” Jake argued.

”She knows,” Sherry blushed a little, ”That you’re my gay trophy date.”

”She does, does she?” Jake couldn’t help but to shake his head at Sherry. ”Goddamn, Sherry.”

”So you’re gonna go save her from whatever deadbeat is roping her in to a conversation?” Sherry asked, ”Oh and bring me a drink.”

”Alright,” Jake huffed, ”Since I am your trophy date and all.” He walked over to a chair and lost his tux jacket, and aimed for the bar and got himself a drink, before ordering one for him and for Sherry. He turned and placed a hand on Claire’s shoulder, ”Excuse me,” He mumbled, feeling absolutely ridiculous, and wondering how Sherry roped him into this.

”Ah hi Jake.” Claire said with a smile. ”Come to save me from my brother?” She nodded at Chris who stood at her side.

Jake looked directly at Chris and then at Claire, ”Absolutely, I believe your presence is wanted on the dance floor, along with this drink.” He nodded at Claire’s drink in her hand, ”You need a refill?”

”Nope, I’m good.” Claire said.

Jake held out his arm and Claire took it, letting him guide her to the dance floor, leaving Chris at the bar.


A couple of hours later Jake was outside, nestling a drink he knew he shouldn’t be drinking since he was already drunk an hour ago.  But who in their right mind passed up free booze? He smiled at the sky, this had turned out a great evening after all, and Sherry had been right, he really had needed to just let loose and have fun.

”Enjoying the party?” Chris said as he stepped out into the dark courtyard as well.

”I am,” Jake said swaying a little, taking a sip of his drink. ”Your sister is fun.” He looked over his shoulder and smiled drunken at Chris. ”And don’t worry, I was introduced as Sherry’s gay trophy date.”

”Damn.” Chris laughed.

”I know.” Jake laughed too.  ”I feel like it in this damn outfit as well.”

”I think you look pretty fit.” Chris admitted.

Jake looked over his shoulder at Chris again, ”Thanks.” He licked his lips, ”Hey Chris, maybe it’s because I am drunk but I want you to know that I am really sorry for everything.” Jake downed his drink, ”Well I’m sorry for the last part at least.” He grinned but wasn’t amused. ”Now excuse me, I’m sure there’s a drink inside with my name on it.”

Chris reached out and grabbed Jake’s wrist and pulled him stumbling in for an embrace.

Jake wished he could push Chris away and tell him not to touch him, but he couldn’t make himself do it. Maybe he was too drunk, or maybe it just felt real good to be this close again. Almost like he had never been away.

”I should find Jill.” Chris whispered holding on to Jake.

”And I should find that drink.” Jake said slipping from Chris’ arms and went back into the party.

MORE AN: AN 2: For good measure I should might add that I have no idea if Jill would want to marry Chris, or have a traditional wedding, this is just silly fanfiction. And my guess is that if your life is that insane, you go for all the “normal” that you can.


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