enemy of my enemy 6/?

author: azzy
title: The enemy of my enemy
warnings: hurt no comfort
fandom: Resident evil (gameverse)
rated: M+/Explicit
wip: 6/?
beta: erestorjunkie
Summary: When all is said and done, Jake stays in Edonia to help where he finds he is needed, and had never in a million years expected someone like Chris Redfield to come back there, even if he is under orders from B.S.A.A. And never in a million years had Jake thought he would fall in love, not with him, not with Chris.
AN: Okay so I decided to upload this story, I was in doubt and mainly beacause it freaks me out to write something in a fandom where I am used to lurking. Anyway here it is. I don’t own jack shit of course, this is just a brainchild of my overactive imagination.

AN 2: Sorry for the delay, I both run the ME BB, and also participated as a writer, plus I have finals. But all that crap aside I need someone to tell me if I should go with my original unhappy end, or should we just go with the happy end I sorta maybe made possible. lol.. anyway lemme know =)


Jake did not stop until he made it across the border, at least while driving he had to keep his mind occupied with that. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to look.

When he finally stopped, he slid off the bike exhausted to the bone. He would just rest for a little while, dragging himself to the rickety looking door which was under the ‘inn’ sign. He felt like he could sleep for a week straight.

He let himself fall onto the bed and closed his eyes. He wasn’t even bothered with getting his boots or jacket off. His phone chimed with a message again, he considered ignoring it, but in the end he pulled it from his pocket and flipped it open, there was a call and a message from Sherry. He didn’t know if he was relieved that they weren’t from Chris. He opened the message from Sherry and her message just said ‘what did you do, Jake?’ He let out a tired huff, at least now he knew that Chris knew. He would just have to deal with this in the morning, his arms and eyelids were heavy as lead.

Yeah this was good, this was right. He didn’t have friends, and he didn’t have lovers. He was by himself like he preferred it; he had been doing alright before they came along with all their… niceness.

Jake woke when the sun was high on the sky; his best estimate was that he had slept for ten hours. He sat up and stretched his back, his stomach growled. Jake scratched his cheek, goddamn he needed to shave.

He decided that everything had to wait till he had some food and so he went downstairs to the inn and ordered something to eat. He sat in a ray of sun and slowly ate what was on his plate, his thoughts circling what he should say to Chris and Sherry, if he should say anything at all. In the end he leaned back in his chair, sipping coffee and flipping his phone open, still nothing from Chris. Not surprising really, after all what was there to say? He looked out unto the main street of the little village, watching people, couples, parents, children pass by. He owed it to them both to say goodbye, if nothing else he owed it to himself so he could put it behind him. He bit his lip and opened Sherry’s message, clicking the answer arrow. He slowly typed, ‘thank you for being a friend, I did not deserve your trust – be safe supergirl’. And then he clicked send.

Chris was harder, Sherry called back right away and Jake declined her call. He clicked to answer the last message from Chris, and typed, ‘At least it’s not complicated anymore. I wish I didn’t miss you. Be safe Chris and you deserve so much more than this.’ – he clicked send and promptly turned the phone and pulled the back off, plucked out the card and put the dismantled phone back into his pocket. The sim-card lay in his hand. He finished his coffee and waited for the calm he thought he would feel, but he felt just as miserable as before. ”Dammit,” He finally whispered to himself and got up and dropped the sim-card in the waste bin on his way up to his room to pack so he could move on.



Chris was not really happy about having Sherry Birkin here, not that he minded her personally she was a sweet girl and all, but he was a little worried what D.S.O was doing on a mission that ought to be routine. Which it apparently wasn’t or the D.S.O wouldn’t be here, but Sherry was a wall of silence when he had asked. Of course she was – Government business and all. But on a much more personal level she reminded him of Jake, not that they ever spoke about him, he was that one subject that none of them touched on, he didn’t think that she knew what had gone on between them, cause then she probably wouldn’t have asked so much into Jill.

At first Chris had been in denial, refusing to believe that Jake had shot Tyler Jones, but when they found the sniper nest and ran fingerprint analysis on it, he couldn’t run from it being Jake, because they had found Chris’ on it, so he had literally touched the bag that had had Tyler’s death sentence in it. The B.S.A.A had put a lid on it and had re-stationed Chris elsewhere in the same region waiting for the drama to blow over. He was quite sure that both Claire and Jill had done their fair share of lobbying, and probably Leon as well, because he had gotten off with a slap on the wrist.

He couldn’t even be angry at Jake, he remembered their last night together and how weighed down he had been, at the time it didn’t make sense to Chris, but now it did. He would like to believe that Jake knew that he would be found out at some point, and that this would happen. What Chris didn’t understand was why he had done it. Why would he bite the hand that fed him? Both the D.S.O and the B.S.A.A had stated a worldwide standing arrest order on him for sabotage. Chris was quite sure that no one connected the dots, maybe except Claire, he could hear it in her voice, but he had had a perfect excuse for his fingerprints on that bag since Sherry had asked him to look up Jake. And maybe that was why he was now riding in a jeep with Sherry; he didn’t know all this shit was way over his security level, even if he was the one living it.

So what do we know about this place?” Sherry asked flipping through files on her PDA, ”They manufacture a component to mass produce the c-virus, that’s basically what we know right?”

Pretty much.” Chris sighed, ”So we’re destroying the entire facility just to be sure?”

Yup.” Sherry smiled prettily, ”We have air support that can be here ten minutes after we turn on the beacon.”

Great,” Chris allowed himself to smile back to her, ”This should be over pretty fast then.”

The Jeep stopped, and Chris double-checked his gear, so their mission parameter was to hopefully find some proof from this lab and then place the beacon for the air support, bombing the fuck out of this place. Check. ”You got the beacon?” He asked Sherry, and she nodded, ”It would be best if we can get a live viral sample,” she said, but if we can’t then files are as good as it gets, she handed Chris a small device, ”In case we get separated, and you find a computer with something interesting on it, you can download it to this.” Chris nodded and pocketed the device before he jumped out of the jeep.


Sherry, Chris and two soldiers had made it deep into the facility, they could hear fighting on top, but they figured it would be over pretty fast, the security at this place had been flimsy at best, not thinking that anyone would actually ever locate it. Chris leaned on over a computer, ”Hey Sherry, check this out.” He called, ”Here are some files on subject 1 to 10, he clicked another file and a 3d vision of a man whirled on the screen, ”Looks like the subjects are people.” Sherry whispered, ”Oh my God,”

We have to find them and save them, or..” Chris took a deep breath, ”Put them out of their misery.” But where he had imagined an argument with Sherry, she just nodded. Chris waited as Sherry downloaded the files on her computer, and then he put a bullet through the machine. ”So does it say where we should look?”

No,” Sherry sighed, ”But it does mention sublevel 3, but that could just be where the tests were run.”

Good a start as any.” Chris shrugged as they made their way down.


Redfield, Sir.” One of the soldiers said, ”I think this might be something.” He pointed at a door with a biohazard sign on it, but there were no hazmat suits, so it was not so much the area as what was in it that was dangerous. ”I’m gonna open it,” Chris announced, ”You two, do a sweep of the lab here,” He nodded at the soldiers who took off looking for scientists who may still be hiding. Chris short-circuited the control panel for the door, and it opened with a tired swoosh, the long hall was dark, and he looked over his shoulder at Sherry who nodded for him to go on. And right enough as he shone his flashlight on the first door it said ‘1’, and he peeked inside the window in the door, seeing something hanging there, ”How the hell do we open these doors?” Chris asked, ”There have to be some way, some master control panel or whatever.”

Or you could try the handle,” Sherry grinned behind him.

Chris groaned and pushed the door which to his surprise opened. He turned his flashlight on what had once been a man, now it was something bizarre that he could only be refeedr to as nightmare fuel. ”Hold the light on his head,” He said to Sherry, and then he took aim, and shot the poor bastard right through the brain. The machine that the test subject was connected to stopped its slow beeps and flat lined. ”Bastards.” Chris growled, ”What the hell were they doing down here? This is not a goddamn component,”

Technically it could be, maybe they are trying to find a more efficient way to give the virus to people.” Sherry said as they made their way down the hall, stopping at door number two and doing for her what they had done for test subject number 1.

That makes no sense,” Chris argued, ”So what if they can mass-produce the virus, it’s still out of control.”

Maybe control is not what is important?” Sherry suggested, ”Maybe they just want to sort the sheep so to say.”

Maybe.” Chris sighed tired, ”Do we know who these test subjects were?”

According to this, they are convicts who were sentenced to death,” She shuttered, ”What a way to go, no matter what.”

Yeah,” Chris mumbled and made his way to room number 3, he lifted his rifle, and Sherry aimed the light cone on the face of the test subject. ”Holy mother of..” Chris gasped, realizing that this test subject was not a mutated mass of muscle, teeth and claw. ”Wait!” Sherry yelled as if Chris had not seen that the test subject was not like the others.

Keep the light on him,” Chris said shouldering his rifle and with an odd sinking feeling he walked all the way over to the limp person dangling in the middle of the room, ”Is he alive?” Chris asked stupidly as he could clearly hear the vague beeps from the machine. He gently lifted test subject 3’s head, paling ghostly white as he did. ”Jake?” He whispered, ”Oh my God, Jake..” Chris fervently touched Jake’s ashen face, ”Jake? Jake?” He forgot all about Sherry standing behind him, ”Wake up Jake!” He whispered urgently.

Dear God!” Sherry gasped, ”Let’s get him out of that thing.”

Yeah, yeah good idea,” Chris mumbled helping Sherry undo the restraints that kept Jake on a vertical gurney of a sorts, and once the last restraint was gone, he fell into Chris’ arms like a bundle of bones. Chris swung the naked lifeless man around his shoulders to carry the weight most efficiently, ”I am gonna take him to the surface.” Chris said with the best pokerfaced he ever pulled off in his life, ignoring Sherry’s questioning gaze. ”We can rendezvous with the rest of the team and you can finish sweeping the test subjects.”

Alright,” Sherry said, and then placed a hand on Jake’s head, ”Poor Jake.” She smiled at Chris, ”Go, I can find the team on my own.”

Okay,” Chris nodded and started to backtrack to the surface. Carrying the frightfully skinny Jake as his precious cargo. Oddly detached to the fact that the skin and bones burning with something that Chris could only guess was fever, was the same body that had given him such pleasure, ”What the hell are you doing here?” Chris whispered, ”You probably volunteered you crazy bastard.” he grinned at his own unfunny comment, but didn’t quite know what to do about this situation. He could feel a tiny fragment of panic nestled inside, what if Jake was really hurt? What if he didn’t wake up? And would he in reality preferred it if the D.S.O took over Jake as their prisoner, so he wouldn’t have to deal with all the conflicting emotions there would be. But on the other hand then the last thing he wanted was to hand Jake off to someone else.

Once topside Chris gently eased Jake down on another gurney. ”We have to get him back to base.” Chris barked at one of the drivers, ”He needs urgent medical attention.”

Holy fuck!” The driver scrambled to his seat. Turning in it he looked at Chris, ”Are you coming too sir?”

Chris nodded and jumped into the truck, Jake was a high priority prisoner after all, only fair that he came with him.

The jeep rumbled down the road, and for the first time Chris noted that Jake’s breathing sped up and his brows knitted in pain. ”Hey Jake,” Chris said softly, placing a hand on Jake’s chest. Jake let out a little pitiful mewl, he just sounded broken and in pain. Chris leaned in over Jake’s side and whispered in his ear, ”You’re gonna be okay Jake, just hang in there.”

Jake’s lips parted, ”Stop.”

Chris blinked confused, ”Stop what?”

Jake whined in something near a tired sob, but Chris didn’t understand it, so he just pulled off his glove and placed his hand on Jake’s burning forehead and hushed him. ”Step on it!” Chris yelled at the driver.


Once they made it to the base, Jake was whisked off to the medical barrack, and Chris went to write up his report, he was tempted to call Claire but wasn’t sure what to tell her. Maybe he should just man up and write this report and leave it at that, let Sherry deal with Jake.

As if summoned a cup of coffee was placed on his right side, he turned around and looked at Sherry who smiling, held up her own cup, ”There’s a splash of whiskey in it, thought you’d want that.”

You are an angel.” Chris smiled, ”So did everything else go according to plan?” He asked.

Yup, there was nothing more of interest apart from some tissue samples, and now we just have to read through the files and figure out exactly what it was they were doing out there.” Sherry bit her lip, ”And most important we have to find out if they found Jake because they knew exactly where to look and who he is, or if they just lucked out.”

You think there’s a security breach?” Chris asked, ”Wasn’t his identity classified?”

Indeed.” Sherry nodded, ”So what are you doing?”

Typing up the report. Waiting for someone to tell me what’s gonna happen to Jake.” Chris said, not sure he should have said that last part. But it wasn’t like Sherry didn’t know they were friendly.

I don’t really know what’s gonna happen to him, but I know the B.S.A.A will sign him over to us.” Her voice dropped a little and her smile disappeared from her face, ”We have facilities to hold him.”

Yeah.” Chris looked down into his coffee.

I was on my way to deal with the last paperwork and check in on Jake, before escorting him to where ever they are going to hold him.” Sherry said with a sad voice.

Do you think I could see him before you uhm, take him with you?” Chris asked, he couldn’t even look at Sherry, and everything inside him screamed that he shouldn’t do this, he shouldn’t even ask. He should just – go on.



Look at me,” Sherry beckoned, making Chris turn in his chair, ”What is this about? What happened in Belgrade?”

What makes you think anything happened in Belgrade?” Chris said with a casual shrug, wishing that she’d stop asking, but knowing that she would never have suspected anything if he had just kept his trap shut.

Because you sorta wanted to shoot him just a year ago. And now you are suddenly asking me to let you see him.” Sherry leaned in over the table and looked straight at Chris who squirmed in his chair, ”Access to Jake Muller is way over your current security level.”

You’re right, it was dumb.” Chris said with a disarming smile, taking a sip of his coffee, ”Forget I asked.”

Like hell.” Sherry stared at Chris angrily. ”Spill it.”

We.. we uhm,” He looked helplessly at Sherry, ”We had an affair, and I don’t know what to make of it all, and maybe that’s why I need this.”

You had a romantic affair with Jake?” Sherry blinked rapidly, trying to process what Chris had just said. She had honestly never thought that Jake would let anyone closer than her, or well that she had gotten as close as one could get to Jake Muller.

Yeah,” Chris had to look down into his coffee, ”I don’t need you to tell me it was unprofessional.”

Dude, you totally had sex with Jake.” Sherry’s grin split her face, ”Who would have thought?”

Hush dammit.” Chris gave her a hard glare, ”This is between you and me, and don’t you dare tell Claire or anyone else.”

Scouts honor.” Sherry smiled merrily, her smile faded when she saw the broken expression of Chris. ”You were in love.” She stated softly.

I was,” Chris said, opening his mouth to say something more, but he closed it again without saying anything.

I’ll see what I can do.” Sherry said softly.


Jake was confused and sore when he woke, it took him some time to realize that he was not in the lab room anymore, he was in a bed, he turned his head and looked out the large window to the hall with people milling past, noting the large B.S.A.A logo on the wall. Closing his eyes, he tested an arm by pulling at it, and found it strapped down, not that he was surprised.

They must have registered that he was awake because fifteen minutes later Sherry stood in his room. ”Hey, Supergirl.” He said with a little tired smile.

Hey Jake.” She said sitting down next to the bed, ”You are a giant fucking idiot.”

Jake huffed amused, ”I know.”

The doctors said that you wouldn’t have lasted a week more with that uhm, treatment.” Sherry said softly, ”Good thing we found you when we did.”

You found me?” Jake asked.

No, Chris did.” Sherry said studying Jake’s face for a reaction, and got it when Jake closed his eyes.

Chris,” Jake whispered, ”How is he?”

You can ask him that yourself.” Sherry said, ”He’s right outside that door.” she nodded towards the door, ”He just didn’t want to come in, in case you didn’t want to see him.”


So, do you?” Sherry asked, ”You and I will have oceans of time while I escort you back to the US.”

No.” Jake said winching slightly, he couldn’t see what good it would do.

No?” Sherry said surprised, ”Really, Jake?”

No.” Jake turned his head away from Sherry, ”I have nothing more to say to either you or him.” His words scorched like lava all the way down into his core, but he saw no point in pretending to be friends, he was not their friend he sorta proved that once already.

You’re an asshole.” Sherry hissed, and got up from the bed and walked to the door, she opened it and said ”You can come in now.”

Alright.” Chris said and walked past Sherry in the door, and went to sit at the chair by the side of the bed. ”Hey there,” He said softly, ”I was told you’re gonna be fine, even if it was a close call.”

Jake said nothing, he still had his head the other way, staring into the wall away from Chris. God he missed that voice.

Chris took a deep breath, ”Well you were more dead than alive when I carried you out of there, so I just wanted to check up on you for old times’ sake.” He sighed and hung his head at the silence that met him. ”Alright, I’ll get going, take care Jake.”

I had this dream,” Jake whispered, ”Funny really cause it was you and me, and we were up in some cabin, nothing for miles but snow and forest. No one around to tell us what to do, or where to go. Just us for a small eternity.” Jake drew a stuttering breath, ”And then I woke.”

Chris just sat in silence and looked at Jake’s shoulders and neck, remembering how he had snuggled up and kissed the soft skin there. ”I have nothing more to do with this you know, my report is written, and you are signed over to D.S.O – Sherry had to pull seven favors so I could see you.” Chris laughed a little mirthlessly, ”Visiting you is far above my security level.”

Jake rolled over to his back, staring up into the ceiling. ”While I was stuck in that room I had a lot of time to think things over and dream. I am not sure what was the worst, the corny dreams about Christmas with you, or the realization that it would never be. My point is that I know I fucked it up, and whatever angry words you have can’t be harder than the ones I told myself.

When they pulled me in for interrogation, I insisted that you had to have had a good reason to do what you did.” Chris said gingerly placing his hand on Jake’s, noting a twitch but he couldn’t pull it away because of the strap.

I’m sorry.” Jake whispered, and finally turned his head and looked at Chris. ”He offered me a small fortune for that one contract, and I thought that… I was broke and wanted to – Nah it doesn’t matter anymore, the hard facts are that I did it, I chose to shoot your superior. So maybe I am just sorry I got caught.”

I’m sorry you got caught too.” Chris admitted.

Why aren’t you yelling at me?” Jake asked with childish innocence. He had expected Chris to be angry, betrayed and disappointed, not sad.

What good would that do?” Chris asked.

Do you think they’ll lock me away forever? I mean my father being -”

No I don’t think they’ll keep you for long,” Chris said, not sure if he was lying or what, but it wasn’t like Jake had actually actively embarked in bioterrorism, so his best guess was that he would either be transferred to a regular prison or that they’d cut some sort of deal with him. ”Ehm, maybe you could call me when you land somewhere, if you don’t have my number, just ask Sherry for it.”

I remember it.” Jake said softly. ”Are you absolutely sure you’d want me to call?”

Yeah.” Chris said with a little smile, ”I mean after all I’m still your friend if you want me to be.”

Jake smiled a fake smile, ”Friends.”

The empty smile hurt Chris more than he dared admit to himself, but friends were really all he could offer, his trust in Jake had taken a serious blow. But he also wasn’t quite ready for this to be goodbye, however selfish that was.


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