The enemy of my enemy 3/?

author: azzy
title: The enemy of my enemy
warnings: hurt no comfort
fandom: Resident evil (gameverse)
rated: M+/Explicit
wip: 3/?
beta: erestorjunkie
Summary: When all is said and done, Jake stays in Edonia to help where he finds he is needed, and had never in a million years expected someone like Chris Redfield to come back there, even if he is under orders from B.S.A.A. And never in a million years had Jake thought he would fall in love, not with him, not with Chris.
AN: Okay so I decided to upload this story, I was in doubt and mainly beacause it freaks me out to write something in a fandom where I am used to lurking. Anyway here it is. I don’t own jack shit of course, this is just a brainchild of my overactive imagination.

Chapter 3

Jake felt like his steps were a little lighter and his smile was a little more real that day, a little nagging voice inside told him that he shouldn’t let himself do this. Even the dull soreness in his ass was only a reminder of last night. He had not cared about anyone for years, when his mother had died there had not been a single person in this world that he gave two shits about, not until Sherry sort of got under his skin. And now this! What was he even doing? Chris Redfield for fucks sake! Wonder how many times they had to end up in bed before he was able to wrap his heard around it.

The butterflies inside didn’t care about his doubts, they just fluttered on.

He was waiting about in a different diner for a contact for a job of dubious nature, but he really needed the money, when his phone chimed. He picked it up to check it, thinking it might be the contact, but it was from Chris, ‘can’t make it – later?’ And no invisible lines were crossed that day. ‘got work so maybe’ he texted back, it was both true, and he didn’t want to come off as desperate as he felt. Just the thought of Chris’ heavy breathing and nonsense mumbled in his ear, made him smile.

He shut his phone to look up and see a clean cut businessman stand in front of him, ”Mr. Muller?”

”Yes,” Jake said taking the folder that the businessman held out, he opened it and saw the picture of a B.S.A.A operative, he looked up at the businessman, ”B.S.A.A that will cost you extra mister Koryavin.” He held the folder out towards the businessman again, ”It’s gonna be hard to get to him.”

The businessman sighed, ”Alright Muller, name your price.”

”You want him dead or dead-ish?” Jake asked with a shrug.

”Dead, gone.” The businessman said.

”Alright,” Jake licked his lips, he fucking hated suits and their self-important attitude. ”We agreed on five thousand American dollars originally, I want eight.”

”You got it.” The businessman said relieved, he had apparently feared that Jake would bump the price to something ridiculous. But he didn’t know that Jake really, really needed a input of green, had he known that he would have been able to work his way down to half the asked price.

”We got a deal Mr. Koryavin.” Muller said, ”Give me a week.”

The businessman opened his briefcase and counted money notes, handed Jake three thousand, ”You get the rest when it’s done.”

Jake just nodded and took the money on the businessman’s hand. ”I will contact you when it’s done.” He said and walked out of the diner with steady strides. Well, well mister Jones, he thought to himself. Looks like your number is up. He bought some takeaway food and a bottle of some better booze than what the hotel had to offer and went straight to his hotel room, he had some reading to do the surveillance had to wait till tomorrow.

It was dark when his phone buzzed again, ‘Still awake?’ the text from Chris said, and for a moment Jake wondered if he should ignore it, but against his better judgment he texted back ‘No, can’t sleep’. Not a full minute had gone by before Chris texted back, ‘I can be there in ten if you want company’ – This made Jake grin, hell yes he wanted company, and the booze made him cocky, and so with a grin he texted back ‘be here in five and I’m gonna suck your cock’. He got off the bed and gathered his papers and stuffed them down in his bag, Chris would never look there, he sat down and kicked off his boots, and realized that he might be a little more drunk than he thought.

Exactly seven minutes after the text there was a knock on his door, Jake got up and opened it, seeing Chris leaning against the wall with one hand trying to catch his breath in long painful gasps of air. ”I tried,” He grinned.

Jake just smiled and pulled Chris inside, slamming the still short of breath man up against the door and kissed him.

”You been drinking?” Chris asked, tasting the alcohol.

Jake just placed a long finger over Chris’ lips as the other fumbled with his belt and button of his pants. ”Shah,” He hushed and then unceremoniously dropped to his knees, pulling Chris’ hardening cock out of his pants, he licked a wet trail underneath it and ended up in the slit. He smiled as he heard Chris make a little cooing sound, his hand coming down to rest on Jake’s head. Jake held on to the root of Chris’ cock, and the other hand on the man’s hip, taking the most of Chris’ erection in his mouth, he had to admit that he was not without gag reflex unlike some of the people he had met in his time, so this just had to do. But the way that Chris scraped his nails over his scalp told him he was doing alright.

When Chris came, Jake let go and closed his eyes, feeling the warm spurts hit his face, it was okay really. Chris hauled him to his feet and kissed him smearing the semen on them both in the process. ”You are fucking perfect,” Chris mumbled.

”Yeah I don’t like you either,” Jake whispered back, biting Chris’ jaw playfully. Chris stepped forward and pushed Jake back stumbling unto the bed. ”Are you still sore?” He asked softly.

”A little,” Jake admitted, and that apparently pleased Chris as he started to kiss Jake again, deep and passionately, his hands making it up under his shirt, ”I wish I could carry you in my pocket and break you out and fuck you a couple of times a day.” Chris grinned.

Jake smiled but wasn’t amused, and had to remind himself that no lines were crossed, this was what they had. ”Do I look like a fuck-fairy to you?” Jake asked half in seriousness half as a joke.

”I just meant that I wish you were around all the time.” Chris said with a soft smile, to which Jake eased up, and when Chris’ hand made it down his pants and stroked down his confined erection, he could tell that Chris had an idea by the devious grin on his kissable lips. ”Look at me,” he whispered, unbuttoning Jake’s pants while never breaking eye contact.

Jake struggled with not closing his eyes or doing anything else while Chris slowly got him off with his hand, it was strangely intimate, but the booze still in his system sung at the prospect of the challenge. Jake licked his lips, and sucked in his breath as Chris’ thumb circled the tip of his cock. ”Are you gonna make me beg?” He whispered hotly.

”If I can,” Chris answered breathlessly still keeping eye contact, nose to nose lying in the bed.

Jake actually purred at that.

And Chris stuck out his tongue and licked Jake’s lower lip, ”Fuck you’re hot.” He whispered.

A lazy grin formed on Jake’s lips.

”Thought of you earlier,” Chris whispered.

”Really?” Jake bit his lip.

”Mhhmm.” Chris cooed as Jake’s hips stuttered, his body finally giving in to the stimulation. ”This bathroom had a sink, there was a mirror,” He licked Jake’s lower lips again as a soft moan left his lips, ”And I wondered what you’d look like getting fucked, up against it.” He trailed off to kiss Jake and swallow a new moan.

Jake’s fingers grabbing on to Chris’ shirt as his hips rose to thrust into the battle hardened hand wrapped around him.

Chris let out a long breath and squeezed Jake’s cock lightly, ”I imagine you’d look something like this,” He whispered.

Never in a million years had Jake pegged Chris Redfield as being kinky, but now he knew better. A+ to the dirty talk that was for sure, he was so goddamn close. So, so close. ”Jake,” Chris whispered and kissed him again. Jake’s entire body spasmed as he climaxed, and he almost bit Chris’ tongue.

Chris chuckled into the kiss and gently let go of Jake’s spent cock, wiping his fingers on his own pants. ”Can I have some of that booze?” He asked.

”Sure,” Jake grinned, and popped up on his elbows, ”What would your boss say if he knew you spent your nights in strange men’s hotel room, getting hammered.”

”Uhm,” Chris said taking a healthy swipe of the bottle, ”Be careful, I suppose.”

”Yeah, no shit,” Jake said, wondering if that didn’t go for them both. And for an insane moment he wanted to tell Chris that he sort of liked him, who was he kidding? He was falling fast and hard, something he wouldn’t even admit to himself. ”So Chris, still gonna fuck me against a mirror?” He grinned as he accepted the bottle from the other man.

”If you want me to.” Chris said smiling.

”Yeah I think I do.” He said with the sweetest smile that had ever taken up space in Jake’s face.

”You know what?” Chris said taking back the bottle, kicking his boots off, ”You look like a cat, lying like this. A big cat that was just fed.” He grinned at his own words, but it was true, as Jake was lounging on the bed like he did with that feline, observing ever present look on his face, he looked like something like a cougar in a tree. Full, happy and on top of the world.

Jake smiled a little thoughtful, ”Kotik,” He said seriously, ”That’s what my mother called me.” He watched as Chris took another swing of the potent booze, ”Means kitten.”

”Yeah maybe you are, a kitten posing as a lion.” Chris smiled lying down on the bed again sighing happily as Jake wrapped his arm and leg over him and got comfortable. He ran a hand over Jake’s buzz cut, ”My mother called me peanut,”

This made Jake snicker, he couldn’t really imagine Chris as a peanut.

”Yeah, princess and peanut.” Chris chuckled so his shoulders shook.

”Your parents back in America?” Jake asked softly, closing his eyes enjoying listening to Chris’ heartbeat, strong and safe.

”They’re both dead,” Chris stated softly.

”I’m sorry.” Jake mumbled.

”So am I.” Chris whispered back. ”But if you call me peanut, I might have to kick your ass.”

Jake laughed softly, ”People might think I was referring to something else, like the size of your -”

”Don’t you dare.” Chris tried to sound threatening but failed miserably as his grin wouldn’t go down.

”Penis,” Jake finished, and before he knew it, he was wrestling Chris till they both fell off the bed laughing.

”I can still kick your ass,” Chris huffed poking Jake in the side making him squirm, ”Ticklish?”

”Don’t.” Jake warned, and when Chris just poked him again, making him shy away from the poking digit to his flank, he could see the sadistic amusement in Chris’ eyes, and he grabbed his wrist, ”Don’t! I am warning you!”

”Or else?” Chris raised an amused brow.

”I am gonna tie you to the shower, turn on the cold water and leave for walk.” Jake said, still struggling with keeping Chris’ hand away from his side.

”Sounds like a challenge.” Chris said seriously, but his smile gave him away. Jake already at the disadvantage of laying half under Chris to begin with, it was no problem for Chris to get on top, and pin Jake’s hands on the floor over his head.

”Pfft, I let you win,” Jake huffed sourly at being bested again.

”I know,” Chris whispered, leaning down to kiss him softly and demanding.

Jake had no idea what it was about Chris that had him acting like a goddamn teenager, and apparently it was mutual as he heard Chris whimper as Jake rubbed his awakening erection up against Chris’ clothed ass.


Jake was enjoying his morning coffee on a stone staircase in the sun, thinking of Chris and when he had left this morning, maybe it was okay that he felt all giddy? Chris seemed reluctant to leave, and not just because of what they had in bed, but he was hanging out talking about that he ought to cook him a decent meal, he was getting all skinny from that shitty cheap diner food. Maybe he cared, maybe it was okay to let go and admit that he was falling in love, to step into this alien territory where he didn’t know how to gain footing, or navigate. Still his mind entertained him with images of Chris butt naked in an apron. His phone buzzed.

It was a disposable cell number, it could only be his contact, ”Mr. Koryavin?” He said when he picked up.

”Mr. Muller, I have good news,” The voice said, ”Looks like your target will be on a mission off base. Would be much easier to access. I will send you the coordinates, the camp is by the river east of the city.”

”Got it,” Jake said, ”Same price though.”

”But of course, this was just a fortunate event in your favor.” the voice said.

”Good.” Jake answered and hung up. He wondered if he could get this done quickly so Chris would never notice he was not here.

A kid came up to Jake and poked his shoulder, ”Are you ready Mr. Muller?”

Jake smiled at the kid, ”Yes.” He got up to his feet and followed the kid to the small football court behind a chain-link. ”It’s down there,” A man who apparently was one of the kids father said.

”Alright,” Jake said, he looked at the group of kids looking up at him, ”would you get the grate mister?” He asked the dad. Jake got out his gun and smiled at the kids.

”That is the biggest gun I ever saw.” One of the older kids said.

Jake just smiled, ”Won it in a card game,” and then made his way down the sewer hole. ”Now where are you, you little fucker,” He mumbled to himself. The kids had come to him and said they heard that he could solve their problem, there was something living in the storm drain on their football court, one child had already went missing and they suspected the monster in the drain. They had been broke, but he had accepted anyway. As he carefully searched the closest parts of the storm drain he told himself that this was why he did things like working for Koryavin. He wanted to help people who had nothing, but he couldn’t live off goodwill and air. And when this whole business with the soldier was done, he wouldn’t have to take on another job for a long time. Eight thousand dollars went a very long way here.

He heard a faint growl in one of the minor drains leading to the large one he was standing in. ”Found you,” He smiled, and got out his guns, inching forward he saw some huge ass thing that didn’t even look like a j’avo anymore, it looked more like an octopus, like the mutation had gone completely haywire. It opened its mouth and hissed at him, and he just fired straight into its open mouth hoping its brain was behind there somewhere, or maybe just some other vital organ. The tentacles or mutated arms went still and Jake kicked it, it seemed dead. He’d just leave it there, and after he had stood still for a couple of minutes waiting to hear if more things hissed at him, he was satisfied that there had only been one.

He crawled up on the ground again, ”Is it dead mister?” One kid asked.

”Yes.” Jake said nodding, feeling good about himself. He turned to the dad and said, ”I only found one, but there could be more hiding, so I suggest you shut that storm drain with something better than those two screws.”

”Of course, thank you.” The dad smiled.

Jake leaned against the chain-link fence watching the boys play football. ”Hey there stranger.” A voice said behind him, he closed his eyes and smiled, ”Hi Chris”

”Hey Jake,” Chris ”I heard you were out hunting j’avos in the storm drain.”

”Really? Who told you that?” Jake said with a casual shrug.

”Uhm, just about anyone I talked to when I went to look for you.” Chris laughed, ”These people seems to think you are some sort of deadly saint.”

”Maybe I am,” Jake said turning slightly so he could look at Chris through the chain-link fence.

”Or maybe you’re just a kitten.” Chris said with a little smile, which mirrored on Jake. ”Anyway, I have some hours off and I thought that we might could go grab some food.”

”Sure.” Jake said mildly surprised, not just that Chris had come to find him in person instead of calling or texting, but that he wanted to spend all his precious downtime with him.

”I wish I could hold your hand,” Chris suddenly said, alarming Jake.

”Well you can’t.” He just hissed out.

”I know,” Chris said his shoulders sagging a little.

”It’s just that these people are deeply religious, and – ” Jake sighed, turning down an alley instead of taking the main road, and gingerly took Chris’ hand. ”What they don’t know, can’t harm anyone.” He said with a little shrug. Secretly he thought it was just about the sweetest request he had ever heard. No one had ever asked to hold his hand, no one.

They walked down the alley, Chris squeezing Jake’s hand, ”This almost feels normal,” He mused.

Jake actually felt his ears and cheeks burn hoping that Chris didn’t notice him blushing like a teenage girl. And in that moment, the fine line was not just crossed, it was blasted into orbit. ”This is normal to you?” He said opting for a joke.

”Well minus the hiding in alleys, but you seem to have a thing with that.” Chris joked back.

They made it to the end of the alley, Jake actually hesitatied for a moment and then let go of Chris’ hand, pocketing his in lack of other stuff to do with them now that they felt oddly empty. Chris mirrored Jake and stuck his hands in his pockets too, but kept walking by Jake’s side, ”Hey you mean it? You really wouldn’t mind to be seen in public with me, you know..” Jake asked, feeling strangely vonurable as he did, but he just had to know, to somehow gauge their relationship.

”Of course I mean it.” Chris smiled, ”Look at you,” He smiled, ”Who wouldn’t?”

Jake felt his ears heat up again, ”You’re crazy,” He just said but it had no bite.


Dinner was good, Jake and Chris sat and had a cup of coffee letting the meal settle, ”I did sort of have a reason to come find you,” Chris said, his eyes sought out Jake’s across the table, ”I wanted to tell you face to face, so you didn’t think it was just an bad excuse or nothing, cause it’s not.”

”Alright.” Jake said, his brows furrowing in slight worry.

”Well I didn’t get my orders till this morning, so -”

”You’re going back to America?” Jake said, feeling an unwelcome knot form in his chest.

”No,” Chris shook his head, he smiled lovingly at Jake, ”nothing that serious.” So Jake did care, he filed that away for later. ”I have to leave Belgrade for a weeks’ time.”

”You do?” Jake asked without thinking.

”Yeah, can’t really tell you much, but I won’t be all that far, just outside the city. We can still text and uhm, keep in touch.” Chris said, misinterpreting the worry on Jake’s face for worry that he might disappear.

”That’s – uh good.” Jake felt bile in the back of his mouth, Oh god this couldn’t happen!

”What’s wrong?” Chris asked, reading Jake’s face better than Jake would have liked.

”Nothing.” Jake smiled, he had to save this situation goddammit. He leaned in over the table and looked directly into Chris’ eyes, ”I’m gonna miss you,” He said, knowing it was true, more true than he wanted to admit. But he also knew that Chris would most likely stop asking what troubled him.

Chris’ face smoothened out and his smile was warm and genuine, ”I’m gonna miss you too.”

An elderly lady in by the table next to them leaned in a little and asked Jake something in Serbian that he could see Jake was a little apprehensive about, but then he smiled at the lady and got up from the table, ”Excuse me,” He said with a little nod at Chris and walked over to the far end of the diner where an old dingy looking piano stood. Jake cracked his fingers and sat down, running his fingers over the piano and started to play the tune that the old lady had asked him if he would play. He had come to this diner many times before and some of the locals who spent most their day here had heard him play before. He actually loved it, he would never really let anyone know. Chris came and sat down on a chair next to the piano and just stared at Jake. ”What?” Jake asked amused.

”That is beautiful!” Chris whispered in awe, ”I didn’t know.. I mean, wow.”

”That I had many talents you mean?” Jake grinned dirty, and Chris had to look away with a little shy smile. ”Just playing what the lady asked for.” He smiled a little secretive smile, ”Beethoven.”

”Ah okay.” Chris said, feeling dumb.

”Hey I can play a song for you too, I know something American.” Jake said with a little smile, ending the tune that the lady had asked for and rolled his shoulders, ”You should know this one.” He started to play.

Chris just watched those long slim fingers dart over the tangents, amazed that they seemed so effortless in bringing forth the music, he was truly and utterly in awe. ”Recognize it?” Jake asked and shook Chris from his thoughts. He listened for a little while and then nodded, ”It’s Amazing Grace.”

”It is.” Jake smiled, ”Alright,” Jake stopped playing and Chris looked up at him, ”One more” Chris said.

”Okay, last one.” Jake said, ”Just to show off of course.”

”Of course,” Chris smiled.

”Franz Liszt,” Jake smiled when Chris got that dopey look on his face.

”I knew that,” Chris lied, badly. Jake laughed merrily from the pit of his stomach, a sound that Chris had decided that he was absolutely crazy about. And if he hadn’t already fallen in love, he would have done so in this very moment.

Still playing Jake’s smile widened, he had never imagined that Chris would care two shits about classical music, apparently he was wrong. Or maybe it was because he was playing it, whatever the reason Jake didn’t care. But he loved to have Chris look at him like he did right now, he decided that adoration must be the word.

When they left that diner, Jake felt like he beamed. Chris looked at his watch and then at Jake, ”Look I have to leave in ten minutes time, we have to clear of the base and on our way at nine hundred.”

Jake nodded in understanding, ”Sure.”

”Hey, you’re gonna call me or text me, right?” Chris asked, ”promise?”

”I promise,” Jake nodded, ”And no I won’t leave the country, or get married to the old lady in the diner either.” Jake looked at Chris and discretely took his hand, hiding it behind them. ”Be careful,”

”I will,” Chris squeezed Jake’s hand and let go. ”Now excuse me, I have some excessive masturbating I have to get back to.”

Jake laughed and stepped aside, ”See you later Redfield.”

”You too Muller,” Chris said hesitating a moment before he turned and left. Jake watched him for a moment, and then turned as well. He would have to be super, extra careful so he wouldn’t get caught by Chris. He turned into an open gate to a backyard and picked up his phone calling the contact, ”I need a sniper rifle, the mission parameters changed.” He just said.

”You will have it later tonight.” The contact said, ”Your hotel room.”

”Good.” Jake hung up, and leaned his head against the cold concrete behind him. ”Fuck.”


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