The enemy of my enemy 2/?

author: azzy
title: The enemy of my enemy
warnings: hurt no comfort
fandom: Resident evil (gameverse)
rated: M+/Explicit
wip: 2/?
beta: erestorjunkie
Summary: When all is said and done, Jake stays in Edonia to help where he finds he is needed, and had never in a million years expected someone like Chris Redfield to come back there, even if he is under orders from B.S.A.A. And never in a million years had Jake thought he would fall in love, not with him, not with Chris.
AN: Okay so I decided to upload this story, I was in doubt and mainly beacause it freaks me out to write something in a fandom where I am used to lurking. Anyway here it is. I don’t own jack shit of course, this is just a brainchild of my overactive imagination.

Chapter 2.

He never did call Sherry back, nor did he pick up when she called him four times in a row, and sent him a text message that just said ‘pick up’. He knew he should tell her to stop calling, but he just didn’t have the heart. He wanted her to go on with her life and stop worrying about what he got himself into.

It was about that time when he ran into Chris Redfield again, Jake had thought he had lost him after a month of moving from place to place, and it wasn’t like it was a major offense so he didn’t think Chris would have the time or means to track him down. Jake was standing at a market stall in broad daylight, talking to the woman who ran the stall, getting himself some groceries, listening to the woman’s problems with her landlord. Suddenly he was spun around and slammed up against the corner pole of the stall, his instinct was to fight back, but his assailant had pinned both his hands over his head. ”You.”

Jake’s angry frown made way into a shit-eating grin, ”Chris, the soldier boy.”

”You fucking drugged me you little shit.” Chris hissed, his brown eyes were hard and unyielding.

”Technically I didn’t.” Jake said still with a smile on his face, looking Chris straight into his eyes, and for a moment they just stood like that, chest against chest, breathing. And for a moment Jake thought that Chris was gonna kiss him. Not that he was opposed to the thought however strange, he didn’t even like him.

The woman in the stall discretely cleared her throat and brought the two men back to the fact that they were standing about like idiots in a busy market. Chris let go of Jake, and stepped back, “You’re still an asshole.” he growled looking anywhere than on Jake.

Jake raised an amused eyebrow wondering if Chris had felt it too, that split second where Jake had wondered if Chris’ lips were as soft as they looked. He observed Chris as he rubbed his neck self-conscious. Yeah Soldier boy had totally felt that moment too. That knowledge made Jake smile. ”Alright,” He said, ”Let me make it up to you.”

Chris looked up confused, ”Why?”

”Do I really have to have a reason?” Jake shrugged, ”Maybe it’s because I know Sherry would rip me a new one if I don’t play nice, or maybe it’s because I’m just an all-around nice guy?”

Chris actually laughed at this. ”No more diners.”

Jake held up his hands, ”Promise.” He pulled the sleeves of his jacket back, ”Look nothing up my sleeves.”

”Fucking wise ass.” Chris mumbled, but didn’t move, just waiting for Jake to suggest something.

Jake shook his head amused and turned around to pay the woman in the stall, and grabbed his bag of food. ”So what brings you all the way out here?” He asked, knowing that Chris heard him.

”B.S.A.A -”

”Business, yeah yeah.” Jake started to walk and Chris followed, ”What puzzles me is what interest the B.S.A.A would have in this little village in the middle of nowhere.”

”That’s for me to know, and you to -” Chris shook his head amused, ”You get the point.”

Jake just nodded as he turned down a narrow alley towards the hotel where he was staying; he wasn’t entirely sure why Chris was still following him, he stopped in the middle of the alley and turned towards Chris, who wore that ever present mildly surprised expression like he was a lost little boy. Jake couldn’t help it, his eyes sought out those full lips, so terribly tempting had they not belonged to Chris Redfield. ”What is this about, Redfield?” He asked, ”You and I are not friends, so what do you wanna do? Sit around and tell battle stories?” When Chris licked his lips Jake had to look away.

”Way I see it, Claire thinks the world of Sherry, and so do I. And Sherry seems to think you are a good person. So maybe you just haven’t been showing those redeeming qualities when I was around.” Chris stated, ”Sherry is like a little sister to my sister, so excuse me for -”

”Checking me out?” Jake said, leaning casually against a trashcan. ”So you are telling me you are playing friends because of Sherry?”

”A little simplified, but yes.” Chris said with a nod, crossing his arms over his chest in a defensive stance.

Jake laughed, he actually laughed out loud so long that his stomach hurt. ”I am not fucking your princess if that is what you worry about, so you don’t need to go all big brotherly on me.”

”Okay.” Chris just said, not willing to admit that he had actually thought that it would have something to do with Sherry’s weird fascination of this guy. ”Well…” He searched for the right words, ”That’s one less problem.”

Jake just huffed amused, ”Indeed.” They stood about in silence for a little while, ”I take it our business is done, I’ll let you get back to yours and -” He pushed off the trashcan and looked at Chris for a second before he thought ‘fuck it’ and grabbed the other man and returned the gesture from earlier, slamming him up against the brick wall in the alley, smiling at Chris’ confused expression, and his smile widening when Chris didn’t fight him. He just had to know if those goddamn tempting lips were as soft and maddening as they looked. Besides he didn’t have to deal with Chris getting angry with him, it wasn’t like they ever had to talk again. He leaned in and his lips met Chris’ they were every bit as velvety as Jake had thought. But he pulled back and looked at Chris again, just standing there breathing staring back at him. Jake let go of Chris and stepped back, he was about to turn and walk away when he suddenly found himself whirled around and a pair of soft lips crashed against his, this kiss was very different from Jake’s initially chaste one, it was all tongue and teeth.

Chris pulled back to catch his breath and look at Jake who was just as short of breath as him. He wasn’t sure that this was a good idea by any means, but the air around them were so charged that he was surprised it didn’t crackle and pop. He was pleasantly surprised when Jake pulled him in for another kiss.

This was absolute fucking madness, and Jake was positive that he had gone insane when he whispered, “Come on,” And pulled Chris down the alley, stumbling towards the cheap hotel. Why did he always invite trouble into his life, and he was dead sure that jumping into bed with Chris Redfield was the mother of all bad decisions.

They tumbled through the door in an undignified way, and Jake hurriedly kicked the door shut before Chris pulled him close again, kissing him with passion. ”This is a bad idea.” He panted, “No shit,” Jake grinned back, shimmying off his jacket, and pulled his shirt off in a fluent pull. His skin formed goose bumps in the wake of Chris’ hands. He pushed Chris to the bed, where he too pulled off his bulletproof vest and his shirt. For a moment Jake just stood there and stared, it seemed so surreal that Chris was here, in his bed, taking his clothes off.

”Having second thoughts?” Chris asked, sitting on the bed with his shirt crumbled between his hands.

Jake raised an eyebrow, “No.” He said with a smile, “I was just -” He stepped forward and rested a knee on each side of Chris’ thighs on the bed. ”It’s not important.” He whispered, kissing Chris’ jaw in an open mouthed sloppy kiss, he could feel Chris smile against his skin, and his hands found their way to his back again. It was a special feeling to have Chris’ arms around him, to feel like he could crush the life out of him if he wanted to, it was – thrilling. Chris suddenly flipped them around, tossing Jake on his back against the flimsy queen-sized bed. He popped up on his elbows and watched Chris.

As Chris was undoing Jake’s belt, unbuttoning his jeans, he suddenly looked up in mild alarm, “Do you have any… you know.”

”No.” Jake admitted, “Didn’t exactly count on getting laid, is that – eh is that gonna be a problem?” He hoped it wouldn’t cause if Chris stopped touching him now, he thought he might go crazy.

”Suppose not.” Chris smiled boyish opening his own pants pushing them down a little before he crawled on top of Jake.

Jake wrapped his arms around Chris’ neck and kissed him, gasping softly into the kiss as he felt Chris’ hand wrap around both their erections, grinding them together. For a second Jake worried that he would just shoot his load like a teenage boy, he would ask Chris to stop if he wouldn’t feel completely humiliated.

”Fuck,” Chris moaned, biting Jake’s lip.

”Nnhnn,” Jake just hummed in agreement, arching his back as he sucked in his breath sharply, before he climaxed embarrassingly fast. He couldn’t help but to chuckle while he caught his breath, running his hands down Chris’ spine. Chris started to laugh too, his chest rumbling with amusement. ”Sorry.”

Chris lifted his head from the crook of Jake’s neck, and grinned down at the man under him before he rolled over on his side next to Jake. ”Could we maybe try again in five?”

Jake laughed as he kicked off his boots; they hit the floor with loud thuds, followed by Chris’. ”Yeah.” He snickered.


Jake had felt uncharacteristically giddy for days after Chris left, he knew that the B.S.A.A had left the village all together, and he was starting to think that maybe he should do the same, go back to the city and maybe get a job of some sorts that actually paid something, Sherry and her friends had rubbed off on him in regards to the goodwill stuff, he actually enjoyed helping people, even if their only payment was a meal, but he needed repairs to his bike, new boots and the hotels weren’t for free either.

His mind kept wandering back to Chris even if he didn’t want it to. It was what it was, it’s not like they had promised each other anything. It had been a spur of the moment thing, an absolutely fantastic spur of the moment thing. But as he had known when he had first kissed Chris, there was absolutely no reason for them to ever meet again, so he should just put it to rest. Still the grin was on his face for days.

The manager of the hotel he had stayed on in the city, even pointed out that he looked better and told him that country air was good for him. Jake had just agreed and went to his room. He tossed his bag in the armchair and went straight for the bathroom; he was dying for a bath after two days on his bike. He heard his phone chime with a message, and one more straight after. He shook his head and figured that Sherry was bored. Jake stepped in under the soft spray of water, and cautiously studied his inner thigh; it still had a faint bite mark from where Chris had bitten him. Jake smiled to himself at the memory, that was just about the best fucking blowjob he had ever had, whoever had thought soldier boy would have known what he was doing. Jake turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, slightly annoyed that he had not thought about sex in ages, and here he was unable to think about anything but. Goddamn Chris Redfield and that mouth of his.

He wrapped the towel around his waist, and went into the bedroom picking up his phone, sitting down on the foot end of the bed checking his messages. And right enough the first was from Sherry, it just said ‘Heard you talked to Chris, I’m glad you guys are getting along. I knew you would’. Jake actually grinned, “Indeed,” He said to himself and texted her back, ‘he’s alright’. He checked the next message it was from a number he didn’t have in his phone, and he hesitantly opened the message, which just said ‘Where are you? – C’ Jake just stared at the message; it had to be Chris, where the hell did he have his number from? And why would he ask where he was? He thought that, yeah what had he thought? What he had thought and what he secretly hoped was two different things, because he would be lying to himself if he tried to say that he didn’t want more of what Redfield had to give. He just hadn’t thought there would be another opportunity, ever. He took a deep breath and texted ‘Belgrade city hotel’ hoping he wasn’t making a mistake.

He tossed the phone on the bed and walked over to the minibar, he needed a drink, bad. Choosing the one that sounded the least disgusting he unscrewed the lid and drank half coughing as it burned down his throat, whatever it was he had taken it was closer to urinal cleaner than alcohol. The phone chimed again, and Jake scolded himself for the sweet thrill that went down his back at the thought of it being Chris. He flipped the phone open and pressed the message, ‘I’ll be there in 15 – C’ ”What?” Jake literally yelled out, the thought of Chris’ hands and mouth went straight to Jake’s groin, he sat and stared at the message for a while and then he texted back ‘Room 209’. He should have texted something obnoxious like ‘Great I was just in the mood for ass’ but he didn’t. He didn’t do anything he just sat there in his towel and finished his hideous mini bottle of liquor with the phone besides him.

Soon after he heard a soft knock on his door, and he went to open it up, heart hammering in his chest much to his annoyance. He didn’t want to care, and he didn’t want to want Chris as bad as he did. He took a deep breath and hoped he didn’t reek of desperation as he opened the door. Outside in the dim light of the hallway stood Chris, short of breath from running, his cheeks and ears bright red. ”Hi,” He panted.

”Hi.” Jake mirrored and opened the door a little more to let Chris inside.

”Uhm…” Chris said, pocketing his hands clearly having something on his mind that he didn’t know how to say. ”I asked Sherry for your number,” He admitted, “Told her I had a job for you.” He smiled boyish.

”Is that so?” Jake said amused, walking in a beeline to the minibar, ”A drink?” He offered over his shoulder.

”Yes please.” Chris said, nodding. ”You don’t mind, do you? About the phone number.”

”Mind? no.” Jake said with a smile handing a mini-bottle of whatever to Chris. ”Surprised, yes.”

”Yeah I know, I thought that what happened was just that, you know… excess energy and pent up frustration or… man that came out wrong, but you know what I mean right?” Chris grinned a little awkwardly, unscrewing the lid of the bottle.

”Yeah,” Jake said mentally kicking himself for sounding like a complete retard.

”But you see, I can’t get you out of my mind, and I wondered if you perhaps -”

Jake smiled, this was what you got when you had two guys who never learned how to talk feelings trying to say ‘I want to see you again’ in manlish. And he decided to take pity on Chris seeing him standing there literally squirming. ”Yes.” He just said, taking a sip of something that tasted vaguely like peach and disinfectant, what the hell was it with this place and the cheap booze?

”Yes what?” Chris asked, not sure he had heard right.

”I do,” Jake said with a quick smile.

”Ah good.” Chris both looked and sounded visibly relieved, and like was he testing waters he reached out and caressed Jake’s cheek. And Jake leaned into the caress closing his eyes. It was just easier than to force out words that neither of them were any good at.

Chris reached down into his pocket and pulled out something and tossed it on the bed, and when Jake looked he started to laugh, it was a pack of condoms and lube. ”You came prepared.” He laughed, “Presumptuous huh?”

”A little maybe.” Chris admitted with a goofy expression that took ten years off him. ”I just wanted to do it right, you know?” He admitted softly, resting his hand on Jake’s hip, and the other still holding the mini-bottle.

Jake forced the butterflies in his stomach to behave, he didn’t want to like Chris. But it was close to impossible the way those brown eyes looked at him, like he was special. ”I know.” Jake mumbled and put the bottle away, noting that Chris did the same.

”Could I perhaps borrow the shower?” Chris asked blushing a little, ”I’ve been on a two day recon, and then sprinting here..”


”Yeah, almost knocked over an old lady and everything.” Chris laughed.

”Sure, go ahead.” Jake nodded towards the bathroom, and went past Chris to lock the door to the hall.

He sat down on the bed, picking up the condoms and the lube placing them on the side table, checking his phone adding Chris’ number to his library, listening to the shower being turned on. For one insane moment he wondered how they got from Chris the soldier and Jake the mercenary to this, but he supposed that stranger things had happened.

The door to the bathroom opened and Chris came out, he walked directly over to the bed and Jake. Jake made a move to stand but Chris held him down with a hand on his shoulder, ”Lay down.” He said, and Jake did, he scooted further in on the bed and lay down. ”Still got the mark.” He said with a smile, his fingers ghosting over Jake’s inner thigh and the faint bite-mark.

”Yeah,” Jake whispered, not sure what to do yet, waiting for Chris to do something. Chris leaned in and kissed the bite-mark, gently pushing Jake’s thighs apart. ”I like that,” Jake mumbled, opting for giving Chris something back, ”That you marked me.” He added, Chris looked up at Jake, his lips still on the soft skin of Jake’s inner thigh. ”Yeah?” He asked,

”Yeah.” Jake admitted with a vague blush, funny cause it felt so personal to admit, yet how much more personal can it get when someone has their face two inches from your genitals.

Chris reached out for the lube, and Jake didn’t object. Normally he’d never bottom for anyone, but Chris did funny things to his reasoning, he made Jake just want to submit and let it happen. He honestly couldn’t remember the last time anyone stirred that inside him. Jake closed his eyes and let out a stuttering breath as Chris’ lips made it to his balls, the teasing tongue continued down over his balls and down towards his rectum, Chris pushed Jake’s pelvis up a little, spreading his cheeks with strong hands. Jake could only moan ”Oh God,” As the teasing tongue lapped at his hole, circling, stabbing, drool cooling on his skin as it dripped down between his ass cheeks and down on the bed. When Chris added the rough pad of his thumb to his tongue, putting pressure on Jake’s anus testing grounds, Jake tensed. Chris stopped and looked up at Jake’s face, he looked worried and blown at the same time. ”You okay?” Chris asked, easing Jake’s butt back on the bed.

Jake opened his eyes and looked straight up into Chris’ worried eyes, ”It’s just been a while,” Jake admitted, ”I’m good.”

Chris rose a brow, ”You never bottomed, have you?”

”No.” Jake admitted, ”But really, I’m fine.”

Chris’ features smoothed out and his smile was loving. ”But you’d do it for me?” He asked caressing Jake’s eyebrow, cheek and chin.

It almost physically hurt his pride to answer, ”Yes.”

”Careful Jake, I might come to believe that you like me.” Chris teased, pouring lube unto his hand, slicking his fingers. He smiled ”Turn over on your side.” He whispered, laying down behind Jake, propping Jake’s top leg towards his chest, kissing his shoulder and neck, rubbing a finger against Jake’s spit wet anus.

Jake reached down under his leg and took himself in his hand, slowly rubbing himself to keep himself hard, he pinched his eyes shut under the alien feeling of Chris’ finger breaching the guardian muscle and working itself inside him, it was weird but not unwelcome, and not completely unknown territory. The rotating to relax the tight ring was however new, and Jake sped up his hand a little. A second finger joined the first, stroking inside him, a shudder went through his entire body when they brushed his prostate, ”Mmm,” Chris mumbled feeling Jake relax starting to actually enjoy the intrusion, ”I can’t wait to be inside you,” Chris whispered, biting Jake’s earlobe being rewarded with a lewd moan. Chris worked Jake’s prostate adding a third finger, probing, loosening him up.

Once in a while the fingers rubbing his prostate sent a shiver up his spine of pure lust, and he just gave in to it all, the feeling of Chris’ fingers inside him, knowing it was Chris’ fingers made his cock twitch, and the sweet horny nonsense that Chris mumbled in his ear added another layer. ”Do it,” Jake moaned.

Chris moaned in Jake’s ear and sat up on his knees, looking down at Jake that looked better than anything his mind had conjured up in the dark of night, he reached for the condoms and the lube, watching Jake rolling over on his back, looking back up at him while he got himself ready. Jake ran a hand over Chris’ hipbone and thigh, holding his breath as Chris finally moved down between his legs. Chris leaned down and kissed Jake, there was no reason to tell him to relax or any of the other goddamn clichés, Jake had probably said them to someone else a hundred times over. So Chris just distracted Jake with a kiss, gasping as Jake bit his lip hard when he just pushed the head of his cock inside in one jab. The kiss continued and now saliva mingled with blood, not that any of them cared.

Jake tangled his fingers in the sheet, it was a strange feeling of lust and pain, and maybe a little sweet shame in knowing that Chris Redfield of all people was balls deep inside him, and he loved it.

”You feel so good,” Chris slurred as he placed open mouthed horny kisses along Jake’s jawline. And when he moved Jake grit his teeth, it felt like he was on fire, and not the good kind. Chris spat in his hand and wrapped it around Jake’s now flaccid cock, timing his shallow slow thrusts with his hand, and slowly the pain gave away for something else, Jake’s eyes fluttered shut and his legs relaxed and fell out further, allowing Chris more room to navigate, Chris grabbed a hold of the headboard of the bed, and the strokes became slow and deep, his hips rolling and snapped a hard deep thrust which made Jake arch of the bed and breathe a curse. Chris smiled and did it again.

”Jesus fuck!” Jake finally breathed.

Chris slowed down and eased down to kiss his lover once more. It was something else to see Jake Muller of all people squirming from the pleasure at the beckoning of his cock, it was almost mind-blowing just to think about. To control chaos even if it was just for a short time. And Chris wasn’t sure he could ever get enough. He angled himself a little better aiming to hit Jake’s prostate with every thrust.

Jake pulled his legs up to let Chris thrust deeper, tendrils of pure lust flaring, but his legs trembled too much for him to hold them there and he had to let them fall back on the mattress. Jake let out a sound that in his own ears it sounded somewhere between a whine and a mewl. He could hear Chris moan and huff, and opened his eyes to look at Chris hovering over him. Jake arched off the bed once more as a jolt of pleasure traveled up his spine. ”Come on Soldier boy,” He panted, blinking sweat out of his eyes, ”Fuck me like you mean it.” He would have smiled if his mouth would have let him, but Chris most certainly heard the challenge and rose to meet it.

Chris grabbed a hold on Jake’s hip with both hands, and flipped him over, ”You got it,” Chris whispered with a badly hidden exited shiver in his voice, one hand held down Jake between his shoulder blades, the other had a firm grip on his hip.

Jake reached in under himself and stoked, and the other hand he used to push back against the headboard. ”Fuck yeah,” Chris gasped somewhere behind him, he said a whole bunch of other stuff that Jake didn’t hear, apparently Chris was into dirty talk, and it was not like he would object, but his blood pumped so hard that it was all he could hear, his legs trembled still and his arm was already hurting in the shoulder joint from the awkward position but he didn’t mind. Something stirred under what seemed like layers of different, quicker cheaper orgasms. ”Oh God yes!” He heard himself moan in something close to a sob which was a sound he wasn’t sure he had ever heard coming from himself. ”Again! Fuck!” Jake felt mostly like crying when his world reduced to the feeling of Chris pounding into him, and the low buzzing feeling slowly made its way to the top, mostly like an air bubble in water, Jake hardly dared to breathe, or move in fear of the feeling mounting would disappear, his entire world became that growing feeling inside, he gasped and finally the bubble came to the surface and when it broke so did Jake.

It took him long minutes to come down and back to reality. ”God,” was all he could say and laugh breathlessly. Chris lying on his side trying to catch his breath, ”Wow,” he grinned. ”Who would have thought.”

”What the hell was that?” Jake asked, knowing full well what it was, it had just been so intense that he didn’t know what else to say.

Chris had a million smart-assed comments lined up, but Jake looked so genuinely surprised and happy, that he didn’t have the heart to. ”That was us.” He whispered, kissing Jake’s shoulder.


Jake was not even aware that they had fallen asleep, but he woke to the bleak rays of the sun and his body still felt heavy. He could feel Chris breathing on his neck, and the warm heavy arm over his waist. Jake figured that Chris was asleep so he tenderly ran his fingers down Chris’ arm, mapping scars and dents all the way to his hand. He sized his own hand against it and thought about how many men and mutations that these hands had killed combined, and yet they could still touch another person softly. Quite deep when you think about it, Jake smiled at his own silly thoughts, and spread his fingers sliding them down between Chris’. He almost jerked his hand back when Chris’ hand suddenly grabbed his, holding his hand in a deadlock. ”Are you a cuddler, Mr. Muller?” came the amused, sleeping voice from behind.

”Only when I think my victim is sleeping.” Jake huffed, but squeezed Chris’ hand gently. Soft lips kissed him between his shoulder blades and up his neck, Chris guiding their clasped hands down between them, Jake grinned, and turned over a little so he could wrap his hand around Chris’ morning erection. ”Can’t get enough huh?” Jake whispered in Chris’ ear, while he stroked him with hard firm strokes that he knew would finish him pretty fast.

”Of you? No.” Chris whispered licking his lips, closing his eyes, turning his head to kiss Jake, morning breath and all.

Jake knew he should have freaked out, he didn’t have time for this love affair nonsense, but instead he felt something close to pride, and just whispered, ”Good,” between kisses.

Chris came pretty fast and just cuddled up to Jake again, ”I need to get going soon.” He whispered, ”I have to report back to – ”

”It’s fine,” Jake said stretching in the confinement of Chris’ arms. ”I can’t lounge around here all day either.”

”I’m gonna borrow your shower again if that’s okay.” Chris grinned. Jake nodded weakly and Chris kissed the corner of his mouth, ”What do you say we go out and eat later, like actually eat, and none of us falls into coma.”

Jake chuckled and sat up as Chris got out of bed and scratched his side idly while walking to the bathroom. ”We can do that.” He said, knowing instantly that if they did that they would cross that invisible line between just fucking, and actually something else, something more. He wasn’t sure how to react to that, he never really dealt in real lovers.

”Great, this time I pick the place.”


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