Omega Days 2/5

Author: azzy
Title: Omega days
Fandom: Mass Effect
Warnings: Dub-con, breathplay, erotic asphyxiation, hurt/comfort, violence.
pairrings: Kaidan Alenko/John Shepard
Spoilers: None
Rating: M+, Explicit, N17
WIP: 2/5
Beta: erestorjunkie ❤
Summary: Tonight he would go check out the lead he had, it might be crummy, but it was all he had right now. Kaidan looked up at the neon sign on the building, and down at the address on his datapad, yeah this was the place. He shook his head, "Plastique? Really now?" He shrugged and willed himself to believe that Saren would frequent a shady dance club, because the alternative, that the information was bad, was just too much to bear.
AN: Okay so I took a bunch of stuff from the games, and some from Revelation, shook it in a hat and this stuff came out. Nah I just stole with arms and legs from the different timelines when I thought it suited my purpose. And other stuff I just plain made up.
This is written for neilsaggy, who prompted Tumblr and I was the idiot who couldn’t resist. Nah seriously, thank you for getting my writing mojo back. I hope you like it even if it’s not exactly what you asked for. And thanks to erestorjunkie for helping me out while I tried to make sense of the plot – We ended up with less old school detective and full blown Miami Vice, but who’s counting? – [Playlist]

Chapter 2

After some long sleepless nights, and an angry drinking binge, Kaidan came to a conclusion. In Kaidan’s experience strippers and the like, were not the smartest around. So maybe Shepard wouldn’t tell him anything? But maybe he would take him there? Or maybe if he could get backstage again, he could bug the wardrobe? He was not about to give up that bounty now, for all he knew several of his ‘colleagues’ could be on their way here on the same tip.

So that night Kaidan settled in outside the club, in the alley where the backdoor was, he didn’t think that Shepard would use the main entrance. Hiding in the shadows, he saw more than he had bargained for, patrons, prostitutes, other dancers, you name it! What was this alley, the official make-out spot? None of them had been Shepard through. As the music stopped, Kaidan waited patiently and was finally rewarded with what he was waiting for, Shepard stumbling out of the door. The first thing that Kaidan noticed was that he was not really dressed, he was still covered in glitter, but was wearing a pair of common pants and an open shirt. But what caught his attention for real were the two holding Shepard up, one human and the other Batarian. He snuck a little closer because something just seemed off. Kaidan noted that Shepard had lost his footing and was pretty much only held up by the two men, “I’ll teach you what it means to say ‘no’ to Korvan of the Blue Suns.” The Batarian said, looking over at his buddy on Shepard’s other side, “Yeah.” The man chirped, “Not V.I.P enough for you? I know what you want, you’ve been asking for it all night.”

Kaidan silently got his gun from its strap, squinting he looked at Shepard who didn’t really struggle, his head lolled back as the two Blue Suns members tried to get a better hold. “Damn Frank, how much red sand did you slip this guy?” The Batarian complained while hoisting Shepard to his feet once more. Kaidan figured that this was his cue, even if he wasn’t really sure if he should get involved, he couldn’t just let this scene happen.

“Hey.” He called as he stepped out of the shadow, “You don’t want to do that.” He hoisted his gun and aimed it at the Batarian.

“We were just following this guy home,” The human named Frank said, “So chill.”

“I don’t think so.” Kaidan stepped closer, his biotic field buzzing with its deadly charge around him. “Be smart about it; put him down on the ground and leave. And no one gets hurt.”

The two Blue Suns looked at each other, and slowly lowered Shepard to his knees. “We just wanted to party a little.” They stepped away, “Korvan?” The man asked, and the Batarian just sighed, “Let’s just leave. This slut is not worth it.”

Shepard tried weakly to get to his feet, but just ended up with his face on the ground as the two let go of him, walking off. Kaidan thought about shooting them just because it would make him feel better, or just in case they’d try this on someone else. None of them looked like they liked to ask permission for anything. But he lowered his gun, and hauled Shepard to his feet instead. “Come on.” He said, Wrapping one of Shepard’s arms around his neck, hoisting the dead weight on to his hip, he got Shepard to his bike.


Shepard woke with a start, he wasn’t really sure why as he sat up in the foreign bed, eyes wide trying to make sense of his surroundings. A hotel room? How the hell had ended up here? Groaning from a dull ache in the back of his head, he carefully lifted the covers only to find that he was still wearing his pants. He let out a relieved sigh, okay so he had not – not what? He remembered telling some Batarian to go fuck himself, and the next thing was feeling dizzy when he made it to the dressing room. It had just been so damn fast, but what was he doing here?

“You’re awake.” Kaidan said with a smile as he walked through the door from the Hotel corridor, balancing a tray with food and coffee. “Good.”

“You?” Shepard blinked confused, “But…”

“I think someone drugged you last night.” Kaidan put down the tray on the vacant side of the bed, “I thought I couldn’t leave you like that.” He smiled, “Here, dig in.” He lifted one of the cups of coffee off the tray and sipped it, leaving the rest for Shepard.

Against his better judgment Shepard took the other cup of coffee, folded his legs under him and stared up at Kaidan who was standing by the window. “What happened?”

“I just happened to drive by, and thought I saw you being dragged around by two trashy looking gang members, so I intervened, brought you here since you were out cold and couldn’t tell me where you live.” Kaidan smiled.

Shepard raised a brow, something didn’t quite add up; maybe it was his tone and his body language that told Shepard that the P.I. was lying. He let it slide for now, because some of it was the same as what he recalled. “Thanks.” He said with a tiny smile, “I’m surprised you are such a gentleman.” He looked down into his coffee cup, knowing that he weren’t referring to the rescue, but the fact that he didn’t take advantage of the situation.

“Your shirt is ruined; I have one you can have. And before you think I am the knight in shining armor, it’s a shirt I got from my mother.” Kaidan smiled amused.

Shepard’s smile tugged in the corner of his mouth, “Tell her you gave it to charity.”

“Clever.” Kaidan grinned, “it’s not a lie exactly, my mother has always been like a goddamn bloodhound when it comes to untruth.” Shepard nodded and sipped his coffee while an uncomfortable silence spread in the room. “My name is Kaidan; I thought that anyone who wakes in my bed should be entitled to my first name. Can I have yours?”

Shepard looked up at Kaidan, as was he trying to weigh the pros and cons, “John.” He stated.

“Okay, John.” Kaidan said sitting down on the bed next to Shepard, “Is Shepard like your stage name or something?”

Shepard laughed, “No, man. It’s my name. John Shepard.” His laugh subsided to an awkward smile, “But you already knew that.”

Kaidan nodded, “I did, but still I wanted to hear it from you.” He looked over at Shepard who studied him with his azure blue eyes, almost too blue to not be enhanced in some way. “But honestly that is all I know, I know your name and your profession, and that you would know where Marlowe is.”

Shepard’s expression hardened, “I told you, I don’t know where that bastard is hiding out.”

“But you know of him?” Kaidan asked, leaning in a little.

“Maybe.” Shepard admitted in a tiny voice, he turned slightly around and looked down at the bed, “Sorry about the glitter.” He said, trying to change the subject.

“Hey maybe the maid will think I got freaky with glitter.” Kaidan grinned, relieved when he could see Shepard’s amused smile, maybe he had been right, that gaining Shepard’s trust was the best way of getting the info he wanted. “Give her something to talk about.”

“So you don’t think they’re gonna notice whenI leave here, covered in this shit?” Shepard asked with a little dry laugh.

“Well,” Kaidan shrugged, catching Shepard’s eyes for a second, “I’m fine with that.”

Shepard almost spat out his last mouthful of coffee.

Kaidan laughed and stood up again, putting down his empty cup on the tray, “Way I see it; it’s a perk that I got a job that is also pleasing to the eye.” He shrugged, “win-win.”

“Marlowe is a lot of things, hot is not one of them.” Shepard mumbled, realizing too late what he had actually said.

Kaidan let it slide and smiled warmly, “I meant you.”

“Oh.” Shepard set down his cup and slid off the bed, looking around for his boots, he picked up a boot and stopped dead, looking over at Kaidan over his shoulder, “All you have to do is ask.”

“What?” Kaidan knew what Shepard meant, but he just had no rational answer to the statement. And he wished that Shepard didn’t look so goddamn sweet and dirty at the same time while presenting an indecent proposal casually like that.

Shepard turned all the way around and looked Kaidan up and down, “I owe you one, so if that is what you’d want from me it’s -” He trailed off and smiled to himself, seeing Kaidan shift nervously on the spot, “A deal.”

Kaidan couldn’t believe he actually did this, but he knew that if he agreed to this, he would lose whatever bond he tried to make to Shepard. “No.” Kaidan said smiling a little awkward. “But I would like something else from you though.”

“Alright.” Shepard said, not sure if he was a little disappointed or not, dropping the boot and sticking his hands in his pockets.

“Dinner, I’d like to take you out.” Kaidan said, pushing off the window and picked up the other boot handing it to a baffled Shepard. “You know, food, wine and conversation.”

Shepard eyed Kaidan not sure what to think of it. “Like a date?”

Kaidan shrugged “If you want it to be.”

Sitting down on the bed, Shepard pulled one boot on and started to lace it up; he stopped half way and looked up at Kaidan, “Just you and me, like buddies having dinner?”


“I can do that.” Shepard nodded clearly puzzled by why Kaidan was being such a gentleman, maybe he didn’t find him attractive after all? Or maybe it had been slutty to offer? It had just been so long since he had met anyone he felt even remotely attracted to, and Kaidan’s voice had had him from the start. He returned to getting his boots on, noticing Kaidan out of the corner of his eye, going to his suitcase and pulled out a shirt.

“It is what it is.” Kaidan said holding out the T-shirt.

Shepard took the shirt and pulled it over his head, it was soft and smelled fresh and clean. He looked down his chest. “NHL?”

Kaidan laughed a little, “It’s very you.” – Shepard looked up at Kaidan for an answer to his question. “National Hockey League. It’s an Earth thing… Well actually I’d think it is a Canadian thing… Don’t worry about all that, it’s not offensive if that was what you were asking.”

“You’re from Earth?” Shepard said unable to keep the surprise out of his voice.

“Yeah.” Kaidan nodded. “You?”

“I saw earth on vids and stuff.” Shepard said suddenly sounding a lot younger than he was. “But no, I’m born out here in the asshole of space.” He shrugged, “Look Kaidan, thanks for the shirt and – Everything… I’ll be seeing you around, right?” He held out his hand, figuring that it was what buddies did.

Kaidan took Shepard’s hand and shook it, holding it longer than he had to, “You are welcome John.” He smiled. “And I’ll be around; you’ll see I might surprise you.”

“Great.” Shepard reluctantly took his hand back and turned to leave the room, “I’ll look forward to that.”

Kaidan was still smiling as the door closed. He knew that rationally he was only befriending Shepard for the info, but what if he actually genuinely wanted to be in his company. It must have been the test of the millennia to turn down the promise of sex; Kaidan thought he might hate himself for that, for the rest of his life. But maybe when he had caught Saren and gotten the reward money, he could come back and sweep Shepard off his feet? He liked that thought, liked it a lot.


Four days later Kaidan showed up at the Plastique, there was a queue out in front; maybe he should have picked another night? He turned off his bike, and folded his sunglasses and stuffed them in his pocket, strictly he didn’t need them around here, but he just liked them. “Hey there!” someone called; Kaidan looked up and saw the bouncer, James wave at him to come over.

“Shepard told me what you did, thought I’d thank you.” James said with a smile, “It was something, man. Not everyone would have gotten between a couple of Blue Suns for a dancer.”

Kaidan shrugged, not sure if he was crazy about the flattery, and it made him feel a little guilty that he had had an agenda, and hadn’t really done it as a selfless deed like James and Shepard apparently thought. “Well,” he mumbled, “They were quite loud about what they were gonna do, and Shepard didn’t look like he was in any place to argue even if he wanted to.”

“Sadly it happens once in a while, some bastards think that the dancers are prostitutes and don’t quite get the message.” James looked slightly shameful, “And well, Wrex and I, we just can’t be everywhere.”

“I understand.” Kaidan said, placing a friendly hand on James’ shoulder.

“You know what? You just go on in, and go to the bar, I’m quite sure Garrus wants to thank you too, the Turian you know.”

“Great, thanks James.” Kaidan smiled and slipped into the club in front of all the waiting guests outside.

As James had suggested he went straight to the bar, and to his surprise he saw Shepard there hanging in over the bar talking to the Turian. Kaidan took a deep breath and walked over to them, “Hey.” He yelled over the music.

“Kaidan!” Shepard lit up in a smile, “I was beginning to think you wouldn’t come.”

“I have been busy.” Kaidan said.

“Hey Garrus, this is that guy that scared off that Batarian asshole.” Shepard yelled at Garrus, “Give him a drink on me.”

“Hells bells!” Garrus nodded, “You drink for free tonight. That was an admirable thing you did there.”

“Thank you.” Kaidan said softly blushing against his will; he just didn’t know what to do with all this praise.

“So been off to exciting adventures, earth boy?” Shepard asked leaning subtly against Kaidan, swinging a water bottle.

“Not really, no.” Kaidan laughed softly, truth was that he had tried to find any other lead to find Saren, all of them was a dead ends. He had desperately hoped that hedidn have to have an agenda with Shepard. And in the end he had had to go fuck a prostitute that resembled him just to get that dirty look he had given him in the hotel room, when he had offered his services, out of his system. Not that it had actually worked like he had hoped. At least he could get a star for trying.

Shepard nodded when Kaidan didn’t really answer, “Okay, I won’t ask.” He shot Kaidan a brilliant smile, “Are you gonna stick around?”

“Maybe.” Kaidan said, when all he wanted to do was to kiss those soft looking lips and tell him ‘hell yeah’.

“Alright, I gotta go work now. Maybe I’ll see you later.” Shepard said, placing a hand on Kaidan’s shoulder squeezing it subtly.

“Later.” Kaidan gave Shepard a wide genuine smile, sort of trying to tell him that no matter what he said, then it was just a part of the game, of course he would stick around.


When the music turned off, and the crew started to clean, Shepard was a little disappointed that Kaidan had not waited; he had been so sure that he would, why would be smile like that and then just leave? Shepard wiped the glitter off with a sigh.

“Have this.” Jack said, holding out a drink, “You’ll feel better.”

Shepard looked up at his colleague, “Thanks.” He took the drink and sipped it carefully, watching Jack as she took a sip of her own drink and put it down on the desk, to go get her own clothes.

“So who is he?” Jack asked as casually as she could.

“Who?” Shepard asked with an innocent expression, knowing he could most probably not pull it off, both Jack and Liara would spot his lie on the spot.

“The guy you are sulking over.” Jack stated, pulling her dancer gear off, and pulled her own top on.

Shepard laughed mirthlessly, “I am not sulking.”

“Are too.” Jack rolled her eyes.

“Okay so maybe a little bit.” Shepard admitted, returning to wiping off the glitter, “I just thought he’d wait, and … I just don’t get him, that’s all.”

“You think he’s fucking hot.” Jack laughed, “You forget that I read you like an open book. John.”

“Alright!” Shepard sighed in defeat, “I think he is fucking hot, and I thought that he might think that I’m pretty fit too or something, but his actions and his words makes no sense. So I was thinking that maybe he was just humoring me.”

“Humoring you?” Jack laughed, pulling on her tight pants with a little jump, “Bitch please, people pay good credits, lots of credits just to have you dancing at their table, so you really think that a nobody like that would humor you? I think he is so struck that he just doesn’t know what to say or do.”

Shepard laughed shaking his head, unceremoniously dropping the tiny shorts he danced in, and pulled on his own pants. “Somehow I don’t think that.” Shepard zipped his pants and reached for his drink, “He travels the galaxy, he must be. I mean he is from Earth, and -”

Jack pulled on a boot and looked over at Shepard with a serious expression, “You afraid he saw, you know.”

“Maybe.” Shepard mumbled, “I just don’t know.”

Jack inclined her head and studied Shepard pulling on a shirt and moving on to his boots, “What if he just don’t want to come off as a creep?”

Shepard let out a haughty laugh, “That would be a first!”

“Hey, there’s a first for everything.” She winked.

Shepard nodded but didn’t answer, “You gonna come? or you gonna stay here and wait for James?”

“I’m gonna stick around for a little while.” Jack said with a wide grin.

Shepard downed the rest of his drink, “Good luck with it.” And then he slipped out of the dressing room, and out to the street.

“About time.” Kaidan said, leaning up against the wall outside.

“Kaidan.” Shepard startled and laughed a little nervously, “I thought you left.”

“Well, I didn’t.” Kaidan just stated, “You need a lift?”

“Uhm… sure.” Shepard zipped his hoodie up, and walked after Kaidan to the motorbike. “That is a sweet bike. Not something you see around here.”

“It’s made on Earth.” Kaidan said, running a hand down the side of the bike, “There is nothing quite like it anywhere.”

“Pretty flashy for a P.I ain’t it?” Shepard asked, pocketing his hands in lack of other things to do.

“Yeah, but I just couldn’t give it up.” Kaidan got on, and gestured for Shepard to get up behind him. He smiled as Shepard wrapped his arms around his waist. Yeah it felt right! “So where to Commander?”

Shepard laughed, giving Kaidan the address of where his one room apartment was.

Kaidan frowned, “That is Batarian territory.”

“I know.” Shepard just said, not offering more of an explanation.


They made it to Shepard’s building, and Shepard was almost reluctant to let go, he could get used to sitting behind Kaidan on this machine. “Thanks. – Again.” Shepard said as he slipped off the bike and stood on the solid ground. Kaidan didn’t get off the bike, which only made Shepard even more certain that Kaidan was just humoring him for shits and giggles. God he was so confused.

“You’re welcome.” Kaidan said, turning around looking at Shepard. He looked much better without the obnoxious skimpy outfit he was dancing in, when you saw him like this it was hard to believe that he would turn into a gold sparkling Greek God by nightfall. He just looked like any other fella, still hot, maybe not as dirty hot, but more like cute hot. Kaidan didn’t mind either. “Hey John.” He said as Shepard was about to turn and leave. “When do you have some time off?”

“Yeah?” Shepard turned around and expecting to hear Kaidan to ask if he could come with him upstairs. But instead he asked when he was off next. He could hardly tell him that vacation was not for people like him. “Any day between nine in the morning and seven in the evening.”

Kaidan raised a brow, “You work from eight to six.”

“I know.”

“Every day?” Kaidan asked, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer, it was like some strange puzzle pieces that he couldn’t make fit.

“Every day.” Shepard repeated. “Why you asking?”

Kaidan let his suspicions slip and smiled, “Cause I wanted to ask you out, so Dinner is out of the question, so what about brunch?”

“What the hell is brunch?” Shepard laughed nervously, not sure he should have said that, maybe it was something all people on Earth knew. And he had just come off like a huge uneducated idiot.

“Breakfast and lunch in one.” Kaidan just said with a shrug.

“Oh… oh I get it, alright; well in that case, I’d love to.” Shepard smiled shyly, not something Kaidan ever thought he’d see. “Good night, morning… whatever.” Shepard said, turning around and walking towards his door.

“Tomorrow?” Kaidan called.

Shepard turned around again, almost at his door. “Sure.”

“I’m gonna pick you up here okay?” Kaidan yelled. “What apartment?”

“154F” Shepard said scratching his neck nervously.

“Check,” Kaidan smiled, “Tomorrow then.”



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