Play Fair 4/? – Butterfly effect

Authors; azzy & erestorjunkie
Title; Play Fair
Fandom; LoTr
Rating: M
WIP; 4/?
Pairrings: Haldir/Maedhros, Haldir/Echtelion,
Warnings: Language, crack, smut. AU (very much so!)
Summary; Middle eart is lost to the infection, and all the surviving elves are safe in Valinor. But since when have things ever really gone like you wanted them to, and how does ‘happily ever after’ work out for them?
AN; Yeah well so we just weren’t done with this craziness. This is the sequel to Play Dead, and we strongly suggest that you read that first, otherwise this will make even less sense than it does already.

Ecthelion missed the days when Maeglin would sort his books, it had been life on the goddamn gravy train compared to this. But now Maeglin seemed to spend all his time outside his cell with Maedhros, which was probably better for both of them. He couldn’t help but to listen in to their conversations once in a while, after all he was stuck here alone with silent guards, and the inmates. Lately he had found himself studying Maedhros, trying to see what it was someone like Haldir saw in the crude elf. It was always the idiots who landed the best elves for some reason. He had to admit that Maedhros was worthy of song when he laughed and smiled, something he did all too rarely. It had gotten better now that he could poke fun at Maeglin, and to Ecthelion’s surprise Maeglin didn’t seem to mind too much. Maybe the poor dark-elf was just more lonely than anyone had thought, he couldn’t quite shake the feeling that Mandos had not done this out of the goodness of his heart, something had to give.

Glorfindel was right; he should just forget everything about Haldir, no matter how attractive he might be. It was asking for trouble to move in on the Fëanorian’s territory. He was not actually allowed to talk to either those two prisoners, but he had developed a strange sign language with Maeglin, that Maedhros seemed to have picked up on. Last month the redhead had come to him and asked him if he would write him out a tattoo. He had, priding himself in reading and writing any dialect of Sindarin and Quenya there was. And maybe Fin was right again; maybe he really did need a healthier hobby. So he had spent a day writing up ‘Pain is temporary – pride is forever’ in the Fëanorian style tengwar. Underneath he had written in simplified Quenya, ‘like that?’ because he knew there was no rule about not writing to either prisoner. Maedhros had been happy about it, and winked as he had left with his note for the tattooist. Ecthelion really didn’t want to like him it was just hard not to. He hated to admit that he could see why he could have the goddamn pick of the litter no matter what, wives would leave their families and men would lie down at his feet. It was that goddamn smile; it just made even the most hardened elf’s insides into a fluttering bunch of butterflies.

Fucking Fëanorians.


“Excuse me?” Haldir called as he reached the empty front desk at the library, holding his letter crammed in his hand. “Hello?”

Ecthelion turned around the corner to the desk, his arms full of books, at first he was more than surprised to see Haldir standing there; he had just never pegged him for a reader. “Haldir?” He said with a little perplexed smile.

“Oh. Hi.” Haldir braced himself, “I was looking for the Librarian, so eh.”

“You’re looking at him.” Ecthelion said, putting the books down on the desk, “It’s the hair ain’t it? I mean it doesn’t scream librarian, does it? I have been thinking of having something done, but I just never find the time.” He laughed a little nervously, “I could of course pull the braid up as a bun, but then I’d need glasses and a skirt, which is sorta a bad idea… Remember those ridiculous braids everyone did back in the days?” He looked at Haldir from the corner of his eye, “You did those didn’t you? Of course you did, who am I kidding! Celeborn was always a sucker for weird ass hair. I’m talking too much aren’t I? Oh my… Sorry… It’s just that… so uhm…” Ecthelion blushed to the roots, “What can I do for you?”

“I’ll just come back another day.” Haldir sucked in his breath and turned to leave.

“No really.” Ecthelion called after him, “I’m sorry.”

Haldir fumed inside, so that was what Elladan had found so damn funny! That little fucker had been well aware who the Librarian was. “I was told that the Librarian could read this.” He held up the letter. “But I’m not sure that…”

“Knight of the fountain, guardian of the inner gates, reader of books and helper of damsels in distress… That would be me… But of course you aren’t exactly a damsel, but if you shoved some oranges under your shirt, you could look a little like a very ugly chick, or a very attractive elf with oranges under his shirt… I mean I will of course still take a look on your letter. You want to wait while I do it? I could get you some coffee, or maybe some water? Or maybe we could go have coffee somewhere else entirely… I… “Ecthelion took a deep breath, “I’m doing it again aren’t I?” He wet his lips, “I meant it though.”

Haldir rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help but to laugh a little of the absurdity of it all, also he did look a little cute when he was all confused. “I would love some coffee while I wait.” He just said walking back to Ecthelion, handing him the letter.

Ecthelion took the letter and placed it on his desk while he whisked off after two plastic cups of horrible vending machine coffee, he handed one to Haldir. Sitting down he carefully opened the letter and stared at it, he looked up at Haldir who sat squirming on his chair, waiting. Ecthelion sighed sadly, why did this shit always land on his lap? “It is a very old form of Quenya, the type that the elves took with them to middle earth when they came across the ice.” He looked at Haldir’s worried face, “I’m sorry Haldir, I really am. But I remember when they wrote this letter.” He admitted.

“They? Who they?”

“Maddy and Maeglin.” Ecthelion almost whispered, “They sat right over there, Maddy dictated and Maeglin wrote it.” He looked over in the direction of the table where they would sit every Tuesday, “They come here once a week, I suppose they need a break from stuff too, and what better way to do it than to learn something, not that they actually borrow any books, they mostly just yell at each other and…”

“The letter! What does the letter say?” Haldir slammed his hand down in the table so Ecthelion flinched and the cups hopped, threatening to fall.

“Are you sure you want me to read it?” Ecthelion said with a concerned manner.

“Yes.” Haldir almost whispered, not noticing he was gripping the edges of the chair.

“Are you sure that you don’t just want me to write you a translation that you can read yourself, because it is rather personal, I am really not sure I am comfor-”


“All right.” Ecthelion said softly “Beloved Haldir. – I can tell that you are unhappy; I can see you are wearing thin. You deserve someone who can be at your side, as it should be. So I am giving you your life back.” He paused, “I’ll never forget you, love Maddy.” He didn’t need to look at Haldir to know how upset the other elf was; Ecthelion just neatly folded the letter up again and pushed it across the table to Haldir. “For what it’s worth, I’m really sorry.” He mumbled.

Haldir didn’t know what to say. “A dear John letter?” He said in a small voice. “Really?” Ecthelion awkwardly pushed the letter a little closer to Haldir and it tipped precariously on the edge of the desk before fluttering to the ground.

“The bastard,” Haldir hissed and blinked hard, trying not to cry. “Surely I deserved better than that.” He was starting to get mad. “He couldn’t even tell me to my face, he has Maeglin write me a letter in a language I can’t even read!” he stopped for a second. “Maeglin? The Maeglin?” He looked at the nervously fidgeting Ecthelion, who just nodded, looking at the piles of books on his desk top. The poor librarian was kind of wishing that Haldir had found someone else to read the letter now.

“I got dumped for the worst traitor our kind has ever known!?” Haldir was incensed. He felt the incontrollable urge to move and as he threw himself out of his chair, his arm knocked one of the stacks of books off the desk top. Before he could apologize, Ecthelion was kneeling on the floor picking up the scattered tomes.

“I don’t think it is like that,” Ecthelion tried to calm Haldir. “They mostly argue when they are here.”

“Exactly!” the blond elf said loudly. “That is how it started. We argued, we called each other names, had a couple fist fights and finally had sex.” Ecthelion dropped the stack of books as he tried to place them back on the desk. At the mention of sex, he lost all his coordination. He had been trying really had to not imagine Haldir and Maedhros together, but now he had a clear mental image and knew that he would need to get back behind the desk quickly.

Haldir was not really paying attention to the dark haired elf on the floor; he was too wrapped up in his own head. “That must be what I did wrong!” He turned around and saw Ecthelion trying to get back in his chair without ever standing up.

“Um, what are you doing?” he asked his mortified companion. Ecthelion froze halfway to his seat. He was even more grateful that his back was to Haldir because he was sure his face was as red as a whore’s rouge.

“Nothing,” he mumbled and tried to settle himself in the chair and scoot it back under the desk without Haldir noticing his rather prominent condition. He was going to blame Glorfindel for this. His raunchy friend was the one always talking about sex, making Ecthelion think about things he really wished he wouldn’t.

Puzzled Haldir just stood there stupidly. Ecthelion was more than a little strange. The librarian was really about as socially inept as an elf could be. He couldn’t figure it out though, how did Ecthelion ever manage to lead his house without being able to hold a normal conversation.

Ecthelion cleared his throat nervously when Haldir didn’t quit staring. “More coffee?” He finally offered.

“No,” Haldir snapped, I do not want any more fucking coffee!” Ecthelion was really completely clueless but the hurt look on the other’s face gave him a pang of guilt.

Embarrassed by his outburst, Haldir fled the library.


The sun felt good on his face, as Erestor walked down the street toward Glorfindel’s house. It had not been hard to find, everyone knew where the gregarious elf lived. It was a neat, not overly large house, set away from the street and its neighbors. Erestor liked it immediately.

Smiling to himself, Erestor looked at the flowers planted in patches around the yard, near the path, around the amazing water fountain, against the house. It was well taken care of and happy. He felt like life this time was going to be so much better. It was going to be right.

He knocked on the front door and waited patiently for Glorfindel to get out of bed to answer. He knew the blond elf was not one for getting up early in the morning. He would have waited until noon to come here, but he had been out of the halls for several hours already and really did not want to wait to see Glorfindel again.

A grumble, a thump, and the rattle of the door handle announced his host’s arrival. He put on his best smile as the sleepy blond elf opened the door.

“Erestor?” Glorfindel squinted against the too bright sun. “When did they let you out?” He asked casually.

Erestor was kind of confused. In his head it had been a happy reunion, Glorfindel would be over joyed that he was well and back, this almost careless attitude turned everything upside down. Glorfindel stepped aside slightly to let his old lover into the house.

“How have you been?” he asked, with nothing else to say, as he looked around the house. The colors were from Glorfindel’s house in Gondolin, though some items he did not recognize. It was well kept, which surprised Erestor. The only things Glorfindel had ever taken much care of was his porn collection and his clothes. This house was clean and orderly.

“You found someone to pick up after you?” He didn’t want it to sound insulting that he thought Glorfindel was not capable of cleaning, he just knew it for a fact.

“Sort of,” Glorfindel said in a very non-committal manner he came up behind the smaller elf. “But no one is here now,” he purred as he rubbed himself against Erestor’s back. He was already hard and insisted on rubbing it along the cleft in the dark haired elf’s buttocks.

Annoyed, Erestor froze. This was not how he had planned it. They would kiss maybe, but no more, then talk, tell each other all about what had been happening to them since they had seen each other last, not just jump right into bed. He wanted to tell Glorfindel to stop, but he realized where he had gone off track. His plan was in his head alone, Glorfindel had no idea what he wanted and would assume it would be like it was before. Of course he would. It had always been like that.

Erestor was starting to wonder if he had made a mistake; but he was having trouble thinking clearly as Glorfindel had managed to get his hands under his layers of clothing and was currently rubbing those warm rough hands all over chest and kissing his neck.

OK, so just this once. Then he would tell him how it was really going to be. Damn, but he had missed this. He turned in Glorfindel’s arms and caught the blonde’s lips in a passionate kiss. It was just as wonderful as he remembered.

Glorfindel always knew just where to touch him to get the best reaction and pretty soon he was a writhing mewling mess on the giant bed the large elf always preferred. He had no shame, they had done this so many times before. Happily, Glorfindel flipped onto his back and announced, “I’m not doing all the work here, get your ass up here.”

Grinning, Erestor crawled up the long muscled body he loved so much. Every scar, every dimple, every hair. Everything was just as it had been back in Imladris. This was HIS Glorfindel. Kissing every spot he could reach, he finally settled back, sitting on Glorfindel’s hips, making his lover squirm. He pinched a coral nipple with his left hand while he licked the three fingers of his right hand until they dripped.

“Oh, baby,” Glorfindel groaned. “Just like that, but turn around, I want to see you,”

Erestor complied and straddled Glorfindel the opposite direction. He felt the warm rough fingers touching him surprisingly gently, holding him open while he put the first finger into his own tight hole. Glorfindel twitched and moaned and the sight, and Erestor found himself at the perfect angle to give the twitching red erection into his mouth. For a moment he worried that he would choke, but he was still able to take just as much in his mouth as before. He was enjoying himself, but focused on the flesh in his mouth, he must have forgotten the show Glorfindel had wanted because he felt the warrior’s fingers finishing the job he had started and abandoned.

It wasn’t long until Erestor had to pull away from both ends. “Too soon,” he insisted. And Glorfindel agreed. “Top or bottom,” he was slowly stroking himself. “Doesn’t matter to me, just get on it, babe.”

Erestor sighed inside, his lover had not learned any couth.

It didn’t matter, he wasn’t going to back out not just because he didn’t like how the blond asked for it. He settled himself back on Glorfindel’s hips and slowly moved around until he was in the right place to slowly slide down onto the biggest dick he had ever seen.

As soon as he was sitting all the way down on his lovers hips again with Glorfindel moaning and bucking under him did Maedhros words come back to him. That son of a bitch. He had done just what the cocky Feanorian had said, jumped on the first big dick he found.

Well, at least it is an impressive one, he thought to himself as he began to move, letting Glorfindel have room to thrust up into him.

Neither one was destined to last long that morning and before the mail even came to door, the pair of elves in the bed were drifting back into sated sleep.


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