These Days 3/?

Title; These days.
Author; azzy
warnings; language, slurrs, angst, spoilers.
rating; M
fandom; Dragon Age II
pairring; M!Hawke/Fenris.
WIP: 3/?
AN: Shit I’m sorry for the crazy hold up, I lost myself in ME till I completely forgot about this story. I will not happen again. This was made for century_eyes & erestorjunkie My fav Fenris fangirls. 😉

—> Part 3

Hawke had been right in his depressing premonition. As soon as Fenris had made good on his promise, to help Hawke as he told Leandra about Carvers demise. He was gone. Hawke knew that he was around Kirkwall, possibly hiding out in that big mansion of Danarius’. But he didn’t go there, he had no reason to. It was not until he had been asked to check up on some rogue mages that he found himself without friends. Isabela was gone, maker knew where she had went, or when she would return. Anders was nose deep in work in the clinic, and Varric was having his own troubles. Merril didn’t want to go because of religious persuasion, which Hawke thought was ridiculous, but he had to respect it none the less.

“Are you sure we can’t get Varric to come?” Sebastian asked, shielding his eyes from the sun as they walked down the massive steps from the Chantry.

“He gave me some song and dance about tax collectors.” Hawke said with a sigh.

“Maker! You think he is trouble?” Sebastian asked honestly.

Hawke just shot Sebastian a dirty look, which made Sebastian nod embarrassed. “So, we’re down to the two of us.”

“It will be fine, you’ll see.” Sebastian said, “We are both more than adept to deal with whatever those blood mages throw at us.”

Hawke resisted the urge to roll his eyes, “Unless…” He tapped his lip thoughtful, “Unless we call upon more unconventional friends.” He grabbed Sebastian and almost hauled him down the steps, sporting a shit eating grin. “I got just the friend we need.”


Knocking on the door to Danarius’ mansion, no answer inside. Hawke began to second guess his marvelous plan. “Fenris?” He called, knocking again.

Fenris looked out the window on the first floor, on top of the front door. “If it isn’t Hawke.” He said with an emotionless tone, just staring down at Hawke and Sebastian as they stood around like idiots on the street below him. “What brings you here?”

“You do.” Hawke said, “I need your help.”

“Everyone needs something.”

“You said I could call upon you at any time.” Hawke said, reminding Fenris of his own words. “I have a problem with some blood mages that I have to take care of. delicately if I can.” He blinked against the sun. “Would you please come down here, this makes my neck hurt.”

Fenris muttered something to himself in Tevinter, but slipped out the window, and gracefully landed on his feet in front of the baffled duo. “Blood mages?”

“Yes, apparently they fled to this cave, and I was asked to investigate.” Hawke said, knowing Fenris’ mindset so he added, “If they attack, you kill them.”

“But we wait for their move?” He asked a little suspiciously.

“Yes.” Hawke admitted. “Look Fenris, for now i was just told they were blood mages, I don’t know if it’s true. I hate to sound like Anders, but not all mages are blood mages, and maybe these are just regular people who is trying to escape the Gallows.” He crossed his arms over his chest, staring the elf down. Maker he was just as easy on the eyes as ever. Thrice cursed elf.

“Regular people?” Fenris huffed, “There isn’t such a thing as regular mages.” mirroring Hawke’s stance.

“What Hawke is trying to say is, we don’t know if they are evil people. We would have to see them to be the judge of that.” Sebastian said, “They have two options, either return to the Gallows, or die. It is that simple, but if they are decent people, good willed mages. They will see the logic in our words, and the makers will.”

Hawke took a deep breath. He knew he should let this shit roll off his back, but he was a mage too, and the way these two carried on, you’d think they were looking for a reason to sell him out to the templars, locking him up in the Gallows. “Yeah that was what I would have said, without all the mumbo jumbo about the Maker.” Hawke said staring at Fenris.

“You got yourself a deal.” Fenris said easing his stance. “So when do we leave?”

“You don’t want to negotiate your pay or nothing?” Hawke asked honestly surprised.

But Fenris just shrugged, “I don’t really need anything. And the possibility to rid the world of some of those blood mage vermin, I will do that for free.”

“That is settled then.” Hawke said squirming slightly under Fenris’ glowing glare. “Let’s go.”


He should have noticed it on the way to the caves, but he was too busy entertaining his own feeble fantasies of Fenris with as little clothes on as possible. But suddenly Sebastian and Fenris were talking, joking, laughing.. being friends. Hawke was baffled to tell the truth. How in the world could those two end up being friends? True they had the whole ‘hate for blood mages’ going, but that was about that, wasn’t it?

The trip back from the caves was directly painful as Sebastian and Fenris went on about how many blood mages they had killed. In the end Hawke just had had it! He had listened to them spewing hate for days now. “Enough!” He bellowed, efficiently shutting both elf and man up. “They were just people! Unfortunate people who grasped straws to stay free! Shit! You guys have me going on like Anders!” He sighed and rubbed his face with his callused hands. “I’m a mage too, just as those mages were once. Are you saying you don’t trust me either?” He stared at Sebastian and Fenis who sat cheeks aflame, looking anywhere than on Hawke. “Thanks for the trust! I think I will find another route home.” He turned, grabbed his bag and stomped off into the night. He knew he was over reacting. He knew that they wouldn’t betray him, he knew that Sebastian trusted him, mostly because the Matron mother did. But he couldn’t help but to be provoked on his race’s behalf.

“Hawke!” He heard some call for him. He knew that deep barrier tone, he would recognize it anywhere. Fenris. “Hawke, come back!”

He stopped, how could he not? How could he ignore Fenris calling for him? “Why would I?” He yelled back alerting Fenris to his presence in the dark.

“Because.” Fenris paused as he came closer, “It’s dangerous alone.”

Hawke laughed haughtily, “Don’t you think I can handle myself?”

“I know you can.” Fenris admitted, looking down at his feet in the dark, “Forgive us, we were out of line, we shouldn’t have said all those things. You are right, not all mages are evil. It’s just hard for me to comprehend, you understand that, don’t you?”

“I do.” Hawked said passionately. “But it’s like, you are born an elf, you can’t help that. I was born an apostate, I can’t help that either.” He had to resist the urge to touch Fenris, and just resigned himself to sticking his hands in his pockets in lack of anywhere else they could go.

“Hawke?” Fenris asked, “Don’t demons visit all apostates?”

“Suppose so.” Hawke said with a little quirky smile, “Doesn’t mean you have to listen to them.”

Fenris nodded listening, “Still, I say that people in direct connection with the fade, are dangerous.” He licked his lips, searching for his words. “Untrustworthy.”

“Oh.” Hawke just breathed.

“You have always been true to your word. Unlike..”

Hawke frowned, “Don’t you dare comparing me to that stain on life, Danarius.”

“I’m not..” Fenris said, but it was a lie, he couldn’t help it. Like two stains of the same disease. “Come lets get back to Sebastian before he starts to worry for real.” Fenris gestured towards the small light that was their fire.

“Okay.” Hawke sighed, “But no more mage bashing.”

“Promise.” Fenris said with a small chuckle. “Today at least.”

The mood had turned from nasty to just plain awkward as Fenris and Sebastian held true to their promise to not rag on mages, so instead they discussed different interpretations of the Maker, which was just dead boring to listen to, and Hawke had absolutely nothing to add to the conversation.


It was night at the High town market when the threesome split up. Sebastian had swiftly made his way towards the Chantry, and Fenris made his way up the stairs to Danarius’ mansion. “Hey Fenris!” Hawke called, walking after the elf half up the stairs. He felt ridiculously relieved as Fenris turned around and looked down at him. For a moment Hawke was worried that he was as transparent as he felt, but Fenris’ slightly puzzled expression told him that he weren’t. “I was just thinking, can I perhaps call on you some other time?”

“Of course.” Fenris said with a slight smile, “I enjoyed the company.”

“Yeah well, can’t promise that Sebastian is there every time.” Hawke said, instantly realizing his own mistake. “I mean, It’s not like we have to be joined at the hip, I mean, you don’t have you come every time.. shit.. I..”

Fenris stalked down a few steps towards Hawke. “You are a curious one.” He said, mostly to himself but loud enough for Hawke to hear. He stared directly at Hawke and added, “You can call on me anytime, day or night, should you need my services.”

Hawke sucked in his breath before he managed to stop himself from making a complete fool out of himself, like a hormone ridden teenage boy. He wasn’t really sure that Fenris realised how suggestive his offer sounded. “Delightful.” He said, his voice even slightly rose an octave. Great! Way to make a complete idiot out of yourself. He doesn’t like you, he liked Carver. And he didn’t even like Carver like ‘that’, you have no idea if he likes men, or… Maker! Those eyes.

Fenris most of all just looked amused by it all. “If you have to rid the world of a blood mage or two, I’m at your service.”

“Good to know, but it’s not like I go around killing blood mages all the time. And.. Would you perhaps mind a less dramatic event?” Hawke suggested, flashing Fenris his most boyish charming smile.

This caused Fenris to laugh, not just chuckle, but laugh.

Hawke wasn’t sure it was a good thing that Fenris laughed, but decided to just let it happen.

“Such as?” Fenris asked amused.

“Oh I don’t know.” Hawke said, deciding that being a smartass often worked so he opted for that again. “What about dinner?” He bit his lip nervously as Fenris went dead silent. “I’m sorry?” Hawke offered, maybe he had overstepped some invisible line, he didn’t know was there. Maybe he shouldn’t just have asked, but he was afraid that Fenris would just walk out of his life again, and he had to know that he at least had tried, and maybe failed, but it was better than never have tried.


“Yeah.” Hawke felt terribly shy suddenly.

“Would it involve excessive violence?” Fenris asked with a perfect pokerface.

“I’m pretty sure dinner is dead when it’s served. So no.” Hawke said offering a little smile, realizing that Fenris had made a joke.

“Good.” Fenris said, “I will leave the weapons at home.”

“Was that a yes?” Hawke asked, a little confused. surprised how easy Fenris had been persuaded to have dinner with him. After all it had been less than 12 hours since he compared him to Danarius.


“Uhm.. Great!” Hawke said a little too quickly. “How about tomorrow?”

Fenris looked thoughtful and then nodded, “Tomorrow will be fine.”

“Err.. Great!” Hawke repeated, kicking himself mentally for sounding like an idiot. He turned around and started descending the stairs so Fenris wouldn’t see his burning cheeks.

“Hawke?” Fenris called.

“Yeah?” Hawke turned around again further down the stairs, hoping the darkness would cover his blush.


“Oh… Uhm, What about I pick you up?” Hawke said with a nod to acknowledge his own cleverness.

“Agreed.” Fenris just stated.

If he said -great- one more time, Hawke would throw himself off a cliff, but still he heard himself say “Great!” But it didn’t keep his steps from being light and happy all the way to his mothers house.


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