Fly-by comic upload.

This is fucking brilliant, a fucked up masterpiece. It’s about this fella who is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. And when his dad dies he confesses to some horrible crimes. I won’t really say more, because it would ruin the whole thing. =) – Lots of oldschool horror, and a nice paranoid ‘who donnit’ vibe. It’s in black and white and has beautiful artwork. – This download is the complete work.

Download ECHOES here.

And then this was for , & most of all – Youll know why when you read it. ^^ – I honestly don’t know if there are more issues in this series yet. I haven’t been able to find any. But i’ll keep my eyes open, and my ear to the ground.

Download NEW DEAD WORLD here.

– This is it for now, sorry. I will return tomorrow with more stuff, because it’s terribly overdo. But it’s late and i am too tired to wait for anything to upload.


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