Fuck the Marker, and fuck you!

More silly game imagry, just because i think it’s pretty. ^^


Also what is up with that plot bunny i got with a Dead Space – Mass Effect crossover? I think my brain is just trying to hook up ever fit pixel guy in space. LOL! Well stanger things have happened than Sheppard/Isaac. hahaha i might let that bunny become something, i don’t know. I have two other stories i need to look at first, and botht chapters are half done. Hmmmm….

This is a whole room full of things like that, with data rolling down. very Matrix’y

Goodbye_sun and I talked about the map options in some games, and this is what it looks like here, the arrows towards your current objective.

LOL! You shouldn’t believe all you read, written in blood, on a spaceship full of crazy necromorphs out to eat you alive.



It is very hard to do a combat shot, and this is about the best it got.

I think you have to click the image to get it up in a bigger version to see the grafitti here.. because we all know that survival horror can’t happen in well lit rooms and corridors.

Heh.. just reminded me of Killing Floor.

Again, blow it up bigger to read, i think.

Now this made me howl with laughter. Yeah if i were to write ANY grafitti on the Ishimura, it would have been that! I’m sure Isaac agrees.


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