Azzy Plays; Mark of the Assassin. [pt1]

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Okay so it takes for fucking ever to render videos, so this is the first half. =) I made this for heinerich because he gave me that DLC, and i know he’d laugh at some of the stuff in there too.

Some stuff does require explanation, because the first two videos are of me fetching Sebastian (this is all recorded post game. So i went back and did the DLC’s after the game actually ended) My plan was to bring Sebastian, to show him off to heinerich too, because even if he is annoying (Sebastian i mean) He IS quite funny. But for reasons unknown to myself, i musta been tired or something, i clicked on Anders, and when i realised my mistake, i wasn’t bothered to stop recording. Also the first time i tried this DLC, i had Carver with me because as i finished The Legacy first, he was open as a party member again, he is so fucking funny when you bring him to Chateaus Haine. Anders, not so much. I appologize for that.

The playlist is HERE

Oh forgot to say that i avoid puzzles like the plague, (that is why i never actually finished playing Silent Hill, i am just puzzle impaired) So i only do the two that you NEED to do. Well you don’t have to poison Leopold, but it IS very helpful if you do. I explained that specific puzzle in the text to the video where it’s in, in case you didn’t crack it.. and lets face it, i didn’t either, i just had a very good google-fu that day.


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