I didn’t know Hawke was a highlander.

Or somefink. 😛

So heinerich was the good Samaritan and bought me the 3 dlc’s for Dragon Age 2, not that they are overly expensive or nothing. Actually they have a quite reasonable price, and i am SUPER exited.. Yeah yeah you know me, i obsess over a game till i beat it.

So i started the LEGACY campain and figured i’d toss some shots your way. If nothing else then to show heinerich what he paid for 😛

..The quickening or?

So even if you can do most these post-campain, i reloaded a game i had just before i went to the Gallows for the end game, to explore the expansions. Anywho I got to meet the archer monk or whatever the fuck he is. I really haven’t made up my mind about him yet, but i don’t think i like him much. (Neither does the rest of my party btw) And well got the mage pack II as well, what i didn’t realise was that this character is too high level for any of that stuff from the pack, what he is wearing is better than the downloaded stuff. lol! But i am SURE it will be VERY handy when i start the game over some day.

Random “Party” picture, ’cause they look like they have places to be and Ogres to kill.

Dude! He talks like that ALL the time.. Someone should gag him.. seriously.

I did just take this photo random, but lol that text! hahahah! yeah i have a dirty mind. But seriously i assume that it’s reffering to something that hasn’t happened to me since i didn’t start over, Carver says that the Carta thugs has been attacking him and us, i don’t think they attacked me overly much, and when they did, i sorta asked for it because i pissed them off in the beginning.

….dun dun dun

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! *snicker snort – IT doesn’t make it less funny that the staff he found is called Hawke’s key. Suppose it’s better than Hawke’s rod. *dies laughing.




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