Always on my mind.

Originally i started this for not sure it became anything but a confused piece of crap hahaha! Anyway i thought i atleast would post it here. This is original characters, and most deff n17, i should warn for incest and non-con. It “could” be seen as a continuation of Static. I think i’m gonna do a fic more in this universe. Oh well, i can’t help it, i’m having fun!

Maybe I didn’t treat you
Quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didn’t love you
Quite as often as I could have
Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time


”Call Dr. Roth!” A nurse called, watching the orderlies struggle to place restraints on Seth, strapping him to the bed.

”Oh just put him out of his fucking misery.” Another nurse said, ”that poor bastard haven’t slept for atleast 10 days, don’t you think it can wait?”

Seth tried to raise his head but the restraints wouldn’t let him. ”No!” He groaned.

”Do you think that is wise?” the first nurse asked.

”Just knock him the fuck out.” The second nurse said. ”Dr. Roth can talk with him after he had a good nights sleep.” The first nurse just shook her head, and the second nurse went over to a cabinet and searched for something.

”Ple.. pwe… pleazze..” Seth slurred.

”Hush now, Seth.” She came over and smiled down at him motherly. ”Open wide.” Seth turned his head away in defiance, so the nurse just grabbed his chin, forcing his jaw open so she could slip in a shin. ”For your own safety.”

Seth frowned and whimpered.

The nurse turned around and came back with a syringe. ”Now Seth, you’re gonna get a nice nap. And when you wake, you’re gonna be home.” Seth trashed as much as he could, showing his objection, but the nurse none the less stuck the needle in his leg, like were he a house pet. ”Sleep tight.”

It felt mostly like fainting, or falling in soft burr. And when he opened his eyes again he recalled the tacky blue carpet, and the faint stench of urine, oh he knew exactly where he was; under his bed.

”Are you hiding you little shit?” He heard Simon bellow seconds before he felt the bed shake from someone kicking it.

Seth let out a little whimper and tried to flatten himself against the wall.

A strong arm reached in and got a hold of his foot. Seth would have kicked if he could, but Simon was stronger and faster. ‘not again’ Seth thought to himself, closing his eyes shut, trying to will himself to another dream, memory or alternative world, or what hell this torment was. But nothing happened, he could on the other hand feel the carpet burn his hands and stomach as he tried to crawl away, while being pulled. He banged his head against the edge of the bed as Simon won the tug war, pulling Seth free from under the bed. Instinctively Seth covered his face, and tried to make himself smaller, but Simon just grabbed him by the collar and hauled him out of the room, and pushed him hard into the living room. He had went over this surreal world so many times he had stopped asking questions, he just dreaded that he would be stuck this time.

”Shut up! You’ll wake your brother.” Simon hissed. And Seth thought to himself that if Adrian was there, he would be awake already. Seth stumbled blind, but had to open his eyes as he felt a sharp edge against his stomach. Loads of dirty dishes fell to the floor, and Seth just hoped that this world Adrian was wise enough to just stay put till Simon fell asleep. Seth looked up at the kitchen, it was worn, filthy and looked abandoned in the early dawns light.

Seth had expected a hard hit to his kidneys, a kick or something, anything but the arm across his shoulder blades, pinning him to the table, and the hand in his shorts. It took a second for Seth to compute that Simon was stroking his cock, but when it did, Seth felt like throwing up, he used all strength in him to get free from under Simon who held him in over the kitchen table. But Simon was stronger. ”Oh quit it,” Simon wheezed, ”You love it, you little faggot.”

To Seth’s horror he couldn’t control the reaction to the repeated touch, and before long he had something that could resemble a erection. ”Dear God.” He whispered to himself. Utterly disgusted at himself. He knew that this was his own sick mind, he ‘knew’ that, but the feeling felt real, they always did. Even that time when Kane had shot him, he had felt the bullet, he had felt the pain and the terror. It was like he was observing himself in his own mind, always somewhere new.

”That’s right.” Simon whispered close to Seth’s ear. Taking his hand off Seth, he pulled down his boxers, and then undid his own belt. Seth heard the pants fall to the ground as the belt buckle made a metallic sound.

This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening, this isn’t happening.. He could hear Simon spit, and then lean in closer, the hand that wasn’t pinning Seth to the dining table, grabbed his hip. Aiding Simon as he forcefully pushed inside.

Seth had expected the pain to be worse, instead he just felt bile in the back of his mouth, the pain was not sharp, more like grinding. And he felt like he was going crazy when the first thought was ‘atleast i am not a virgin’. He could hear Simon grunt behind him, and to his dismay he heard the faint creaking of a door, he could feel eyes on him. Oh God, Adrian! And much against his will, Seth started to cry, he just resigned and sobbed. He didn’t even flinch when Simon finished with a couple of brutal thrusts, slamming his abdomen into the edge of the table.

Simon pulled his pants back on, and left for the master bedroom, ”Freshen up and go to school.” He huffed, slamming the door shut.

Seth took a deep shuddering breath, and reached for his boxers, pulling them back up. Overcome by nausea he held on to the table and emptied his stomach on the vinyl kitchen floor. Crying and dry heaving, he wondered what the fuck went on, go to school? How old was he? Where was Isabel? He staggered to the bathroom, and turned on the water, stepping out of his boxers he noticed that there was no blood, it sorta puzzled him, but he knew this nightmare shadow world better than to ask questions of so little importance. He stepped in under the water, it wasn’t exactly hot, but not real cold either, so it was okay. He felt his knuckles sting, and looked down at them, they were torn and bruised, and since he had not had a fight with Simon just now, then who?

”Seth?” Adrian asked softly as he came out into the bathroom, carrying a grimy towel. ”You forgot a towel.” He said timidly, sitting down at the toilet, looking at Seth in the shower.

Seth turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, he took the towel with a smile. ”Thanks kiddo.” He said trying to sound cheerful, not sure how the hell to react. When Adrian looked at him with huge worried eyes, Seth ruffled his hair, ”I’m okay kid, don’t worry about it. Go get your stuff and lets get to school.”

Adrian nodded, and silently left the dirty bathroom. Seth picked up his boxers and wrapped the towel around his waist to go find something to wear. He looked up in the mirror before he left the bathroom, he stared at his own reflection, he had his scar on his lip, so he had to be atleast 15. So 16 maybe?

They walked down the road towards Murky Mile, when to his surprise, Adrian took his hand. ”Mom, she aint never coming back is she?” He asked innocently.

Seth looked down at Adrian and squeezed his smaller hand gently. ”I don’t know.” Seth answered truthfully.

”I’m not a baby.” Adrian protested.

”I know that.” Seth grinned, ”Everything’s gonna be okay, don’t worry about it.”

Adrian shrugged, ”It’s just that when mom was here, you weren’t as sad.”

Seth smiled, ”I’m not sad, kiddo.”

”Liar.” Adrian said, ”I see you cry every time Simon he.. does that thing.” He emphasized thing, knowing the real word was a bad word. And that it was something you weren’t supposed to say.

”Oh.” Seth sighed sadly, so apparently this had gone on for some time then.

”See there you go, all sad again.” Adrian said softly.

Seth shuddered in the cold wind, wishing he had a decent jacket. But didn’t answer, just walking in silence, holding Adrian’s hand.

They went to Flora’s coffee bar to sit until school opened. Flora smiled at them motherly, ”Hungry?” She asked. Adrian nodded, and she just handed him a bun with cheese and salad. ”What about you Seth?” Seth shook his head, just trying to get warm, before he had to go out into the cold again, luckily the walk to the school was not far. ”Coffee?” She asked. And this time Seth nodded.

He warmed his hands on the cup, listening to Flora talking with Adrian, asking him about his homework. He smiled, he always liked Flora. She turned to Seth, ”I was thinking, how would you like a job?”

Seth stared at her wide eyed, ”Job?”

”Yes, you could, help me out.” Flora smiled, ”I’ll pay you.”

”I’m not sure that..” Seth started, but Flora cut him off, ”You can buy yourself a decent pair of winter boots.” Seth felt terribly self conscious of his ruined, soaked chucks.

”That’s a deal then.” Flora said filling Seth’s cup again.

Walking up the stairs to the school doors was just as terrifying as it had always been. Seth had his hands in his pockets, and his eyes on his feet, aiming for his class room. Had he been thinking, he would have been horrified that he would even ‘know’ where his classroom was, how could he know that? This was not real after all! But his feet knew the way, and slowly but surely they took him there. Seth didn’t look up until he stood in the door, he saw Kane at the window row, it never failed, the sight of Kane always made him smile. But no one, not even Kate acknowledged Seth’s presence, so he just slipped down unto his chair, silent like a ghost. For the entire class, Seth just sat there, without a pencil, or paper. He wasn’t sure he even had a book, and if he did, where it was. But no one questioned it, no one asked him why.

Seth wasn’t sure if he had zoned out of fallen asleep, it was not until the teacher came and shook his shoulder gently, he realised he was alone in the class room. ”Seth, class is over.” Mike, who was the teacher said.

Seth looked up at the teacher, maybe he should be worried that he had fallen asleep, and woken in the same dream, but he wasn’t, whatever was left of the man that had went back to this hell, had completely bought into it, shrunk into the background like a dull whisper, till this was his reality. Seth was 16 year old and sat in a dimly lit classroom, staring up at a pair of worried brown eyes. ”I’m fine,” He said, ”Just a little tired.”

”I’m right here if you need to talk.” The teacher said. ”I know you had a hard time since your mother was submitted to the sanitarium at Point Adam.” The teacher pulled a chair, and sat down opposite Seth, ”And i have been cutting you a lot of slack, but..”

It was like a light bulb went on in Seth’s head, suddenly he recalled his mother attacking him. He idly touched the scar on his lip, she had given him that when she had tried to.. Seth felt like throwing up a second time today, the coffee that Flora had given him suddenly fought back. He had split his lip when he had hit his head on the bathtub, as Isabel had tried to drown him in a religious psychosis. She had been exorcising his demons, he suddenly recalled her chanting, the feeling of being on the brink of fainting, not having any air left, his hands slipping on the sides of the tub, and his legs helplessly splashing in the water. ”I don’t feel…” He mumbled before vomiting on the floor next to his chair. Coughing, wiping his mouth and nose in his sleeve, he looked down at the liquid misery on the floor. ”Sorry..”

The teacher looked even more worried, ”If you are in trouble, you know i can help you. The school nurse has numbers to AA and NA if you need it.”

Seth frowned, ”I think i am coming down with the flu or something.”

The teacher reached out to touch Seth’s forehead, but Seth shied back. The teacher withdrew his hand, and smiled understanding, ”Go see the school nurse, I’m gonna get someone to clean up here, don’t think about it.”

”’kay.” Seth mumbled, and got up from the chair, stumbling towards the hall. He walked down the corridor, ignoring the eyes on him. He didn’t go to the nurses office, he turned and went down to the boiler room, there he curled up against the warm machinery and cried. How could he had forgotten his mother? She had been so sure he was possessed by some demonic spirit, that she had taken him to see every minister and quack in the whole county, but either they had told her some ludicrous story, or they had dismissed her. And in the end, she had decided to do something about it herself.

”Singer?” A well known voice called, Seth heard steps down the cast iron staircase. ”Singer you here?” Something stirred, a longing he didn’t know where came from when he heard the soft voice of Kane. ”Aw.” Kane gasped as he saw Seth hurdled in the dark, he squatted down and just stared at Seth. ”You okay?”

”Leave me the fuck alone.” Seth sneered, covering his head with his arms.

Kane cleared his throat, but said nothing, he just sat there. ”Mike called your dad. But then no one knew where you’d gone.”

”He’s not my dad.” Seth hissed angrily.

”I know.” Kane said softly. ”Hey Singer?” He sat down on the dirty floor. ”I know we haven’t talked much the last couple of years. But, remember when we were kids, before your dad died? Remember that tree house in your old house?” Kane said softly, ”Remember how we’d stay up there all afternoon, reading Tarzan comics talking about everything?”

”Yeah.” Seth whispered, and as Kane said it, the memory flickered. Seth grit his teeth, he wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, was he going crazy? Why did it seem like he had forgotten himself? ”What of it?”

”Nothing really,” Kane said, ”Just wondering where my childhood friend went.”

Seth’s lips was a fine line of anger. That was fucking low. ”What the fuck you want Williams? Besides the cheap psychology 1 to 1?”

Kane suddenly touched Seth’s forehead, it happened so fast that Seth didn’t have time to retreat, besides that he was cornered. ”You’re warm, maybe you do run a fever?” Kane mumbled.

”Whatever.” Seth said flatly. Finally looking directly at Kane, oh he knew what had happened, Kane had begun to hang with Gabriel and his fucking retarded jock friends, and as soon as he had been in with the popular kids. It had been like the afternoons they had had as kids, never existed. ”Are you done?”

Kane sighed, ”My dad is supposed to fly down from the mountain today. Why don’t you come and have dinner with us all?”

Seth smiled but shook his head, ”I’m not your fucking charity case.” Seth scrambled to his feet, ”Tell Terry i said hi.” He said in a strange detached tone, before he made it up the stairs, Kane straight behind him. Not even Simon could be worse than Kane, reminding him of when he was happy. Like an old Polaroid. Seth had hardly made it out into the hall before a hard hand grabbed his arm, digging it’s fingers into his flesh, pulling him off balance. ”What were you doing down there?” Simon hissed. Seth just stared at him in defiance, but his voice didn’t mirror his rebellion. ”Nothing Sir.” He hickupped.

Kane stood and looked at the scene wide eyed. But said nothing.

Simon hauled Seth off, leaning in hissing in his ear, ”Making out with your faggot buddy in the dark huh?”

”No Sir.” Seth just sighed. Keeping his eyes downcast, not wanting to look at the bystanders.

”Get your stuff, and lets leave.” Simon said, stopping. Seth looked up at the locker infront of him, a huge fat font read ‘Fag’ across his locker. Slowly turning the lock combination, he suddenly recalled it. Florian. Seth sucked in his breath, Flo had changed school, his parents had moved him away, where as Seth had been forced to face this, day after day. He had tried to run, he recalled that now, walking down the interstate, but the Sheriff had brought him home. Nothing would let him escape this living nightmare. He took his schoolbag in the locker, and closed it again, locking it. ”Done.” He announced, starting to walk towards the exit.

”Mister Blackwell?!” Seth heard his teacher Mike yell behind them. And he stopped in his tracks with a sigh.

”Wait, can we talk? Just for a moment.” Mike looked at Simon, who nodded, walking with Mike to an empty classroom, leaving Seth in the hall, against the closed door.

He heard them just fine from the other side of the door. ”Simon,” Mike said, ”I’m worried about Seth, he seems even more withdrawn than usual, like he’s not really here at all.” Mike sighed, ”You should consider starting him up on his meds again.”

”And who’s gonna pay for those? You?” Simon argued. But then just sighed deep, ”Has he started on his bullshit again?”

”No.” Mike said, ”But maybe you should atleast let him attend the school psychiatrist again?”

”Is it the same bull about the forest whispering?” Simon asked flatly.

”No.” Mike said again, ”He just seems more detached than earlier, he has been acting very peculiar all day.”

Seth bit his lip, feeling cold. Listening.

”Adrian and I went to visit Isabel yesterday, maybe that is what set him off?” Simon asked.

”She is still refusing to see him?” Mike asked.

”Yes.” Simon said, ”On the 5th year.”

”That’s fucking harsh,” Mike admitted, ”No wonder he is sad.” There was a long silence, ”So you’re gonna let him see Dr. Palm?”

”If you think that is best.” Simon said.

”I do.” Mike agreed.

Seth leaned against the wall. He didn’t want to sit in that pathetic woman’s office, listening to her talk about his parents. How his mother transferred all guilt of Seth surviving the accident that claimed his fathers life. Until she had convinced herself he was of the devil, and ergo Seth believed he was of the devil too. That was bullshit! He knew he was not evil. It was true the trees spoke, and if those idiots would just shut up for long enough, they’d hear it too. Sometimes they spoke of dark things, insanity and blood, but sometimes they were just singing lullabies. And sometimes you could almost make out faces in the surface of them, some trees were angry, some were sad, and some were happy.

”Whoa there,” A calm voice said, Seth could hear the smile in it. ”Don’t move about so much.”

Was he in a car? Yeah it felt like a car, he could hear the dull sound of the tires on the asphalt, ”Are we there yet Izzy?” He asked slurred.

”Won’t be long.” The voice said, he knew that voice, but it was not Izzy’s. Seth opened his eyes and looked at the young black haired man that sat next to him, he tested his arm, but found that he was still restrained. ”Hang on there Seth,” The young man said, and turned around, he smiled at Seth. ”I guess we can take those off you, if you promise to behave.” He winked, and leaned in and started to undo the restraint belts.


”Hey you remembered my name.” The young man said, ”I thought you were sleeping the whole time.”

”Wh-what?” Seth slowly sat up, feeling odd and sluggish.

”Thirsty?” Ferris asked. And Seth nodded. Ferris turned to hand Seth a plastic cup. ”All i’m saying is that it’s pretty amazing you picked up on my name, I mean i thought you were unconscious.” He reached out to feel Seth’s forehead, ”They knocked you out good at the Towers.”

Seth looked around, realizing he was in an ambulance, ”Where we going?” He asked.

”I suppose you weren’t told much huh? Or maybe you just need that tranquilizer out of your body.” Ferris smiled that sweet little dimpled smile of his, that made Seth all giddy, or had it ever? God he was so confused! A nightmare in the nightmare? ”Alright, lets introduce ourselves again” Ferris said with a little sad smile, like were he humoring Seth. ”I am Ferris, I am a registered nurse at Point Adam Mental Hospital, and i came to Twin Towers to take you back there with me.” He held out his hand at Seth, who took it with a shiver.

”Seth.” Seth said. Looking at Ferris Seth felt cheated out of a life, as he sat there with his squeaky white uniform and ID card clipped unto his pocket. His hair was as unruly as Seth recalled, and his eyes just as blue. But if he had never met Ferris, would that mean that Kane lived? Or? Which of these realities was real? And did he care anymore? He handed the cup back to Ferris and laid down with a whimper. ”I knew you, in another life, i knew you.” He groaned feeling ridiculously close to tears, not sure if he was just tired of making sense of things or not. ”Your last name is Fazakas, your dad’s name is Rainer. Right?”

”Yup.” Ferris said merrily, ”See you do remember stuff.”

”But..” Seth turned his head and looked at Ferris, ”How can i know that, if i never knew you?” He closed his eyes, ”It seems like we just woke in the same bed, and..”

”Seth look at me.” Ferris said, taking Seth’s hand. ”You ‘do’ know me.” He said, ”I have been taking care of you for the last five years. Remember?”

”Yes.. No..” Seth bit his lip, trying to not let his confused tears fall.

”You know my dad’s name because i took you out on a walk while we were in the City for the treatment that Dr. Roth meant might benefit, and we met up with him at a cafe.” Ferris shrugged. ”I know it was not exactly professional of me, but i don’t get to see him often, and i couldn’t see the harm in getting two birds with one stone.” He smiled lopsided, ”As for us sleeping in the same bed, i’m not sure my fiancée would be a big fan of that, sorry.”

”Oh God. I’ve gone completely mad.” Seth whispered, finally letting his tears fall.

Ferris sighed, ”It’s always like this when we return from those treatments.” He looked at his wristwatch, ”I’m not at all sure they are helping.”

”What about Izzy? Kane? Simon?” Seth asked in childish innocence, staring at the ambulance roof, ”Isabel? Hells even Early?”

Ferris banged on the front of the ambulance, ”Eben, can you get us there faster? This is fucking torturing the poor man!”

”Sure can do.” Ebens voice called back from the other side of the glass, as he switched the sirens on, allowing him to speed up.

”Don’t worry about that for now.” Ferris said softly, ”Now we just need to get you home, and it will all come back to you.”

”I had the strangest dream,” Seth said.

”Your mother again?” Ferris asked.

”Did she really try to drown me?” Seth asked, ”Or is she still living in Murky Mile?”

Ferris sighed, ”She really did try to drown you Seth. But your mother died years ago, don’t you remember that?”



Ferris sighed deeply. ”Your dad had been drinking and had a accident in his car, you survived, he didn’t. Your mother couldn’t cope, before she went off the deep end, she married the town drunk, Simon with whom she had a son, your brother Adrian.”

Seth smiled, ”Yeah I remember him.”

”Good.” Ferris smiled back, taking Seth’s hand again. ”Now Simon was a bad man, sexually abusing his sons for years until one day you snapped, shooting his face straight off with a shotgun.” Ferris looked down at their hands, ”You had a psychotic break, screaming about the evil in the woods, people being possessed and how the demons ate you from inside. That was what landed you here with us, and for the last five years Dr. Roth has been trying to find some method to cure your momentary psychosis, relapses of reality like this. You wake up and sounds like you have been living a different life every time.” Ferris sighed, ”I know it hurts every time i tell you this.” He took a deep breath and squeezed Seth’s hand, ”Kane Williams is fine, alive and kicking. He is a famous horror author, living right here in Murky Mile with his wife and five kids. He visits on your birthday and Christmas.” Ferris smiled at Seth, ”Adrian was killed overseas in service, the two of us attended his service two years ago.”

”He’s dead? But he’s a mechanic in Murky Mile.. I..” Seth’s voice trailed off, ”I just visited..”

”No Seth, Adrian was a soldier.” Ferris frowned slightly. ”He didn’t leave anyone behind but you.” Ferris rubbed Seth’s hand gently. ”And Early, you’ll see him soon. If he’s awake when we get there.” When Seth looked clueless, Ferris continued, ”He’s your room mate.”

”But he hung himself..” Seth sniffled pitifully.

”No sweetie. Your friend Florian hung himself, up in the hunters cabin close to your house.” Ferris squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. ”You found him days later.” Ferris brushed some hair off Seth’s face, ”Must have been hard to deal with, a small village, being teenager, and having a crush on..”

”Me?” Seth asked broken.

”Yeah.” Ferris whispered.


”You had some rough years there.” Ferris said, ”I am not a doctor, but i think this whole reality relapse was a survival mechanism, a place where you could control it all, where you didn’t have to deal with all the shit going on. But over the years your dream world just became as real as your real world, if not even more real sometimes.”

Seth squeezed Ferris’ hand back, ”Why do you know all this?”

”Because i have to know, i have been filling your memory gaps for years, Seth.” Ferris said, ”So I made it my job to find out who the people you talked about was, at first i thought half was just made up, but then i realised that it’s most often people you met, or used to know.” Ferris blushed slightly, ”Alright, i asked Kane.” Seth looked up at the ambulance cieling in silence, and Ferris continued, ”Chickpea is a nurse on your ward, lovely girl. Always laughing. Her brother Moon sometimes picks her up, sometimes he stayed for cake if he came right in the afternoon tea. He seems like a nice fella too.” Ferris finally let go of Seth’s hand as the sirens were switched off again, ”One thing tho, I never could figure out who the hell Shadow was, and Kane never heard of him either.” Ferris helped Seth off the gurney, ”Maybe he is pure fantasy?”

Eben came around back of the Ambulance and helped Ferris getting Seth to his feet. ”Come on buddy, think it’s time for dinner. I’m hungry like a wolf? How about you?”

”No not really.” Seth mumbled, letting then guide him inside.

Sitting on his bed, he stared at a huge collage on his wall, ”What the hell is that?” He said to himself, turning his bedlamp so he could see what was on the collage.

”Goddamn you really are a fucking lunatic.” Someone laughed from the other bed, the figure sat up and instantly Seth recognized the flame tattoo on his arm. ”Did you have one of them episodes again? So who was I this time? Your fuckbuddy? Your fuckbuddy’s fuckbuddy?” Early shrugged, ”Not sure i should be flattered that you keep mating me with other men, i mean that is fucking disgusting! You know i’m a tits man.” He grinned.

Seth sighed, returning his attention to the wall. There was Kane, with some woman, it looked like.. like.. Seth searched for her name; Crystal! Of course! And there was arrows to a bunch of kids, was this Kane’s kids? Seth squinted his eyes to read what it said under the picture of the four kids, and the baby on a blanket. ”Ramon, Nate, Sal, Angel & baby Tristan.” Seth felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. Then there were pictures of Adrian in his army gear, smiling in some desert far away. An old picture of Seth, Isabel and Izzy. A picture of Kane and Seth as kids too. It was riddled with pictures of people he knew. A casket with a flag on it, and Seth assumed it had to be Adrian’s. A picture of Izzy and Isabel’s grave, a weird blurry picture of Florian and himself, which made him smile, and as he watched it, he remembered that day at the cabin, goofing about with some beers they had nicked off Florian’s dad, where the hell had Ferris gotten this picture? Because Seth was quite sure that it must be Ferris’ idea to make this collage.

”Hey Singer you crazy fucker.” Early said from the dark, ”Remember, i want someone with huge tits.”

Seth didn’t answer, he just shut off the light and turned his back to Early. He closed his eyes, and somewhat wished he would wake somewhere else.


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