Sotto voce 2/?

Title; Sotto voce
pairring; Nick/Ellis
Fandom; L4D2
Rating; M/T+
WIP; 2/?
Warnings; blood, angst, craziness, language
summary; Sacrifice comes in many shapes and forms.
AN; This is the “sequel” to Trust, I can however not really say if this might be a longer story, i think it might be… Thing is that i really liked the

The moment we believe that we have never met
Another kind of love it’s easy to forget
When we are all alone then we do both agree
We have a thing in common this was meant to be

I raise my hands to heaven of curiosity
I don’t know what to ask for
What has it got for me?
The others say we’re hiding
It’s as forward as can be
Some things I do for money
Some things I do for free

-The Knife.

Part II – I wanted to walk a trail with no end in sight.

Nick blinked confused, trying to focus on his surroundings, but no matter how much he tried, everything was blurry still. ”Ellis?” He croaked, closing his eyes. ‘wiggle your toes’ he told himself mentally, and tried with all his might to feel his feet, horror crept up on him, until he had a full blown panic attack! He couldn’t feel his fucking feet! ”ELLIS!” He screamed, attracting some lazy searching zombies.

Ellis heard that scream, and while it sounded like he was being skinned alive, it was still a proof that the Tank hadn’t killed him. ”HOLD ON!” Ellis yelled. He stopped and looked around, the sound echoed off the buildings in the street, and he had no way of knowing where Nick was, and he didn’t want Nick to make too much noise if he was incapacitated, and couldn’t fight off a predator. ”Oh God, oh God…” He mumbled, ”Where are you?”

Not that Nick could recall when he had last felt like crying, not like he did right in this moment. He took some deep breaths of air, trying to calm his panic, he wiggled his fingers, and moved his arms. Good! Then he hadn’t broken his neck when the Tank had swatted him into the wall. It had been luck in disguise though, because he had landed between two buildings where the Tank couldn’t get to him. But judging from the smell he wasn’t the only thing deadish in here. He lifted himself up on his elbows to see what was wrong with his legs, he couldn’t see anything wrong, not like his legs were twisted all wrong, or better yet his entire lower body had been torn off, and he just hadn’t realised it yet because the body had gone in to shock. He HAD read about something like that once, about this dude who had walked like across a state with his arm missing from a car crash, just pushing forward on adrenaline. Nick lowered down again, he must have crushed his spine then. ”Fuck!” He hissed to himself. Even if Ellis should manage to find him, he couldn’t fucking move him. Guess it was game over then, not that he had imagined it like this, handicapped between rotting corpses and garbage. Or maybe then again it didn’t sound that off, come to think about it. ”ELLIS!” He yelled again, and this time the female zombie at the end of the alley noticed him. She snarled and walked towards him, like she was trying to find his scent amongst all the death. Nick pulled the clip from the AK only to realise that it was empty. So he tossed it, and reached for his belt, grabbing his gun, he pulled that clip to find that he had six bullets, which was more than he had hoped for. He had bullets in his pocket, but he wasn’t sure it was the right kind.

Ellis heard the yell and the shot. And several scenarios ran through his head, had Nick shot himself? Was there zombies trying to get to him? Was it a hunter? Or something worse? None of those calmed him at all. He walked into something he thought would have maybe been a hotel, and made his way through the industrial kitchen. ”Nick?” He whispered. ”You here?” – No Answer.

The shot alerted the zombies that had not been aware of him before this, and they all turned and looked in Nick’s direction. And to Nick’s horror he heard a high pitched screech. ”ELLIS!” He screamed most undignified, but right now he didn’t care about keeping his cool.

The hunter’s screech and Nick’s scream didn’t go unnoticed by Ellis, who stood in a diner, spinning around helplessly, trying to determine where the sound came from. In a last desperate attempt he closed his eyes to see if he could home in on the sound. He could hear the zombies growl like they were talking, just searching in blind for something they weren’t sure what was, with hungry mouths and grabbing hands. He could hear birds which amused him. And then he heard the hunter again, he frowned, taking a step to the left, grabbing his rifle so hard his knuckles turned white. And he was in luck, the hunter screeched again. Not giving it a second thought Ellis just snapped his eyes open, and bolted out the diner, turning the corner so fast he almost tripped over his own feet, skidding in the gravel on the concrete. ”NICK!” He finally cried loud. Turning the corner he saw the hunter, crouching getting ready to jump his victim, and out of the corner of his eye he saw something white’ish on the ground, and something that flew through the air, as it hit the hunters head and fell to the ground; it was a gun. Ellis aimed and was about to shoot when something grabbed him from behind, and for a split second he was sure it was a smoker, and that they both were doomed because he had not bothered to check his surroundings. But as he turned he found it was just some infected, clutching him. He pushed them off and shot them swiftly.

Nick hear the shots close by, and sighed. He had no option left than to try and make his way back into the alley, he had confused the hunter momentarily by the empty gun thrown to it’s forehead. Nick panic crawled on his back and elbows backwards, knowing that the hunter would remember what it was doing in a moment. The hunter shook his head, and stared directly at Nick again, growling.

Ellis had to reload, and one of the infected still had a hold of his arm. ”HANG ON!” He yelled, fighting to get a clip into his rifle. It happened so fast that he didn’t have a chance to react, Ellis had been so focused on Nick, the hunter and his damn clip, that he hadn’t heard the boomer on the roof. It dropped down in front of him, and emptied it’s bile all over him. ”No!” Ellis wailed, finally forcing the clip into the rifle, and shoot the boomer, only earning him a second wave of bile.

It was with grim realizations that Nick had to acknowledge that he wouldn’t be able to hide from the hunter, so in a last desperate act he searched the garbage with a blind hand, hoping to find something. His fingers found something cold and hard, he pulled it and to his relief it was a piece of iron pipe, maybe some other survivor had lost the fight here, and dropped it. He held the pipe up against his chest, just in time, as the hunter jumped.

Ellis managed to kick off the horde, and run into the alley, for a second he thought that he was too late, seeing the hunter on top of the white clad heap in the garbage. A second later he registered that the hunter was silent, and not yipping, frothing as it ripped Nick to shreds. He ignored the horde he knew was on his track, and ran directly to Nick and the dead hunter. ”Nick?” He asked, kicking the dead hunter off his companion.

Nick drew a deep breath and opened his eyes, ”What the fuck took you so long? You stupid ass hick!” He growled, but a little smile twisted on his lips.

Ellis held his hand out to Nick to help him stand, but to his surprise Nick just shook his head. ”I can’t.” He admitted. ”What the hell do you mean, you can’t?” Ellis asked slightly panicked, not having time for the answer before he had to shoot some zombies in the alley. ”We gotta go, man.” He begged.

”I know.” Nick sighed, ”Listen Ellis..” He gestured for Ellis to come to his level, kneeling next to him. ”I don’t know what that tank did, but i can’t feel my fucking legs.” He said looking up at Ellis. And for a long moment Ellis didn’t answer. He just looked at Nick, looked into the gamblers green eyes, he could see a silent plea there, something he had never seen before. The normally hard eyes, was soft and begging. Nick was too afraid to ask, or maybe he just didn’t know how. But Ellis could see how afraid Nick was, he wasn’t sure if he was afraid that Ellis would leave him here to his own demise or if he was afraid of death in general, but one thing was sure, Nick was scared out of his wits, and needed his help. Ellis smiled, ”I’m not leaving you like this.” He said, handing Nick his rifle, ”You shoot.” He said, moving behind Nick to pull him under the arms, like he had seen in movies, but a grown man’s dead weight just seemed really encumbersome, and Ellis ended up having to give up a couple of meters later. At least he had managed to move them into a little secluded corner, Ellis squeezed down between the brick wall and Nick. ”Sorry.” Ellis panted, leaning his head against the wall. And to his surprise Nick leaned against him, resting his head on Ellis’ shoulder.

”You tried, that is more than what i had expected.” Nick admitted. And to his surprise, Ellis wrapped an arm around his waist, holding him close up against him. Nick closed his eyes and just listened to Ellis’ breathing slowing down to normal, feeling the hot sweaty body against him. And he couldn’t remember a time where he had felt more safe, no matter how ridiculous it might sound. Not even his mother, that bitch, had ever made him feel this comfortable in her arms. ”I’m sorry.” Nick whispered with a tiny voice.

”I know.” Ellis whispered back.

Nick waited for a moment, waited for Ellis to tell him that he could keep the rifle, and hold them off for as long as he could, and good luck. But Ellis didn’t move, he just sat behind him, holding him tight, breathing. As they both heard some zombies that had made their way down the alley, Ellis’ grasp tightened as Nick aimed the rifle as best he could. It was in this moment Nick realised that Ellis wasn’t going anywhere. He was going to sit here in a corner on a garbage heap, facing whatever fate. Nick shot the two zombies, and for a little while listened for others, but they didn’t come. So he lowered the gun and rested his head back on Ellis’ shoulder again, closing his eyes. He couldn’t help but to feel humbled. Would he have done the same for Ellis? Or would he have left him? He knew the answer even if he didn’t want to hear it, not even from his own heart. He would have left the kid in the blink of an eye, odds are he wouldn’t even have searched for him, like Ellis had done for him. He could almost hear Phyllis laugh at him, ending his days here, unable to movie, teary eyed in the arms of some random hick, on their throne of garbage. It was so fucked it was poetic. And yet he never felt more at peace.



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