The festering stench of rotting flesh, makes me drool as I consume…

Okay so figured it was time for some comic stuff again. But first of all, for dock_leaf & mine love for Lovecraft, i decided to upload whatever i had floating about on my computer of books, essays, poems and stuff of and about Lovecraft, i made 5 rar files so it wouldn’t take so damn long to download. Plus it would be easier to sort in it and delete shit you don’t want. Also i see some stuff got there twice, so sue me, there was a lot of files to keep track of. It is all in PDF format.

Lovecraft books.rar 1 – An American to mother England – Astrophobos – At the mountains of madness – At the root – Asathoth – Beyond the wall of sleep – Cats and dogs – Celephais – Christmas blessings – Christmastide – Cool air – Dagon – Death – Despair – Dreams in the witch house – Essential guide to Cthulhu – Ex Oblivione – Fact and Fancy – Facts concerning the late Arthur Jermyn and his family.

Lovecraft books.rar 2 – From Beyond – Fungi from Yuggoth – Good saint Nick – Halloween in a suburb – He – Reanimator – History of Necronomicon – Hypnos – Ibid – Imprisoned with the Pharaohs – In the vault – Laeta; A lament – Letter to August Derleth – Lines on General Robert Edward Lee – Little tiger – Medusa’s coil – Memory – Metrical regularity – Nathicana – Necronomicon, books of spells – Nemesis – Notes on writing weird fiction (essay) – Nyarlathotep – Ode for july 4th 1917.

Lovecraft books.rar 3 – Old bugs – On reading Lord Dunsany’s book of wonder – On receiving a picture of swans – Out of the aeons – Pacifist war song – Pickman’s model – Poemata minora Vol II – Polaris – Providence – Revelation – Supernatural horror in literature – Sweet Ermengarde – The Alchemist – The allowable rhyme – The beast in the cave – The book – The bride of the sea – The call of Cthulhu – The case of Charles Dexter Ward – The cats of Ulthar – The cats – The city – The color of outer space – The conscript – The crawling chaos – The decendant.

Lovecraft books.rar 4 – The despised pastoral – The disinterment – The doom that came to Sarnath – The dream quest of unknown Kadath – The Dunwich horror – The evil clergyman – The festival – The garden – The green meadow – The haunter of the dark – The horror at Martin’s beech – The horror at Red Hook – The hound – The house – The last test – The lurking fear – The man of stone – The messenger – The moon~bog – The music of Eric Zahnn – The nameless city – The night ocean – The other Gods – The outsider – The peace advocate – The picture in the house – The poet’s nightmare – The quest of Iranon.

Lovecraft books.rar 5 – The rats in the walls – The rose of England – The shadow out of time – The shadow over Innsmouth – The shunned house – The silver key – The statement of Randolph Carter – The strange high house in the mist – The street – The temple – The terrible old man – The thing in the moonlight – The thing on the doorstep – The tomb – The transition of Juan Romero – The trap – The Tree on the hill – The tree – The unnameable – The very old folk – The whisperer in the darkness – The white ship – The wood – Through the gates of the silver key – Till A’ the seas – To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkelt, 18th baron Dunsany – Tosh Bosh – Two black bottles, a poem of profound insignificance – What the moon brings – Where once Poe walked – Within the walls of Eryx.

And now to the comics part. lol! And to continue in the Lovecraft spirit, i uploaded this comic drawn by Richard Corben, I love Corben.. I honestly can’t remember if i uploaded this before, anyway, if i did, here it is again.
|| DOWNLOAD – THE RATS IN THE WALLS || Art by Richard Corben.

And then i promised heinerich some more The walking dead, and so i uploaded album 21 to 30.

And lastly, i figured i would tempt goodbye_sun more than i should.. And of course all other Zombie lovers too! This is a comic series that is still in progress, but i have album 1 to 5, which i uploaded for you, and if you like it, i will upload albums as i find a scan of them. The series is about some officers that transfers some violent criminals, and suddenly find themselves stuck in Z-day. It’s both really beautifully drawn, and has a super story. (just to clear out misunderstandings, the 5th album is the newest there is.)

And as always, if you like it, and it is available in your end of the world, support the artists by buying their product!


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