Simstorytellers spotlight

Sorry to be posting this 5 minutes past midnight, its technically Monday, and i am not sure i will have time tomorrow… so…  And i realise some coding here went wrong, i tried to fix it, but i can’t seem to get it all… odd!

AN April 11; This is from July 14, 2008. I can’t say i ever understood why i got that spotlight, i was never a popular author there.

Even my selfsim get headaches..

1. Tell us about yourself. (What you do for a living, your interests, where you live, your non-sim hobbies, etc.)
My name is Rikke, I am a 32 year old female, married with children.. *gg* four children to be exact, ranging from 7 months to 11  years, two sons and two daughters.. Wow i could stage my own home version of  ‘The lion, the with and the wardrobe’ lollollol Here it would most likely be ‘the budgie, the stressed mom & the dresser’ but who’s counting?

Right now i am on Maternity leave, and have been so for 4 years straight, since i had the 3 youngest pretty close together. I used to study to become a librarian assistant, but i dont think i will pick that up again, i did vacation temp as a bartender lots of times, i think its most likely i will return to that.

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment (yup all 6 of us) in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Not much to say about that really…

I write slash, smut, adult fanfiction.. call it what you want, that has always been my first passion, and i have to say it ruined every movie and every song, because i automatically store it on my possible smut shelf in my head. If you should want to read my stuff you can find it all at my regular journal, (azzy)  this account i just use for the sims. Since i really don’t want to mix these two together normally. the age range is a little different…

Before i had kids or husband, i used to travel some, I can’t speak German very well tho, so that kinda gave itself. I used to live in occupied houses (Squatting) just dangling about having fun. This is why i never got me a proper education, the only papers i have to show as a education is as a clown. i kid you not! i went to a clown school, learned how to breathe fire and ride uni-bikes ^_^ And i’m great for birthdays 😛

Harlen (on the sofa) Cain and Early.

2. Do you have other creative pursuits that affect how you tell your sim stories? (Such as photography, creative writing, etc.)
As i said, i write slash, and that is the same with my sims2 stories, i can’t help it, its just the way my muse works. i do tone it down A LOT for the sims2, and just show kisses or insinuate what is going on if things get a little risqué.

I have to admit that sims sex always freaked me out, and i am aware that there exsist adult sims sites for that purpose, and all i have to say is  ‘why’? its creepy! (wow that could have been a simsecret, was it not for the fact that i don’t think its a secret)

Me & Cain

3. Why did you start creating and posting sim stories?
I started writing a sims story for TS1, and that was called something along ‘The epic saga of Lotus’  it was basically the same as i write now, just a little more teen angsty, (Yes it can be more angsty) It was about a guy who fell in love with this male prostitute..  Hmmm, i might do that story again, just a little different tho. I posted this only to my regular homepage, but since i had a sims2 site back then (amazonsims) and that had a forum, then i know a lot of people read that story.

Then after a while i got a computer that could run sims2, and as the most natural thing, i started up a story again, that story was just me playing the sims, like a legacy. But it was about Shadow’s parents Snowball & Isaac. ^_^

Then i felt like writing a ‘real’ story, so i started on the story of Cain, and the rest you already know..

Poppy & Moon.

4. Do you use Maxis pre-made sims, original sims, sims based on other sources (TV, movies, books, other games), or some combination of these? Why?
I do have some FFVII sims in my game, or rather ‘had’ since i lost them in a reinstall, dont ask me why tho.. i kinda suspects the inteen, but i don’t know for sure. I never use pre made maxis sims, i know a lot of people like them, but i find them ugly and freakish, (yes I’m shallow like that) And actually downloaded a default face template for them to be less ugly, and more usable for me, I do use maxis pre made sims for the Rainbow challenge tho, its pretty hard to do a legacy without them. I love that face template actually, on purpose i didn’t download one that made them all very pretty unisex (i could have done that, sure) But i downloaded one that made the features on the default sims a little less grotesque, but still kept their personality, that means that Goober actually looks like Goober still, just a little less freakish.

Me and Fern.

5. How long does it take you to create a new CAS sim for a story? (If you create original sims, that is.)
Hmmm.. not counting the insane loading time my CAS have, then i’d reckon about 20 minutes, sometimes more.


6. Do you have one sim that frustrates you more than any of the others?
Nah not really, they all frustrate me. They are sims after all! At least they don’t get stuck on the stairs or in cramped spaces like in TS1, i remember that was the worst! having all your sims “locked” in the freaking bathroom, and you ended up having to build these huge ass bathrooms with two or three doors, and the kitchen alike.

I hate the stereo in TS2, i never buy them for my sims, like i never buy a pool or bubblebong.. they just keep running to it, ruining my shots completely!

Cain & Early.

7. Do your sims have their own theme songs?

Harlen –Imogen heap // Clear the Area
Cain – Vast // Pretty when you cry
Early – Delirium & Sarah McLarclan // Silence (This is the remix version i have, that i like much better than the original)
Seth – Snow patrol // shut your eyes
Kane – Snow Patrol // chasing cars
Terrence – Imogen Heap // The moment i said it
Caleb – Coldplay // Lost?
Payne/Thorn/Tristan – Within Temptation // Forsaken (now i know you guys haven’t really met this character yet, unless you read my non-sims stories about him, and hey lookit i got to shove some FFVII your way ^_^)
Harm/Horatio – Evanesense // Going under (the same as goes for Payne, as you haven’t met this character yet)
Jean-Baptiste – Vast // Can’t say no to you

I never really did realise how corny that soundtrack would be, And i have to admit that i listen to stuff while writing that i wouldn’t even buy a CD with. i have thing for sad lovesongs when i write.


8. Do you like using aliens, vampires, zombies or any other non “normal” sims?
No actually not, not the maxis ones anyway.. would you believe that i never actually SAW one of them in my game? i never had a plantsim, a werewolf, vampires or zombies. The aliens are of course in the Strangetown default hood, so i saw them, but i never had a alien abduction. It was like a month ago i saw a skunk for the first time in my game. Just as i never saw that black wolf with the yellow eyes. I guess i don’t really play enough, i stage and shoot.

Shadow & Me.

9. Do you usually create backstories for your sims?
Hell yes! All my sims have their own really crinkly, and most likely depressing backstory. But i usually write them out in the stories, so you all know them.

Seth & Kane

10. If it were possible, would you carry out “romantic interactions” with any of your sims?
Now… my selfsim is actually married to this guy Shadow, (Snowball and Isaac’s son) They have a house in the subs and some kids, they need a white picket fence tho, the car and the dog they already have down. Would i snog him? as a sim, hell yea!


11. Have you ever cried when a sim died? How emotionally attached are you to your sims?
No i haven’t..  I did feel a little bad when Lawrence died, (Moon’s dad) I honestly thought i had saved him to my CAS, but i apparently didn’t 😦 he was a great sim! But to answer the question, no i don’t get emotionally attached, since i have my favourite sims in my CAS and most likely have them in several hoods.

Caleb & Payne (on the sofa) Jean-Baptiste on the ground.

12. Do you have a favorite character/family?
I have many, i mean check out the snapshots of this post, they are all my favourite sims. All the sims from my stories, at least the main characters, they all grow on me.


13. Are there any stories in particular (sim or non-sim) that have inspired your storytelling?
Not really.. not that i can think off. My inspiration comes from 100 different places, a snapshot here, and a phrase there..


14. How do you decide on names for your sims?
Oh yes…  Now

electric black asked me the same, and the names comes from all over, to name a few:

Cain i got off Cain God Child, one of my favourite manga’s
Harlen i got off Dan Simmons – Summer of night.
Early i got of Kalifornia
Seth is an egyptian god (but allso a kick ass character in from Dusk to Dawn)
Gabriel is from a song by Lamb.
Kane was kinda a joke, because i had to give goodbye_sun’s Daniel of 100daysofsorrow. a new name for my story, and since she read Story of Cain.. then… yea..

Memphis is from Happy Feet

The Storm family is from my daughter who’s named Astrid Storm *and then some more names and a surname*
Caleb is from some very sad movie i once saw but i don’t remember its name.
Jean-baptiste i got from the movie Perfume.

The names like Remember, Listen, Shadow, Cyan, Moon, & Fern and so is just because i am a hippie child, And i knew a lot of kids with less conventional names. I have an overload of old Hebrew names (Hebrew is just such a beautiful language) and other old names .. My own means peaceful ruler, so what about it? *lmao*

Seth & me

15. Do you use hacks in your game? If so, which ones? How do they affect your stories?
oh man… i use the insiminator, the inteenminator and some overlays. i rarely use them in stories, the overlays i mean, i can’t remember i ever did use them for anything but “Stills” like these ones in this post.


16. Do you have a favourite EP/SP? Which expansion adds the most to storytelling for you?
hmmm… I’m not sure, i got them all up until OFB the first time i installed. But from what i can see then its Nightlife that has the most features that i use. I’m looking very much forward to Apartment life too, i wish my sims would live in apartments.


17. Do you make your own custom content?
Noooooooooooooooo, I used to for TS1, but i never even attempted for TS2. I’m quite content with the cool stuff others do.


18. Do you have a favourite sim outfit or hairstyle?
Hmmm no i don’t think so, i think i have too much cool stuff. But i am partial to suits ^_^


19. What are some things that you wish were included in Sims 2, but aren’t? (For example – social interactions, the way sims interact with objects, etc.)
I really wish they could live in apartments, you know more sims in the same house, but don’t just walk into each others “apartment”- And i wish it had a shoplift option, i mean come on, man! that would be realistic.

Seth & Kane

20. How long does it usually take you to prepare a story update?
h man, that depends. sometimes the chapter is a “filler” (read: a drag to write) and then it takes me for ever, but when there is angst, drama or romance they come pretty fast. it’s the snapshots that really take up all the time, or rather its all the rebooting. *sigh*

Poppy & Moon

21. Show and tell: Please show us your workspace (a photograph, if possible, or just describe it), and tell us about the conditions you prefer to work in. Do you have any bizarre habits or rituals?
I have my computer on the kitchen dining table, so there is nothing to show really. I remove it when i am not using it, yup i realise its a really bad solution, but with this many people on such little space, its the only solution there is. And i don’t have any rituals other than listening to music when i write, oh wait… i do need a cup of coffee too, even if just sntands there getting ice cold.. lol..


22. Do you usually have your sims act to a pre-written script, just follow what they do, or some of both? what comes first – the text or the image? Is one of the elements more important than the other to you, or are they about equal?
Both actually, i have a little note book where i write down roughly what is going to happen, and then i enter those scenes (houses/lots) where i need to shoot the snapshots, but my sims have free will on, and sometimes they do something on their own that is WAY better than anything i could have planned. When i shoot the snaps the story as in what i am going to write to the picture in question just comes to me as a kind of movie. I often change it tho, put in scenes i did not plan because it fits so well.

The images comes first, but i know what i want in my chapter, so in that way its equal. then i pull the images into photoshop to crop them and add a border (and/or layers) I never alter the images (read: frankensim/photoshop the hell out of it). There i sort the images in what i need and what i don’t need of the snapshots i took in game. I often take really lame/innocent snapshots and alter the meaning of it with text, a snapshot that is really of two sims talking about the weather, can if you shoot it in the right angle and add the right text suddenly be a image of two sims about to kill each other.

So, i say its about 30% importance on the snapshots, and 70% on the writing.


23. Can you give us any hints about what is coming up in your stories? (Oh, come on…)
Heh… Well, i am going to introduce there two characters soon, the blond bloke is Adam, and he will be in Mary in the Mirrorin not so long. And the Werewolf/monkey  Jean-Baptiste is soon to be introduced in After my own heart. (Jean-Baptiste is actually Damian Leeman made by rainbowflyer) But why and how, i wont tell.


24. In your opinion, what makes a good sim story? What do you like to read in other people’s stories?
That the characters are believable. I don’t really care if they have puppet hands if they are well written, you have to feel something for the character or the plot is boring. So yes well developed characters is a must, without that i wont read past picture 3.

Personally i mostly read male/male stories, but i DO occasionally read “normal” stories, there are some really good ones out there. I never bother with legacies. i get totally lost in the updates, and some legacy writers skip too fast past charcters that are interesting, just because they aren’t heirs. *pout*

I do have my favourite authors in TS2, but i wont list them since that would seem rude really, you know who you are, if i didn’t reply with *meh*, then i love your story. i only comment on stuff i really like, even if its just a ‘awesome -wicked’.

Me & Caleb

25. How often do you check your flist to see if your favourite authors have updated?
Once a day *blush* But i strive to check both my flists on a daily basis. I need my daily fix of Internet fiction.


26. Storytelling aside, what first drew you to The Sims? What do you like most about playing The Sims?
first? Hmmm my friend Nina (desdemona76) bought it, i didn’t even have a computer back then, and we had Sims-evenings, getting together playing the sims, just a lame excuse for stuffing ourselves with potato chips and cola i suppose. But it was totally awesome! it was like playing a dollhouse where the dolls moved about on their own. The big revelation was when the ‘rosebud’ cheat was discovered, and the first Internet sites came, i remember i loved Jennova’s site, she had some seriously cool stuff.

Later i got the game myself, but totally lost interest in it when Unleashed came out, that was the worst crap EP ever! those pets were so fucking annoying i cant even express it. Then TS2 came but my computer couldn’t run it. I didn’t get TS2 until after OFB was released..  I might add that Nina still plays TS1 i actually think that is kick ass in its own way.

Me and Shadow – Good times all around!

27. How long have you been playing The Sims? Have you been playing since Sims 1?
I actually think i covered that in the above posts.


28. Do you only play the game with stories in mind, or do you also play just for fun? Do you record everything with photos anyway?
I only play for photos, i never actually PLAY the game, my computer is a twat and crashes after about 20 to 30 minutes of play. So i just have time to stage some shots, i usually have to reboot 3 to 4 times for a chapter of a sims story.  I wish there was some other way, but im sure most of you remember my computer issues, if i install the newest drivers my game atrifacts something awful, and if i install old drivers, then the game looks pretty but crashes all the time. I never found a solution to that sadly, so in the end i went with the crashing game, i couldnt stand to look at those giant holes in my sims, they looked like something out of Freddy’s nightmare.

Me and Cain.

29. Do you have a self sim? (We’d love to see him/her, if you want to share a pic.)



30. Is there anything else you would like to add?

ME: Thank you to Daniel for playing Kane.
DANIEL: Sure, it is a pleasure.
ME: Wicked! So you gonna stick around a little longer?
DANIEL: Yea, you got me walking about in sunshine and all, so yea i’m gonna stay, actually i saw this little cute house down the road.. Don’t worry i will be sure to send a postcard to my agent/creator , goodbye_sun.


mjo5oh asked: How did you come up with the storyline for MiM?

I was reading urban legends online, researching stuff for a FFVII story i am doing. And figured it would be cool to do more of that. And then i stumbled across [info]simfic50 and that whole promt table just tickled my muse to write a lame horror story, you know along the lines of ‘Friday the 13’th’ – I should maybe say that when i first started to wrote only original stuff, and wrote homoerotic-horror. I kinda just returned to basics, in my fanfiction writing i mean, there aint much about MiM i’d call truly homoerotic, its more shounen-ai, since nothing really happen, its just brief moments, nothing heavy and graphic.

And honestly, then i don’t like mirrors either, actually we only have one, and that one i remove when its not used for a purpose. son’t ask me why, as a kid i was scared shitless of mirrors, and  staircases that went down into cellars. *gg* So the urban legend of Mary in the mirror came quite natural, since i think its a creepy urban legend. What i did was to mix Bloody Mary with Candyman, and viola you have the Mary of murky mile.

First i just wanted to do the regular horror story, and i actually have a Mary sim in my CAS, i just decided against using her. i cant make a scary sim, even when i try. So i decided to have Mary an entity. As i write this now, i remember that i was really inspired by this youtube video too.

goodbye_sun asked: I know you write in several different genres, everything from contemporary fiction to fantasy to horror to a bit more on the risqué side of things, but what is your favourite to write and why?

I don’t know what is my favorite, it depends on the theme/morale i am trying to get across. some stories need a contemporary universe, others need to be urban fantasy. What i like the most to write is stories about people who can’t love, or those who love too much. They make such good hurt/comfort and bittersweet endings, just like i like them best. I can’t really decide on a favourite style, since i like them all really, as i said some stuff is just best told in different forms. Sometimes its a feeling i want to express and sometimes its a actual plot/morale.. and yes MiM have a morale too! ^_^

scarred_id asked: Who is your favorite character of all time?

No i dont, i like all my boys here. I have to admit that Early, Shadow, Moon and Seth REALLY grew on me.

Do you feel bad for killing off the MiM characters, even though it’s necessary?
No not at all..  Dont’ tell anyone, but i don’t actually kill them at all, both Chickpea and Shadow is well and alive, just sent to Uni. *gg* I AM gonna miss some of them, but that is just because i will miss this story eventually.

(non legit question) Who dies next so I can get an accurate prediction in? *cough* <.
No, but i can tell you, your guess was wrong 😛

bohemianscribe asked: When you write, do you have any particular inspirations, authors, themes that influence your writing?

Themes mostly, but mostly i get inspired by the strangest things, sets in movies, phrases, everyday stuff like making coffee, and a special way the light falls through the windows. That is not the same as i don’t have a favourite author, Poppy Z Brite does inspire me lots, but that is mostly because she did what i guess all authors dream of doing, making a living out of what she do. and in the same niche as me. (homoerotic horror)  And i realise i am babbling about “normal” fiction here, but that is connected to writing TS2 stories too, its all a writing exercise really.

electric_black asked: Your characters are very well-developed and always have interesting names. I wonder where do you get the names for your characters and are they influenced by any outside forces, as far as creation goes.

I answered some of this earlier up in this post, but just because i kinda remember names i like when i hear them, then the characters have nothing to do with where i heard the name. My characters are influenced by outside forces, but most of it comes from myself, not nessesarily from personal experience, but a lot is. All my characters have a little bit of me, a side of me, or a feeling that i know very well. That is why its so much fun to write teenage boys, teenagers react very emotionally, even if they don’t show it. so a silly little thing acn be a huge drama, or a huge drama can become nothing.. Maybe my teens are just borderline? I realise that some of the feelings and dialouge in my stories are way out there, that no one would feel like that, or act like that. But it all just adds to the drama, its no use trying to write about someone who is totally ignorant, both to the outside world, and on the inside. Maybe i’m just best at emotional crippels?!

I remember the first time i saw My own private idaho, i felt like i had written that plot, i’d even have done that cast like that.. and i was like 16 when i saw that the first time. Still remains one of my all time favourite movies, along with Fight club8-mile

Before i end this interweiv there are some things i would like to mention that was not asked:

Why are all my sims men? They aren’t, i love making sims women too, but when writing, the women just seldom (as in never) really step up in the foreground and claim their space and character. But y’all know i love both Fern because shes really pretty, the prettiest sim i ever made imho, and Cyan for being so lady-like and demure *gg* I have no explanation as to why i write like i do, i just always thought it was more interesting writing about two blokes, reading about it too..

Why did you showcase sims here that we never heard of? Because you will get to know them soon, and i just wanted to say that Payne is in the original story called Tristan, but i figured TS2 community could only take ‘that’ many Tristans, so i renamed him, and i named him Payne because that is such a obviously made up name, and is pronounced like Pain.. see it? Pain and Harm, brothers?! *nudge nudge* –

Why isn’t there any black/coloured sims in your stories?
I don’t have an explanation for that either, i have noticed it myself, and that is why i changed the character of Jean-baptiste, even if he is with fur, he’s at least darker than the rest, he was a very pale gloomy looking fella originally, i mean the sim that was supposed to have Jean’s role, named Armand. But then i had to have some coloured sims in my stories, and so i made Jean.. (or rather you know i downloaded him, i already told you, i just redid his colours, didn’t touch his facial structure at all) – I have to admit something tho, i do have a black, very fit sim that i almost added to MiM, but maybe i will use him for something else, because i have to use Shadow for a story too, he needs his 15 minutes of fame instead of being an extra. His name is Swordfish *laughs* if you know where THAT name comes from, i will give you a virtual cookie! Maybe i will write the story of Shadow and Swordfish some day ^_^

Will you ever finish Story of Cain?
Yes! I will change the end tho, those last posts i did with forgotten images that was supposed to have been the end, is just too fluffy, i lost the Liam sim, but i’m sure i can make some other sim mate for him. Maybe i will call it something else, or call it a side story, but you will see them all again!

What’s next then?
I am gonna finish MiM,  and then i will do that After my own heart thing, i can’t really say how long that will be, but i planned on having it as short stories with mini plots, with that i mean that every “adventure” Caleb haves is like two or three chapters long, and then he helps a new character in his boutique. Some characters will be reaccouring tho. And then, then i thought of picking up on Cain and his gang. Buuuuuuut i think that whatever story i make about Shadow will prolly be first in there somewhere.



Thanks for reading all this! and thanks for reading my stories – Phew i did it, didn’t i? i hope y’all was somewhat entertained.

Extra thanks to goodbye_sun for letting me borrow her amazing sims who made the story  Mary in the Mirror happen, be sure to go read about Daniel/Kane in his “real” environment, 100daysofsorrow, it is an awesome story! And thanks to bohemianscribe for creating simfic50 and thanks to you both for being friends, and some kick ass chicks!

Thanks to scarred_id for lending me her characters way back then! without them there would have been no Payne or no Harm. And for doing  rainbowlegacy with me.

Thanks to mjo5oh for making pixel_trade  ’cause that is a WICKED community!

Thanks to simhilarity for helping me it in my hour of need!

Thanks to wolfalice for creating houseofshadow/legacyofshadow That being the only damn legacy i ever bothered to read, it was funny and the pictures was great. i really wish it would continue.

And.. Thanks to hapsburgxx for making such pretty sims and stuff that i had to up my own standards.

Thanks to EVERY single person that ever commented and left feedback !

Thanks to InsimGarden of Shadows for being great forums without too much drama, and lots of cool stuff! To MTS2 for being the host of such cool downloads amongst the shite, and ofcourse being free.. And last but not least, thanks to the bootey! Argh matey!

X-tra points to those who can guess where that dialogue on the banner is from, what movie its from.



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