Pilot chapter of ‘After my own heart.’

AN: I decided to run a pilot, not posted anywhere but here in my sims2 journal. I’m still not sure if this idea is lame, and since i never thought enough of my sims stories to actually arse someone to beta them, then i wont pesture goodbye_sun with a still born project. SO…  if you read this, lemme know what you think. Oh yea, one warning, since these characters all origin from my own original smut fiction, then you can expect lots and lots of emoing, crude language and bishounen. Deal with it!

This is made for goodbye_sun, enchanted_black & bohemianscribe You guys Rock!§

In a modern Hebrew translation of the name Caleb, it means ‘after my own heart’ – clever huh?


Stuff you need to know: This story is dated in current time.. Why don’t ordinary people see that these creatures walk about amongst them? the answer is simple, Glamour! Magic! even the most simple imp knows how to “shroud” their true form and let us humans see what we want to see. This shroud don’t just work on creatures, it work on inanimate objects too, such as buildings and transportation, even if you would have to be pretty “magical” to pull that one off. There is a long and complicated form of hierarchy but that will be explained as we go along, so will alignments. In this strictly controlled “sub-universe” there are some rebels (aren’t there always?) – So uhm, yea.. expect a little of everything… you know the drill!

I just got lost
Every river that I’ve tried to cross
Every door I ever tried was locked


When he had left his brothers Guild, he hadn’t looked back, he had run as far and fast as he could. He had no intention of being his elder brothers whipping-boy, neither to participate in the mock battle for leadership which was expected of him since he was Hiram’s real younger brother, they weren’t just blood brothers as every vampire, they had been siblings, born of the same mother and father, before they met the devil.

Now he found himself in the new world, which was fine. Hiram would never look for him here,  he would stay with his guild and his family. Caleb was sure that Hiram must have actually been relieved that he had run like that.

He had lived in basements and tipster’s before he had met his one of his own. Maybe humans would not see through his protective layer of glamour when he was strong enough to upkeep it, but one of his own would see through it like a window. Luckily he had not intruded on some guild or some other vampire’s feeding grounds when he was found. And this was how he had found his way to this protected house, a old ruined factory to the naked eye, but under its shield lay a house filled with refugees from different alignments and origin, here they were all neutral, angels and demons alike.

Caleb had lived here for 10 years now, living of what he did best. poking about in other immortals business. And business was good, there was always some immortal git who had lost track of someone they once knew, and no matter what they would like to think, they just didn’t cover their tracks as well as they’d like. It was not that Caleb really needed money, he had no use for it, but he ‘did’ need something to pass time with. When Caleb got bored, and he did that easily, then a lot of shit usually followed it its wake. So keeping busy was as good as it got.

The elevator had chimed, telling Caleb that he had a guest. He vaguely wondered why the gatekeeper had let someone in without calling him up and warning him. He sat down infront of his computer, ready to hear whatever this poor sod had to say, if he had a dime for every sob story he heard, he would have been able to buy the fucking cross of Jesus Christ himself!

“Mr. Starling?” a soft voice asked.

Caleb looked up as he hummed affirmatively, his eyes widened as he saw who stood in the elevator doors. Suddenly he understood why The gatekeeper had not warned him. This was a seldom sight indeed, the beautiful blond man seemed to radiate serenity, making Caleb’s stomach churn. The creature smiled and Caleb struggled to find words, “S-sit” he gestured towards the old worn chair opposite himself.

The man sat down, Caleb couldn’t stop staring at him, what was it with him? he was not a shapeshifter, nor was he a demon. Then what the hell was he? Even if this place was neutral, it just forced them all to play nice, it didn’t mean they had to get along outside its walls. Caleb had seen many creatures, good and evil, but never anything like this.

“So Mr. Starling” The soft voice said again, the blond man staring at Caleb’s computer. “How do we do this?”

Starling.. he never quite got used to that name, he had just picked one when he had come to live here, these were new times, and a surname came in handy, besides from that Caleb didn’t dish out his true name, most immortals belived that your true name held a part of your soul, so they tend to be very protective of it. So even if Caleb had been known as ‘Starling’ for more than three decades, he never really got used to it. Atleast it was better than the one he had before that, he thought to himself.  “Ehm, yes Mr..” he gestured to the blond man, who just smiled again and said “Payne, my name is Payne”

Caleb resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the obviously totally made up, poetic name. “Okay, Mr. Payne. You tell me what you need, and we can always discuss the fee afterwards” Caleb eyed his digital clock at the bottom of the computer monitor, less than two hours till dawn. he really hopes this idiots story wouldn’t be long.

“Alright” Payne said, “I heard from a friend of mine, that you didn’t mind taking on cases of a more delicate nature”

“Right” Caleb said with a goofy grin.

“I am looking for my brother” Payne said, “I.. I was told he would most properly be here, in this area” Caleb nodded, noting something in his computer. “His name is.. is..” Payne looked like he was thoughtful for a moment, “I really don’t know what he calls himself any more, he went by many names”

“Try some of those, maybe he still uses one of them” Caleb said, nodding encouraging.

“Charon” Payne said with a straight face, even his sweet smile disappeared.

Caleb laughed, “You have ‘got’ to be shitting me” When the beautiful creature across the desk just hung his head and shook it gently, Caleb had a hysterical, very immature laughter fit. “You want me to find the fucking, ferryman?”

Payne looked up, narrowing his eyes, his lips a fine line. “You’re one of ‘them’, i didn’t know that”

“Them?” Caleb said, puzzled.

“Nosferatu” Payne said as were it the most natural thing in the world.

“Oh yea, ‘that’…” Caleb mumbled, running his tounge over his sharp fangs. “Is that a problem?” When the blond didn’t answer, Caleb opened his arms as were he to embrace the computer and the man. “Look, i promise you if i had some secret evil agenda i wasn’t allowed here”

“You worship chaos” Payne muttered.

“I don’t worship any-fucking-thing” Caleb stated a matter of factly.

Payne seemed lost in thought, or maybe he was measuring Caleb up for size? Finally he smiled again, “I believe you” he said, slowly getting to his feet with a graceful move.

“It’s gonna be expensive, man” Caleb warned, “I could get in a lot of trouble, its not every day you go looking for Death”

“He wasn’t always death, you know” Payne said.

Caleb resisted the urge to roll his eyes for the second time that night. and nodded. ‘oh gods here it come’ he thought to himself.

Quickly Caleb got to his feet, there were an hour till dawn, and he didn’t have time for this shit. “Alright Payne” he said with his best charming smile, “You pay me 1000 quid now, and i will see if i can track down that death-dealing brother of yours”

Payne frowned, “Thats a lot of money” he stated.

Caleb nodded, “And i will need it”

Now it was Payne’s turn to laugh, a soft tingling sound, like silver bells. “No you don’t. You just want to keep yourself preoccupied like the rest of us, money means nothing to none of us any more, we spent decades getting wealthy” Payne smiled menacing, “What ‘do’ you dream of Starling? a lover, true to you for eternity? or to just open that window and let yourself be kissed by the sun?”

Caleb wanted to give that jackass a snappy comeback, but he couldn’t. it was true wasn’t it? in his heart he knew it was. How the fuck could this nutter know what he dreamt of when alone in the dark, just waiting for dusk.

Payne nodded in understanding, “Don’t you think we all tried to kill ourselves? only to find that lady Fate was cruel and let us keep on living, on and on and on” his voice had taken on a venomously undertow that Caleb could clearly tell was Payne’s bitterness pouring from his inner core.

“Wh-what are you?” Caleb finally mustered to whisper, mesmerised by the impossibly blue eyes of the creature in front of him.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Payne snickered, looking Caleb right into his eyes. “I think you already know, Starling”

“Seraph?” Caleb barely heard his own voice as he breathed his answer.

Payne smiled “Once, yes” he said in honestly.

Caleb had to grab onto the desk behind him, not to fall as he stepped backwards. “A fallen Seraphim” he said, not even believing his own conclusion.

Payne smiled a sweet secretive smile. “At the beginning of our existence we were all dealt some cards by lady Fate, all we have to do is figure out how to play them, right?” Payne stepped closer to Caleb, “You were not born a vampire, you are not pureblooded, You were someone’s creation, am i right?”

Caleb just nodded weakly.

“How old were you?” Payne looked Caleb up and down. “16?”

Caleb frowned. “20” he said with a childish tone.

“Good, then maybe that is why i detect such righteousness in you” Payne said, turning his back to Caleb who felt mostly like he had been tossed about in a twister. “A week Starling, and i will be back”

“Of course Mr. Payne” Caleb said. “ehm.. Payne? my money?”

“Next week, Starling” Payne said, stepping inside the elevator and out of Caleb’s apartment.

Caleb sat down in a chair, just staring at the elevator. A Seraphim? who would have thought? he had never seen one, he had heard tales of those magnificent and scary entities, but never in his eternity had he thought he would actually meet one. But if Payne was tapped in directly to the big boss, then why the hell didn’t he just go find his brother himself? what did he need his help for?

Caleb looked out of the window and saw the first signs of dawn. With a deep sigh he got up from the chair and walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind him, hurdling up in a corner where he was sure the deadly rays would not find him.

Daylight engulfed the tiny apartment in light, and the city slowly woke outside, carrying sounds of every-day life up to Caleb in his hiding.

He couldn’t sleep, he wish he could, and hoped he would, because waiting for dusk was worse than death. Caleb had detested the coffin solution, how funny was that? vampires with claustrophobia? Caleb would have laughed, was it not for the fact that he had been the one in that vile construction, hyper ventilation until someone let him out. Hiram had kept his guild underground, and Caleb had hated that too! he used to be human, not a damn earthworm! besides he never did get into that whole ‘we have to remain unseen, so we stay underground and only come out to feed’ thing. But where did that leave him? between the toilet and shower to be exact, pretty pathetic if he had to say so himself. but he had never found a better solution.

Finally he grabbed his blanket with a scowl, curling up in his corner, waiting for dusk.


Unused snapshot:

Ur like totally hawt! *gg*


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