Mary in the Mirror part 16/28

Title: Fragile
Genre: supernatural/horror/drama
Characters: Diva, Moon, Terrence, Kane, Orwell, Shadow, Remember & Cyan.
Prompt: 26 – fragile
Word Count:
Rating: R
Summary:  Truths are told, drinks are served & someone bites the dust.
Warnings: adult themes, language.
AN: This is written for simfic50, thank you for letting me use your sims goodbye_sun. Even if we have a death in this chapter, we will have one more in the next (chapter 17), there is no rest for the wicked ^_^ – So please place your deathbet here. – Addition authors note in the end of this chapters, to not have any spoilers.  

SeventhSisters rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Tuesday morning.

Moon woke, rubbing his eyes as he tried to recall a terrible nightmare. He stretched lazy while he heard someone coming out from the bathroom. Popping up on an elbow, he looked over towards the doorframe, expecting to see Chickpea, but instead Diva walked in to the bedroom.

Seeing Moon was awake, and looking at her, she blushed slightly. “Good morning, sleepy-head”

“Morning” Moon mumbled. blinking sleepy and confused, he focused on Diva, letting his eyes run down over her body, it had been so long since he had lain with a woman he had almost forgot how they felt.

“Did you sleep alright?” Diva asked, stepping closer to the edge of the bed, where Moon sat and scratched his hair absent-minded.

Moon got to his feet with a smile, “yea i slept fine” he lied, “want some coffee?” he asked cheerfully, he felt anything but cheerful, he wished Diva would just leave, leave him in his misery. he didn’t want to exchange pleasant phrases, smile and keep up appearance. He wanted to curl up in bed until he could leave this damned town.

“Is anything wrong?” Diva asked, looking awfully unsure of herself, so much that Moon felt the urge to laugh.

“Why did you stay?” He asked, deciding that he might as well be blunt about it, now was not the time for being careful i the prospect of a new lover, he and Diva would never be a couple, he wasnt sure if she knew, but he knew that nomatter how hard she tried, she would never fill the black vortex inside him.

“I.. I.. ” Diva said with a disappearing voice, “I don’t know” She finally admitted. “I thought that you would want me to”

Moon nodded, “I don’t mind at all” He said softly. “But Diva, sweet, sweet Diva. You and I” he looked away from the woman in front of him, taking a deep breath, he returned his focus to Diva’s face and said “You deserve much better, you don’t know me at all, and believe me when i say, i am not the one you want”

“I’m fine with that” Diva said softly, reaching out for Moon, pulling him close. “I know that you will leave as soon as the pass opens”

“Diva..” Moon croaked, knowing that she was right. He would bury his daughter and leave this cursed town for ever.

“Maybe i could help you smile a little while you’re still stuck here” She whispered with a sad smile.

Moon nodded, “I’d like that” he said, not sure that he meant it, but she was so sweet and soft, and she meant him well.. suppose it couldn’t hurt.

Diva left him to go make coffee. Moon stood rooted on the carpet, listening to Diva rustle about in the kitchen, the last time a woman had messed about  in his kitchen was Willow, Chickpea’s mom. Never again! he thought to himself, never again, he would not delude himself, he would never have a family again, he didn’t want one. He couldn’t hold on to the one he had, and Moon was sure he was just not a family man after all. That didn’t mean he couldn’t borrow Diva’s for just a little while.

Martha’s Diner
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Tuesday early noon.

“What’s with the pout?” Cyan asked, grinning at her friend.

“Oh.. I… I was just thinking about that city girl, i dont remember her name now” Remember said with a sombre tone.

“Chickpea” Cyan said, stuffing her face with more cheesecake.

“oh yea” Remember sighed. “You know, Cyan.. what if we somehow.. you know.. ”

“We didn’t do shit, Remember” Cyan snarled, “She was a fucking looser, are they gonna blame us for getting depressed and wandering off into the woods and eat a fucking glass of sleeping pills?”

“Is that what they say?” Remember gasped. “Sleeping pills, really?”

Cyan nodded affirmative, “Yup”

“What an awful way to go” Remember said quietly, “That is supposed to be like totally painful”

“Who cares?” Cyan said with a shrug “She fucking did that to herself, give me one good reason to care”

“That’s some cold shit, right there” Remember said with clipped tone, “So what if you thought she was a bitch, she still don’t deserve to be fucking dead!”

“Yea” Cyan mumbled, starting to eat her cheesecake again, ignoring the little voice who told her that maybe she should just tell Remember what was really bugging her, like best friends are supposed to do.  

Mai and Ming’s (The Wormwood)
Nightinggale/ Crystal springs 
Crooked Creek

“Daddy?” Kane asked worried, walking after his dad into a big wooden house that Kane didn’t remember ever seeing before. “Weren’t we going home?”

Terrence laughed softly, “My son got arrested for the first time, and together with Izzy’s son, that causes for a drink”

“It does?” Kane asked puzzled.

“Absolutely my son” Terrence ruffled Kane’s hair and smiled. “Come on, have a drink with your old man”

Terrence walked through the sombre rooms and went straight to a barstool, “Yo! Mai!” He said with a smile to the Asian looking woman behind the bar.

“Mister Terrence” Mai said with a sweet smile “You have been gone for a long time”

Terrence nodded, “Where is Ming?”

“Around, Mister Terrence” Mai said cryptically. already pouring something in two glasses.

“I want you to meet my son, Kane” Terrence said with a big smile.

Mai stopped and looked at Kane who squirmed in his seat, he wasn’t sure what the woman had been thinking, but it apparently surprised her to learn that he was Terry’s son. Blushing ferociously Kane stuttered “Hi”

Terrence just chuckled, “He’s drinking the same as me” he gestured at Mai, who brought two drinks.

“You really knew Seth’s dad?” Kane asked after taking a careful sip of the drink, the smile that Terrence gave him oddly enough made Kane feel closer to his dad than he ever had.

“I did” Terrence said, “Izzy was my best friend” Terry nodded to himself as to emphasise his words “I miss him a lot” he admitted, trying to keep a cheerful tone.

“Simon said Izzy beat you up” Kane asked, feeling terribly brave just asking that question, truth was he was really curious as to what Seth’s dad had been like, and during today it had dawned on him that maybe his own dad had been a someone’s friend too, he never really thought about that. But Izzy, Seth’s dad seemed to be a topic avoided like the plague, so Kane took a chance, maybe, just maybe Terrence would talk.

“He did” Terrence said, looking directly into Kane’s questioning eyes, he turned and gestured for Mai to bring them two more drinks. “Okay, maybe its time you know” Terrence mumbled to himself. “He beat me up so bad i had to go to the doctor and have stiches” He pointed to the scar on his face, “Izzy did this” he said softly.

“But why?” Kane gasped.

“I..I..” Terrence took a deep breath, “I wanted to leave with him” Terry downed his drink and took the next one. “You were just a baby, and Cyan was just learning to walk, when Izzy came back to town, he wanted to see this kid that he had heard Isabel claimed was his” Terry smiled sadly and took a sip, “Well, that baby was Seth, i’m sure you figured that out”

“You wanted to leave us behind?” Kane said with wide eyes, completely forgetting his drink.

“I did” Terrence said sadly, “I just wanted to go with Izzy” Terry squeezed Kane’s shoulder, “You have to understand I was very young when your mom and I got you guys, we were not much older than you, and i guess i just wanted something else… i felt trapped and.. Oh i’m sorry Kane, it was not because i don’t love you and your sister.. its just..”

Kane nodded, finally remembered his drink and downed it in one gulp. “So Izzy was furious that i would leave you guys behind, he fucked me up and left, never to come back to Murky Mile i suppose”

“Dad?” Kane asked gently, “I have been meaning to tell you something” Kane paused and looked at his dad, who had snatched Kane’s second drink too, “I just don’t know..”

“I know, son” Terrence said with a careful smile, “I can tell, i maybe you old, retarded dad, but i do have eyes in my head, you know”

“Oh..Okay” the sentence choked in his throat and refused to come out the right way, maybe it was a bad idea to tell it all to Terrence after all?

Terrence leaned in and whispered “Don’t tell your mom or your sister, they will never understand”

Kane turned his head to ask Terrence what he meant with that cryptic message, but seeing the sad but loving expression in his fathers eyes, Kane knew he had head him right. “Why didn’t you go after Izzy?” he asked, not even sure why he would ask something like that.

“You kids” Terrence said, trying to keep all bitterness from his voice, but he had had way too many drinks to lie like that.

Murky Mile Police office.
Falconers road
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Tuesday night.

Shadow had not been able to sleep alone in the cell, and when he had heard the Sheriff’s keys in the front doors, he knew he was locked in all alone, all night. Needing something to pass his time with, he decided to check if the shower that was in the cell for some reason, actually worked. He turned the handles, and the water came pouring out, it worked fine, and the drain didn’t clog. Shadow undressed and stepped in under the warm rays of water. He had to admit that a bath was just what he needed. a bath and being out of that cursed cabin.

‘Shadow’ a voice whispered, ‘shadow, shadow, shadow’ – Shadow felt a chill up his spine, spinning around to see who was there, but there was none, only the dark closed down police station, and Shadow knew too well that no one would come until tomorrow. “Who’s there?” he called out, his voice shaking. The voice whispered his name again, Shadow looked from the dark and up to the shower head, it seemed to come from there. “Not again, please God, not again” Shadow whimpered.

The whispering continued, suddenly it didn’t seem like it came from the shower head any more, it seemed like it came from every shadow and every corner. “Stop!” Shadow cried, but when the voice just grew in strength, seemingly becoming more than one voice, “Shut up!” Shadow screamed, “Shut the fuck up!” – The voices stopped just as abrupt as they had begun. Had it followed him here? had he brought it with him? had he somehow broken that seal that kept this devilry at the cabin?

Shadow… Shadow… You know you can, you know you want to.. you know, you know… Shaaaaadowww..

The shower head whispered.

“No i dont!” Shadow cried, shaking his head. “Leave me alone!” Raking his clammy trembling hands through his long hair, Shadow whispered “I will get out of here and i will take Seth far away from, him, you and this damn town!” why was he even arguing with this demon?

He left you to rot, he left with that other boy. You are forgotten like us. The voice didn’t come from the shower head any more, it was born directly in Shadow’s mind, like were someone controlling his thoughts with sweet whispers. “No!” Shadow cried, slamming his fist into the tiled wall, it was true it was all true!

Seth had left him, Shadow was an idiot for following him to begin with? what had he expected? that Seth suddenly would forget all about that boyfriend of his? he had dreamed of that, hadn’t he? just goes to show what a idiot he was. apparently he was batshit insane too, listening to voices in his head. He had gone crazy, just like his mother! “No i’m not!” he weakly mumbled “I’m not crazy” Shadow remembered his mother, surrounded by doctors, eating apple-sauce with a plastic spoon so she wouldn’t hurt him or herself when he visited. “I am not crazy!” Shadow screamed.

“Get out of my head!” Shadow cried and laughed at the same time, “I will not end up like mother, i refuse to let you have that satisfaction! you destroyed her, i wont let you destroy me”

The next day when Orwell opened the door, he was carrying a case of danish, figuring that he had taught the kid the lesson he needed to leave from here and never come back. but what met him in the pale morning sun, had him drop the cardboard box, spilling the bakery all over the floor. “Sweet Jesus!” Orwell explained, hiding his face in his hands. “Dear God, no!”

Shadow was hanging from the shower head with a noose made of a sheet. looking mostly like a life size doll in a ray of sun.

Orwell hurried over and cut the kid down from the shower rod. “I knew i shouldn’t have left! i should never have left him alone like that! oh God! i thought he would just get a little scare” Orwell  didn’t even bother to check for vital signs, the glazed over eyes and blue lips, was enough for him to know that the kid was gone.

Who was he gonna contact? the kid didn’t have any relatives, and Orwell had tried to get in contact with the boys school yesterday, but all but the cleaning crew had gone for the holidays.


ADD Authors note: So Shadow was the next, goodbye_sun , scarred_id & bohemianscribe guessed that one correctly! Way to go girls!! – Now remember to place your next deathbet right now! (yup its a hard one i know) – Just because i know y’all will wonder what all this with Terry and Izzy is, then i’m gonna come to your rescue and say, i think you know already.. don’t tell me you didn’t figure that one out, several chapters ago. 😛 – Thanks for all the sweet comments and support!


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