Mary in the Mirror 9/28


Title: Solitude.
Genre: supernatural/drama
Characters: Simon, Moon, Isabel, Kane, Cyan, Remember, Eben & Shadow
Prompt: 27 – Solitude
Word Count: ?
Rating: PG (to mild R)
Summary: Moon is shoved the door, Kane is busted, and Shadow is in trouble.
Warnings: adult situations, language.
AN: thanks to goodbye_sun  for her sims. (Kane & Simon) written for simfic50.

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Saturday morning.


Moon had borrowed the sheriff’s car the day before, so this morning he had driven it down to Seth’s house. He had wanted to go there first thing after work yesterday, but had told himself it was too early. Chickpea couldn’t understand why he was so preoccupied with what went on in that house. Moon couldn’t very well tell her what he suspected, that would be betraying Seth, after all Moon figured the gossip would run like wild fire. Or maybe it already had? Maybe they all knew, and he was the idiot for lifting the lid. He told himself for the sake of his sanity and the last shred of respect for these people living here that they just didn’t know, or didn’t see.

The door was opened before he even rang the bell. “Miss Singer” Moon said politely.

“Good morning, Mr. Wilde” Isabel said equally polite.

Moon wasn’t at all sure how to deal with this situation, but decided he would try and keep his tone professional. “I promised Seth i would swing by” He lied.

Isabel let Moon inside, gently coaching him towards the dining table. “My fiancée and our son is not here right now” She said with a little fake smile, “And Seth is still sleeping” Moon sat was about to sit down, when Isabel suddenly started to weep uncontrollably.


“Don’t cry Miss Singer” Moon said, feeling slightly uncomfortable. Catching his eye on the kitchen counter was a bottle of rum. grinding his teeth not to seem like he had noticed, he thought to himself that, that explained a lot in itself.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Isabel spat, suddenly angered. “You don’t know anything about us, You don’t know anything about my son, other than the lies he have told you” she yelled.

“Calm yourself Miss Singer” Moon said calmly, standing his ground, looking at Isabel with sad eyes. “I am not the attacking you, I just wanted to speak with Seth”

“Well you can’t” Isabel yelled. “He is still my son, and he is still living under my roof!” She ran a hand through her hair in a distressed move, as if she knew she had taken this situation somewhere where it had not needed to go. “I still decide what is best for him” She hissed.


“I realise that” Moon said still trying to keep his calm. “But…”

Isabel cut him off, stomping her right foot in the dirty carpet. “I don’t care what shit he told you, he is a rotten kid. And you should not have come here, accusing me of not taking care of my son”

Moon frowned “I did no such thing” he said, struggling to hold his composure, not just yelling in Isabel’s face.

“Get out!” Isabel cried, “Go home Mr Wilde. We don’t need your pity”

Moon was completely dumbstruck, and just let himself be guided out of the house. He was about to turn and tell Isabel that she hadn’t seen the last of him, but decided against it, judging on her expression, she would take it as an attack, and Moon wasn’t sure that Seth wouldn’t be at the receiving end of that. “Have a nice day, Miss” He said on his way to the patrol car. Looking over his shoulder he saw Seth stand in the doorway, obscured by shadow, but he knew it was him. A part of Moon wanted to just give up, tell himself that at least he had tried. But seeing the kid stand there, he told himself that he had to do something. something drastic, he had to make a plan, because communicating with Isabel apparently didn’t work.

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Saturday midday.


Cyan and Remember was totally stressed about the whole pyjama party thing. they ran around themselves to make it absolutely perfect. Kane would have nothing to do with it, and was just laying on the sofa, watching tv. not that he really concentrated about what was on the screen, he couldn’t help but to think about what he and Seth had talked about yesterday. Why hadn’t he punched him indeed? He had not even told the truth to Seth, the truth was too embarrassing to tell. He had seen Seth and Cyan when she had been totally caught up in him, before she started to date Gabe. Kane had never thought about another boy like that, but he remembered clearly seeing Cyan and Seth sitting on the grass outside the school building, she leaned in and rested her head on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. In that very moment he wondered what it would feel like being the one in Cyan’s place, freaked out that he would even think that, he had hurried to leave, but Seth had seen him because he had tried to catch the schoolbus. Kane had given up, admitting his defeat, he couldn’t outrun this strange feeling, and yet all he wanted to do was to sprint, distance himself from Cyan and Seth, and this strange thought that had popped unwelcoming into his mind.


And when Seth had called his name, he had turned around, hoping he wouldn’t blush, or anything equally embarrassing, and sat down in the grass across from them. That had been the first time Seth had looked into his eyes, it was a very unnerving feeling, like he could read Kane’s mind. Befriending Seth had been easy, even more since Cyan had given up on it, and had cast her love on Gabriel instead. But that evening when they had been alone in the dark, in the hardware store. Kane had felt it, it was rolling off Seth in waves. Kane had tried everything, he couldn’t really get into girls, that one girl he had liked, he had never liked enough to touch even if he had had the chance more than once, and the other girls here were either total retards or Cyan’s friends, and Kane couldn’t think of anything more of a turnoff than dating one of his sisters brain dead friends. When Seth had kissed his neck, it had felt like sweet electricity, nothing like he had ever felt before. Was this really what he was? still to this day he had a hard time thinking of himself as homosexual. That was something those old giesers down at the farm were, the ones that never went into town but stayed to themselves, they could actually have been dead for 10 years for all he knew. When girls kissed girls, it was hot and soft. When boys kissed boys, it was perverted and hard. But how could Seth feel so good then? how could that sweet electricity never end then? he felt it every time Seth touched him, even if they just held hands.


Finally Kane stood up from the couch, “Do you guys need something from the stores?” he asked.

“Candles, soda and condoms” Remember snickered.

Kane rolled his eyes. “Get real Remember” he huffed, leaving the house, walking down the road towards the village, whistling to himself.


“Hey did Kane ask that chick to come or what?” Remember asked casually, looking over her shoulder to check as if Kane had really gone.

“Yea, why?” Cyan asked.

“Well” Remember got an evil smirk on her face “Susy told David, who told Piper who told me, that your brother and Seth was seen totally making out” A satisfied smile spread on Remembers face, like a cat that had just caught a bird.

Cyan paled, and then burst out laughing. “fo’real?”

“Totally! tongue and all” Remember snickered.

Cyan cried from laughter, that was the best! her brother a flaming homo! priceless! And that explained why Seth had dumped her like that. Best thing was really that Kane did not know that she knew. “Wicked” she just snickered, seeing Remember’s equally amused smirk.. oh yes that was gonna be fun for all!

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Saturday early afternoon.


“What’s for dinner, love?” Simon asked as Adrian and he came home from their ride.

“Macaroni and cheese” Isabel answered, staring intensely down into the bowl she stirred.

“Great” Simon said, smiling. “You’re awfully quiet, did something happen?” He stepped closer to Isabel, “Did Seth give you a hard time again?”

“No” She answered softly, shaking her head. “He haven’t left his room”

“Not even to go to the bathroom?” Simon asked, suspicious.

“No” Isabel said, suddenly realising what it was Simon was saying, she dropped the spoon in the bowl. “Oh my God!” she gasped.

Simon turned on his heels, and flung open the door to Seth’s room, It was empty. “Where the fuck did you go you little shit!” He snarled, slamming the door shut again.


Isabel had taken up her cooking again, flinching as Simon came back from Seth’s room. “Wasn’t there huh?” She said in a near whisper.

“That little fuck have somehow squeezed out that little window” Simon sneered. “Why do he do it? i’m beginning to think he wants to be punished” Simon squinted his eyes, eyeing Isabel from behind. “What are you not telling me Isabel?” he asked, too calm.

Isabel knew it was futile to lie, so she sighed. “Seth had a friend over last night” She put down the unprepared food, and looked at Simon. “He said it was his boyfriend”

Simon paled. “Figures” he breathed with a deep frown. “Who was it?”

“Terrence and Listen’s kid” Isabel said without blinking.  Simon was quiet, and a quiet Simon was not good.  So Isabel returned to her cooking, not daring to tell Simon that she thought he was a too rough on her son. “Don’t hurt him too much, Simon” She whispered.

“I will do whatever the fuck i please” Simon shot back, “You never disciplined that child decently, and the second you moved into my house, you gave the responsibility to me”

‘The Hunters Joy’ (The old cabin)
Murky Mile/Crystal springs.
Saturday evening.


Eben had walked around in the cabin like a caged tiger. staring at Shadow who sat calmly, reading a book. “How can you just sit there?” Eben whined.

“It’s not like there is a tv here, and watching the walls get boring without dope” Shadow answered acidly.

“Look, we’ve been waiting for Seth for days now” Eben said, looking directly at Shadow, who pretended he didn’t see Eben. “He’s not coming back, man” Eben said with a sigh “Who knows if he’s even still in this shit village, maybe he took the bus back to Veronaville, leaving us to rot here”

“Seth would never do that!” Shadow said, his voice breaking from frustration. “He’s still here, maybe he just..”

“Maybe he just got a fucking bus out of here Shadow! Just like i am going to do” Eben grabbed his jacket, and stomped across the cabin floor to the exit door.

“Ebe..” Shadow started to say, but by then the door already slammed shut, and Eben had left.


Shadow grabbed his jacket, and ran after Eben as fast as he could. “Eben Wait!” he cried, “Don’t go!”

Eben stopped, and sighed. “Listen Shadow, its cool whatever you choose to do, but i am not staying here, man” He turned and looked directly at Shadow’s large, dark, frightened eyes. he looked mostly like a deer trapped in some headlights. “can’t you feel it, Shadow? Don’t tell you don’t”

Shadow could have played dumb, but instead he nodded “Yes” he whispered. Looking at his shoes and the snowflakes that slowly landed on them, he added “It started to snow again Eben, don’t leave now, wait until tomorrow, please?”


Eben grabbed Shadow’s shoulder, “Do what you have to, man. But i am not staying another night in that cursed place”

Shadow sighed even deeper, “I can’t just leave, I promised to wait for Seth” he said barely audible.

“Get over it Shadow” Eben said, shaking Shadow’s shoulder gently. “Don’t you think i know?” Shadow looked up at Eben with horror written in his fine features. “The way you look at him, the way you stay by his side all the time.. I am not an idiot, Shadow”

“It’s not what you think..I..” Shadow tried, but seeing Eben’s expression, he gave up. “Well it isn’t” he argued, sounding like a scolded child.


“don’t be a fool, come with me” Eben said with a faint smile. “in a couple of hours we could be having chocolate and a crosaint at my parents house”

Shadow denied with a sad shake of his head. “I promised Seth” he said.

“Alright, but i’m glad i am not the one spending a night alone in there” He pointed at the cabin. “That place is alive, the house is breathing, even the shadows are insane in there”

Shadow paled. He didn’t want to stay there alone either. but he couldn’t just abandon Seth, not when he had promised to stay.

“Alright, last chance” Eben held out his hand to Shadow “Come with me”

“No” Shadow said with tears in his voice.

“Take care Shadow” Eben said as he suddenly hugged Shadow before he left, walking down the small mountain road towards the interrail stop at the foot of Icarus mountain.


Shadow stood in the dark, looking after Eben’s disappearing form, even long after he couldn’t see him any more, he was rooted to the spot. He had been right, painfully right. Shadow had been in love with Seth since the first time he had seen him. He had made up that story about the girlfriend, he had no one, there had never been a girl named Rose, he had never even known anyone by that name. But Seth had told him such fantastic stories about this fabled boy, Kane. That Shadow felt he had to say something too, to let Seth know that he too could be romantic and spontaneous.

He looked up at the Cabin, even with warm light coming out of the windows it looked menacing. with a deep sigh he slowly walked back inside.


Shadow felt the lukewarm water wash away his frustration, leaving him relaxed. his ears was tuned into every little sound the cabin made, not sure if it had been Eben or whatever lingered here that had pushed his decision to leave, singling out Shadow like this, alone in its mercy. It knew that  he would never leave without Seth, Shadow knew it knew.

I wanted to run but she made me crawl
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing
Eternal fire, she turned me to straw
Oh oh, the sweetest thi…

Suddenly Shadow stopped singing, and listened to the creaks and gusts of wind against the old wood. was that someone whispering?


He strained his hearing to determine if he had been right. but the sound didn’t come again. “You’re an idiot” he told himself softly and turned up the water pressure again. He knew that Seth had been really determined to go see his boyfriend back here at Murky Mile, and like the faithful lapdog he was, Shadow had followed, but then Eben had suddenly announced he was coming too, that had annoyed Shadow to no end. He had wanted to get Seth all to himself in this abandoned cabin Seth had told him about. Maybe just maybe he would kiss him again, like he had done once.

Shadow turned off the water, and reached for the towel. Once Seth had kissed him, he didn’t know why, maybe he had just felt like it? it was months ago now, and for a second Shadow had chosen to believe that he could maybe make Seth forget that other boy.


Shadow dressed and went to lay down in the bed, the only bed in the cabin. The bed that Seth and Kane had slept in, and..  Shadow felt really giddy laying down there on the filthy mattress, he could almost feel their presence, feeling like he intruded on something that was never his. He had heard them alright, he knew what had gone on here. what torture to lay there on that uncomfortable sofa, listening to the distant muffled noises of those two. Right there he had cursed his decision to come. he had no right to be here! he laid down and pulled the blanket over him, inhaling the pillow. It smelled of them still, the sweet, slightly tangy scent of sweat.

As the wind picked up, the whole cabin started to creak and settle. Was that a whisper again? a door slammed hard, and Shadow sat up. “Eben?” he called “Seth?” but no answer but the howling wind.

Pulling the blanket over his head, shadow closed his tight. hearing his own heart hammer away in his chest. He should not have stayed behind, Eben had been right, he was an idiot. a very frightened, pathetic idiot.



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