Mary in the Mirror 8/28

Title: Friends
Genre: supernatural/drama
Characters: Simon, Adrian, Isabel, Seth, Kane.
Prompt: 38 – Touch
Word Count: ?
Rating: PG
Summary: Kane and Seth have a talk, and we get a sneak peak into Seth’s house.
Warnings: adult situations, language, violence.
AN: Thanks to goodbye_sun for letting me borrow her Daniel (Kane). Written for simfic50.

AN: I tried different variations of Seth’s battered face but found them all too much, so i settled with this. And i did not want to write out the abuse, this is why its written the way it is, i hope it works anyway, really then i think that if you’re not a truly gifted sims picture-shooter, and/or have a million hacks to make it happen, then sims fights are really retarded. I never had any hacks to help me out in my stories, i never used anything than some boolprop cheats. 😉 – what can i say? i really want to use them, but in not sure they wont fuck with my game, and im paranoid like that. I realise there have been some ‘slow’ chapters, but the scary shit will come soon, actually the next chapter have hints of it. Actually then im just making you all like the characters before i kill them 😛

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Friday late afternoon.


“Dad?” Adrian called merrily, running though the living room, dragging snow inside. “Is Seth really home?”

Simon smiled at his son and nodded “He is”

“Awesome!” Adrian sang.


Coming out from his room, aiming for the bathroom door, Seth tried to avoid Simon as he seemed preoccupied with talking to Adrian. “Seth!” Adrian cried, flinging himself around Seth’s waist. Seth grinned and ruffled his little brothers hair.

Simon looked calmly at Seth, “You mom just got off the phone with the Sheriff”

“What now?” Seth asked, not looking up at Simon, but looked at Adrian as he silent slipped away from him.

“He just wanted to make sure you were still here” Simon said, not even noticing that Isabel and Adrian had silently withdrawn. “Apparently people saw you at Martha’s diner”


Seth looked up at Simon for the first time, stuck his hands in his pants pockets and shrugged. “I was having a coffee with a friend, man! But I’m here ain’t I? I came home, so what’s the problem?”

“The problem?” Simon said, raising his voice, making Seth cringe inwardly. And Adrian who had been standing at the side, make himself invisible too. “The problem is that you don’t care about anyone that yourself! Your mother just cried after talking to the Sheriff, but do you care? of course you don’t, you little piece of shit!”

“That’s not true!” Seth yelled back, feeling anger boil inside him. “How the fuck was i supposed to know that retard was gonna call here? and just how the fuck should i know my mom cried?”


“I’d be real careful if i were you” Simon hissed, fisting his hands.

“Or what?” Seth yelled. He knew the answer, but he also knew he was going to get it, if he yelled or not. Simon had been waiting for some excuse to do it ever since he had come home.

“Go to your room” Simon snarled, pointing on a door.

“What? Are you gonna punish me because the Sheriff called?” Seth cried, flailing his hands.

“Don’t play stupid with me, boy” Simon said, eerie calm again.

“Truth is Simon, that you have such a small dick, that you have to boost your ego elsewhere, fucker” Seth spat, stomping through the living room towards his room. for a slip second he thought about making it for the door, but as soon as he made the move to change directions, Simon was there, grabbing his arms, dragging him towards the bedroom.


Seth had stopped struggling years ago. before Adrian was born he had fought back with everything he had, but now he had accepted that this was how his life was, scared that if Simon did not direct his irrational anger towards him, then he would perhaps target Adrian. Simon didn’t seem to care, he just vented on Seth, telling him all the things he already knew. That he should have been an abortion, that he was a bad kid, that he was selfish and wicked, unloved and a failure.

Seth just covered his face the best he could, and took it like a man. He had always thought that every was like this, but as he had met the boys at the boarding school he had learned that it was far from every dad that was like this. And even if Simon wasn’t Seth’s dad it made no difference, maybe it just made it easier for him to hit? Simon had just been the only man that Seth could remember as a father figure, he had never known his real father, and all he had was  a name and some anecdotes from the locals who knew him. Not once had he gotten a postcard, or a phonecall. So maybe Simon was right, maybe he should never have been and maybe he really was a failure? Maybe Simon was smiling and happy when he was not here? Maybe his mother didn’t cry as much?

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Friday evening.


Kane had not heard anything from Seth since the diner, he had tried to be patient, but since Cyan was out of the house, and their mom weren’t going to be home for at least a day, she could just as well punish him for breaking her curfew, decently! So he went and got his bike, and drove out to church road, hoping that Seth was there, if not he was willing to drive all the way to the cabin, even if the forest looked pretty creepy as he drove along it on the road.


The second time Kane rang the doorbell, Isabel opened the door. Squinting her eyes in the half light, she said “Aren’t you Terrence’s boy?”

“Yes ma’am” Kane said with a nod. He cleared his throat “I was wondering if Seth was in”

Isabel shook her head “He’s sleeping” She said.

“Already?” Kane said, puzzled that Seth would have gone to bed that early. “Can i leave a note for him or something?”


Seth was laying on his bed, hearing every single word that Isabel and Kane said. He knew he should stay put, but he really wanted to see Kane, knowing he had come all the way out here to see him. He couldn’t remember when anyone had come out here to visit. But if he talked back to Isabel, she would tell Simon, and Simon would come home from the pub and…  “Fuck it” Seth mumbled to himself, as he got off his bed with a laboured breath.


“Alright listen.. uhm” Isabel said harshly, walking outside, glaring at Kane with her hands on her hips.

“Kane” Kane said, looking up at Seth’s mom.

“Kane” Isabel mirrored. “You cannot see him, you cannot leave a note, you cannot call” She counted on her fingers while she spoke. “He is not asupposed to mingle with you kids here, and you are not about to get him into more trouble than he already is”

“But..” Kane tried to cut in, but that just made Isabel’s voice raise an octave, and speak even faster and more annoyed.

“I’m sorry you drove all this way on your bike and all, but you have to go home” She said, making her point by pointing on Kane’s old, worn, green bike.

“But..” Kane tried again.

“Goodbye” Isabel said stepping towards Kane so he would take a step backwards, towards his bike.


Kane sighed, apparently he couldn’t get through to this woman. He knew that his mom had gone to school with Isabel, and that his mom didn’t exactly like her much, now he knew why. But suddenly a shape appeared in the door frame, Kane smiled as he recognized Seth’s silhouette.

“Mom?” Seth said softly.

“Seth, go inside” Isabel snapped, never looking away from Kane.

Seth slowly walked outside, “Where are your manners, mom?” he said, almost whispering.

“Seth for fucks sake!” Isabel yelled, finally turning to look at her son.

“After all you are his mother in law” Seth said with a crooked grin. “Kane, meet my mother” He said gesturing towards Isabel who was rooted to the spot. “Mom, meet Kane, my boyfriend”.

Kane was horrified, biting a nail nervously.  Trying to decide if he should laugh or faint.


“Seth..” Isabel said, all force gone from her voice. “Don’t you think that…”

“No i don’t” Seth snapped, walking past her, directly towards Seth, whom he scooped up in a hug. As the hug ended, and Seth let go, Isabel was still standing there, just looking dumbstruck. “Go call Simon and tell him what a fucking rotten kid i am, i dont care” He shrugged again, but seeing his mothers faint smile, he added “Don’t worry, i wont stay out long”

Isabel was apparently satisfied with that, and finally went indoor.


Walking around the house, Seth stopped by Adrian’s swing, only reason was there were no windows at this side, this far up they didn’t have windows to the north, when the cold wind picked up, it was impossible to keep the house warm if it was not closed off to break the wind, and if it carried stones and twigs, the windows could easily break. But even if the north wind was not an issue at this time of year, then the blind wall gave Seth and Kane privacy.

Kane looked at Seth’s black eye and frowned. “Seth.. I” He said, not really knowing how to express himself, strange how Seth seemed to have that effect on him.

“Don’t worry about it” Seth said with a guarded smile. “It’s my own fault, i should not have gone to the diner”

Kane paled. “You went to the diner to see me, didn’t you?”

Seth nodded “I did” A little shy smile said more than any words could. Making Kane smile in return.

“You didn’t have to get in trouble because of me” Kane said, trying to keep eye contact with Seth whom seemed to avoid it.


“Does it.. Does it hurt much?” Kane finally asked, caressing Seth’s cheek gently. afraid to touch the bruised eye.

“A little” Seth answered truthfully, “At least my lip didn’t split this time” He smiled sadly.

Kane felt really uncomfortable, that black eye looked really vicious. And Seth had gotten it because he had went to see him! And he had just left! Had he known what price Seth had had to pay for those stupid 20 minutes at the diner, he would have insisted to stay, he would have brought Seth with him home, he would.. would… just something, anything! Aren’t you going to get in trouble for that stuff you told your mom?” Kane asked nervously.

“Properly” Seth answered, softly, finally meeting Kane’s eyes.


Seth had noticed Kane’s inner struggle, not really sure what to do, he just grabbed the other boy and kissed him. One thing was that he had to suffer for the stupid shit he did, but he could not bear to see that hurt expression in Kane’s eyes. It had been his own decision to go to the diner, he had known that it was a really bad idea, but he had not cared, still didn’t care. It had been worth it.


“So what’s about Eben and Shadow?” Kane asked, swinging gently on the swing, looking at Seth who seemed to stare out into the starlit sky.

“They’re still at the cabin i guess” Seth said, “I don’t know actually”

“Want me to go take a look?” Kane asked, “Maybe they need something.. and.. I dont want you to get in more trouble”

Seth smiled to the sky, seemingly half in a trance. “That’s really sweet of you” He said dreamily, “I love you Kane, did you know that?”

Kane laughed, “Of course i do, otherwise you wouldent..”


“I’m serious” Seth said, stirring from his trance, briefly looking at Kane, “I do, I fucking love you” Seeing Kane blush, Seth flopped down on the grass on his back,  “I don’t mean just when we.. you know”

Kane squirmed a little uncomfortably, one thing was making love, another thing was talking about it. “I love you too” He whispered barely audible. unwelcome pictures of Seth naked already flashed in his mind, and Kane just knew the bike ride home was going to be really uncomfortable.

“I never said that before to anyone” Seth mused.

“What about the other guys, you must have liked them too, right?” Kane said, hating how childish his voice sounded. of course Seth had not only ever know him, after all Seth had told him he had had his virginity taken at the hunters cabin some time ago, never did tell him by who tho.

“What other guys?” Seth said, suddenly there were a sharp edge to his tone. “What do you think i am?”


Seth sat up, staring off into the sky again. “When you kissed me, i wiped the slate clean, there was only you, and there will only be you” He said.

Kane had never heard anything that sweet, and didn’t quite know what to do about it, feeling terribly inadequate. “You just seemed so experienced and.. So i thought that” 

Seth turned his head and looked at Kane, “Nope, actually you were the first boy i ever kissed while sober, you scared the crap out of me back then” blushing slightly by his own admission, Seth looked away from Kane again.

“Really?” Kane said sounding just as surprised as he was. “But you were so self confident!” Smiling to himself, Kane shook his head amused. “It was quite silly wasn’t it?”  

“Indeed” Seth chuckled, thinking back on the first time they had ever kissed. it had been really awkward, and both boys not really sure what the hell they were doing. But they knew what they wanted, Kane had worked at the hardwood store last summer, and then Simon had been repairing the house, so Seth was sent down there all the time with new orders or to buy nails and other material. And there he had seen him, Kane had been the prettiest person he had ever seen, boy or girl, and eventually they had begun to talk, finding they had many things in common. And then one evening, Seth had been late, he had not made it before the hardware store closed, so he had banged the door, hoping Mr. Hopper was still inside. But he had been surprised that it had been Kane who had opened the door, Seth had told him of his urgent business, and told him that he would be in terrible trouble if he came home without some special bolts. Kane had let him inside the dark store, and they had searched for the bolts in question with flashlights, giggling like little girls.

Seth didn’t really remember what exsactly had happened, but Kane had been standing on his toes, trying to reach something on a top shelf, and Seth had pointed the light cone, and suddenly, suddenly he had been standing closely up against Kane’s back, feeling the other boys warmth, inhaling that special scent that was uniquely Kane’s.. And then, then he had gently brushed the hair from Kane’s neck and kissed him, he still remembered what that had felt like, the strange humming sensation that had spread through his body, only to pool in his groin.

Kane could have freaked. but he didn’t, he had sighed, and relaxed against Seth, craning his neck, as if asking for more. That reaction had always puzzled Seth, but he figured that Kane had just been as attracted to him, as he had been to Kane.. what a lucky coincidence, in such a small village.  


“Seth?” Kane asked. “Is something wrong? You suddenly went so quiet”

“I was just thinking of something” Seth said, smiling to himself. “Kane? Why didn’t you punch me back then?”

“What?” Kane laughed, “Why the hell would i want to punch you?”

“That evening at the hardware store” Seth said, turning his head to look at Kane who smiled knowingly.

“Do you really wanna know?” Kane said with a sly grin, Seth nodded. “I wanted your slender body” Kane laughed, highly amused by himself.

“Jerk” Seth grinned, “I’m sure you did, you pervert” He stuck out his tongue at Kane. “But seriously, why?”

“Alright” Kane said, still chuckling. “I had been waiting for you to make the first move”


Kane looked at his wrist watch, “Man i better get home” He whined, “Wanna join me?” He winked at Seth, “I don’t think Cyan will be home tonight.”

“Tempting offer” Seth said, standing up with Kane, “But i think i better stay here if i don’t want a broken nose as well” he said, with a badly hidden seriousness.

“So you think i should go to the cabin?” Kane suddenly said. “I will do it, if you want me to”

Seth shook his head, “They’ll be fine, just don’t get in more trouble, babe”

“I hate that, man” Kane pouted, “Don’t call me babe”

Seth grinned.


Kane stepped closer to kiss Seth goodbye, “Do you think we have time to meet up again, before you go back to Veronaville?” he whispered, “As in private”

“Alone, huh?” Seth smirked.

“Preferably somewhere warm” Kane added with a chuckle. “I froze my ass off in that cabin”

Seth laughed merrily, “I’d like that very much, and i will see if i can slip away”

“You know what? My sister throws a party tomorrow, maybe you can come by, and we can borrow Remembers car or something?” Kane whispered, “They aren’t gonna notice i’m gone”

“What a fucking horrible plan, man” Seth whispered back, “But its better than nothing” He kissed Kane quickly one last time before he followed him to the bike, watching him drive off into the dark. “Dude! You need a car!” He yelled at Kane who was already engulfed in the dark.

“Fuck you too!” came the reply.

Seth laughed, and walked inside the house again.



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