Mary in the Mirror 6/28


Title: Past
Genre: supernatural/drama
Characters: Moon, Sheriff Orwell, Seth, Isabel, Simon, Diva.
Prompt: 19 – past
Word Count: a lot.
Rating: pg.
Summary: Seth is cornered, and Moon sees what others do not.
Warnings: language, adult situations.
AN: Thanks to goodbye_sun for letting me use her sims, Kane/Daniel, and Simon/Kieran. Alright i tried so damn hard to get some of these shots, and in the end i gave up and just let them happen. For instance i couldn’t find a decent police car that had the same colors as this one. I had wanted to explain that the officer that brought Moon the cat was not from Murky Mile precinct, but yea i guess that time is now. And i had not thought it would be so damn difficult to find a NPC police uniform like the cops in the game has, you know; i wanted it as everyday wear.. i searched everywhere! and only found this UK uniform. So i guess the police in Murky Mile wears bulletproof vests. *cough cough*  – The reason that Seth is not in any of the pictures of his house was actually that he has run away autonomously, and i don’t really know how the hell to force him back, guess i will have to cheat my way out of that one too.  Isabel is just Seth made into a woman and given a makeover, Adrian is the genetic true child of Simon and Isabel.

SeventhSisters rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Thursday morning.


Moon was having second thoughts about meeting up with Diva, it was not that she wasn’t a very pretty woman, or that she had said something wrong. It had just been some time since last. plus now he had to worry about Chickpea, somehow he was worried that he wouldn’t get her accept of this. Not because she would be loyal to her mom, because Moon was almost positive that Chickpea couldn’t remember when he and Willow had lived together. she had only been a small child when he had left. But because he apparently adapted with more ease than her. He was shaken from his thoughts when the doorbell rang.

Getting up from his chair in the kitchen, Moon walked to the door wondering who’d ring his door here of all places, who even knew he lived here? Opening the door he was stunned. It was Diva, standing in the snow looking like she was freezing. “Diva!” he said not even bothering to hide his surprise.

“Hey” Diva said, smiling a little awkward, “I know it looks weird that i just drop by like this, but i was actually on my way home, and i thought..”

“Come in” Moon said scooping Diva inside “You look like you could use a cup of coffee” he said with a half hearted laugh.

“Coffee? yes please!” Diva sighed, smiling sweetly.


Diva sat down at the kitchen table, watching Moon. “I just wanted to hear if you wanted a ride to work” She said.

Moon looked puzzled, but continued to make Chickpea’s lunch sandwiches. “Why?” he asked.

“You aint got a car.. and..” Diva said, but looking at Moon’s expression, she knew she had said something she shouldent have. “Maybe it was a stupid idea.. ”

“No, no” Moon said, leaning against the kitchen table, he folded his arms across his chest. “How do you know if i have a car or not?”

Diva swallowed a laugh, “It’s a small town, Mr. Moon Wilde”

Moon smiled for the first time Diva had been there and nodded. “Yes” he chuckled, “Thanks Diva, it was very kind of you” he shot Diva a flashing smile “I’d love to get a ride” Seeing as she let out a breath, Moon thought to himself, that that had to have been the worst pick-up line he had ever heard, he wasn’t really sure who was the most pathetic, her or him.

Icarus Mountain cross road.
Murky Mile/Crystal lake
Thursday midday.


Seth tried to keep his breath even, willing his body to run further. If he did not keep up this pace he would never make it out to the school on time, he had to run across Murky Mile, and two miles extra on the other side of the village, from the cabin. He cursed himself for ever getting this stupid idea to meet Kane at the school. With a little luck, then once he came into Murky Mile, there would be a bike somewhere he could ‘borrow’ for the last part of the trip. This was Murky Mile, no one ever locked their bikes, not to mention their cars, or doors.


He didn’t even need to turn his head to know who was honking at him from behind, the car sped up and drove next to him for a while. until Sheriff Orwell rolled down the window, leaning his arm casually out the window he looked at Seth who ran a steady pace next to the car. “Well, if it isn’t young mister Singer”

Seth didn’t answer, but his mind raced how to get out of this one, had he been inside Murky Mile, Orwell might had let him off with some verbal abuse, but this was out in the middle of the interstate.

“Mr Singer” Orwell said, “Picked up jogging at that boys school, huh?”


Seth stopped, and so did the car. Sheriff Orwell got out, smirking at the boy. “Aren’t you supposed to be in Veronaville?”

Seth shook his head, panting. “No.. Sir..”

“Did you just call me a idiot?” Orwell said with a frown, stepping closer to Seth. “I could have sworn you just called me an idiot, Mr. Singer”

“I.. didn’t… Sir” Seth panted, leaning forward he leaned on his knees, trying to keep down the bile from pushing his body too far for too long.

“Alright then, I will ask again, just for old friendships sake” Orwell smirked again. “Aren’t you supposed to be in Veronaville?”

“Ex..Extended..” Seth managed to say. Orwell waited, tapping his foot impatiently. “Weekend” Finally Seth stretched up again, looking at the Sheriff.


Orwell didn’t look pleased, “So where are you going this fine day?” he said too softly.

“I was gonna meet with some friends, Sir” Seth said, “Can I go now? I’m gonna be late if..”

“Go?” Orwell laughed, shaking his head. “What do you say i give you a ride home?”

“No thank you, Sir” Seth said fiddling his sleeve, “I promised to be somewhere in two hours, and..”

“I see” Orwell said, “Are we going to have a problem here Seth?”

“No, Sir. But i really have to go” Seth said, hoping for one insane moment that Orwell would let it slide.

Orwell frowned deeper.


Suddenly Seth made a run for it, maybe, just maybe he could find a way to outrun the police car. maybe if he could make it to some trees where it could not follow. But his body was worn and tired, and each step felt like stepping in quicksand. Seth did not even see what hit him, suddenly his legs disappeared from under him, and he was floating mid air before he made impact with the ground, slamming his head down into the asphalt, and then everything went dark.

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Thursday afternoon.


When Seth had not been there, Kane had waited for an hour, telling himself that Seth would come, he never broke a promise. But when he had waited on the swing for an additional hour, he had been hungry and freezing, knowing that he would have to take the next, and the last schoolbus home, unless he wanted to walk all the way. He had realised that Seth would not come. and had reluctantly gotten on the bus.

Gabriel had called him, asking if he wanted to go ice-skate with the others, but he had declined. He didn’t want to go anywhere, he just wanted to stay here, in case Seth showed up, because there had to be a reason right? Laying down on the sofa, watching lame tv shows, he watched the clock on the kitchen wall, getting more and more depressed as the hours went by.

Murky Mile Police office.
Falconers road
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Thursday late afternoon.


When Seth had woken, he hadn’t been able to determine where the hell he was. hearing the tapping noises from a computer keyboard, and the police radio, he knew. With a sigh he closed his eyes again trying to will himself to dream he was back in the cabin, snuggled up against Kane. But the insistent scratch of the radio disturbed his daydreaming. And in the end he got to his feet. His legs hurt feeling stiff. “Oi Orwell” Seth called.

“Good morning, sleeping princess” Orwell said, never looking away from the computer.

“Why am i here?” Seth said, grabbing a bar, shaking it angrily.

“I didn’t know where else to put you, and honestly i wasn’t bothered to drive all the way to Veronaville”


“What time is it?” Seth asked, watching Orwell as he got up and walked over to the holding cell. “Come on, man! What time is it?”

Orwell ignored him, “I called your mother” He said, “And she didn’t want you home” He turned to look at Seth. “You didn’t even tell Isabel and Simon you were in town, so my next question must seem pretty obvious, and actually a tad tedious to you” Orwell smiled overbearingly. “Where did you stay Mr. Singer? According to the school, you left Monday, Its too cold to sleep outside, so you have to have been somewhere”

Seth frowned “You answer my question, and i will answer yours”

“It doesn’t work that way” Orwell said grinning, “You answer mine, or be stuck in there till Monday when you are expected back at the school”

Seth slammed his fist into the tile wall in frustration. “The Cabin, alright!” He growled, “Now just tell me what the fucking time is, alright?”

“The hunters cabin” Orwell said, tasting his own words, “I believe that is private property, Seth”

“Maaan” Seth whined, “You fucking know as well as i do, that no one used that damn place for years”

“Which would make it trespassing” Orwell said, walking away from the holding cell again. “And by the way, its five past four”

“Fuck!” Seth hissed, kicking the bars in frustration. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”


Moon came back to the office from running errands. He already hated this job with a vengeance, but it was just the way it was. It was not like there was an opening for another one, Moon would have walked peoples dogs for a living if he could avoid this shit. “Coffee Mr. Wilde!” Orwell called.

“Just a second, Sir” Moon said, holding a curse down.


“So who’s the kid in the holding cell, Sir?” Moon asked as he brought Orwell a fresh cup of coffee.

“Seth Singer, he’s just a unruly brat, ignore him. He just needs a little tough love” Orwell smiled at Moon as he placed the mug next to the computer. “Your badge is here” He pointed to the other desk.

Moon went and picked it up, looking at the silver badge on the leather patch, he half expected it to say ‘M. Wilde – Housekeeper extraordinarie’ But it just said his name and a number, and the number and name of the precinct. “Thanks” he mumbled.


“Hey kid” Moon said, holding another cup of coffee, “want some coffee?”

Seth looked confused for a moment, and then came slowly over to the bars. “Who are you?” he asked studying Moon, “You are not from around here, are you?”

“No” Moon said, thinking ‘thank God!’ “I moved here for two months ago”

Seth laughed harshly “Who the hell would wanna move here, man?” His laughter stifled and he returned to watch Moon closely. “Hiding, huh?”

Moon’s lips became a fine bloodless line of annoyance. “Want your coffee or not?”

“Yea, thanks” Seth said reaching out between the bars, receiving the mug.


“Excuse me Sir” Moon said, clearing his throat. “But does that kid have to be here? I mean, what have he done to deserve that?” Orwell looked up at Moon with an annoyed scowl. “If you don’t mind me asking, sir” Moon added quickly.

“Honestly?” Orwell said, “I don’t know where the hell to keep him” he raised his voice, making sure that Seth could hear him. “His damn slut of a mother wouldn’t have him, and so i figured he would be my problem for the weekend”

“But, Sir” Moon said, vaguely aware that he had to be careful not to loose his job here, Orwell seemed pretty aggravated as it was. “Would you mind if i tried to talk to his parents?”

“Be my guest” Orwell said. Moon smiled, Orwell grinned “There is a payphone over there, and there is a public phone book of Murky Mile in the windowsill” Moon sighed and started to roam through his pockets after coins. “Singer, remember that, They are the only Singers here”

“Thank you Sir” Moon said, finding some coins. grabbing the phone book with a sigh.


“You’re wasting your breath” Orwell laughed.

Moon grid his teeth and called the Singer house. A female picked up the phone, and Moon introduced himself. He heard the woman sigh at the other end. “I just talked with the Sheriff, and he said he would keep him over the weekend” She said.

“By all means, Miss” Moon said, trying to control his sudden anger. “He is just a kid, we can’t keep him here in a holding cell, like an adult. Besides that, holding cells are just that! they are meant for keeping people for only 48 hours, Miss Singer”

“I know” She whined at the other end, “But Simon” Isabel sighed. “Is there no other way?”

“I’m sorry Miss, I am afraid i will have to contact the correct authorities if you don’t pick up your son soon” Moon said, hearing how harsh and uncompromising his voice sounded, but this woman really pissed him off. He would never in a million years let Chickpea sit and rot in a disgusting holding cell.

“Social Services?” Isabel sighed even deeper. “I know the drill, Sir”

“Good” Moon said, “So when can we expect you here?”

“Could you drop him off? I have to pick up Seth’s younger brother Adrian” She said.

“Alright, expect up within the hour” And then he hung up. He looked over at Seth who leaned up against the bars, listening in to the conversation. But as soon as their eyes met, Seth looked at the floor, seemingly ashamed.


Getting the keys, letting Seth out of the cell, Moon took at good look at the boy. He was Chickpea’s age, or so it seemed. “I’m gonna drive you home to your parents now” Moon said.

“Simon is not my father” Seth spat. “He’s just some idiot boning my mom”

“Alright” Moon sighed, “I’m gonna drive you home to your mom, and the idiot, now” Moon smiled, remembering what it was like to be that age too. Lawrence his dad, he had never understood his sudden outbursts of anger and had even made him see a school psychiatrist, who had just told him that it was hormones.

“I’d rather stay here if its alright with you” Seth said, looking sad- “It’s alright, man. And pretty neat once you get past the whole ‘taking a dump in public’ issue” a little smile crept over Seth’s lips.


“As i said” Moon said with a deep sigh, “I’m gonna drive you home now”

“Here’s the keys to the car” Orwell said with a slight laugh, tossing the car keys to Moon.

Moon looked confused, but shrugged it off at village humour. “Come on Seth, lets go”

“Is there any chance you’d take me to the bus stop to Veronaville instead?” Seth said barely audible.

Moon shook his head. “Lets go, young man”

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Thursday late afternoon.


Seth had given this a lot of thought, and had come to the conclusion that Cyan had actually helped him out, even if he had to blackmail her some. Then she had kept her mouth, and their mom still didn’t know that he hadn’t stayed home like he was supposed to. So it was with a heavy heart he picked up the phone and dialled the number that Cyan had stuck to the phone with a post-it.

“Wilde” he heard a girls voice say in the other end.

“Hey Chickpea, its me Kane, i dont know if you remember me, it’s not like we ever talked before” Kane rolled his eyes at himself, slick, man. he thought to himself. You’re a fucking idiot Kane!

“Kane? sure i remember you” chickpea said in the other end. sounding merrier than when she picked up.

“So yea, i wondered if youd want to.. uhm” Kane said.

Chickpea cut in “I would love to” She said, “Gabriel told me already, and i think its the cutest ever. You could just have asked me”

“Gabe?” Kane said in disbelief. closing his eyes he thought of the million ways he wanted to kill Cyan and Gabriel right at this moment. “Awesome”

“So I will see you tomorrow, right?” Chickpea said.


“At school” Chickpea said, clearly annoyed that Kane didn’t quite keep up.

“Yea, sure” Kane mumbled, and they hung up. He couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he let a lamb to the slaughter, and it felt terribly wrong.

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Thursday late afternoon.


Ringing the doorbell two times, someone finally opened. “Miss Singer?” Moon asked.

“Yes?” Isabel said, looking Moon up and down.

“I’m Officer assistant Wilde, we spoke on the phone earlier” Moon said smiling professionally.

“Ah the pushy outsider, Orwell hired” Isabel said, frowning.

“The one and only” Moon said, unable to keep his annoyance out of his voice.


“So where is he?” Isabel said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Locked in the car” Moon said, the more he looked at the woman that was Seth’s mother, the more he understood why he had wanted to be dumped off at the bus stop.

Isabel nodded “So what did he do this time?”

“The report says trespassing” Moon said, but knowing Orwell he could just as well have made it up.

“Squatting” Isabel sighed deeply. “but of course”


“I don’t understand why he is doing this to me” Isabel said, biting her lip before suddenly beginning to sob, she turned from Moon wiping her eyes.

“Now Miss Singer” Moon said, placing a sympathetic hand on Isabel’s shoulder, “Its not that bad, Seth is not in any real trouble”

He could fell that Isabel wanted to say something, but hesitated. “Why didn’t he just stay in Veronaville?” she whispered.


As the doorknob turned, so did Isabel. She turned towards Moon and smiled welcoming. “Thank you, Sir” She said merrily “You have been a great help, driving Seth home like that”

A man who stood in the background looked suspiciously at Moon, saying nothing, just staring. which made Moon really uncomfortable.

“Officer Wilde, this is Simon” she pointed to the man “My fiancée” A little boy stood in the doorway looking up at the adults “And this is Adrian, my youngest son”

“Hello” Moon said, “So lets go and fetch Seth, should we?”

“Just bring him in, and i will make us some coffee” Isabel said, looking at Simon though the corner of her eye.


Seth followed like a docile sheep as Moon picked him out of the car. “Come on Seth” Moon said with a smile. “It’s Okay”

“Until you leave” Seth said sadly in an unguarded moment.

Moon decided to let it slide, and promised himself he would check up on Seth the next day instead. Once inside Moon noticed that Seth and Isabel didn’t even look at each other.

“Coffee Mr. Wilde?” Isabel asked sweetly.

A split second was enough, and before Moon even answered her, he noticed that Seth was gone. “Yes please” He answered politely, sitting down at the dining table.


“I’m really sorry you have to drive all the way out here” Isabel said, sitting down opposite Moon. “But at least we got to meet the new comer to Murky Mile” She smiled sweetly.

Moon would have rolled his eyes if he hadn’t been brought up to be polite, even to people who made you wanna barf. “The pleasure is mine” He said.

“So how is our small community becoming you?” Isabel asked, scratching the palm of her hand absent minded.

Moon didn’t know much, but he knew when people tried to stall you with pleasant, mind numbing boring small talk. And really he wanted to scream in the woman’s face ‘you’re all fucking insane!‘ But again he was just too polite.

“Seth seemed very reluctant coming home Miss Singer, I have to wonder why” Moon said, ignoring Isabel’s stupid question before.

Suddenly Isabel started crying again, “My son hates me Mr. Wilde, its as simple as that” She sobbed.

Moon raised a brow. “Hate is a big word, Miss”

“C..Call me Isa..bell” She cried.

“Alright, Isabel” Moon said calmly, getting an eerie feeling that Isabel was trying to make him stay, even if she had to cry her way to an Oscar. “Why do you think he hates you?”


As Isabel started to explain Moon couldn’t ignore the wedding band on her finger, hadn’t she said that Simon was her fiancée?. “So you see, Mr. Wilde, he is evil!”She said, ending her long tedious tale of Seth’s childhood.

“Miss Singer” Moon said, “Isabel” He stood up, and corrected his sweater and badge. “I promised Seth i would come by one of these days to see if he was still here” It was a lie, he had not promised Seth anything, and one of these days would be as fast as possible, something told him not to trust that woman, something was off, like in the those puzzles from the newspaper, find five errors, something was missing from the picture.

Isabel nodded, showing him out blabbering more pleasantries that Moon didn’t even hear, he was wondering where Seth had gone. Suddenly he heard Seth scream from the top of his lungs, “I don’t fucking know!” followed by a loud meaty sound. Moon turned and looked at Isabel who still smiled, even if strained. “I will be back, miss Singer” Moon said before he left.

SeventhSisters rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Thursday early evening.


Driving directly home from Seth’s house, Moon had an overwhelming urge to check in on Chickpea. “So are you going to see that woman?” Chickpea said before Moon had a chance to speak.

“What?” Moon said, baffled.

“That woman that was here earlier” Chickpea said, not looking at her dad.

“Ah, i didn’t know you knew” Moon said with a sad sigh, “I thought you slept”

“I didn’t, and so are you?” She asked.

“I don’t know” Moon said, stepping into the kitchen, only to have Chickpea brush past him on her way to her room.



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