Mary in the mirror 3/28

Title: Door
Genre: supernatural/horror/drama
Characters: Moon, Chickpea, Listen, Kane & Cyan.
Prompt: 05 – door
Word Count: dunno, a lot.
Rating: PG
Summary: Doors can be many thing, doors to houses, and doors to possibilitys, open and closed. – thanks to goodbye_sun for letting me molest Daniel (Kane). And thanks to everyone of you who commented! – made for simfic50.
Warnings: adult themes, language. To clear up any confusion, we jump a little back in time here, it is the same Tuesday afternoon as the chapter before. And about Moon’s past, he is actually an ingame born sim, and chickpea ‘is’ his daughter. you can see Moon’s story here if you want to. Its not that these stories are related, they are most like alternate universes, but i just thought i might as well use Moon’s “real” story here too. – AND i can see i acccidently called Listen, Karen.. im sorry, i don’t know what i was thinking!! – Listen is Kane and Cyan’s mom, and Karen is Gabriel’s mom.

SeventhSisters rd. 
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Tuesday late afternoon.


“I hate this place” Chickpea growled, crossing her arms over her chest.  Staring angrily at the tacky wallpaper.

“Pea” Moon cooed behind her, “Baby doll, you know it can’t be different” He reached out for his daughter, but she stepped to the side, avoiding Moon’s touch.

“This house sucks, this damn village suck!” she suddenly yelled, turning towards her dad again with angry tears in her eyes. “I HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!!!”

Moon sighed, he couldn’t really blame her, it had all gone so fast when they had moved, or rather fled had been more like it, Moon and Chickpeas mom had split up some years ago, but when he had found out what his ex supported her and their daughter with, he had simply picked up his daughter and run off. “At least we have out own place now” he said, smiling nervously at his daughter, “No more motels”


Chickpea rolled her eyes, “What part of; I HATE THIS PLACE is it you don’t understand?”

Moon wanted to hug his child like he had done when she was little and frustrated, but the girl standing in front of him was not a little girl any more, and he had lost the right to any closeness years ago. “Listen, the furniture we bought will come later today, and then it will be better, you just wait and see” He smiled nervously again, “You can have friends over soon”

She didn’t even know if she should cry or slap him, why didn’t he understand that she didn’t belong here? in this stupid village! They all hated her, everyone here seemed to have lived her in generations, and did not like outsiders.


“You know what Moon?” Chickpea snarled, “Its great that you got a new job, and a house and all, but why do i have to pay the price for your shit?”

Moon bit his lip, somehow it hurt that she no longer called him dad, he missed hearing that word. And why didn’t she see what he had done for her? he had had a fine job in Simcity, had a decent apartment and even a love interest, one that might one day had taken over the space that Chickpeas mother left behind. “I’m sorry you feel that way” he said softly, but crossing his arms over his chest just like Chickpea. He had sold his apartment, left his lover and just taken off in his old car with nothing but a plastic bag with some clothes for him and his daughter, Moon felt like he had sacrificed all. And Chickpea deserved it, he had never been around to do anything for her, and now he wanted to change that. Why wouldn’t she let him?

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Tuesday night.


“Where have you been?” Listen yelled when she heard the front door slam shut, while she desperately tried not to burn dinner.

“Out” Kane mumbled, knowing very well that depending on his mothers mood she would either don’t care, or make a giant scene.

“You do realise you’re grounded, young man, don’t you?” Listen said, cursing under her breath as the casserole burned even if she had been so careful.

“Yes ma’am” Kane said.


Cyan looked at Kane and smiled wickedly, walking casually over to her older brother she cupped his ear with her hand “What did Seth want?”

Kane tried his hardest not to blush, but he felt all blood disappear from his face, only to rush back up ten fold. “Nothing really, just say hi” he heard himself whisper back.

“Why didn’t he come in then?” Cyan whispered. “I saw you guys go over towards the thickening”

“Oh” Kane breathed. his mind churned, what was he supposed to answer? he couldn’t come up with a decent lie! slightly panicky he whispered “He wanted to smoke a spliff where Karen couldn’t see us”

Cyan leaned back and looked Kane over, shaking her head. Her brother a pot-head, she would never have thought that!


“Where had he gone?” Listen suddenly said, when Kane had left the room.

“what?” Cyan said, concentrating on the dishes, pretending innocence.

“You heard me” Listen said, pulling the burned casserole off the stove.

“Oh, he had gone to Gabriel’s to fetch a copy of something for school” Cyan said, rubbing a spot on a dirty plate intensly.

“Oh!” Listen breathed. “I suppose that’s okay then”

Cyan smiled, thinking of all the ways she would make Kane repay her.


“Cyan?” Kane whispered, knowing his sister was awake below.

“Yea?” Cyan whispered back.

“Thank you”

“You totally owe me one” Cyan whispered, a smile spread on her face as she heard her brother suck in his breath. “You could begin with asking that new chick to the pyjamas party”

“What pyjamas party? and why me?” Kane whispered, unable to keep his annoyance hidden from his voice.

“We’re gonna have a pyjamas party, shithead! And you will invite that minx, and leave the rest to me” Cyan whispered.

“And then? Then we’d be quit?” Kane asked softly, careful that Listen woudent hear them from the other side of the wall.

“We’d be quit, for now” Cyan said. Knowing her brother she added “If you don’t, im gonna tell mom you smoked dope with your criminal little faggot friend”

“Cyan!” Seth exclaimed loudly, earning them both a ‘shut the hell up and go to sleep’ from the other side of the wall. And Kane lowered his voice to a whisper once more. “Seth is not..”

“Whatever!” Cyan said, rolling over on her side, pulling the blanket up to her chin. “Like i care what he is”

SeventhSisters rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Wednesday morning.


It had been a little better once the furniture had arrived. Moon had bought a lot of furniture at the hand-me-down central, Chickpea knew that he couldn’t afford new expensive furniture, and she had noticed the expression on his face when they had tried to find some basic, necessary furniture, like beds and a sofa and a dining table. Moon had left everything, bringing only two sets of clothes for them each. At first she had been really pissed off, her mom had had lots of money, and they had had a expensive condo and designer furniture, and suddenly she found herself in satan’s asshole, surrounded by second hand furniture. Even the blankets and towels they had had to buy used.

Chickpea had been a little surprised to find two boxes on her drawer with stuff that Moon apparently picked out for her, five old books an old children’s poster and some cheap incense. Even if it was all crap, she was a little glad to know he had actually picked it out for her, and with a tv that would only show three channels, one being a local one, then the books came in handy. And honestly then she had never read much, maybe she would catch up on some of the books she had wanted to read now.


“Pea!?” Moon yelled from the kitchen, “Are you up? schools in an hour, and i have to leave soon too”

“Yea!” Chickpea yelled back, tossing the book on the floor, scratching her hair as she made her way to the bathroom.

Moon watched the coffee machine intensely as it brewed, as could he make it brew faster by the power of his mind. First day of his new job, he hoped he wouldn’t be fired too quickly, he had promised Chickpea that they would eventually afford to get some nice wallpaper and some real furniture, something she would like, something that would make her proud and feel at home. And intense feeling of loneliness flushed over him as he stood there, he missed Poppy, he missed his life. What had he been thinking?


He was shaken from his depressing thoughts when Chickpea came into the kitchen “What’s for breakfast?” she said with a smile, the first smile Moon had seen since they had left the city.

Maybe everything was going to be alright after all. “Cereal?” he grinned, pointing to the lonely cereal box on the kitchen counter.

“What is that new job of yours exactly?” Chickpea said, sitting down with her cereal. She didn’t know if she actually cared, but it seemed to make Moon happy that she asked, he lit up in a happy smile and sat down opposite of her at the table.

“Deputy assistant” Moon said, when Chickpea looked confused, he put down his spoon and said “It just means i answer the phone and type up stuff, i don’t go out and..”

“So the sheriff’s understudy’s secretary?” Chickpea laughed.

“Basically, yes” Moon laughed along with her, it felt liberating and right… Yes they had done the right thing coming here!

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Wednesday morning.


“Kane dammit! your breakfast is ready! are you gonna stay in the bathroom forever, man?” Cyan yelled.

“Coming!” Kane yelled from the bathroom, coming out he felt pretty good about himself. and when Cyan paled, he felt even better.

“What the hell?” Cyan gasped, almost choking on her breakfast. “Did you just do that? Did you just cut your hair like that?” she looked in total disbelief which amused Kane immensly.

“I did” Kane said, sitting down to eat his cereal. “I felt like a change” he smiled at his sister, who didn’t quite seem to understand or believe.

“It looks good on you” She finally admitted.


“Well its great!” Cyan finally said, after minutes of silence. “that city girl is sure to accept your invitation now”

At first Kane was a little confused and then he just shook his head amused as he realised what it was his sister said. “Don’t be so sure” he said “I cant really twist her arm, can i?”

“Of course you can” Cyan said, standing up with her plate, “You better fucking get her here, alright? i don’t really care how you do it” Cyan smiled arrogantly to her brother, as to point out her victory.

“I promised, didn’t i?” Kane sighed.  He stirred his cereal around in the bowl with his spoon, “Uhm Cyan?”

“Yes?” she said, placing her plate on the counter.

“I thought, could you cover for me once more, like today, all day?” Kane said, smiling to himself, not looking up at what had to be a very surprised expression on Cyan’s face.

“Fuck no” Cyan hissed.

“Too bad, then i might have to tell mom that you slept at Gabriel’s when you told her you were at Remember’s” Kane said softly, finally looking up at Cyan who fumed with anger. “Right?”

“Alright” she growled, grinding her teeth.

“Good, I’m out all day, and wont be home before tonight” Kane said with a smile. “You better come up with a good cover story”


Cyan was just about to answer when they heard Listen’s door open. “Good morning mom” they said in unison. each of them hoping she hadn’t been eavesdropping.

“Morning” Listen mumbled, hurrying off to the bathroom.


“Kane?” Listen called, “The next time you play hairdresser, couldn’t you pick up your hair after you?”

Kane wasn’t even aware that his mom had noticed, “sure mom” He said, standing up from the breakfast table. “Mom? Why aren’t you at work yet?”

Listen laughed dryly, “I’m glad to see you too, son”

“I mean… ” Kane said, already worrying that their mom had fallen ill or something and would stay home all day, if she did, then he wouldn’t be able to meet up with Seth, and would have to stay home like he was supposed to.

“It’s nothing” Listen said. “I just meet in a little later today”


“Mom is going to a seminar this weekend, remember?” Cyan cut in.

“A seminar? in like what?” Kane spurted out, not even wanting to know what the hell a ballet dancers seminar was about.

“Business” Listen said, smiling overbearingly at her children. “Lets face it” she sighed “There isn’t a whole lot of work at the local theatre for a professional dancer, and i am sick of commuting so far away” Kane and Cyan looked at their mom in silent dawning dread. “So, I decided to take a seminar in business, Martha at the local diner needs an extra hand, but i dont know the first thing about business”

“Are you gonna wait tables?” Cyan gasped, “Like in the diner?”

Listen nodded “I’d get to be around you guys more, i feel like i have been neglecting you when i had to leave for 4 days out of a week all the time, this way we would get to spend every day together, plus you’d get free coffee and jelly if you stop buy” Listen laughed at her own terrible joke, truth was that the money didn’t add up, she spend more on their rent and on gas than she could ever make on the theatre in Pleasantville. And she wouldn’t exactly wait tables, Martha needed someone to manage, she wouldn’t tell the kids that tho, she enjoyed their squirming for now.

Cyan pinched the bridge of her nose, and Kane starred intensely at the floor. this was not their idea of swell times.


Listen turned to Kane, “Son, i am relying on you being responsible enough to heed my punishment even if i’m not here”

“Yes ma’am” Kane mumbled with a nod.

“And look out for your sister” She said, looking sternly at Kane. “I will fill the fridge before i leave, and you guys will have to ration it”

“Yes ma’am” Kane said again, smiling reassuring at his mom.

Listen smiled back, “and one last thing, Kane. That hair looks great”

“Thanks mom” He said scratching his ear, feeling slightly uncomfortable by the praise. He just hoped that Seth would like it as much as his family had.


As he got on the schoolbus, he could smell something strange in the air, he couldn’t quite place it. maybe it was change? maybe it was death. he didn’t know. But the butterflies that fluttered around in his stomach told him that change was welcome, and very overdue.



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