Mary in the mirror 28/28

Title: Sixth Sense
Genre: supernatural/drama/romance
Characters: Listen, Terrence, Kane, Sheriff Orwell
Prompt: 35
Rating: PG
Type: series
Summary: Terrence is acting very strange, something funky is going down.
Warnings: language
AN: Its time to place another deathbet. you can do so in these comments, or here.  this time it shouldnt be too hard, i will save that one for next *crackle* – Thank you to goodbye_sun for her sims, and this is written for simfic50.

Please don’t say you’re sorry, don’t explain yourself cause talk is cheap.

“Dad?” Kane said with a tiny voice.

Terrence had not heard his son come home, he had tried to stay awake reading a magazine, only to be dozing off. “Oh Kane its you, i didn’t hear you” he said, sitting up straight, “You mom and Cyan didn’t come home yet?”

“They left?” Kane asked.

Terry stretched his body lazily, “You mom had to go to the hospital, something wasn’t quite right and she wanted the doctors to take a look, i would have thought that they would have been home, or at least called by now” Kane just stared at his dad, not sure what to say. “Anyway” Terry said, “I thought you would have skipped town by now” He said, looking up at his son with a guarded smile “I’m kinda glad you haven’t”

Kane just smiled “I’m still here dad, was mom okay?”

“So who was it you had to run off to see? you sprinted out of here like the devil was breathing down your neck” Terrence stood up, looking at his son with a slightly amused smile. “And yes your mom is fine, its she is just close to her term and well, didn’t want to take the chance of a home birthing i guess, just in case”

“Dad?” Kane asked timidly, looking down onto the nose of his shoes. “I went and met a guy that was supposed to help out, and he said that…” Kane’s eyes swam with tears.

Terrence didn’t ask what was wrong, he just hugged his son tight.  “You will be fine, son.. Don’t worry about it, One way or another it will work out” He let go of Kane but held onto his shoulders looking him straight into his eyes, “Believe me Kane”

“I believe you dad” Kane said softly, smiling. He had wanted to tell his dad about the whole Florian thing, but on the other hand he didn’t want to ruin this moment with admitting that he had been kissing another guy, and on top of that, a guy he loathed, just to get the information he wanted. Somehow Kane felt raped, he felt tricked and dirty. just the thought made him nauseous, and he didn’t know how to tell Seth.

“You look tense” Terrence said as he started to rub his sons shoulders and back, massaging the stiff, cold muscles. “Been standing outside all evening?” He asked.

“Hmmmh” Kane purred, as he nodded vaguely. It was just what he needed, a back rub.

“Better?” Terrence asked as he finished the back rub.

“Much better” Kane said with a grateful smile. How he was going to miss his dad, how he wished he would come along. “What if he isn’t angry with you any more?” he asked, looking at his dad’s confused face. “Izzy i mean” Kane said.

“Oh” Terrence said as he shook his head. “Nah, he was right, i should just let it go. And now i made sure he is not coming here, so..” Kane frowned, not happy with his dads vague answer. “Okay” Terrence sighed “I am sure he is still pissed off, and even if i told him the truth, he would just be even more pissed off.. So no Kane, i am going to miss you, but i am not coming along. This is just for you and Seth, i could have left years and years ago. Besides if the pass is open, i have to go back to the mountain soon”

Kane nodded. “I’m gonna go sleep then, wake me when mom and Cyan comes home, okay?”

Terrence nodded, leaning in, kissing his sons cheek. “I love you, sleep tight”

Kane smiled embarrassed, “I love you too dad” and then he left his parents bedroom, heading for his own room. One more day! this would be the last time he would sleep in this bed, the same bed he had had since he could recall. It did seem kinda weird, in a sad, serious kinda way.

Terrence looked after his son for several moments after he had left out the door. What if this was the last time he saw him? he had avoided being told when Kane left, he was not sure he wanted to know. Maybe he would try and stop it, not that he wanted to, but he wanted Kane here too, after all he was his baby. And no matter what he had told Kane, or how he knew that it had to be for his son not to get lost in this vacuum too, then he still worried about his baby boy. Of course he did.

The next morning when  Terrence woke, he woke to the soft music of the radio. “Lis?” He mumbled as he sat up straight on the sofa.

“Good morning” Lis said, arranging a breakfast table, placing plates for them all.

“I didn’t hear you come home” Terry yawned as he stretched, “Is everything okay?”

Lis smiled, “Yea it was fine, they reckon i have 14 days to go”

Terrence got up from the sofa and walked over to Lis, and without giving it much thought, he rubbed her big belly. “Good to know you’re both okay” He said oddly tenderly.

“Don’t” Lis growled, pushing Terrence away as she turned to fetch the rest of the breakfast.

Terrence sat down at the table, “Lis” he said, smiling at his ex-wife. “I have been thinking, and.. eh.. do you still mean what you said the other day”?

Lis looked confused, “What did i say Terry?”

“That you know.. like when Kane was born, you know.. do you want me to?”  he took a deep breath “Stay?”

“you would do that?” Lis asked, unable to hide her surprise. when Terrence nodded, Lis smiled. “You do know that i was just being an asshole back then right? i know i did something i shouldn’t have, but i am actually over 90% sure that you are actually Kane’s dad, see the other thing was a one-nighter, and well.. he looks like you too”

Terrence started to laugh merrily. “Lis, you.. you.. I could kiss you!”

Lis giggled as she stirred her food with a spoon, “So why don’t you?”

“Cause i am at the other side of the table” Terrence said.

Lis took his hand and rubbed his knuckles tenderly. “I kinda missed you” she said, smiling.

“I missed you terribly” Terrence said, squeezing Lis’ hand gently “lets not do this again, okay sweetie?”

“Agreed” Lis whispered, looking down on Terrence’s hand she smiled, “You put your wedding band back on”

“I did” Terrence said, smiling sweetly. “After all this is where i belong, if you want me here or not!”

“Of course we want you here daddy” Lis drawled, making Terrence laugh.

“So, so what about that other guy?” Terrence asked, looking varily at his wife.

Lis shook her head sadly, “Truth is that when i told him i was pregnant, he told me he wasnt about to deal with it” A nervous laugher rose in her chest. “He was married too, you see”

“Oh okay, i just had to know” Terry said, I wouldn’t want some pissed off bloke standing outside my front door all of a sudden”

“I understand that” Lis said, blushing slightly. it was a bit embarrassing to admit to Terry that the possible baby daddy had not wanted anything to do with her after she got pregnant, good thing Terry didn’t know of the plans they had, the plans that had led to hers and Terry’s divorce to being with. She had told Terry that it was about his lifestyle, when it was infact just a part of her and her lovers plan, to drive their spouses off, Lis has succeeded, and he had not. just ending up going back to his wife after all.

“Are you going back to the mountain then?” Lis asked, not really knowing what to say.

“I am” Terrence said, “But i guess i can postpone it some days, and after all the pass is not open yet, to my knowledge, so i will wait until you had the baby, if you want me too”

“I do” Lis said.

“And then you have Kane and Cyan, right?” Terry said, “Or do you want me to come down from the mountain completely?”

“Speaking of Cyan” Kane suddenly said, he had been woken to his parents laughing, something he had not heard in ages. “Where is she?”

“Isnt she in her bed?” Terrence asked, looking from Kane to Lis.

“She never bothered to pick me up at the hospital again last night, so i had to take a cab all the way, i just assumed she had gone out with Gabriel or something, caught a movie at Crooked Creek cinema or something”

“Shes not here” Kane said.

Terrence felt his pulse starting to rise. “something is wrong” he said, “I don’t care if she did sneak out to see her boyfriend while you were at the hospital, she would have answered her cell, and she would have picked you up, she would not just leave you stranded like that”

“Terry” Lis said, “don’t frighten the boy”

Terrence frowned “what the fuck are you talking about, do you mean before or after we attended four funerals of his friends, because some psycho killer apparently have gotten mountain sickness real bad”

“point taken” Lis said, nodding.

“I am going to the police station, i gotta see if i can get the Sheriff to find her” He pointed at Kane “you call whatever friends she has, and call the sheriff if you do find her” he then pointed at Lis, “And you, lay down, and dont stress” He smiled again, leaning in to give her a peck kiss on the cheek, before grabbing his jacket and rushing out the door.

“DAD!” Kane yelled after him, following his dad halfway out on the street, “DAD!” Terrence was already half way down the street, running as fast as he could, since Cyan had their car. “Good bye dad” Kane whispered, waving to his dad.

“Briar!” Terrence moaned as he stumbled in the door at the local sheriffs office. Bending over to catch his breath, Terrence closed his eyes. “Briar, you gotta go look for my daughter”

“What?” Orwell said, looking up from his computer. “Cyan? what about her?”

“She’s missing” Terry said, standing up straight, feeling as his pulse slowly got back to normal and his breathing slowed down too. “She took Lis to the hospital in Crooked Creek, and then she went missing”

“She’s just out with her friends” Orwell said with a shrug.

“What friends man? She just found her best friend in a car without a fucking face!” Terrence shouted as he slammed a fist down into the desk, right next to the computer.

Terrence moved around the desk and stood next to Orwell, who turned off his computer and stood up, frowning at Terrence. “Look im sorry Sheriff” Terrence said smiling. “But you really have to listen, she is not out with friends, i just know it, she would not have left her nine months pregnant mother in Crooked Creek, and she would have called if she changed plans”

“She could have gone to the cinema, i believe they showed Phantom of the Opera yesterday” Orwell said, still looking annoyed.

“Think! man!” Terrence said, trying to keep his frustration out of his voice. “If she went to see a movie yesterday, then why have she not come home yet? and why have we not heard from her? I know my own daughter Sheriff, and i know she would not do this!”

“Why wont you listen to me? i am telling you something is really, really wrong!” Terrence finally wailed.

“Okay” Briar said, looking at his computer monitor again. “When did she go missing you say?”

“Last night” Terrence said, almost sighing from relief.

“She has not been gone long enough for me to write her down as missing” Orwell said, not looking at Terry but at the monitor.

“You have got to be shitting me!” Terrence croaked.

“no, im sorry Terry, im not” Orwell pushed the power button of the monitor, shutting it off.

“Look Terry” Briar said placing a friendly hand on his shoulder. “Go home, wait till eight tonight, and come back down, then i can take a report, okay?”

“That is just not enough” Terry said.

“Look man, we don’t go trim the forest for a girl who has been gone for measly 10 hours, she could be anywhere, and you know it” Orwell said.



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