Mary in the Mirror 27/28

Title: Sunset
Genre: supernatural/drama/romance
Characters: Florian, Kane, Lola, Moon, Gabriel, Diva
Prompt: 32
Rating: R
Type: series
Summary: Kane shows up where Florian summoned him, and someone else bites the dust.
Warnings: character death, kissing.
AN: Okay so we have a death here, and we actually have one more real soon (in chapter 29). As i said, the last ones here are really quickly after each other. So there is an additional AN in the end of this chapter. Thanks to goodbye_sun for her sims, And to all of you guys who gave me so much feedback, it fucking rocks! and makes me write a whole lot faster too *grins* This is written for simfic50.

Recommended soundtrack: // Sisters of Mercy – Jolene //

Well, the night is dark
And the night is deep
And its jaws are open wide
But papa wont leave you, Henry
So there ain’t no need to cry

Kane took his bike to the cemetery where Florian had said he would wait this afternoon. the things that his dad told him this morning was still clouding his thoughts, even if he was so glad that Florian had talked with Seth, and apparently had a message for him, then some of the happiness he should have felt was gone. The thought of being doomed to the same life as his dad was just too terrifying, it felt like a death sentence. Seth was not Izzy, he should not get this so confused, and most of all he was not his dad. If Seth should leave, he would go after him, wouldn’t he?

Besides that, then he had had this strong urge to leave this place, like a panic attack waiting to happen. It was not because Cyan and Gabriel now knew what was going on, Gabriel would not even talk to him, and Cyan had been locked in their room ever since she had found Remember in the car on Churchroad. She would not speak with him or their dad, the only one allowed in there was their mom. Kane had no problem with that really, he had liked Remember just fine, but he had not been her friend like Cyan had. walking across the cemetery, Kane spotted Florian and Lola right away, and who in their right minds would hang out here anyways?

Kane did not have to say anything, Lola had spotted him as he had entered the cemetery, and Florian turned around looking at Kane with a fake smile, as he approached. “Kane” He said, reaching out to shake Kane’s hand.

“Florian” Kane answered, shaking Florian’s ice cold hand, “Man, you should get inside soon, man, you are freezing.” he said, with a slightly scolding tone, “For just how long have you two nuts been standing out here? its winter, you know!”

Florian laughed mirthlessly, “like you cared”

“Maybe i think you’re an asshole, but therefore i don’t want you to come down with the flu” Kane said, pointing at Florian to make his point, earning him a giggle from Lola.

“Cute” Florian giggled too, shaking his head.

“See this is why i think you’re such an asshat, why the hell do you always put everything down that i say? what is your problem?” Kane said, frowning.

“Kane, listen.. i don’t like you either okay, so there! its mutual and beautiful” Florian said, “But i didn’t call you and ask you to meet me here as a courtesy call, or because i wanted to have health tip from Seth’s missus”

Kane opened his mouth to object, but nothing came out, and Florian who frowned even deeper when Kane didn’t defend himself, said. “So, i talked with Seth, i don’t know if you know that he asked me to find you guys a car”

Kane nodded.

“I almost didn’t wanna do it you know, why the hell would i help my best friend do the stupidest thing in his life? right?”

“You can do this, my love” Moon whispered, holding on to Diva. he knew this all too well, because it was not long since he had done the same.

“No” Diva whispered, “you found him, that has to be enough”

“No you need this Diva, you need to see it yourself to believe it, besides you asked me to take you here, and i did” Moon said, knowing how cold that sounded, and honestly right now he really couldn’t find a feeling at all, not for Diva, not for Gabriel and not for this whole god forsaken village.

guiding Diva over to the slab, Moon slowly peeled off the sheet, letting Diva see her dead son, laying there. Moon had to admit he thought that the mortician had done a pretty good job, thinking of how he had looked when he had first found him, bloated on the bank of the creek, it was lucky that whatever animal had eaten off the carcass, had not touched the face, and this was the only reason that Moon had agreed on Diva wanting to see her son. An animal that Moon was almost positive was the kids own dog. They did not have the coroner report yet, but he was pretty sure that it would say animal attack, just like he had noticed that the other kids had some really odd causes of death, suicide, was pretty ‘normal’ but then there were an heart attack and a haemorrhage, which did not make sense, that this young kids would die like that.

Lola had gone home, leaving Florian and Kane alone on the cemetery arguing. None of them had really noticed it had gone dark, it was wintertime, which meant that it was dark most of the day anyway. “Kane” Florian said, “You know that i think that Seth should not throw away his life, driving you off to who knows where” 

“I do” Kane groaned, “You made that quite clear by now, Florian”

Florian nodded and stepped closer to Kane, “Now that Lola is gone, I will tell you what Seth told me, but..” he turned Kane’s head to face his own, with a gloved hand.

“but?” Kane asked clearly confused by this odd change in Florian, even the nasty gleam in his eyes was gone, he looked almost friendly. no more than friendly!

“I have to know if i am right, or if Seth is telling the truth” Florian said, without as much as blinking.

“what the fuck does that mean?” Kane said, stepping back from Florian, suddenly getting a chilling feeling as his private space was invaded.

“A kiss” Florian said, smiling like a cat that had just caught his bird. “All i want is a kiss, and i will tell you what Seth told me”

“Are you crazy? you hate me! why the hell would you suddenly wanna kiss me?” Kane wanted to step even further back, but his heel had encountered something he knew would be a huge willow, his escape route was cut off.

“Don’t fool yourself Kane, i still think you are a bitch, i just want to know if Seth is right” Florian raised a suggestive brow, “I always said that you can tell what kind of lover a person is by their kiss” he smiled again, stepping so close to Kane that Kane could feel Florian’s breath on his cheek.

Kane’s heart beat so fast that he was sure that Florian could sense his fear. Maybe he would interpret his shortness of breath as exhilaration, but Kane was scared, not aroused, he didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know how to react to this, if he told Florian to piss off, then he would never hear what Seth had said, but could he in fact find it in himself to kiss Florian, the biggest jerk he knew? 

“So what will it be?” Florian asked sweetly. Crooking his head slightly, Florian smiled again “Am i really that revolting?”

Kane could feel his body scream for him to flee, as should he fear for his life. “No, you are pretty okay” Kane finally mumbled.

Florian’s smile widened, unnerving Kane greatly. “Cool” Florian said softly. Suddenly wrapping his arm around Kane’s waist pulling him close. Kane took a deep breath trying to brace himself, even if this was kinda innocent, it still felt like he was caught in a nightmare. At first the kiss was awkward and hard, but as Kane lost himself in Florian’s soft, surprisingly warm lips, the kiss became more natural and for a moment Kane forgot who he was kissing.

As the kiss ended, Kane stumbled backwards, gasping for breath. “Fuck” he mumbled, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. “I can’t believe you did that!”

We did that” Florian corrected him.

“Crap!” Kane hissed, knowing that Florian was right, he had actually enjoyed that kiss, much to his own surprise. “You can’t ever tell him, man..” Kane said, hating the whining tone in his voice.

Florian laughed softly “Why the hell would i tell him that?” He started to walk away from the cemetery, “Come on, Kane” he said gesturing towards the exit. “I promised to tell you what Seth told me, but i thought we should maybe step away from his buddies a little”

Kane was about to ask him what he meant, when he turned and looked at the headstones, they had been standing on Shadow’s grave, a chill went dont Kane’s spine. “Man that is some twisted shit, why didn’t you tell me?”

“And you would have done exsactly what about it?” Florian grinned. “Anyways” He sighed, “If you are ever lonely, or Seth dumps you.. You can always, you know.. like call”

Now it was Kane’s turn to laugh, laughing over the absurdity of the whole situation. “What is that supposed to mean, man?”

“Okay listen up Kane, we are actually in kinda a hurry here. I talked with Seth, and the plan was to get out of here tomorrow before dusk, I promised him i would come by with the car i got for him, because i owe him one. But you see i dont owe you jack shit, and so i had to know if you atleast was as hot as Seth told me you were, and i must admit he was right, you really are a good kisser Kane. Maybe i am crazy, but i am just looking out for my friend, in my own way”

“So what if i had been a terrible kisser” Kane asked barely audible.

“Then i wouldn’t have told you the truth, and Seth would have left town, thinking you didn’t wanna leave with him” Florian said, smiling seductively, sweetly again.

Kane felt like he was going to faint for a moment, it had been so, so close. too close for comfort, that he had repeated his fathers story, what if someone had done this to them too? Kane got the sneaking suspicion there might have been a little busy bee, mingling where it should not have.

“But” Florian said, “Seth told me he was grounded, and i know what that means, it means that something terrible is going on, and Simon most likely is having one of his religious fits, so what i told him was that i would make sure you would be put out of harms way, and i would come and sneak Seth out the bathroom window like we have done before, and drive him off to where you are, you two can then drive me home, and then continue out into the sunset. How does that sound, loverboy?”

Kane nodded affirmatively. not really sure what to say.

“SO you leave tomorrow at noon, so no one will suspect anything, you go to the hunters cabin in the woods, there no one but us will even think to look for you, we cant have the stupid sheriff lock you up, should Simon tip him off that something funky is happening, that old bastard have more iq than you’d think! And then i will wait in the shrubbery beneath the window of Seth’s bathroom, he will as soon as he can go look for me, and i will try and sneak him out, so we should be there sometime, early evening. Is that okay with you? Make sure to bring some food and other stuff to keep yourself occupied in some hours”

Kane nodded again, “Sure” he said with a smile “I will be there, anything for Seth”

“I thought so” Florian said with that strange predatory smile as he had had before. “See you there then” he said, walking off, leaving Kane alone outside the cemetery with his bike.


ADD AN: So Gabriel was the one who died this time, the one who guess that one was goodbye_sun, and i think one more, but i forgot to add the bet. *shame on me*  – Now we have Cyan, Kane and Seth left, and only one will survive. ^_^


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