Mary in the Mirror 2/28

Title: Secret
Genre: supernatural/drama
Characters: Kane,Remember, Cyan, Karen & Seth.
Prompt: 24 – secret
Word Count: over the 200.
Rating: pg Summary: done for
Warnings: language, adult themes
AN: Kane has a secret. – thanks to goodbye_sun for letting me molest her Daniel. (Kane)

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Tuesday late afternoon.

“I know” Remember said with a grin, “A pyjamas party” “My mom would fucking freak out if she found out, you know that!” Cyan argued, looking up at her best friend.

“So? You have to admit the idea is fucking awesome” Remember snickered. “That little skank wouldn’t know what hit her”

“Mem.. You know Kane was grounded yesterday for being like 2 hours late, i don’t even know what she’d do if she found out i invited everyone over for the night” Cyan shook her head “She’d think we were into drugs or something and send me off to boarding school in Veronaville”

“Hey man.. So what if you’d be grounded for a couple of weeks, if she finds out that is” Remember said, tapping the desk with a perfectly manicured nail, “But what if we scared that bitch off? what if she moved back to Simcity? Wouldn’t that be worth it?”

Cyan looked thoughtful, and then nodded “You’re right” she finally said with a smile. “And if all fails i can always blame you” she pointed at Remember who laughed.

“So” Remember said, “I figured at this supposed pyjamas party, then what about truth or dare?” Remember’s cell phone gave off a stupid little tone indicating she had a text message. “She wouldn’t be able to get out of that one, think about it for a moment Cyan”

Cyan nodded “Yea man, she is new and want to show all us inbred fuckers how its done in the citay” she turned in her chair looking directly at Remember. “What should we dare her then?”

Remember shrugged “Dunno man, we just have to figure something out”

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Tuesday evening.

Seth smiled as Kane zipped his jacket and came outside in the dark. “Sorry i didn’t call” Seth huffed, a little out of breath. “I figured you’d be home, taken you’re grounded and all”

Kane smiled back, “yea” They walked side by side further away from Kane’s front door, none of them talking.

“Is something wrong?” Seth asked, laying a hand on Kane’s shoulder. Kane, shook from his thoughts, smiled again and placed his hand on top of Seth’s.

“No, i was just thinking about something Cyan said” As he saw Seth frown he hurried to add “It’s nothing, seriously”

Seth looked over Kane’s shoulder, deciding they were far enough from Kane’s house, and then wrapped his arms around his boyfriends waist. “It’s been long” he said softly, looking Kane directly into his eyes.

Kane sighed happily and returned the gesture, wrapping his arms around Seth, “Over a month” he said, thinking that he had never seen anyone that beautiful as Seth’s face caught the cold shine wich the moon rays created on the snow, looking most like a porcelain doll. “I wish you didn’t have to go back to your school” he whispered.

Seth pressed closer against Kane, feeling the heat that radiated from the other boy. “I have to return, you know that, the sheriff don’t want me around for some time” “I know” Kane said, leaning in resting his head on Seth’s shoulder.

Seth had been caught drunk driving without a license last year, and since then he had been sent to a boarding school in Veronaville, and was only returning to his parents house in Murky Mile for hollidays. Kane had thought that the world hated him as he was told all this by Cyan, who had initially been infatuated with the amber eyed boy, thinking that she would be the perfect accessory to the village bad-ass. but Seth had never even looked in Cyan’s direction, he had been interested in something different, Cyan’s awkward brother, Kane. And since then they had shared this secret, meeting up dark and isolated places to share their love, none of them were afraid of being what they were, or ashamed to admit who they loved, but Seth had insisted that they kept it in the dark, for Kane’s sake. Murky Mile was a small village, and there was no room for someone like them. Kane had often entertained himself with the idea of eloping, but Seth had always stopped his dreams, telling him to tough it out and finish school.

“I missed you” Seth whispered, shaking Kane from his thoughts once again.

“I missed you too” Kane whispered back, listening to the wind for a moment, deciding no one was around. Then he kissed a wet trail of kisses along Seth’s neck, loving how the older boy squirmed under his touch.

Time flew, and even if they were dressed warm they both started to freeze, none of them would admit it, because they did not know when another chance would come, allowing them to be alone.

“So” Seth said “What are you worrying about?” Seth said “You seem preoccupied today, is it bad?”

“No” Kane said shaking his head gently “It’s just Cyan who decided to hate this new girl, and i just know they will do something terrible to her”

“And now you don’t know if you should warn her, and betray Cyan, or go along with it; and watch the girl squished like a bug” Seth said, squeezing Kane’s hands to keep them warm.

“Exactly” Kane mumbled. “I wont be going back for four days, what do you say we meet up in the old hunting hut in the forest tomorrow?” Seth said, smiling smug.

Kane blushed demurely, knowing exactly what Seth was thinking. “I would love to” he said, kissing Seth quickly.

“Narly” Seth grinned. “I will be there all day, you just come up there when you can, i will be waiting” Kane nodded, and they kissed one last time before Seth left, walking out into the winter darkness.



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