Mary in the mirror 20/28

Title: Taste
Genre: Supernatural/drama/
Characters: Simon, Seth, Isabel, Orwell.
Prompt: 39 – taste
Word count: 1970
Rating: R
Summary: Orwell shows his nicer side, and Simon his not so nice one.
Warnings: child abuse, violence, language.
AN: This chapter is really short, but i had planned two chapters, hot the images for them and realised i had a time line problem, plus i had +100 images, and even if the next two chapters are long, that would just be stupid. I weeded out a lot of the images i planned on using. so i am down to more like +80 images. but still.. So here is a short one, and i have to say the deathbet is postponed another chapter, so in chapter 22 its time to vote. ^_^ – Thanks to goodbye_sun & simfic50. Oh yes, i wanted to say that when i named this taste, i of course refer to the taste of blood. Wow man, chapter 20 O_o Madness! Also thanks for the really sweet feedback i got on the flashback chapters.. Thank you guys, i really mean it! I was a bit afraid that i was too self indulgent when i did those chapters, just because i was bitten by a mad muse. OMG would you believe i didn’t notice that Semagic had a word count feature until now? Damn i promise to add the word count from now on!

Murky Mile Police office.
Falconers road
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Friday night.

“Thanks, Sir” Seth said, sighing with content as he took a sip of his warm coffee, “You didn’t have to.. I mean, i had expected to walk home from the mortuary”

Orwell poured a cup for himself too, giving Seth a mysterious smile. “It is the least i can do” he said.

Seth gave Orwell a guarded smile, “Why are you so nice to me all of a sudden?” Seth suddenly asked, looking intensely at Orwell.

The Sheriff sat down in the sofa next to Seth, looking sadly at the boy next to him. “Maybe i feel responsible” he said, which puzzled Seth who raised a questioning eyebrow. “I wish you wouldn’t get in all that trouble all the time Seth”

“I don’t mean to” Seth mumbled, still not sure what to do with a nice Orwell. it felt totally weird, and somewhat alien.

“I really should be going, Sir” Seth said, slowly getting up from the sofa.

“Okay, hang on, i will take you home” Orwell said, he just about to stand too when Seth spun around blocking his way. “No!” he exclaimed, realising his mistake, be backed away, shaking his head  “No thank you sir, i would rather walk”

Orwell looked up at Seth, reading the boys frightened eyes, “Simon, huh?” Orwell said fatherly, nodding.

Seth said nothing, just stood there looking at Orwell, remembering why he hated him so. “Thank you for the coffee, sir. Now i really should go” He turned and walked towards the door.

“Mr. Singer” Orwell called after him, just as he grabbed the inside door handle of the police station’s door. “Be safe, i really don’t want to call you mother down to identify you too. Something is going on, i don’t know what.. but just take care”

Seth didn’t turn, his mind sent him unwelcome flashes of images of Shadow and Eben laying on those slates with pale death masks, lips white, he wondered if their eyes would have that white mask, as you saw on photos of dead people, or if they looked normal still. He thought of the hour walk he would have to take up the forest road to get home, the same forest that claimed both Chickpea, Eben and Shadow’s lives. a chill spread through his body and he felt s a slight panic, no he wouldn’t be safe at all if he walked that distance. whatever Simon could conjure up couldn’t be half as bad as what waited for him in that forest. Turning to Orwell who had now gotten up from the sofa, walking towards him. “You know, Sir. I would really want that lift after all” he admitted in a small voice, not looking at Orwell.

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Friday Night/early morning.

Seth had not been expect that anyone was awake when he walked through the door. And when Simon looked up at him with that not pleased glare, Seth smiled at first. Simon had after all said it was fine that he went to the mortuary earlier. “Goodnight, Simon” Seth said quickly as he hurried towards his room. “Come back here, kid” Simon called, pointing to the chair opposite him by the dining table.

Seth sighed and walked over to the dining table. “Hey man, i’m sorry” He had no idea what he had to be sorry about, but he better apologize, Simon had that look on his face that spelled trouble.

“Do you have to worry your mother so?” Simon growled, “i had to call for the doctor to give her something to relax on, and you of course don’t care like the little useless fucker you are!”

Seth turned on his heels, “Goodnight Simon” he said once more, deciding to flee the room before Simon could work himself up.

“Oh no you don’t” Simon said, getting up from his chair, cutting Seth off half way to his room.

“Look, Simon. I didn’t mean for her to…” Seth started, but Simon cut him off screaming form the top of his lungs, “You don’t do a lot of things on purpose, and who gives a shit? facts are you fuck up over and over. You will cause your mother another submission to the sanitarium. if you keep this up”

Seth flinched, “But..”

Simon didn’t seem to care, he pushed Seth so he came off balance and had to grab on to the table not to fall backwards, breaking a plate in the process. a second after it smashed on the floor there was dead silence in the room. Seth barely breathing. “Look what you did” Simon hissed.

As Simon squinted his eyes, Seth’s grew big and alert, knowing what would follow. Seth could smell the liquor reek off Simon like a big poisonous cloud.  

“Hey its not my fault she is neurotic” Seth stated, defensive. Trying to get around Simon to make it to his room, before this blew up in his face.

“Don’t tell me it takes two hours to look at some corpse” Simon Said, holding Seth is checkmate by the front door. “Your mother was afraid that you had gone to see that boy-fuckbuddy of yours” Simon asked venomously, “So did you?”

“Don’t call him that” Seth yelled, glaring at Simon angrily. “You don’t know the first fucking thing about Kane”

“Maybe not” Simon said, smiling predatory, “But i know your kind”

“Fuck you, man” Seth spat.

Simon grabbed Seth’s chin hard, tilting his head upwards, forcing him to look Simon straight in the eyes. “watch you mouth” simon snarled.

“Please don’t..” Seth started, but was cut off as Simon’s fist impacted on his face.

Tasting the blood on his lips, filling his mouth, Seth spit on the floor, looking at the clear red colour for a moment, before looking up at Simon, “What the fuck is your problem?” He screamed, feeling the numbness of his lip giving away to sharp pain, “Its not my fault you don’t get laid when shes doped up on valium, man”

“Shut the fuck up!” Simon hissed.

“Or what?” Seth cried, pushing Simon as hard as he could away from him. He knew he had already lost, but for once he was not gonna plea, he was not going to give in, not gonna silently taking what ever Simon decided to deal him.


“Don’t push it, girlie-boy” Simon growled. Seth noticed a little change in Simon’s posture, he was not used to being fought back, neither by Seth or his mother.

“Fuck you!” Seth spat, drooling blood from his cracked lip. “Fuck you, man. No, you know what, fuck y’all! you’re right, i don’t give a shit, i don’t give a flying fuck about any of you!” Seth knew he lied, maybe Simon knew it too. But it didn’t matter, Simon didn’t have the right to say what he did.

Seth didn’t even have time to react when the punches fell. knocking him off his feet, he felt the pain, felt the dizziness and went down on his knees, falling face first on the floor. huffing and wheezing he tried to gather his thoughts thinking straight, but found it hard to do. would Simon continue if he stood up? Or would he leave him alone? Seth heard Simon breath quickly and laboured, clearly waiting for him to stand up. resting his forehead against the cheap carpet Seth felt something he had not felt in a long time, despair. and instead of standing up, he started to cry, silently first, but gradually it became heartbroken sobs. He would never get out of here, he would be stuck in this limbo for ever, until either Simon killed him off accidentally, or he jumped off the church tower. The pass would never open, Florian would never get that car for him.. Kane would never go with him..

“get up you pussy, why don’t you behave like a man, dammit. Don’t lay around there staining the carpet with snot like some little girl” Simon hissed.

Seth coiled, but slowly got up, using the only tool he had, begging. “Don’t.. no more, please” He wimpered, looking away from Simon. It had been a long time since he had given Simon the gratification of showing any emotion, even when he beat him up. But tonight he couldn’t take it, he had just watched his two dead friends, laying cold and lifeless on a metal slab. he could not deal with Simon too.

Simon took a step towards Seth, when Seth flinched, instinctively holding his arms up in front of his face. Simon smiled. “We will make a man out of you yet” He growled. “Go apologize to your mother” he said, finally stepping away, walking to the kitchen opening a cupboard to fetch his vodka.

Seth slowly got to his feet, wiping snot, tears and blood from his face. “Yes sir” He mumbled. looking over at Simon who had seemed to have lost interest in him. “fucker” he breathed into his sleeve, careful that Simon did not hear it.

Opening the door to the master bedroom, Seth peeked inside, “Mother?” he whispered. not knowing if she was awake or not.

“Seth?” Isabel mumbled. slowly focusing on her son in the door. “What were you guys fighting over before?” she slurred.

“It was nothing, mother” Seth said, careful to be as polite and respectful as he could. walking to Isabel’s bedside, he smiled, winching as his cracked lip hurt. “i must have missed curfew” he nodded, knowing that he didn’t even have one, but Isabel was too wasted to realise that.

“oh” Isabel said with a lazy smile, looking up at her son with glazed eyes. “hey, are you alright?” he looked at her son worried, and patted the empty bed space next to her.

Seth wondered how many of those valium she had actually taken, or if she had mixed it with something else, she seemed totally doped up. “I’m fine, mother” Seth lied. He wanted to scream in her face ‘no i’m not fucking alright! i just saw two of my friends dead! and your fucking lover is a psycho’ but he didn’t. he just looked at his mother, finding he did not even love her any more, he pitied her, being a casualty of this damn place, but none the less not able to do better for herself.

“Is something wrong, baby?” Isabel asked, reaching out to caress Seth. Seth leaned into the caress.

“I am sorry i worried you” He whispered, feeling his mother cool hand running across his forehead, just like when he was a little kid. “mother” 

“That friend of yours” Isabel mumbled.

“Don’t worry about that, mother. You should try and sleep” Seth said softly, a bit sad when Isabel ended the touch. 

“you too, son” Isabel slurred, looking at Seth through half lidded eyes.

“I will” Seth said, smiling politely. he knew he wouldn’t close a eye all night, if not for the pain in his face, then for the nightmares and the whispering he heard when the house was all still, maybe he really was loosing his mind?  


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