Mary in the mirror 18/28

Title: Imperfection
Genre: Drama, supernatural, romance, angst
Characters: Kane, Terrence, Izzy, Listen, Isabel
Prompt: 34 – imperfection
Rating: R
Summary: Terrence have a heart to heart with his son.
AN: I know i haven’t dated the story, but somehow i just want Terry’s teen years to have been in the 70ies,  i didn’t grow up in a village. I imagine that time had stood pretty still there, and that the teens are only starting to enjoy the freedom of the late 60’ies. So i’d imagine it being a weird warp between the late 50’ies because of the parents, and the silent revolution of the kids, listening to rock and roll. *gg* And then the sexual liberation of the 70ies. Speaking of the ACTUAL story, don’t worry it will get back on track real soon, i just have to get this flashback out of my system XD the bluish pictures and cursive text are flashbacks
This is written for simfic50 – and thanks to goodbye_sun for her support and pretty sims.

recommended soundtrack: Wanda Jackson – Funnel of  love / ABBA – Voules  Vous / Deep Purple – Fireball

When Terry had not come home for supper, Listen had lent Kane her car and told him to go search for his dad. Kane knew where to look alright. It pissed him off that Terry had just left after the funeral, saying he had to go buy some different groseries, and didn’t return. Kane looked at his watch, fifteen minutes past eleven. Gods he hoped Terry was not drunk stupid, and would barf in the car or something, Listen would have a cow, and that would ruin the plans he had for meeting up with Seth tomorrow night.

Walking into the bar where Terry had taken him the other day, the house seemed even more dark and secretive than when he had been here in broad daylight, or maybe it was all those things that happened in Murky mile lately? after all, Nothing ever happened here! And suddenly all this with Chickpea happened.

Stepping in to the first room in the bar, Kane found his dad holding a bottle of Whiskey, staring into the flames, drinking straight from the bottle. “Dad?” Kane said softly, smiling as Terrence looked up at him with a lazy, drunken smile. “Son” Terrence said, nodding to himself as to tell himself it was right.

Kane sat down next to Terrence in the worn sofa, looking off into the fire together with his dad. “Eh, dad? Don’t you think..”

Terrence shook his head “I know she sent you to pick me up” He said acidly, still looking into the fire, “Imagine being picked up by your son” Terrence mumbled, bitterly, “My old man is turning in his grave, man”

“So..” Kane started again, only to be cut off by Terrence, who finally looked at his son. “Tell her you couldn’t find me” Kane nodded slowly and stood up from the sofa again, when Terry grabbed his wrist, pulling him back in the sofa again.

“Kane, son” Terrence said, looking very serious and sad. “I ain’t never coming home again, it’s over! there is nothing left for me here, i ruined everything around me because..” Terrence sighed deeply “I don’t know” He looked Kane right into his eyes, taking a swing of the bottle, and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “You guys don’t need me any more… You’re both so big, and you’re about to have families of your own, or go to Veronaville.. or.. And i missed out on evreything” Terrence laid a hand on Kane’s shoulder “I’m.. I’m sorry Kane, my little baby boy is all grown” Terrence blinked a tear out of the corner of his eye.

“Dad” Kane said fatherly “You’re drunk, you don’t mean this at all, of course we need you. Please come home with me, now”

Terrence shook his head “No, i mean it, Kane. I am not going back, i gave your mom what she wanted, and perhaps she gave me what she should have given me twenty years ago. My freedom to leave this cursed village” Kane just blinked. And Terrence continued. “Your mom met another man, and don’t blame her, Kane. It’s my fault, i failed completely as a husband and a father, Simon was right that day, he really was.” Terry’s voice dropped to a whisper, “You want the real secret? I would have, i would have left back then, had Izzy not just disappeared on me, had he told me to get into that car, i would have”

Kane smiled sadly “So you guys are splitting up?”

Terrence chuckled bitterly, “Seems like that, yes. Don’t worry son, you have Seth, and if i were you, i would get into that car and get the fuck away from here as fast as you can, what the hell! Nick your moms car and pick him up on the way, beat the living shit out of Simon while you’re at it” Terry smiled. “But go, there ain’t nothing here but decay and death”

“Why didn’t you just go after him?” Kane suddenly asked, regretting his question as Terrence seemed to sink deeper into his dark thoughts. “Do you really want to know?”

Kane nodded “If you really leave now, then its the last time we talk, and then i would like to know why”

“Okay” Terrence said, “I never wanted to tell you this, i mean, not even your mom knows the truth”

She was laying on my bed, looking up into the air. We were listening to records on my dad’s record player, and since i only had one record, then we heard it over and over. Suddenly she looked at me and said “I was at the doctors yesterday”

“Okay” I said, closing my eyes, listening to Deep Purple.

“Terry, you’re about to be a daddy” she said. I’m sure she said it quietly, but in my ears it seemed like she was yelling from the top of her lungs.

“Wha.. Wha.. What are you Sa-saying?” I stuttered, not sure i had heard right.

“I am pregnant you oaf” She said, smiling sweetly, “Isn’t that great? we’re gonna have a baby. Terry”

“Oh” Was all i could say. A baby? what was she thinking? She would turn 17 next month, and i was almost 6 months away from my 17’th birthday. I knew my mother would be thrilled, that i had found a nice girl and decided on a family, maybe even take over the family business. I don’t know if you know, but my dad had the town’s mortuary back then, actually it was still called a undertaker.

Terrence shook his head and took another swipe of the bottle, handing it to Kane who also took a big sip, feeling like his mouth and throat was on fire.

But my dad would be furious! he wanted me to make something of myself, not just be an undertaker like him, but to study in college and uni, travelling and seeing the world, have exiting jobs.. and… But in that moment i knew it would never be like that, i would be stuck here, as the Murky Mile undertaker, with Lis and the baby. Actually in that moment it never did strike me to panic and run, and abortions were unheard of, besides then both Lis’ parents and mine were pretty religious.

Suddenly Lis started to cry, i wanted to comfort her, but i was rooted to the chair, even Deep purple didn’t seem to exist. “Why aren’t you happy?” Lis cried, and i didn’t know what to answer. I liked her fine, but.. I wanted to get out into the world, and now someone else had taken away that dream, i felt like my heart would break. “It’s okay, Lis” I managed to croak out.  “I just need a moment” i know i smiled, and she smiled back through her tears. I got up from the chair and came to sit at the bed with Lis, “Who knows?” I asked, she answered that she had told Isabel, they used to be really good friends you see, before i messed that up too. And Lis’ mom had been the one to take her to the doctors, so she knew too. That would mean that my mom would know too.

“Dont look at me like that!” Terrence scowled, “You wanted to know, remember?”

“Well, i asked why you didn’t leave with Izzy, i didn’t ask to know how little you wanted to be a dad, man” Kane snapped back.

Terrence relaxed and shrugged, “it’s a part of the story” he just said causally. “But answer me honestly Kane, you’re 16, would you like to be a dad at your age?”

Kane bit his lip and shook his head, “Fuck no”

“Well neither did i” Terrence stated. “it’s not that i don’t love you guys ‘now’, it’s just that.. forever is really scary when you’re 16”

I was saved by the bell, or so i thought! Suddenly the door slammed open to the kitchen, and Isabel came running in, crying her heart out. Both me and Lis quickly came downstairs, and Lis tried to make Isabel relax so much that you could understand what she said. “Izzy duuuuumped me” She brawled, stomping the floor in a hysterical fit. Lis hugged her and had her relaxing, “I’m sorry guys” Isabel mumbled, “I know you got your own stuff to…”

“Shhh.. don’t worry” Lis stroked Isabel’s hair, looking at me, “Fetch her something to drink Terry, don’t just stand there” And i did, i fetched her some juice and sat down at the dining table, listening to Isabel’s story.

I got up from the table when she finished, She had said that Izzy had fallen in love with someone else, and dumped her, what none of us knew was that Izzy had already left his print on life, Isabel was pregnant too, she just didn’t know, and wouldn’t find out any time soon either. And her mom would have a total nervous breakdown because of it…

Terrence cleared his throat, taking a swing of the bottle, mentally reminding himself where he was in his story.

Isabel stood up too, grabbing a hold of me, pointing at me. “You talk to him!” She said harshly, “You’re that dog’s best friend, and if he will listen to anyone, it will be you” I tried to object, i know i did. But i spoke to deaf ears. 

“Tell him that he will be sorry he dumped me, and i hope that he and his new girlfriend are not welcome in Murky Mile” Isabel raged. “Isabel.. I don’t think that…” I said, trying to calm her down. When she suddenly started to cry again. “I want him back! She can’t have him!” she sobbed.

Lis came and wrapped her arms around her friend again, giving me the death glare, and as a beaten man, i had to go look for Izzy.

“Girls..” Kane said with a smile, thinking of how conniving Remember and Cyan could be.

“Yea, man.. they never change” Terrence mumbled.

When i came back home Lis was still there, I had to try and explain to her that i had not found Izzy, not at the diner, not at the sports club, and not at home, i simply didn’t know where he was, not down town Murky Mile that was for sure! The truth was i had gone to Martha’s, which was called that back then too, Martha’s mom was called Martha too.. i know, man. the gene pool is a little on the shallow side up here on the mountain. Anyway, i had gone to Martha’s and gotten a soda, asking if anyone had seen Izzy.

Terrence laughs whole heartedly, “Yo, you know what Izzy’s real name is? I just remembered”

Kane shook his head “Ignatius i reckon?”

“Israel” Terrence said with a huge grin, “Told you folks were religious here back then”

My mom had come home too, already started on dinner. She and Lis had apparently had a little heart to heart, since your grandmother had run into your other granny in the grocery store.

Lis wanted to hug and kiss me, much to my mom’s amusement, she just stood there, wiping her hands in her apron, smiling lovingly. i felt like this whole baby thing had just been decided over my head. “Abigail and my mother agreed that the baby and i should come live here with you” Lis said with a smile. I don’t know if you remember that my mother, your granny’s name was Abigail?

That was when i heard my dad from the basement, where the mortuary was located, i guess it still is actually. “Terrence Abraham Williams!” he bellowed, and i knew it was bad! And sure, he was mighty pissed off, lecturing me for ever, me standing  like a little boy looking at my feet, trying to not notice the dead body on the table, i don’t know why they always disturbed me, they just did. I would have made a terrible mortician. My dad’s version of a father son talk was “Because you cant keep it in your pants, now your mother and i have to take that skank and your bastard child in, shame on you, wasting all your potential for a romp in the woods.. ” He shook his head sadly, and that was the end of that talk, all i could do was say “yes sir” and “I’m sorry, sir”

“it did go as my mom wanted it tho, but you knew that already” Terrence smiled sadly.

“And Izzy? where was he?” Kane asked, “Had he already left town? and who was the other girl?”

Terrence smiled secretive, “Well you see i ‘did’ find Izzy some days later”



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