Mary in the mirror 17/28

Title: Regret
Genre: supernatural/drama
Characters: Moon, Kane, Florian, Lola, Terrence, Seth, Isabel, Simon, Orwell, Beatrix, Eben, Shadow.
Prompt: 20 – regret
Word Count: ?
Rating: R
Summary: Chickpea is buried, and someone else is found dead.
Warnings: adult situations, language. implied sexual situations.
AN: This is written for simfic50 – Thanks to goodbye_sun for letting me borrow her sims.  There is an additional AN in the end of this chapter to not spoil it all, there will be 2 chapters until someone else dies, so you don’t need to place a death bet now, i will advertise it when its time for that again. The next two chapters will primarily consist of a flash back, cuz flashbacks rule! 🙂

Forever memorial
Mandrake Hill
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Friday afternoon

Seth leaned back and exhaled, looking at the crisp, cold blue sky always got to him, made him dream himself far away from this damn place, Murky mile was like a vortex, it would suck you in and keep you, safely nestled in its womb, no chance of escaping. He didn’t hear Florian saying something until he was poked hard in the ribs. “Ouch man!” Seth whined.

“You’re zoning out man” Florian said a little worried.

Seth laughed, “I’m not that wasted, i was just thinking” He turned to look at Florian, “Don’t you ever think about stuff? Like life and and.. uhm stuff”

Florian and  Lola laughed, “Yea i think about stuff” Florian snickered, “and stuff” Lola added with an amused snort.

“Yo Seth” Lola said, looking at the boy, “Did you know they’d bury her today?”

“No” He said quietly, looking over at the group of people gathered at a corner of the cemetery, he could make out Kane and his dad, Remember and cyan was there too, which amused Seth enough for a smile, Chickpea’s dad was there, so was Gabe and his mom. What the hell was Gabe and his mom doing there? Seth thought to himself.

“Maybe we should leave” Florian said, idly pulling grass from the ground. 

Lola looked over at the gathering, blocking out the sun with a hand, “Your little lover is there, Seth” she said with an amused voice.

“He’s not my little lover” Seth hissed through his teeth, “He is my boyfriend”

“Boyfriend, lover, slave to your loins.. whatever rocks your boat mate” Lola said, turning away from the funeral party.

“Do you have to be so vulgar, Lola?” Seth said, flopping back on the grass, staring off into the sky again.

Both Lola and Florian burst out laughing, pretty inappropriate since some of the funeral party members turned and looked at them with angry expressions. “What the fuck did that guy do to my friend? Where is Seth?”

“Don’t be an ass Flo” Seth grinned stupidly, “You know what i mean, and i am not about to discuss my love life with you, especially not with you actually, you’d properly just get off on it, you pervert”

No one said anything, they just stood and stared at Chickpea’s headstone, Moon seemed to be lost to the rest of the funeral party, or the world for that matter, he just kept staring at the headstone like was he glued to the spot.

This was something he thought he would never live to see, his baby daughters headstone. How could the world be so cruel? after he had just gotten back in touch with her, the only person he ever gave a shit about, and the only one that made him go on. How should he go on now? there were no goal any more, no one he cared about enough to want to impress.

He should have called Willow, he knew that. But he also knew she would do something irrational, and since the pass was closed and she could not come here, and the morgue was full, so they had to bury her. then Moon really didn’t know what to say. he did not want to hall his ex up saying ‘hey our baby is dead, you cant come, but i thought you’d wanna know, so how’s your film going?’ Moon sighed, maybe he should just stay here and numb himself, it somehow felt wrong to leave chickpea here in this forsaken village. Maybe he could hide, change who he was, change everything, forget himself and stay? Gabriel needed a dad after all, and Diva was alright. And he would be close to chickpea too.

“Seth?” a voice said softly.

Seth opened his eyes and looked right up into Kane’s worries eyes hovering above him as Kane stood, looking down on  him. “Baby” Seth grinned, “are you guys done with the snot fest over there?”

Kane furrowed his brows and frowned. “Yea we’re done, burying the girl who I was the last to see alive, and you and i was the first to find.. yea, we’re done.. Asshole!”

Seth sighed, Kane was right, as always! damn him! he could take the fun out of everything when he wanted! “Man you killed my buzz” Seth whined as he got to his feet.

“Oh i’m sorry” Kane sneered sarcastic, looking off into the horizon, not meeting Seth’s eyes.

“Could you quit being miffed, baby?” Seth smirked, gingerly taking Kane’s hand, while looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was looking at them.

Kane still refused to turn his head, but now it was more of a power struggle, a game. and inwardly he smiled seeing Seth’s frustration, served him well that bastard, Kane thought to himself. Seth finally turned Kane’s face towards his with his other hand. “Kane?” Seth whispered “Do you think you could get away tonight?”

Kane blushed ferociously “I, err, i don’t know, Seth” He whispered back, cringing at Florian’s amused smirk. “My parents are pretty pissed off at me”

“What for?” Seth asked genuinely surprised.

“Getting arrested, durr!” Kane answered, looking directly at Seth, furrowing his brows again, he reached up and touched Seth’s face gently, probing his colourful black eye. “Isn’t some of that new?” he finally said softly while watching Seth cringing.

Seth didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to, he just sucked in his breath with a sharp sound when Kane’s fingertips accidentally touched a double assaulted spot right on his nose. “I’m sorry” Kane whispered.

“Don’t be” Seth finally said, throwing caution to the wind he wrapped both arms around Kane’s waist and buried his face in his boyfriend’s neck. He missed Kane like mad, sure they saw each other these days because Orwell couldn’t send him back to Veronaville, but seeing Kane like this on a daily basis just frustrated Seth more than being without. “Say you can get away later” an silly giggle rose in Seth’s throat “Don’t make me beg, man”

Kane started to giggle too, “I don’t think i can” he giggled, “Tomorrow i will try, i need to get the parental units to relax some first”

Seth let go of Kane, still smiling he nodded a little disappointed. “Sure, i understand”

Kane shook his head amused “No you don’t”

“No you’re right, i don’t” Seth said with a wolfish grin, “But tomorrow is okay with me” his grin slid over into a dirty smirk “I have waited so long to get you to myself, that i can wait another day, no sweat”

Kane pushed Seth’s shoulder playfully “You’re so fucking full of yourself” he grinned.

“But you love me anyway” Seth laughed softly.

“You’re an asshat” Kane said with a loving smile, not seeing Florian and Lola looking at each other pretending to gag.

Suddenly Seth got serious, leaning in grabbing Kane’s wrist hard. “Kane” He whispered, “I can go get that car tonight then”

“In Crooked creek?” Kane asked, looking at Seth trying to determine if he really meant it, or if he was still playing about.

“Yes” Seth whispered. “But when i get it Kane, then… as soon as the pass opens”

Kane looked sad but nodded “Yes, i’m with you”

The smile that spread on Seth’s face was so serene that Kane could just as well have told him he loved him, or that he wanted to get married. Leaning in closer, whispering Seth couldn’t resist to kiss the top of the frostbitten ear. “You do love me you retard”

“Boys, break it up” Florian said harshly, “the funeral is over, they are all walking this way, man”

Kane just stared at Florian, gods he hated that boy, and it nagged him deep inside to know that he knew what Kane knew, he wondered if Seth had ever told Florian he loved him, nah! Seth didn’t love Florian, he loved him! Seth loved only him! he had told him so! then it had to be true. Giving Seth an apologizing smile Kane walked off to meet up with Terrence, not looking back, he could feel Seth’s eyes burn into his neck. tomorrow, tomorrow he would try to get away.

“You walked off?” Terrence said, his voice thick of disappointment.

“Yea.. I.. ” Kane said, looking from his dad to the nose of his shoes and back to Terrence.

“Bored much?” Terrence sneered, “i only went here because of you, i was told by Briar that you should be under observation twenty-four-seven, and then you wander off and leave me at that damn funeral?”

“Sorry dad” Kane mumbled, seeing Seth leave with Florian and Lola out of the corner of his eye. “I just saw someone i knew”

“I saw Seth too when we came in here” Terrence finally sighed, softening up some. “But its not smart to be seen with him these days, son. You know that”

Kane sighed deeply and nodded “Yes, dad”

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Friday early evening

Sheriff Orwell did not even knock, he just went right in, knowing that Simon and Isabel wouldn’t lock their door. “Hello? Anybody home?” He called.

“Briar” Simon said, looking up from his newspaper. pushing his plate of half eaten macaroni and cheese away, tossing the paper on the table, he smiled at Orwell. “What brings you here at this hour?”

Orwell sighed. “Seth” He said.

Simon frowned, and Isabel bit her lip nervously, “What did he do this time?” Isabel asked a little timidly.

“Nothing” Orwell said, “I just need to take him for a ride and talk to him”

Seth came out from his bedroom, standing in the door frame he looked Orwell up and down with a frown. “Tell me what?” he said with a snerk.

“In the car, Seth” Orwell said with a smile.

“No you can just as well tell me right here, ’cause i know i didn’t do shit!” Seth said, crossing his arms angrily over his chest.

Orwell shrugged, “Alright Seth, i need you to go down to the mortician with me”

Seth’s frown paled, and he looked confused at Orwell, “The mortician?.. but..”

“The young man you shared the cell with, Shadow, was found dead in his cell.. ” Orwell took a deep breath and looked Seth directly in his eyes “He hung himself during the night”

“Sh-Shadow?” Seth felt his eyes sting with tears, and heard his voice shake, “Sha- Sha.. He’s dead?”

Orwell nodded, “I’m afraid so, son. And i need someone to verify that he is indeed Shadow Silentcreek, before we can either bury him, or ship him out, depending on the weather and the pass opening”

“Oh..” Seth breathed. “Okay” He looked over at his mom who nodded, Simon nodded too, and so Seth grabbed his jacket and followed Orwell out the door to the patrol car.

The Mortuary
Mandrake Hill
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Friday night

“are you alright?” Orwell suddenly asked.

“No i am not alright” Seth snapped back, “Shadow was my friend, man”

“Seth.. what ‘were’ you guys doing up in that cabin? if there is something you need to tell me, now is the time” Orwell said in a fatherly tone.

“Spending the weekend” Seth said quietly “We we brought beers, pot, instant noodles and a boom box.. I just thought that…” Seth looked down at his feet,”Until everything changed”

“All weekend?” Orwell said, strangely caring, “You didn’t at least plan to visit your family? your mother?”

“Nope” Seth said with a bitter smile. When Orwell shoot him a puzzled look Seth turned and looked at him directly, “Look at me for fucks sake, and ask yourself why i’s rather stay in your damn holding cell”

Orwell was about to say something, but didn’t, he just nodded slowly.

“Sheriff Orwell, Mister Singer” a femal voice said, a little too merry for this place. When Seth looked up he saw the mortician’s wife, Beatrix. A slight smile spread on his lips, she looked like those cadavers she was supposed to paint up nice. he couldn’t remember ever seeing anything like this.

“Seth.. call me Seth” Seth said, shaking Beatrix’ hand.

Beatrix shook Orwell’s hand too and sat down. “Seth..” She said with a serious face, “I know why you are here, my husband told me you and the Sheriff would come by tonight. I am very sorry for your loss.. but” Beatrix took a deep breath, looking right into Seth’s amber coloured eyes, “Your friend died by asphyxiation, so he might look… a little…”

“scary?” Orwell finished for her.

“Yes” Beatrix said relieved, “And Seth, you just have to see him quick, the sheriff just needs to know that he really is who we think he is”

Walking down the corridor Seth felt goosebumps on his skin, it was a very unbelievable thought that Shadow would even be in this place, cold, dark and with tiles on the walls and floor. this whole place was terrifying, reminding Seth that death was not a poem, or a dream. Death was messy, and final. to think that he too some day would end up on some steel slab somewhere, maybe even here if he stayed around. sucking in his breath as he started to freak himself out, he felt Orwell’s hand on his shoulder. “are you alright kid?”

Seth nodded, “I’m fine, this place just creeps me out” he smiled a fake smile to the sheriff.

Beatrix opened the door to the room where the dead body was stored. Seth sucked in his breath once more, feeling how tears welled up in his eyes, looking at the two steel tables with a sheet over the two bodies there. Squinting his eyes he a folder hanging by each front end of the slabs, one said ‘Shadow Silentcreek, Murky Mile, Asphyxiation.’ the other said ‘John Doe, Murky Mile, Suspected traffic accident’

“When you are ready” Beatrix Said.

“Th-this one?” Seth whispered, his voice would not cooperate, breaking over. “Miss.. eh”

“Corben” Beatrix said with a smile, “Yes this one” She walked between the slabs and gestured for Seth to stand on the other side.

Seth looked up at Orwell, as did he need permission. Orwell smiled fatherly and guided Seth over to the slab holding his arm.

Beatrix pulled the top of the sheet away and revealed the corpse under it. “Seth?” she looked up at the young boy who looked like he as going to faint.

“Oh God..” Seth groaned, stepping backwards into Orwell, “Oh God!” Seth nodded “It’s Shadow” he said, finally letting go of the tears he had been holding back, “Why does he just look like he is sleeping, Miss Corben? I thought he would look more… dead”

Beatrix smiled and pulled the sheet back. “Now Seth.. It’s over, you did fine”

Seth wiped his tears in his dirty sleeve, “Who’s John Doe?”

“Does it matter?” Beatrix said a little harshly, “you identified your friend, you can go home now” She looked nervously at Orwell.

“Can i see the other dead body? Please?” Seth asked, don’t knowing why he asked that, maybe it was shock? he didn’t feel light headed, he felt very focused, and he wanted to see who was under the other sheet. “Miss Corben, this is apparently not someone local, so can i at least look?

“No” Beatrix said biting Seth off, “You saw what you had to young mister Singer, i wont indulge you in your morbid fascinations”

“Just let me see!” Seth suddenly cried hysterically, “Just let me fucking see!”

Beatrix frowned when Orwell just nodded towards the slab, “what’s the harm in letting him see?”

“Very Well!” Beatrix huffed, walking over to the other slab with angry strides, pulling the sheet down roughly. “There, happy now?”

“I know him” Seth said with a disappearing voice, “It’s Eben, Eben Jeanmard”

“How.. what? Where?” Beatrix asked bewildered, her anger totally gone as she pulled the sheet back up.

Seth looked up at Orwell, “We came here the three of us, Shadow, Eben and me.. and now.. they.. ” Seth bit his lip, letting the tears flow freely, Seth turned to Orwell screaming “How the fuck could that happen? We were just supposed to go here for a weekend getting wasted, and now they are fucking dead!”

Orwell didn’t get mad as Seth has anticipated, he just smiled a little odd, as were he not sure of what to say, like the teacher that taught sex-aid in school. “I’m gonna find out Seth. i promise”

Seth looked up at Orwell, he seemed almost touched, friendly. “What if it can’t be found?” Seth asked cryptically, “What if its something different?” Fear crawled up his spine as cold tendrils, he had thought it to himself, but never spoken it out aloud.

“Come Seth, i should get you home, you need sleep, kid” Orwell said, smiling sadly. “Wipe your eyes, and lets et you home”

“Yes, sir” Seth sniffled, wiping his eyes in his now wet sleeve. When Orwell suddenly buried him in a tight embrace, he couldn’t even react, it was just adding to a already surreal day.


Add AN: Sorry had some upload trouble here.. But.. Congrats to bersa & bohemianscribe who guessed that Eben was next, and therefore guessed correctly! – This is actually the second hit from bohemianscribe , who’s the one who’s been right the most.. 2 out of 3 that aint bad (W0rd, meatloaf) *gg*


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