Mary in the mirror 14/28

Title: Memory
Genre: supernatural/drama
Characters: Listen, Terrence, Cyan, Kane, Shadow, Seth, Sheriff Orwell
Prompt: 43 – memory
Word Count: ?
Rating: R
Summary: Terrence and Listen have a fight, And Seth has a plan.
Warnings: adult situations, language, sexual hints.
AN: This chapter was snipped over in two, so there will not be another death before chapter 16. (regarding to the death bet). Thanks to goodbye_sun for her awesome sims. This is written for simfic50.

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Monday morning.

The house had been silent still when Terrence had woken, he was used to getting up so early that his inner alarm clock had woken him at five in the morning. He had laid in bed for some time, just looking at Listen who slept. He had loved that woman so much, he had loved her enough to agree that he was the problem in their marriage, he knew he properly had had one too many drinks back then, but that didn’t change the fact that he had loved his wife and his children more than life itself.

The door opened to the bathroom, Listen had not been used to someone being awake at this hour for so long, that she didn’t knock. And in a moments insanity Terrence reached for his wife, and pulled her into a deep kiss.

Images flashed through his mind, remembering the early morning showers together, giggling, trying not to wake the kids. he remembered how they had made coffee in the nude, too lazy to get dressed in the weekends. how he had loved her.

But this felt wrong, alien. And when Listen pushed him away he wasn’t surprised, just saddened.

Terrence had left the bathroom, careful not to slam the door, making his way to the coffee machine. his entire body tingled from that kiss, no matter what his brain told him, his body had been without close human contact for too long, and needed it badly, it felt like his skin screamed for him to swallow his pride and seek refuge against Listen’s warm, familiar skin. But he didn’t he ground his teeth and scolded his body for being a traitor, and started to make coffee.

Listen came out of the bathroom just then. “Terry, what the hell was that for?” she asked, her anger obvious.

“I don’t know” Terrence mumbled. “old habit i guess”

“Old habit? old habit?!” Listen hissed. “Maybe it seems like yesterday you were here last, to you. But it wasn’t!”

“I told you Lis! It was ‘our’ decision to do this, it means it was yours as much as mine” Terrence said with a strained voice, “Tecnically, ‘you’ were the one that wanted me gone”

“You were never home Terry! I don’t know what romantic fantasy you live in, but all you did was work and drink” Listen cried. “It made no difference Terry, no difference at all”

“You were the one who refused to sign the divorce papers, remember?” Listen yelled. “I asked you, i begged you, i tried to reason with you. But you were caught in some idea about ’til death do us part!”

“That’s bullshit, Lis, and you know it!” Terrence yelled back

“Oh it is, is it? Then why is it only my name signed on that dotted line?” She stomped the floor with a bare foot in frustration. “Till death do us part, sure.. Is that death of the body, or death of love?”

“I loved you Lis, i fucking loved you! If you had asked me to without fucking screaming at me, i would have signed your goddamn divorce papers” Terrence spat. “But you didn’t, you kept screaming at me, like the spoiled princess you are”

“Fuck you Terrence!” Listen spat back. “You never loved anything besides your bub”

“Don’t you fucking tell me what i feel, alright?” Terrence said, more calm.

“We were school sweethearts for fucks sake! Wake up Terry! we outgrew eachother years ago!” Listen screamed, as loud as she could, flailing her arms wildly.

“You wanted something else, something better. not me” Terrence said still in a low patient, fatherly tone. “You always wanted more, it was never good enough for you, never! no matter how much money i brought home, no matter how nice a house or car we could afford.. never good enough for you! i fucking tried Lis!”

Cyan came out of the bedroom, rubbing her eyes. “daddy?” she mumbled, but neither Listen or Terrence noticed her.

“I don’t understand why you have to drag this out into the painfully ridicolous!” Listen argued, “Just sign the damn papers, and get out of my house!”

“What the fuck? This house is actually mine as much as its yours. And i will be damned if i let you have your way so you can whisk off with some new loverboy of yours” Terrence growled, poking Listen in the chest.

“His name is Lionel, and he is not new, Terrence” Listen lowered her voice, but still frowned. “I have been seeing him for two years”

Terrence sucked in his breath, tears formed in his eyes, but he wasn’t gonna lose, like all the other times they had had this fight. He knew Listen didn’t love him any more, but he had never known about her having someone else. All he wanted to do was to cry and get drunk, get drunk , cry and get laid. He wanted to scream his heartache and hurt Listen as much as she hurt him. But he couldnt, for he still loved her, she did not love him. He had already lost, lost to some guy named Lionel. “Fuck you” was his reply, the tears evident in his voice. When Listen smiled vaguely, he pushed her and roared. “Fuck you! This is ‘my’ family! not his! He can’t have it! its mine, MINE!”

Listen spat Terrence in the face. “You’re an asshole” She hissed, “You insist that we’re all as unhappy as you”

“Do you honestly believe that i can just walk away from everything i build? my life’s work?” Terrence said, wiping spit off his face with an angry, quick move.

“You can hide on top of that motherfucking mountain, then you sure as hell can sign those papers, it dosn’t matter either way, you are not welcome here anymore, when the fuck are you gonna understand that?” Listen cried, giving in to her frustration and let her tears run freely.

Terrence looked at his wife, he wanted to slap her as much as he just wanted to busy her in a embrace and comfort her. “So what about last night?” he asked, his voice low and sad.

“A mistake Terry, old habits, you know?” Listen hissed.

“you know what? fuck you!” Terrence said, calmly, evenly. waving his hand to dismiss his wife, and end the fight.

Listen went to work, and Terrence was left with Cyan, he had been sitting in the sofa since he had stopped fighting with Listen, and now Cyan joined him. “Daddy?” she said softly.

“I don’t understand” he whispered, fisting his hands. “I just don’t understand”

“You don’t have to” Cyan said, “You just have to listen instead of yelling”

Terrence got up from the sofa, but Cyan followed. “Daddy?” she tried again, “Would you at least consider it?”

“What?” Terrence gasped, looking at his daughter, his baby girl. her eyes were hard, and fierce. “You too?” he almost whispered.

“No, daddy. I wish you could stay” Cyan said, scratching her hand idly, “But i also wish you would just do what she says”

“Oh” Terrence breathed. “So you want me to leave too?” His voice broke off as his lip started to tremble, and the tears he had held back for Listen, now flowed for Cyan. “Am i that bad a father?”

Cyan shook her head, “No” she said sadly. “But i think you were a piss poor husband”

Terrence’s eyes widened, and a amused smile graced over his lips. “I am, aren’t I?” It was strange to listen to reason from his own daughter, but she was almost a woman too, she knew, Terrence was sure she knew what a woman wanted from a man, and absence and binges with the boys were not one of them. “You’re right” he finally sighed.

“It’s just..” Cyan trailed off, biting her lip “She always cries when you’re home”

Terrence nodded, he understood why Cyan didn’t want her mother to be unhappy. “I’m sorry kiddo” he said, burying his daughter in a tight hug, “I will sign her papers if you want me to”

Cyan had cried, Terrence had cried, and eventually Cyan had left for school, leaving Terrence home alone. for the longest time he had just sat in a chair at the kitchen table, staring at a coffee mug. All this, all this was his, he had built it, bought it, painted it, chosen it. None of that mattered now, he didn’t understand when their love had become indifference, why had he taken all this for granted? He would sign her papers alright. Terrence got up and went into the drawer next to the door, opening the drawer right under the telephone, he pushed aside some bills, he found a letter from himself, unopened. he pushed it aside too. until he found what he searched for. The divorce papers, nicely kept in a plastic folder.

Sitting down at the table again, Terrence held a pen in one hand, and a drink in the other. Funny really! he had not touched a drop of alcohol in two years, yet it was what had driven them apart, or was it? Terrence wasn’t sure of anything any more. “To you, my ever faithful, loving wife” he said to himself, downing the beer in one long gulp. His heart hurt as the pen made contact with the paper, but with a sigh he wrote his signature, tossing the pen across the room afterwards.

The phone rang, Terrence got up to answer it.

Murky Mile Police office.
Falconers road
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Monday early midday.

Kane had slept worse than he could remember ever having, They had given the only cot to Shadow, and so Kane and Seth had settled down sitting on the cold tile floor, up against the wall. Kane had rested his head on Seth’s shoulder. smiling to himself as he heard Seth whisper “This was not exactly what i meant when i said we would wake up together some day”

Sheriff Orwell had turned on the light at 7:00. Waking Kane, he was about to stand when he felt Seth’s arm keep him down, “shhh, don’t” he whispered.

“Wakie, wakie my little princesses” Orwell sing-song. He stepped closer to the bars. “No kissing in my holding cell, boys” he snickered.

“Piss off Orwell” Seth yawned, getting to his feet.

“Mr. Singer, how great to see you back so soon, you must really enjoy my company” Orwell said with a grin.

“Oh yes” Seth said as he stretched.

Kane got to his feet too, he felt little, stupid and frightened. “Seth” he whispered, “I don’t think you should do that”

“Don’t worry babe” Seth whispered. “You’ll be fine”

“I’ll be fine?” Kane whispered back. “What about you?” Kane stepped closer to his boyfriend. “what about him?” he gestured towards Shadow who lay catatonic, oblivious on the world around him.

“Don’t worry about that, Kane” Seth smiled a strange smile. “You will be fine, i promise”

“How can you promise something like that?” Kane whispered, he wanted to believe it was all going to be fine, he wanted to believe that Seth and he would one day wake in a bed together. He could already imagine it, a white bed, sun through windows in the ceiling, a cat in the foot end of the bed, Seth snoring lightly, sleeping soundly until he snuggled closer, feeling his lovers warm naked skin. Yes, Kane could already imagine how it could be, how it would be!

The police would find them not guilty, they had not killed Chickpea, surely the evidence would show their innocence, Kane thought.. “Because i just know, and because i love you” Seth whispered, reaching for Kane’s hand.

“A white bed and a kitten” Kane whispered, squeezing his lovers hand.

“What?” Seth snickered, amused.

“I want a white bed and a kitten” Kane repeated, blushing slightly, knowing it sounded really girlie and stupid.

“And that you shall have” Seth said with a loving smile.

“As soon as we get out of here, i will call Florian and go get that car” Seth smiled again, “Then we can leave, I will drive you anywhere you want to go”

Kane blushed even more, “Anywhere?”

Seth nodded, rubbing Kane’s hand with his thumb. “Anywhere in this whole damn world”

Kane smiled, and had kissed Seth had it not been because he had noticed Sheriff Orwell staring at them.

“I called your parents” Sheriff Orwell said with a bored tone.

“Great” Seth said out loud. looking Kane right into his eyes he whispered “Anywhere”



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