Mary in the mirror 13/28

Title: Dark
Genre: Supernatural/drama
Characters: Kane, Terrence, Listen, Seth, Simon, Shadow, Chickpea
Prompt: 10 – dark
Word Count: ?
Rating: R
Summary: Terrence comes home, someone is found dead, and there is still no way down from the mountain.
Warnings: Character death, adult situations, language
AN: I apologize on beforehand if some of these pictures are a little dark, they just look so much brighter in the game, and my infantile attempts in photoshop to brighten them failed. So i just hope you can see what’s going on at all. Thanks t goodbye_sun for her sims, and thanks to you all who entered the death-bet & who comments regularly, you seriously rock! This is written for simfic50 (additional authors note at the end of this chapters to not give away any spoilers)

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Sunday early evening.

Listen was so furious that she did not even feel the cold, “You could have called Terrence” she hissed in a half whisper since they were close to the house.

Terrence kicked the snow, clearly annoyed. “I told you seven times in the damn car, on what? there is no fucking phones up there! You know that! And its not like you have a goddamn walkie with that long range is it?”

“The post office is invented you know” Listen huffed, “You could have written, Terry.”

“Sure” Terrence grumbled, “And sent it along with one of my trained pigeons”

“You can receive mail up there, i know that!” Listen argued, fisting her hands inside her mits. “So don’t give me that shit”

“Look Lis” Terrence sighed, finally turning to look at his wife, “They flew us down from the mountain early because of the heavy snow, i was told to get ready this morning, i didn’t have time to get in touch with you” Terrence looked at his wife with a puzzled look, “Why are you so fucking hostile? I thought you’d be glad to see me an moth early”

Listen sighed too, he as right. She was just annoyed because she was almost caught, it had been close, but Martha, bless her! Had called her from the diner telling her to get her ass down there, and fast, because Terrence was waiting for a ride. For once Listen had been glad she had just been in the neighbouring village.

Kane had heard his parents from the bedroom, he could hear Cyan snore and tossed his book over the edge of the top bunk, sneaking out of the bed, grabbing his sweater and boots, slipping out the door, flinging himself around his fathers neck “daddy” he whispered.

Terrence was caught off guard, but couldent help but smile as his son came out in his pyjamas and big boots, just like when he had been a little boy. Kane was not a little boy any more, Terrence never got used to just how much the kids had grown in his absence. “Son” he whispered back, just holding his kid a little longer.

“Let me see you” Terrence grinned, holding Kane out from his body with both hands. “You’ve grown a lot” Terrence said softly, feeling all emotional.

“You forgot to shave” Kane said with a little smile, not really knowing what to say, he had missed his dad so much, there was so much he wanted to tell him, he wished he could tell him about Seth, but he had wanted to do that the last time his dad had been home, but never got around to it. What if he got mad, or even worse disapointed?

“Shuffle off to bed, young man” Listen said, “Daddy is here in the morning too” She smiled at her son, and her husband, really she just wanted a bath and then go to bed.

Kane had gone to bed, and while Listen had bathed, Terrence had just laid on his bed staring at the ceiling. Listen came back with two cups of coffee after her bath. Terrence looked at his wife as she handed him a cup which he just put over on the side table. Once she would have come out of that bath just wearing a towel and a naughty smile. But now she was completely dressed and offered him coffee. “New wallpaper, huh?” He said in lack of other things to say.

“Yea” Listen said, making herself comfortable next to him in the bed. “I had the kids and some of their friends to hemp me out”

“Good” Terrence heard himself say, smiling to his wife.

With a deep breath Terrence said “What is wrong? Are you that unhappy that i came home?” Listen didn’t answer and Terrence raked a hand through his hair, “We agreed on this, Lis, it’s not fair to hold it against me” They had agreed on him taking that job on the weather station far up mount Icarus. Their marriage had been in a really bad state, and they had agreed on this in an attempt to save it. Too proud to get a divorce, Terrence had agreed on taking a job that required his absence from home six months to more at a time.

“I don’t hold it against you” Listen finally said with a hush voice. “Its’ just hard, harder than i thought.. and complicated”

“Don’t tell me about hard, okay? I miss out on the kids, and i miss out on you, for what? measuring the weather?” Terrence hissed. “And look at us, its worse than when i left” He raised his voice, “You haven’t kissed me once, You don’t even… ” His voice trailed off, grabbing Listen’ s hand, his voice grew ice cold. “wear your wedding ring any more” he pushed her hands back in her lap, “Where is it Lis?”

“In my jewellery box” Listen answered lamely.

Terrence sucked in his breath to not give away how painful those words were. “Who is he?” He finally said flatly.

“Does it matter?” Listen whispered, sitting up, turning her back to her husband. “You were gone for so long, Terry. I get lonely too”

Terrence laughed mirthless, “Don’t give me that shit Lis” He turned  with an angry move, looking at his wife’s back. “I respected you when you told me that you were unhappy. I still love you as much as the day we got married, does that not count for anything? I would have signed those divorce papers of yours if you wanted me to, all you had to do is ask, Lis. Anything! as long as you’re happy, don’t you understand that?”

“lower your voice” Listen whispered, but turned to face her husband. “Terry, we were 19 when we got married, we didn’t realise that forever is an awful long time”

“Haven’t you heard anything i said?” Terrence sighed.

Listen just nodded and slowly leaned up against Terrence, snuggling up to him, closing her eyes. “I love you too” She finally whispered.

Terrence wrapped an arm around Listen and held her close. “I can’t even hate you, i am just sorry i am not here when you need me” he whispered.

“No” Listen whispered back, “I am the one in the wrong, not you. I just get confused, forgetting why we are who we are, i guess i forget how much i love you”

“It’s okay” Terrence whispered back. He didn’t think it was okay at all, but he didn’t care for arguing any more this night. he was tired and just wanted to fall asleep next to his wife.


Listen was fast asleep, Terrence sat up in the bed. with a sigh he grabbed his ear, rubbing the gold ring there with a slight smile. Years ago he had had his wedding band re-melted into a ear ring. before he had gone to the weather station, he had been a car mechanic and none of these jobs let him wear a finger ring. For a moment he wondered if he should just get up and leave, but then he thought of Kane and Cyan. Leaving wasn’t an option. Terrence would be damned if he would make the same mistake as his own dad. He would stay in for the long haul, happiness was secondary.

When he found out who this other jerk was, he would have to hide far in the forest, and even then he would get his shotgun and go find him. Terrence was sure that Listen wasnt as smart as she thought, she was sure to have left some clue somewhere. He would be damned if he had just spent the last 4 years on the top of a fucking mountain to have someone else come claim what was rightfully his. He had done all that Listen had asked of him, and this was how he was repaid?

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Sunday evening.

“Your mom makes great macaroni, don’t you think Seth?” Simon asked, his mouth full of food.

“They’re alright, i s’pose” Seth said, poking the vile dish with his fork. This was all his mom knew how to cook, and amazingly then years of practice had not improved her skills.

“Great” Simon mumbled, eating.

Seth nodded, he had avoided punishment for running because he point one had brought his mom a bottle of Martini, meant for Eben and Shadow. and point two had apologized to Simon for disobeying. He had not meant one single word, but that was not important, he was ready to do whatever it took for Simon to leave him alone.

“Oh Seth, have you heard about the run away?” Simon said, pausing his eating. “Hanson told me at the diner earlier, this kid, i guess about your age, had gone missing here”

“Wh-who?” Seth asked, looking intensely at Simon.

“Not someone local” Simon said, “that’s all i know” He shrugged. “They’re looking high and low in the forest for who ever it is”

Seth lost his apetite, putting the spoon back into his barely touched food. “was it a guy?” he finally asked.

“Dunno” Seth shrugged, “Sheriff Orwell was down at the diner, recruiting some folks for the search”

“Eben, Shadow” Seth breathed. suddenly pushing his chair back, rushing to the phone.

“what the hell? come back and eat your dinner, boy” Simon yelled.

“In a minute, man” Seth spat back, frantically dialling Kane’s number.

Kane had laid sleepless in his bed, listening to his parents argue, and then make up. Pushing his pillow over his head so hard he had almost suffocated, he missed his dad so much it hurt, but he did not miss the arguing at all, it still made him as sad as it had done when he was a little boy. The phone had rang and Kane had almost jumped down the stairs to the top bunk to reach it before it woke the house.

Seth had sounded hurried and worried. And Kane had not thought twice before he had grabbed his mom’s car keys from the key rack, praying he wouldn’t wake the house as he started the car. For a moment there he had thought the Gods were against him, since the stupid piece of junk wouldn’t start. But then suddenly it started with a loud bang, Closing his eyes, Kane didn’t wait for someone to come out the door, but just stepped on the speeder and drove off.

He stopped in front of Seth’s house, even if he was in the car he could hear loud voices, and then a door slam, he looked out the car window and saw Seth run towards him. He leaned over and pushed open the passenger door. Seth literally threw himself in the car. “Drive” he panted.

“Seth?” Kane said with a voice full of worry.

“Kane, i mean it man” Seth answered, his voice still carried a aggressive edge from his verbal fight before.

The door was flung open, and Simon came out, walking towards the car, “Seth, come inside this moment, you little shit!” He roared.

“Drive dammit!” Seth whimpered.

“Where to?” Kane shot back, it was not his intention to sound annoyed, but the pressure was just getting to him.

“I don’t fucking care! just drive!” Seth yelled, hitting the dashboard with his hand, hard. “Go! Kane!”

Kane was shaken from his dreamlike state as Seth slapped his shoulder, and Simon grabbed a hold of the door. Then Kane suddenly stepped on the gas, driving as fast as were he trying to outrun whatever demons haunted their steps.

‘The Hunters Joy’ (The old cabin)
Murky Mile/Crystal springs.
Sunday late evening.

Pulling in at the cabin, Seth and Kane got out of the car, Seth had explained what Simon had told him, while they drove. And more than once had they seen flashes of light in the forest from the search teams. “I will just wait in the car” Kane said, but still he stepped outside with Seth.

“Like fuck you are” Seth said, grabbing Kane’s hand he dragged him towards the cabin.

“Seriously Seth” Kane whispered, being forcefully pushed up the stairs to the front door. “This place creeps me out”

“Me too” Seth admitted, “But what if Eben and Shadow needs us?”

The door opened but inside was only darkness, Seth pulled out his lighter and turned on some candles. “Shadow?” he called, “Eben?”

Kane squeezed Seth’s hand. “Shadow?” he called as well, “Eben?”

They listened but no answer. “Think they’ve gone home?” Kane asked.

Seth shook his head, “the pass is closed, remember? There is no bus, and no way down from Icarus mountain”

Kane nodded, feeling slightly stupid. then something caught his eye. “Seth” he whispered, poking his boyfriend, and then pointing to something on the floor.

“What the fuck!” Seth mumbled, stepping closer to the figure on the floor. He looked down in the girl and then up at  Kane. “It’s Chickpea” he said, his voice shaking. “I.. I dont think she’s breathing”

Kane paled, “are you sure?” he asked, feeling stupid for the second time within fifteen minutes.

“No of course i am not fucking sure! Do i look like a goddamn paramedic to you?” Seth growled, reaching to touch Chickpea’s neck, hoping to feel a faint beating of a pulse. “try for yourself, you’re the straight A student” he said with more venom than intended.


Kane shot Seth a angry glare but squatted down next to Chickpea and touched her wrist with his fingers. Shaking his head. “You’re right” he whispered, wiping his fingers in his pants, he watched as Seth licked his fingers, holding them against Chickpea’s nose, but he quickly removed them.

Looking up at Kane, who looked so scared it almost broke his heart, Seth shook his head and swallowed hard. “I think she’s dead”

Both boys stood up, looking at each other. Seth reached for Kane’s hand, and found it trembling as much as his own. “there is a short wave radio in the car” Kane whispered. “I’m gonna call the Sheriff”

Seth looked at Kane with a odd smile, “Why don’t we wait till we’re gone, or tomorrow?”

“What? you can’t be serious!” Kane gasped. “There is a dead girl on the floor, and you don’t want to call the sheriff?” Kane let go of Seth’s hand and turned to walk out into the car.

Seth couldn’t tell Kane that he was sure that Orwell would find some reason or way to put him on a chopper out of here and to juvenile for this, Kane would never believe it, and he would never listen, he would laugh and call it paranoia. So Seth decided to atleast search the house, seeing if Eben and Shadow was laying dead too.

He looked in the bathroom, no one there. He looked in the bedroom, and there were none there. Not at first glance. But then he noticed something huddled in the corner. He stopped, and then walked closer, “shadow?” he whispered.

Shadow looked up at Seth, but seemed like he looked straight through him. Shadow slowly got to his feet, looking ready to bolt at the first sight of a wrong move.

“Didn’t you hear us call you?” Seth asked, holding out his hand to his friend. “Were is Eben?”

Shadow took his hand reluctantly, and as soon as the boy discovered the hand was of flesh and bone, he buried Seth in a hight hug, squeezing the air out if the other boy. “You came back! I told them you would”

Seth hugged Shadow back, “Them? who are they? Eben?”

Shadow grabbed Seth’s head and planted a wet kiss on his lips. “You’re real! You’re really here” He cried, tears flowing freely from his eyes.

Kane stepped into the room, looking at Shadow who still had his hands on Seth’s cheeks. “Shadow!” Kane said, not angrily, just a statement.

Shadow looked at Seth, who nodded, “He’s here too” as to confirm this was really Kane. Shadow turned to Kane and with a listless voice he said “They told me you were dead”

Kane must have looked puzzled, because Seth just shrugged, shooting Kane a knowing look. Kane got the message and just smiled “No i’m here Alright”

“They were lying” Shadow sneered.

Seth grabbed Shadow’s arm, but Shadow shook him off. “You don’t understand, they told me that Kane was dead, and that you had left me” He cried, looking up at Seth.

“Who are they?” Seth asked softly, “Where is Eben?, and why are you in your underwear?” Seth grabbed Shadows head on each side, forcing the other boy to look at him. “Yo! Shadow! look at me!”

“Ca-can’t you hear it?” Shadow shuddered.

Seth shook his head, “I can’t hear anything but the wind”

“Police sirens” Kane suddenly said. “Listen”

“Oh crap!” Seth grabbed the blanket off the bed, wrapping it around Shadow, “Come on, you gotta go hide, Shadow”

When Shadow just looked confused, Kane turned and yelled “Do you even know there’s a dead fucking girl on your floor in the living room?”

Shadow nodded. “She woke the mother” he whispered. Both Seth and Kane held their breath, and it felt most of all like a ghost walked through the room.

As the sirens stopped right outside the cabin, Kane reached for Seth’s hand again. “I’m Sorry” He whispered, leaning his head on Seth’s shoulder.

Seth kissed Kane on top of his head, and squeezed his hand. “No i am the one who’s sorry” he said.



Extra AN: It was Chickpea who was the first. No one guessed that one.. Oh well, in a chapters time one more goes. ^_^ Thanks for betting guys!


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